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take my hand in yours

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RYLAN! heyheyhey you Twat. it's your birthday and i lovelovelove you. no i'm not gay. we haven't known each other that long, whatever! you've grown closer to me than some people i've known for years have. we facetime almost every night now and it's basically been the highlight of my day. i might tell you to choke on lead or suck my dick but you still love me afterwards, it's my Kink! we take turns kicking each other's asses in 8ball; i'm still the better one though. also you're a cunt for HARRASSING ME AND ATTACKING ME WITH MY STORIES SUCK MY ASS. okay, enough with the half-assed shit, i'm gonna get a little serious now. you're one of my best friends and i love you so much. you're always the FIRST one to ask me what's wrong and you always know exactly how to cheer me up. you let me rant when nobody else wants to hear my shit, so thank you. if i'm any honest, it surprises me how fucking nice you are—we bully each other to no end but at the end of the day you'll still have my back. i'm so thankful for you and everything you do, and thankful for another year of your life! can't believe how old you're getting, grandpa! —love, sawyer. aka, the "lesbian".

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now look at all the details 😍

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