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Willy Breed


Comment from Willy Breed:

Something to keep in 🎶mind 🌍💡🙏🏾 grateful begrateful earth life fortunate blessed pray goodmorning newyork charlitobeats willybreed nyc newyork

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F France


Comment from F France:

It's hard not to comment when you see a sign like it. politicsreallife realtalk wakeup seektruth equal allequal equality anonymous matrix think insta instalike giveback change knowledge education conscious freeyourmind breakfree learning memorial today fortunate fortune brave consciousness charity

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Comment from Natsuko:

★ It was their 50th wedding anniversary trip. Congratulations!Amy and Ron.㊗️ アリゾナ州からお見えの陽気なアメリカ人ご夫婦の結婚50周年記念のご旅行の1日をご一緒させていただきました。 超エリートなのに気さくで明るくて楽しくて♪本当に素敵なご夫婦でした。 私は素敵な方々に出会う運を持っているようです💕 I am very fortunate.✨ touranniversarytrip weddinganniversary miseumcomtemporaryart gardenartistfuntime grateful thankyou fortunateamericanwabisabi memory instagood

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Laura Gonzales


Comment from Laura Gonzales:

Being stuck at an airport for four hours wasn't so bad with these girls for company. loves fortunate

1 Hours ago

M E L I S S A 💋


Comment from M E L I S S A 💋:

N A N N A 🙏🏽 Spending some much needed quality time with my nanna after 2 years. Celebrated her 90th birthday on this trip and I hope we are fortunate enough to make her 100th. Till then I thank God for granting me the opportunity to create and savour as many memories with her as I can. Today, I fed her her lunch while I listened to her stories about her bfs and how she met her husband - and I sponged as much of her wisdom as I could. Love you nanna. You're missed every day. May God shower his blessings upon you and keep you in good health and spirits so that we can celebrate yet another milestone with you. family familyfirst familyovereverything grandmother fortunate storyteller lovestories oldskoollove teachings wisdom connection memories eternal goodvibes love loveandlight blessed GodIsGreat 💙

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Kyriakos 'Akos' Drakos


Comment from Kyriakos 'Akos' Drakos:

cozy Sunday afternoon 4seasonshotel working with friends living the life I was dreaming as a boy enjoylife fortunate hope you are having a great life as wellcappuccino dessert 👌

3 Hours ago

David Dubin


Comment from David Dubin:

Enjoying amsterdam before the conference. Dinner at breda had 9 tasting items and took almost four hours. Can you imagine being stuck with me for four hours, let alone 30 years? wouldnthaveitanyotherway fortunate lucky fave jetaime

3 Hours ago

Loving Nature☕️


Comment from Loving Nature☕️:

各位家人,我們明天限定推出烤大啡菇配糙米飯,希望可以和各位家人分享 :) 明天見~

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Anju Rani


Comment from Anju Rani:

Cadeau pour moi: gift for me 😍😘🙏❤️💕everydayisvalentinesday lovesurprises beachpebbles preciousmoments spreadthelove solucky lovelife love greatidea inspiration loveheart fortunate colouryourlife homelover liveauthentic iglove hippyhappybyanjurani iloveyou withlove 😘🙏🌟

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Comment from elitesalonsupplies:

What an amazing day so much training. It is our absolute passion providing you all with the training you want and we love seeing you all learn new things ❤perthtraining beautyisourbusiness snsnails lyconwaxing browsonfleek bodyographymakeup elitegirls amazingteam weloveourjob fortunate

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Beno Lim


Comment from Beno Lim:

Honoured to have the opportunity to work with Israel 🇮🇱 First Lady, Mrs Sara Netanyahu. Using makeup from MAC Cosmetics. . . benomakeup honoured greatday makeupartist makeupartistworldwide sgmakeupartist blessed firstlady israel instamakeupartist instaphoto maccosmetics maccosmeticssg fortunate

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Marcus Taylor


Comment from Marcus Taylor:

reflect health fortunate foodtour umami culture vietnam

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Beno Lim


Comment from Beno Lim:

Honoured to have worked with Israel Prime Minister, Mr Netanyahu. 🇮🇱 . . benomakeup primeminister israel makeupartist sgmakeupartist hairstylist sgmakeupartist maccosmeticssg honoured ilovemyjob wonderful blessed keepmovingforward greatexperience fortunate

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Lover And Creator Of Beauty


Comment from Lover And Creator Of Beauty:

Yesss! fortunate lucky love friends family newday liveinthemoment

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Comment from Tobi:

I love being a stay-at-home momma and, before getting married, I prayed to have the traditional family dynamic where my husband is the main provider and im the homemaker - which I am fortunate to have (not because I had no career plans of my own but because I was more passionate about nurturing the early stages of my children's lives) - but now that my princess has turned 1, I wonder if I would enjoy being a part of the workforce...for my own personal development. gmorning morningthoughts morningcuppa dolcegusto snuggles stayinbed fortunate grateful blackmomsblog blackmoms childofgod

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Comment from LoveRaw:

LOVERAW PHILOSOPHY: We feel SO fortunate that we get to do what we love everyday! 🙌 (Try not to gag, here comes the soppy bit!) And it's YOU GUYS that make us smile! Your feedback, your comments, your likes and the pictures you tag us in honestly MAKE OUR DAY - thank you! ☺️

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Reena Aza😍😍


Comment from Reena Aza😍😍:

KEAJAIBAN TERJADI HANYA PADA ORANG YG YAKIN DAN PERCAYA.. Jangan jengkali rezeki kita sendiri. Jangan memvonis hasil sesuatu yg belum terjadi. Jangan pesimis sebelum melakukan. kita tidak akan pernah tau hasilnya jika kita sendiri tidak pernah melakukannya. Jangan remehkan kemampuan diri sendiri karena manusia adalah makhluk ciptaan Tuhan dan hanya Tuhan yg lebih mengetahui dgn pasti ttg ciptaan_Nya. . . doa harapan impian rezeki rezekiallah rezekihambaallah keberuntungan fortuna fortunate kekayaan

6 Hours ago

DB Mills


Comment from DB Mills:

A weekend with Family, tears of joy, homemade breakfast, Toto's Pizza, and chocolate - what a VERY fantabulous Birthday!! fortunate ohanatime familyovereverything foe derbycake yearoftherooster

7 Hours ago

Michelle & Paul 📍Shanghai


Comment from Michelle & Paul 📍Shanghai:

From our trip out west to Nevada, Arizona and Utah in March 2014. We were in ZionNationalPark driving and hiking all over the place. We were hungry for lunch and randomly pulled off to the side of the road by a large stream to picnic. I climbed up a few large boulders to get a shot of the stream and came across this little guy (with what looked to be an Ohio shaped turquoise charm on his necklace). A part of me wanted to take him home, but something greater told me he was meant to stay there. We both said a few cool things to him, rubbed his head, placed a penny in his lap, then parted ways. In a NationalPark that is 230 square miles, it's truly remarkable, special and unbelievable that we were fortunate to come across a 4" tall claysculpture. It's a moment in time I will NEVER forget! We affectionately named him the Zion Buddha! Happy 100th birthday, National Park Service! Thank you for this forever magical gift you have given us! NPS100

7 Hours ago

Swagi Mike Wattz💡


Comment from Swagi Mike Wattz💡:

How was your weekend? 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟gratitude shining goldondeck allgoldeverything nbaallstarweekend neworleans LAtoLA allstarweekend nba wereallstars fortunate 🔮

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