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Loving Nature☕️ (fortunatecoffeehk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Loving Nature☕️


Comment from Loving Nature☕️:

☀️是日推介紅火龍果特飲❤️ 🌱Today special drink is red pitaya💛

6 Minutes ago
hiteshbhikabhai (hiteshbhikabhai) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from hiteshbhikabhai:

ambassor fortunate enough to ride in this car a day before it had to be scrapped incredibleindia

19 Minutes ago
Theresa (bucktown_babe) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Theresa:

Fear of flying finally gone!! It only took a few years and a little liquid courage lol. bluesky deltaairlines marshmallowfluff fortunate beautifulworld

25 Minutes ago
Christopher Lee Del Hierro (the_real_christopher_delhierro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christopher Lee Del Hierro


Comment from Christopher Lee Del Hierro:

My sexy ass wife😍😘😗 blessedhubbyindeed fortunate wifey shecandonowrong tothemoonandback shmily tildeathdouspart letnomanseparate

27 Minutes ago
ミノリ (minoris88vacation) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ミノリ:

19.August.2017 🚢22days to go⚓︎ Tada-✨✨ I did it!! readytocruise disneycruis disneycruiseline dcl dvc dvcmember instadisney disney disneyig disneymagic disneylove disneyside disneyhandmade ディズニーハンドメイド ディズニークルーズ ディズニークルーズライン ディズニー部 ディズニー好きな人と繋がりたい Iamvery fortunate itmustbeyourluckyday enjoythemoment enjoylife lovemylife fulledwithlove l4l like4like follow4follow photooftheday minorisvacation2

30 Minutes ago
Gleidys (gleidys84) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gleidys:

goodnight cute nicegirl lips life likes prettygirl followme livingandlearning live happylife happy beautiful style likeforfollow believeinyou fortunate instamoment verygood alonetime nolove godislove freethenipple likesme

34 Minutes ago
Richard and Diana (cidermontana) Instagram Photos and Videos

Richard and Diana


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34 Minutes ago
Peter Adams (petercrawfordadams) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peter Adams


Comment from Peter Adams:

milkyway stars vermont greenbankhollow hastingshill ig_longexposure nikon lucky stars danville fortunate

51 Minutes ago
Jenny Garcia (juicebx87) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jenny Garcia


Comment from Jenny Garcia:

What an amazing anniversary!! I am truly so fortunate and blessed! I am just so happy. 😁😊❤️fiance futuremrswilliams futurehusband lovehimsomuch anniversary 3yearanniversary meltingpot tradition miamor blessed fortunate

1 Hours ago
Travis Agrade (kauaikine83) Instagram Photos and Videos

Travis Agrade


Comment from Travis Agrade:

Good Karma came and found me today, when I opened up my front door to find these keys laying on my front porch. This is what happens to forgetful people when they check the mail at 3:00 am. Thankfully, my maillady was looking out for me. Comforting to know that despite the events going on in today's world, decent and honest people still exist. fortunate lucky couldhavebeenworse thankful payitforward

1 Hours ago
Stevi Pastrana (stevi2024) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stevi Pastrana


Comment from Stevi Pastrana:

gnr husbandandwife gunsnroses GNRinDenver milehigh bestfuckinnight greatmusic legendsshreddinontheguitar axlrose slash duffmckagan @gunsnroses bestnightofmylife fortunate colorado 2017 makingmemories 80sbaby icantevenbelieveit sportsauthorityfield notinthislifetimetour2017 sweetchildomine readygo singingourheartsout

1 Hours ago
Stevi Pastrana (stevi2024) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stevi Pastrana


Comment from Stevi Pastrana:

mylittlepony carebear daughter beautiful posingisjustsonaturalforher littlesister headingtogrammas weekendvibes withthewindinherhair and theworldatherfeet littlewolf toocute justlikemommy fortunate love beautiful colorado milehigh justbeforethesungoesdown 2017 lifeofa3yearold

1 Hours ago
Styles🇩🇴🥃🎼🗽💵 (stylesempire) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Styles🇩🇴🥃🎼🗽💵:

It's amazing to see how fast time goes. Proud to see the man your becoming son. fathersoniphone7iwatchsel chselfieblessedbeastmodeteamle eamleozerogravityfridayinstafa stafamefreshappletakeoverturnu turnupfollowmecutiefuturenolim nolimitsnorulesfortunateliving ivingthedreamlifestylesrichfam

1 Hours ago
Buscando Millonarios (onefamilyteam.col) Instagram Photos and Videos

Buscando Millonarios


Comment from Buscando Millonarios:

Una frase super poderosa No dejes que tus sueños mueran.. . . Estoy formando el MEJOR EQUIPO de todo el mundo, si quieres ser parte de los campeones ESCRIBEME O COMENTA 📩📥 💲💹 NO DEJES PASAR ESTA OPORTUNIDAD . . . colombiaperuecuadorguate guatemalaargentinabrasilchileb hileboliviacostaricaestadosuni osunidosriquezavidasueñosdelta deltaabundanciadinerotradingIM ingIMLmundoriquezalideresmillo networkmarketing colombia libertadfinaciera

1 Hours ago
L I S A 🌺 W I T T (lisa_witt_healthyplanning) Instagram Photos and Videos

L I S A 🌺 W I T T


Comment from L I S A 🌺 W I T T:

FreedomFriday CONGRATS to Jennifer!! I'm so thrilled for her and her team's continued success and feel fortunate 💚 to have met her twice recently and trained with her just under two weeks ago. And what you don't know from this photo is her story... she was a fitness model but lived for years with pain and low energy. She also is so honest in admitting she's comfortable behind a camera but NOT on stage, 😮public speaking. She did a great job at our event despite the nerves. . And when you find the gift 🎁 that speaks for itself. The way she resolved her own health issues... bought her dream home, inspires others through action. Simple solution - it's natural to want others to have that gift as well. 🙌🏽💎 . Everyone has the potential. Everyone has a story. Is your story holding you back? Or Does your story like Jennifer drive you to FIND SOLUTIONS and fulfill your potential? . ProblemSolver FortunateFriday Inspire BeAwesome BestSolutions HealthyWithAPlan CelebrateOthers

2 Hours ago
itssophiewee (itssophiewee) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from itssophiewee:

This week was just the best week ever and it's not even finished yet! love life two new beginnings notjustone fortunate grateful so happy contracts future 📑 🖊 💌

2 Hours ago
Terumi Squibb Photography (t_squibb_photo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Terumi Squibb Photography


Comment from Terumi Squibb Photography:

Enjoying some beautiful Gulf island views this week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . terumisquibbphot lucky views landscape georgiastraight gulfislands beautifulbritishcolumbia islandlife gabriola galiano southerngulfislands oceanview deck patio sky thissky friends goodtimes silhouettes trees horizon

2 Hours ago
Colin (colincooldude0731) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Colin:

I feel very fortunate and grateful to live in a place with gorgeous views of the valley nofilter roomwithaview appleorchard agriculturalland localagriculture

2 Hours ago
Chris Estrada (largedrpeppa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Estrada


Comment from Chris Estrada:

Got a chance to do this seahorse on the amazing @allycat_meoww ! Thank you for being such an awesome person! - - blessed largedrpeppa seahorse seahorsetattoo allycat fortunate

2 Hours ago
Rick (rick_jitsu) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rick:

Joy is the happiness that does not depend on what happens. It is the grateful response to the opportunity that life offers you at this moment. When we rejoice, we celebrate our good fortune and the good fortune of others. We celebrate our good deeds and the good deeds of others. By rejoicing you are much less likely to take life for granted, and can affirm and appreciate ALL that you have and have done. Be happy. Be grateful. Rejoice.

3 Hours ago
Beck (becklema83) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Beck:

these two honestly have a friendship that is so genuine. they have been tight since they first met at daycare when they were 2 years old. i pray they stay close for the rest of their days. thanks to these guys @jlemasurier and I have made life long friends with @rachaelaforster and @gregpforster so really the girls have no choice but to love one another as i dont see the adults cracking it any time soon!! 🤣 friendship lifelong ezandgabs forsters lemoncheesecake fortunate

4 Hours ago
Espesially K (bella_and_mias_g) Instagram Photos and Videos

Espesially K


Comment from Espesially K:

tripping @winco accidents happen. So fortunate I practice yoga cuz I didn't pull any muscles getoffthecouch

4 Hours ago
Perry Limes (mrplimes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Perry Limes


Comment from Perry Limes:

FBF-when you are grateful for such much in your life! Peace and blessings massive! One spiritual grateful fortunate humble peace blessings onelove

4 Hours ago
Kevin Harris (khule1914) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kevin Harris


Comment from Kevin Harris:

A Wise Man Once Told Me "Be Grateful For The Blessings That You Do Have, and That Which Is Meant For You No Man Can Take Away" blessed noweapons fortunate godschild 3amigos summertime blackdadscan blackfathers maskoff

4 Hours ago
 (pilotjonees_music) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from pilotjonees_music:

"Me & You" is available on iTunes and all streaming services. Enjoy.

4 Hours ago
artist Mohamed Mahmoud (mohamed_mahmoud006) Instagram Photos and Videos

artist Mohamed Mahmoud


Comment from artist Mohamed Mahmoud:

sketchbook fast sketch sketches sketchy sketching sketchings line drawing draw drawings art arts art🎨 fortunate ink pointe رسم رسمي رسمه فن فنانين فنانين_العرب مواهب_الفن_العربي الشيطان يعظ👿

4 Hours ago
Rochelle Cotten (rochellecotten) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rochelle Cotten


Comment from Rochelle Cotten:

My biggest reason for doing what I do is because of the lives I have the potential to help change. You have your goals in life, your dreams, all these different pursuits...Why not start? 🤔 You want a gameplan? Steps? I have one for you... When you start your business with me I have 3 simple steps for success. Things I look forward to helping my new team members accomplish? ⭐️Make a car payment 🚗 ⭐️Become stay-at-home parents 👶🏻 ⭐️Go on a family vacation 🏖 ⭐️Earn $100 shopping spree 🛍 ⭐️Pay off credit card debt 💳 ⭐️Earn a $500 BONUS 💰 ⭐️Earn entries to win a FREE JEEP 🚘 💚💚💚 I would love to help you earn an average $497/month + a $500 bonus on top of that. I can show you exactly how our team is knocking out these goals. Message me "opportunity" asap! 720.936.6129

4 Hours ago
Peter Adams (petercrawfordadams) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peter Adams


Comment from Peter Adams:

vermont rain danville hastingshill greenbankhollow clouds lucky fortunate lifeisbeautiful lifeisgood

4 Hours ago
Allan (cali_fabricated) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Allan:

🎤 Never had room service all night... never took a trip, first class flight 🔊🎶 flashbackfriday

5 Hours ago
Rebecca Johnston (rjohnst6) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rebecca Johnston


Comment from Rebecca Johnston:

Thank you @gslgmcity for your continued support as I start my journey towards roadtopyeongchang2018 2017chevroletequinox fortunate ❤️

5 Hours ago
Ivana Krunic 🦄🌪 (ivanabodyfitik) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ivana Krunic 🦄🌪


Comment from Ivana Krunic 🦄🌪:

Do you celebrate special days besides your birthday or anniversaries? I have many special days in my life, today being one of them! • ❤️😌🇨🇦19 years ago on this day, my family and I arrived to Toronto, Canada. August 18th, 1998. No word of English and only 12 years old. Today, I look at this day as one of the best days of my life. • • • I was so fortunate to come to this incredible, accepting, unique country. I've made the most amazing friends, have been fortunate to receive endless opportunities and each year that goes by I grow prouder in calling Canada home.

5 Hours ago
hilaree sorenson (hilareeeeee) Instagram Photos and Videos

hilaree sorenson


Comment from hilaree sorenson:

I woke up this morning with the crisp realization that in 35 more years I'm going to be 70. It's got me feeling a bit uneasy and anxious about all of the places I'd like to see and things I need to do before then. Turning 35 also has me reflecting on my life and how I must be one of the luckiest humans on earth to have been able to stand in the places my feet have taken me, surrounded by friends and family that mean more to me than I could ever say. Thank you for all of the lovely birthday wishes. gratitude birthdaygirl luckyme fortunate trecimedilavaredo trentinoaltoadige dolomiti dolomites wildandfree travelandlife travelitaly exploremore getoutside seetheworld reflection hikingadventures lifeisshort goodlife adventureawaits adventureanywhere fbf

5 Hours ago
Cyrus M (cyguy2382) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cyrus M


Comment from Cyrus M:

My ol' man..... you will always be someone to look up to no matter how tall I grow....☝️☝️☝️🤙🏼 . . . . . . stoked lovelife active activelife fit fitlife loner nomad surf surflife rvca rvcasport waterman beautifulday goodtimes beach fortunate lovemylife lovemydad vision buddies friends ocean washingtondc dinner dad stuffed

5 Hours ago