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Becky Hirst (beckybhc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Becky Hirst


Comment from Becky Hirst:

The Famous Five. Taken last month at my folks Golden Wedding celebration in Yorkshire, this is my pod of peas. I feel so lucky to have such a lovely family, and being the baby by 8 years means they made me feel so cared for (and maybe a bit spoilt?! Not me, surely?!) growing up. Love capturing the five of us at family events through time. We might live hemispheres apart, and I might be a bit slack in communication with my sister and brother, but we're a proper solid family unit. Always have been, always will be! family siblings parents peasinapod sister brother mum dad yorkshire fortunate happy childhood celebrate anniversary achievement Pic credit @matthards_weddingphoto

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Julien Edoardo Montagnini (jul.littlemo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julien Edoardo Montagnini


Comment from Julien Edoardo Montagnini:

Fall has come and brought a wonderful palette 🎨. I feel deeply fortunate for being surrounded by such a leafy beauty. 🍁🍂🍃 What more could I wish for? . . nature fall autumn leaf leaves brown orange yellow italy italia ig_italy ig_lombardia lombardia lagomaggiore lake nature natura gift fortunate thanks thankful grateful beautiful world

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Jopez Gavidi (jgavidi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jopez Gavidi


Comment from Jopez Gavidi:

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi (known as Laxmi, sometimes transliterated as Lakshmi) is a transgender rights activist, Hindi film actor and Bharatanatyam dancer in Mumbai, India going through her activism work is just inspiring im fortunate to have her as a trans role model and a good friends ThrowBackYearsAgo Fune FuneralForTheLate AndrewHunte

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Luxury Travel for Food (luxurytravel4food) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luxury Travel for Food


Comment from Luxury Travel for Food:

What a line up! Feeling fortunate to have tried them all. ... ... fortunate wine wein bordeaux barolo lamissionhautbrion domainegauby monfortino dominusnapavalley fattoriapoggiodisotto nerooutsider terradilavoro chateaumargaux chateaumontrose chateauhautbrion chateaupalmer terreus brunellodimontalcino winecollector redwine rotwein weinsammlung

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Manya Aman (manya.aman) Instagram Photos and Videos

Manya Aman


Comment from Manya Aman:

bhaidooj family loveforever sisters brothers cousins lafamilia instafamily joy ootd love potd fortunate feelgood

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Zoe Ceric (atasteofceric) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zoe Ceric


Comment from Zoe Ceric:

Pumpkin picking 🎃🎃🎃🎃..... pumpkin pumpkinpicking vegetables raspberrypicking raspberries countryside englishcountryside britishcountryside green greenfields fields pumpkinpatch familytimes blueskies parentsandkids mummy daddy mummyanddaddy wellies hunterwellies @hunterboots mud farmlife blessed fortunate happy spiritualitymatters lovinglife

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Love💖Islam🕋Peace✌ (noorenabi26) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Love💖Islam🕋Peace✌:

The fortunate Islamic brothers and sisters who offer salah five times daily, all of their sins are wiped out, as the Beloved Rasool صَلَّى اللهُ تَعَالٰى عَلَيْهِ وَاٰلِهٖ وَسَلَّم has said: If any of you has a stream in his courtyard and he takes Ghusl (bath) daily five times in it, so will there be any dirt left on him? People humbly replied, ‘No’. The Blessed Rasool صَلَّى اللهُ تَعَالٰى عَلَيْهِ وَاٰلِهٖ وَسَلَّم then said: Salah washes away the sins as water washes away the dirt. 🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙 (Sunan Ibn Majah, vol. 2, p165, Hadees 1397)

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Leanne Wallace (thewallaceshow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leanne Wallace


Comment from Leanne Wallace:

Burnt Cinnamon Lipstick 👄younique sunnyday youniquemakeup fortunate fallmakeup wallacewarpaint lipstick lovemakeup makeup opulencelipstick

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Edith Von Rotz (edith_gagliardi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Edith Von Rotz


Comment from Edith Von Rotz:

53 countries. The last 16 years I traveled 53 countries. The momeries are countless... I saw the most beautiful places and there is still so much to see. Thank you earth! Thank you for showing me how many different shades of colour exist, for letting me discover the beauty, stillness and the magic out there. Thanks to you - I learned how fortunate I am, to live in the very moment, to reward the journey and to open my eyes to all these small things along the way. Thanks to all those beautiful souls I met... some stay strangers, lots stayed as a friend. And thanks to the most beautiful soul of all. My love, my friend, my everything. Thank you for joining me on my path. I am so happy to share that next adventure with you. Our biggest ever. And I am so happy to travel the world with our little family. I am so blessed. Thank you universe! traveling wanderlust travelyogi fortunate neverstandstill happy lovemylife roundtheworld

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Ashleigh Salvo 💕 (xx_chim) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashleigh Salvo 💕


Comment from Ashleigh Salvo 💕:

✨ ~ Serendipity. Ser • en • dip • i • ty - A fortunate happenstance, a pleasant surprise. An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. ~ ✨ serendipity fortunate pleasant happenstance occurance surprise happening magic wonder fantasy a life worth world bts jimin loveyourself 2017 intro snapchat to instagram

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Nancy (nancyg0710) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nancy:

Sometimes I can’t believe that I live in California californialiving dreamscometrue califoniadreaming fortunate

3 Hours ago
Ceasar Herrera (ceavikherrera) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ceasar Herrera


Comment from Ceasar Herrera:

It's been a year since your death and I was so fortunate to see you. Rest in Peace, Jia jia. . . . panda black white lovepandas jiajia restinpeace remembering memorylane memories beautiful beautyineverything beautyaroundus hongkong hk oceanparkhk fortunate travel travellife travelmemories asia photography animalphotography nikon dslr d5200 CeasarIsMyName

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Alisha Khan (alisha.a.khan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alisha Khan


Comment from Alisha Khan:

Chamundeshwari Temple ChamundiHills Mysuru St ,such fortunate bit of photography ❤️

5 Hours ago
Christina🍃Clinical Therapist (orchard.valley.counselling) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina🍃Clinical Therapist


Comment from Christina🍃Clinical Therapist:

Totally Grateful!!! 👵I Have The Best Mom!💃 learn parenting greatmom loving love fortunate bestmom kelowna regina caring compassionate vulnerability nevergiveup orchardvalleycounselling kelownacounselling ylw yvr kgh moms nurture professionalcounselling okanagan healthyliving healthycouples couples couplescounselling orchardvalleycounsellingservic

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PAgirlinCA (pagirlinca) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PAgirlinCA:

Wouldn’t want to be with anyone else other than my mom tonight to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Bahá’u’lláh, the founder of our religion, the Baha’i Faith. Religion should be the cause of unity, love and fellowship amongst all mankind, this is what I believe! bahai bahaifaith unity peace love compassion celebration familyfirst mom lovemymom happy celebration smile mankindisone unityindiversity respecteachother morelove bekind weareallone irvine california blessed fortunate

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trent jackson (tradecraftbuilds) Instagram Photos and Videos

trent jackson


Comment from trent jackson:

fortunate to be able to support with these fine young folks tonight. thankyou

6 Hours ago
Carlos Ramirez (taquizas_el_lazy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carlos Ramirez


Comment from Carlos Ramirez:

Tonite with my baby! daughter daddysgirl daddyslittlegirl daddydaughtertime humble pricelessmoments priceless fortunate taquizasellazy

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Carlos Ramirez (taquizas_el_lazy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carlos Ramirez


Comment from Carlos Ramirez:

Last week after we finished work! son fathersonlove workhardplayhard fortunate humble priceless taquizasellazy

6 Hours ago
Christine Cooney (cmoneypenney) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christine Cooney


Comment from Christine Cooney:

Eight is enough. fortunate

7 Hours ago
陳瀅西 (Ying Xi Chen / Alice) (yingxi_tw) Instagram Photos and Videos

陳瀅西 (Ying Xi Chen / Alice)


Comment from 陳瀅西 (Ying Xi Chen / Alice):

I have everything only when I have you guys 😙 13年了!是這群女孩教我成長,多少瘋狂的歡笑與淚水注 笑與淚水注滿了我們的青春。希望在我們30歲的時候還能像現在這 能像現在這樣,不受社會影響仍然保有一絲天真浪漫,見到彼此一樣 到彼此一樣可以豪無保留得把畢生所學的耍憨招數拿出來,逗得所有 truefriends fortunate 614

7 Hours ago
Amy Frady (amyfrady20) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amy Frady


Comment from Amy Frady:

Definitely strong pieces of my heart. So glad you’re back! friends nevergiveup liveyourdreams doitforyou bestfriends alwayslookup positivevibes fortunate givethanks

7 Hours ago
The NAS Nerd/Jamberry Ninja (kellygb.thenasnerd) Instagram Photos and Videos

The NAS Nerd/Jamberry Ninja


Comment from The NAS Nerd/Jamberry Ninja:

It's surreal and immensely fun myworkisplay wereallmadhere itsspectacular

8 Hours ago
Cai Mei Cai (caimei.c) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cai Mei Cai


Comment from Cai Mei Cai:

Fortunate cafe samarindagreat team

8 Hours ago
⭐️ (nury1126) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⭐️:

Afortunada en el juego, ¿desafortunada en el amor? 🤔💕 houseofcards cards fortunate unfortunate game

8 Hours ago
Rashan Jones (jonesofig) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rashan Jones


Comment from Rashan Jones:

Earlier today I had a chance to watch @rogerparramore demo on this Home torch. Then he asked me if I wanted to try it?!? bucketlist myreallife werk work wurk spell it however you want, just do that shit. mentor fortunate thankful We are headed out to @penlandschool in the morning for a week long intensive into hollow boro. I feel crazy just typing that. lifework handcrafted

8 Hours ago
Kandace Selnick (kandace_selnick) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kandace Selnick


Comment from Kandace Selnick:

Night Lights.

9 Hours ago
BLACK LIVES MATTER 💙💎 (drizzyitsyours24) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BLACK LIVES MATTER 💙💎:

basketballgame toronto views teamwork fortunate fallseason basketballseason octobersveryown global ambassador lucky workhard playhard saturday team cool

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Mariel Cullen (murrrriel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mariel Cullen


Comment from Mariel Cullen:

Never too professional for a high quality selfie 📷📸📷

9 Hours ago
Martha J Jackson (martha_j_jackson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Martha J Jackson


Comment from Martha J Jackson:

Sigh....just an Empty space where puppy bed usually resides. It's really funny; I spent the majority of my adult life lavishing myself in the act of living alone. No rules, no one waiting for me to get home after 60 plus hours of weekly working; no one to call me out on my growing mound of dirty clothes and disorganized kitchen that only held carrots, hummus and crap tons of noodles with no pan to cook them in and above all else, perfect quiet. 😜😜😜 however; both the boys have headed off to Melbourne and I find myself walking around my super quiet house and missing puppy randomly kamikazing my leg for no reason; the clink of pans and glasses in the kitchen and my person turning the music so loud we have to scream to talk to each other (I chuckle to myself as I type that last part). I have lived a very private and protected life for so many years; it's almost like a gift to realIze how nice it is to come home to noise; kitchen smells, puppy kisses and best friend laughs. No matter what; it's safe to say I have a fab life lately I will always feel gratitude for. Not many can say; I truly come home and have fun living life in the most simplest of ways (and drama free) with my very best friend and a sweet sweet puppy like Dave. Life is about not just stepping out of your comfort zone; but leaving it completely behind and never looking back. No matter what the future holds. fortunate. grateful bestfriend. bulldog truefriends justcaughtmyselflookingaroundf

10 Hours ago
Crista Anderson (cristabeauty) Instagram Photos and Videos

Crista Anderson


Comment from Crista Anderson:

The struggle is delightful. modernwoman fortunate jointhehellishcrusade

10 Hours ago
AdrianGreen (80green) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from AdrianGreen:

It’s been a minute texadelphia is back 🤗 @icecube houston itstheweekend highofflife fortunate thankful

10 Hours ago
Digiteer (digiteeragency) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Digiteer:

Thank you everyone so much! You're all amazing! Let's make some great business and even better websites! ____ goldcoast sunshinecoast sydney melbourne canberra munich berlin hongkong newyork webdesign development digiteer thanks thankyou grateful gratitude follows followers awesomeday yes amazing fortunate growthmindset skysthelimit letsdothis

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Anya A (makeupandart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anya A


Comment from Anya A:

"Seas The Day" beach ocean sea shore saltywaters sandundermyfeet lowtide weekendshenanigans onmydoorstep blessed fortunate grateful liveeachday takeamoment deepbreaths metime byeweekend

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