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Repost gratitude happiness blessed fortunate guidedones chosen divinelyled humble payattention classinsession learning

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Jason Edward Blood


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I have to say thank you to the people that care. Dreams come true. Doesn’t the hermes goliath in blue really make the royaloak ‘s blue dial pop? Gotta have the 39 the offshores lose value by the second. blessed fortunate style mensstyle audemarspiguet stoked

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This is my family, my blood, my cousins and my aunts. I recently spent a week driving almost 2,000 miles total while going to random places along the west coast. Their house was one of the stops in Oregon. I really re-evaluated myself after spending a couple days with them. Next to me is my cousin Jacob who is a non-verbal severely autistic teen. He is the happiest kid I have ever seen and would not leave my side. I helped them around the house, took my aunt and cousin to doctors appointments, took them to eat, bought them groceries, gave them money to fix their car, played cards with them and kept giving them all really big hugs all day and telling them im here for them. They arent the most fortunate and yet they never complained, never asked me for anything and always had smiles. I randomly spent almost two of my paychecks just to see them happy. I didnt do it because I wanted anything in return, or to make up for my faults. I did it simply for them and to see them happy.. This isnt about me or the money i spent or my religious beliefs. I know what I did for them was only temporary, which sometimes people need that positive lift in life or someone to believe in them. I have been selfish and need to help others more in any possible way. Not sure what kind of message you want to take from this, but let it be good and if its negative then I forgive you. Much love to those who arent as fortunate as some of us, much love to those who do what I did on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly and much love to those who are suffering or going through hard times at this moment. love family giving familia smile autism fortunate hugs kindness positivevibes heart sacrifice cousins fromtheheart cancersucks empathy sympathy

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“Toy Drive”...🚨🚨🚨 For those who are less fortunate!!! Brung to you by @theboothnyc “The Brooklyn Way”!!!toydrive help people less fortunate giveback community kids children merrychristmas happy newyear worldwide nyc ny bronx queens manhattan train car bus ferry show love brooklyn way music videos shows clothes @megbk526

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On my way to my bungalow. The view is breath taking. fourseasons ボラボラ vacationtime fortunate americangirl travelgram

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1 John 17 But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? 18 Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. humbleyourself Fortunate

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Good night !!! Sin filtros . Un bello atardecer a las 9:39pm. Es una muestra de las bendiciones de la vida .... (I miss you > @mariajo8416 .) goodnight goodenergy enjoy lucky abundance prosperous fortunate sinfiltro sinfiltros pictures view blessed rlache businessman multimillionaires

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🌻Friday, December 11, 2015 ---- 🦌Monday, December 11, 2017 Even if we occasionally can't see it ourselves, the sun will always Shine. Allow yourself to look back and see the growth it has created. 🐻 Each year provides us with a free trip around the star that provides each of us the lives that we're fortunate to even experience. It is necessary for us to work together to make our collective journey count; so keep on doing good. 🌏☀️🌏🌙🌍☮️

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Candace Martinez


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My greatness far outweighs my occasional fuck ups that's why I get away with shit the Universe got my back! AskAboutMeBitch SeeMeInAction TruthBeTold Fortunate Blessed

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6 months of bliss, unconditionallove and resilience. happymonthday 6monthsold babysmellisthebest timeflies fortunate motherhood meaningoflife blackandwhitephoto bw

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Jimmy James


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Starting in January I will begin hosting the Stanhope House Open Mic 🎤Thank you for this amazing opportunity. . . . . stereojo stanhopehouse openmic jimmyjames live performance alltypes jam blues rock rap metal punk ska dance groove funk chill classical variety anything stanhope nj morris sussex warren stereojoshow thankful fortunate @stanhopehouse @stereo_jo @_jimijames_ @mena_the_menace @tommy_riley25 @jay.blanch.31

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Riq and Sal


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Riq will be hosting One Mic in Philadelphia on Dec 30th. Come out and support! Bring a friend and tell a friend to bring a friend. It’s gonna be dope 👌🏽entertainment emcee fun poetry live followforfollow lit spokenword blessed god fortunate socialmedia flowerstagram new next up comedy emcee growth different funny comedy show entertainment viral united duo host live lit people

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The winner has been drawn! Thank you to everyone who participated and who continues to follow and interact with my page! This was a lot of fun and I hope to be able to do more of these for you in the future.

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Lish O'Connor


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Took these photos 12 hours after I got food poisoning and excreted everything that I’ve eaten for the past 3 and a half weeks :-) ilovemylife fortunate lucky

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Wisdom Seeker


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Don’t set yourself on 🔥just so others can be warm. lifelessons love quotesofinstagram truth instagood life gkkagyaan neverforget true honest fortunate value selfworth god quotes quotestoliveby loveyourself garyvee tonyrobbinsmymind care sky noexcuses goals trulyblessed unhappy good think instinct gut

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Coby J


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Jus here, doing what I do... much thanks everyone, for the b-day shout-outs. Appreciated! Feel the love. 😉 12-12 Bday fortunate appreciative latenight workout gymlife winterbody focused

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It's always been my motto 🥠 fortunate

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On rare occasions you should relax & take an appreciative look back at how far you’ve come & the things you’ve done over the years. Appreciate where you’re from & the circumstances/situations (good & bad) that shaped you. Just don’t relax too long cuz you might get complacent there. Let that energize you. William Hollis said it best “I didn’t come this far, just to come this far”. Go chase the best you, he/she is waiting on matter how long it takes.👊🏾 photo: & @sinde2 style: @tiatoytoy apppreciatethegrind fortunate blessed stayhumbleyournotthatgreat success familysupport justadudefromdalycity gottalovethebayarea goalchasers daplayground

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Loving Nature☕️


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各位家人好,我們的餐單更新了😊,配合冬日天氣☃️,有以下令 ,有以下令人暖笠笠的選擇😍 三絲炒蕎麥麵、咖哩雜錦飯或意粉 New dishes are available to warm our hearts❤️😍 Fried Soba Noodles with Shredded Veggies, Veggie Curry with Rice or Spaghetti, Tom Yum with Rice or Noodles and Braised Bean Curd with Veggie and Rice. Hope to see you all soon! ☺️☺️

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So much to say, not enough words to express it. Fortunate GivePraise DivineSalvation ZadaSelahIssa Fatherhood

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A Conscious Collective


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This brother has been with me since the beginning. Always more than a pleasure being able to connect when we come to Atlanta. Peace love and prosperity you V! One of a kind y I u are🙏 blessed grayeful truefriends fortunate atlanta stonpinggrounds beginnings transcend grind grow elevated exscape fly

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Your future isn’t written, you write it as you go. Put that in a fortune cookie and sell it!🥠 sunsets beautiful california fortunate

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biz ops


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Genuinely care about others and make it a point to show your appreciation no matter how busy you may be. ------- love gratitude motivation inspiration happy grateful thankyou life blessed happiness positivity instagood thankful instadaily instalike beautiful art beauty family fitness music instacool support work wisdom encouragement meditation ilovemylife thankfuls fortunate

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Chris Rich


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"Every person is a new door to a different world." fortunate to have crossed paths with @crazykittyfish pictures and memories with some stellar stories and friends made. I think this is a dope pic beach beachy frands Murica tag random energy beauty

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Serenaded by my honey! happy holidays grateful blesses love fortunate

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Artist Wyland


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The weather this week has been beautiful on the island of Oahu. Took a drive out to Mokapu Beach yesterday, wanted to share this with you all. Aloha! -Wyland oahu hawaii wyland art nature drive beach coastline lucky fortunate blessed beach art

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Wil Bolden Jr


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Still on light duty, but glad to be back to work at both my jobs. Sipping tea and staying warm! EMS EMT EMTLife 911 dispatcher lightduty kidneytransplant kidneyrecipient kidneytransplantwarrior blessed grateful fortunate lovinglife sippingtea

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Appreciate it if you Follow or Repost anything. Thanks. inspire inspiring inspirational motivation motivate motivated wisdom blessings happy fortunate joy peace serenity perseverance knowledge goals truth comedy joke ironic funny joy happy fun peace serenity poet poetry poem poems poetic Repost

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Mandi Marie Miller


Comment from Mandi Marie Miller:

This evening, I said goodbye to my kitty Mulligan. Dr. Laura from Journeys Home came to our home and helped him enter his next life. I'm so very heartbroken right now. I'm also so very grateful that his life and mine crossed paths. I feel fortunate that I got to love him and feel his love in return. I miss him so much already... as does his brother Rufus. My heart couldn't be more full of sadness and deep gratitude for my time with my sweetkitty

5 Hours ago
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Julie Shimko


Comment from Julie Shimko:

This past weekend I turned 35. For some reason, this birthday was a big one for me. I am no longer in my early 30's, I am well out of my 20's, and closer to 40. Though I spent most of my day in my pajamas, in bed, recovering from a cold, I also used this time to reflect on my previous years on this earth, what I have achieved, what I still wish to achieve, and the dreams I still hold in my heart. --------------- Due to some recent stress over events and realizations in my life, a close friend of mine recently said to me, "Julie, life isn't linear." This got me deeply thinking about our path, our yearly trip around the sun, and really if life is worth living without constant growth, epiphanies and dreams unrealized. Life, after all, is nothing but the conglomeration of many tiny beginnings. It is the joining of these tiny beginnings which make each of our epic stories, tales, and truths. And these truths, our story, do not need to happen in any particular order, need to meet anyone else's standards, nor do they always come with instructions or an explanation. ---------------- have a deep feeling in my heart a new beginning for me is around the corner, not just for my career (I am in my registered dietitian residency right now), but also for another space I hold in my life. Rather than fear, I am trying something new. I am trying to embrace the new story which may be shining around the corner. A story which remains untold and is waiting to be written. A story which will open up parts of my heart which have been closed for so long, but also a story of extreme pain. It's a story which I can allow to define me, my "non-linear" path, and allow it to shake me down, or I can choose to write it in such away that draws from my strength and allows me to continue to grow as a person, a friend, a lover, and a daughter. ------------ Each new year, each birthday, is truly that...a day of birth and a day of growth. It's also another new beginning, beautifully adding to my epic, unique story.

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🗣ATTENTION INSTAGRAM ‼️ its a new challenge in town called the fortunate challenge fortunatechallenge 🔥 I need everybody to dm their email addresses to @ybonthetrack & he will send you the beat so you can murder this track and upload your video so we can see who did it best‼️🗣

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One week old today 💙 Orlando Roze Ilicic 🙏🏼 we are so in love with you little man there are no words to describe. newborn baby love babyboy newbeginning parenthood oneweekold soinlove fortunate

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