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This is so dope to me! What yours say? fortunecookie fortunate iseenit

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fablife fortunate teakthaicuisine edenpark mtadams rhineriver cincy covington traveler

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I admire this woman @barbaracorcoran from sharktank she has a great story and used her creativity to rise up! icscrecon businessman businessowners entrepreneur commercialrealestate fortunate

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©︎ Fortunate Taste


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Everybody go checkout our new website & checkout some of our new gear at !streetwear streetfashion fortunate designer fortunateapparel losangeles hustlehard thehustlecollection

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Rise Again Recovery & Wellness


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Anything is possible when you decide to make a positive change.... live every day like it's your last........... You do not have to live in active addiction.... there is a way out....we can help... clean sober happy change recovery narcoticsanonymous alcoholicsanonymous blessed alive free fortunate instalike positive 12steps coffee hope soberissexy drugfree celebraterecovery fit life namaste transformation positivevibes

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Gary Hurt


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This is an excerpt from Dr Emmons book Thanks!...How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier I'm already more acutely aware of how fortunate I am in life and I'm only 10 pages in. I highly recommend this read! (Plus he's a good dude!!!) gratitude feelalive thankful fortunate openyourheart appreciate catchsomeair dreamcrazy alongcomeshope pacificablu nomoreleukemia simplybelieve

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Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 • • nightshots mrbeltmedia 🔑 AlwaysForward puertorico thegoodlife expensive ambition success luxury luxurylife luxuryliving luxurylifestyle goals motivation privatejet vip redcarpet jetsetter jetsetting readysetjet jet jets highstandards thelife fortunate drummerslife band mrbeltmedia PuertoRicoGram puertorico_greatshots tiratepr

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So grateful ♥ lovemyfamily myworld myeverything happy healthy together grateful lucky fortunate alliveeverwanted myhopes wishcametrue focusonyourblessings love life mylife lifeisbeautiful lifeiswhatyoumakeit

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Dennis Scott


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One of the last GREAT R&B & Hip Hop Soundtracks of the 90s. Seems like when Eddie & Martin star in a movie the Soundtrack is always classic: (Boomerang, Blue Streak, A Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Nutty Professor). R. Kelly produced this soundtrack with hits from K-Ci & JoJo "Life", Kelly Price "Its Gonna Rain", & the best song on the album, Maxwell's classic "Fortunate" written by R. Kelly. life lifesoundtrack itsgonnarain fortunate kciandjojo kellyprice maxwell eddiemurphy martinlawrence soundtracks rnb hiphop writer composer engineer producer musician singer rapper music love ilovemusic musicismyreligion

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OS Radio 🎧


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TakeYouBackTue 1999, the year someone might have got pregnant to this jam 😵 fortunate HBD S/O to Maxwell!

2 Hours ago
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Empowering our communities


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Excited and inspired yesterday, after just having seen the David Suzuki foundation and met the amazing one, himself! Wow! Commitment to First Nations culture and wisdom, this planet and all life on earth for future generations, embodied so powerfully in the intent and focus of David and the organisation... 🌻🌿🌍☀️wow inspired fortunate protection country planet earth nature naturalworld life community FirstNations DavidSuzuki

2 Hours ago
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Kate Vup


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I've happily back home and the only thing in my head (apart from: - hugs and kisses from my family, - a quick conversation over messanger with my little sister who celebrate her NAME DAY today - and re-schedule a very important support call with a lovely human being and an amazing young entrepreneur lady) was to try my bread which I baked on Monday morning!!! Hmmm...super yammy😊 backhome supersandwich artisanbread homemadebread happy fortunate

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Debbie Setterfield


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Wonderful day today raising lots of money for a fabulous cause lookgoodfeelbetter lgfbuk charityevent fortunate copra member beautyawards beauty buyer selfie

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Pensa un po'...mi avevi incasinato già al 'ciao' EhSi VaCosì FortunaTe

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omegarailings&woodworking _ltd


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I feel very humble and fortunate to be spending a week in this beautiful place with my family. Taking in ever moment of this precious time. Sad what's happening in this world. vacation mexico xcaret fortunate lucky view caribbean hot sun beach sand view resort humble family familytime polishman canadian sea ocean cancun playadelcarmen

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Katie Murchison


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Tonight I go to bed with love and gratitude in my heart. Love for my children and gratitude for being able to tuck them in tonight. I am terrified of the world that they are growing up into, but we must not give in to the evil that we face. Thinking of those who aren't as fortunate as us tonight ❤ love gratitude Manchester evil terroristswillnotwin picoftheday truth heart thinking rip fortunate instadaily

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Hilal ER


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Kİ CANIM, CANIMIN EN KÜÇÜK YAPI TAŞISIN... ♾ sun sea sky coffee coffetime mudanya fortunate photo lovephotos insta instagram instaphoto likesea iyotkokusu Mudanya bikahve snapseed photogrid picsart a5 A5

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The Hallk


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Countdown to AXA Floorball Cup in Falun. Junior leaves nothing to chance. High tire jumps are performed in sets of 10 to boost movability and counteract stiffness... Go Steelers! --- doubletapyouthfloorballtflersprideforallball2017nykvarnsteelersp04mindsettrainhardgrowfocusdedicationstrengthfloorballwarriorsinnebandysåmångasommöjligtsålängesommöjligttractortirejumpsviälskarinnebandyfortunatefather

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• Day 5 of 21 perfect days!! Throwing it back to one of my summa time favs: Orange Cream baby!🍊 Feeling super F I N E just 5 days in! Can't wait to see 21 days of results!🌿💪🏻 •

3 Hours ago
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Stratton Hatfield


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After showing up to this remote village without a place to stay we were so fortunate to come across this amazing gentleman named Hali. He had a beautiful home stay that could accomodate us for two nights and let us stay with him. He took us trecking through the jungle to find waterfalls and served us delicious Khasi food all while speaking just enough English to tell us stories about his village. What a legend! . . . . India NorthEastIndia Inspiration TravelIsGoodForTheSoul NoPlansAreTheBestPlans

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J Buenron


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Is this insane or what?! Can I just say how privileged I feel right now 🙏🏻 A friend of ours has launched a project where he will go to your home and cook a week of meals (pay by the hour, took him just under 4 hours) using what you have in your kitchen. Everything vegetarian, very healthy and yummy! We are so fortunate to have so many food options and we take it for granted. Fortunate we can choose how many meals we want to have in a day. Fortunate to not go to bed hungry. Fortunate to know how to be kind and respect ourselves by eating healthy. Fortunate to have the possibility to do so (it's hard sometimes though 👹🍫🍪). Fortunate to have friends who launch new projects like this 😂 fortunate lucky mealprep vegetarian mealsforaweek myfavorite curriedcarrotpuree food blessed foodonthetable roofoverourhead healthyfood healthy familyoffive dinnertime chefathome chef home

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Happy birthday @maxwell fortunate is one of my favorites classic continue to stay sexy iloveyou ohcaress @amina_lust memorial2017 repost view like share

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Feeling full and very fortunate that my coworker loves to grill and smoke meat, but even better than that, he likes to share bbqbeefribs were a delicious tuesday lunch Far better than anything from a fastfood place.

4 Hours ago
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Matthew Morrison


Comment from Matthew Morrison:

The good old practice room kit... Had this vintage Pearl kit since i was about 7... been 10 years growing as a player on this kit.... Had a lot of successes and failures using this and practicing on it.. monumental moments made on it.... It is certainly a part of me as a person and a part of my history growing as a player and still to this day continues to be... I feel blessed and fortunate...Blessed PearlDrums Zildjiancymbals Ijustwannaplay vintage fortunate Justplay

4 Hours ago
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Josephine Rose


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Words cannot always express 📷 imagination vision inspire fortunate colourful profound emotional deep views perspective express feels communicate images moments life capturedmoments photography art

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Nathalie Whyte


Comment from Nathalie Whyte:

Feel so fortunate that I got to say happy birthday to my beautiful son today and devastated that there are mum's out there that have had their world taken from them. Love this 'little big man' to absolute pieces, a slice of my world you are dear Frazer xx happybirthday 14 myworld son blessed thoughtswithmanchester photooftheday photoofday fortunate mum proudmum

4 Hours ago
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Peachy Beckwith 💉💪🏼


Comment from Peachy Beckwith 💉💪🏼:

I've had a big shift in outlook and perspective in regards to my prep in the last couple weeks. I noticed that I was focusing on the negative aspects of prep. I was constantly thinking about how hungry I was, how tired I was and how hard it was to train some days. Instead, I've decided to focus on the positives and it's made this prep so much more enjoyable. At the end of the day I'm fortunate to have my health, the strength and the drive to compete. This is at 5 weeks out, I'm going to trust my coach, myself and the process. competition prep npc bikini outlook health fortunate muscle fit fitfam fitspo fitmom fitness gym lift train iifym dedication drive transform progress teamfitbliss

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Thomas J Voss


Comment from Thomas J Voss:

bethankful blessed fortunate lucky

4 Hours ago
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Hannah Raggamama


Comment from Hannah Raggamama:

🍜fortunate 💌

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Gonstead Family Chiropractic


Comment from Gonstead Family Chiropractic:

From small town USA of less than 1,000 ppl to sandiego humbled fortunate blessed thankful

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4 Da Culture ✊🏾


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Happy 44th Birthday to Gerald Maxwell Rivera. 🎉🎉🎉 BlackMenMatter BlackIsBeautiful BlackIsBold BlackIsGold BlackLivesMatter Melanin BlackBoyJoy Magic Shining ✨✨✨ King 👑 Maxwell Fortunate Talent Art Artist 4DaCulture ✊🏾✊🏾

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Happy Birthday @maxwell . . . wearethebside music life sports podcast iTunes SoundCloud bsidemusic latinos comedy musica artist records podcasts podcastlife podcasting spanglish goodmusicalert realmusicalert spanglish newyorkcity bsideboardbangers bside spanglish positivevibes uncensored @djsupremenyc @itsnikkireyes @arodz tuesday fortunate blacksummersnight rnb maxwell embrya

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Jessica Budgell


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Humor. Don't forget to have fun, let loose, nourish yourself, and support your highest self with laughter, good company, and perhaps a few drinks of choice. This costume was a big hit . . . costume party nourish ginismyfavorite nudistonstrike funtimes isthestrikeover friends fortunate smiles besilly beyourself withcleopatra humor letloose liveitup

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