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Melinda Johnstone (mjohnstone89) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melinda Johnstone


Comment from Melinda Johnstone:

Very fortunate to have the support of my family and the most amazing friends during the last horrific 7 weeks. grateful flowers fortunate

12 Minutes ago
rc (darwinindisco) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from rc:

ghanta ghar clock tower from a bygone era 🕒 unfortunate or fortunate but true

50 Minutes ago
Akhona Fortunate Kgomotso (akhona_sebotha) Instagram Photos and Videos

Akhona Fortunate Kgomotso


Comment from Akhona Fortunate Kgomotso:

I mean nothing at all GodOfEverything MasterOfTheUniverse Godstiming Fortunate

1 Hours ago
positive.vien (positive.vien) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from positive.vien:

Occasionally a cup of fortunate coffee does help brighten up your day @fortunatecoffeemy fortunatecoffee loveforcoffee veganshare coffeelover vegan veganofkl fortunate naturalfood lnfortunatecoffeemalaysia

3 Hours ago
Cydnee Sparrow (cydsparrow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cydnee Sparrow


Comment from Cydnee Sparrow:

BC is my kind of place ✌. Artisan villages, beautiful lakes, fairytale forrests, recycled houses, fresh fruit and wine everywhere. Yes. Just yes. iwillneverleave bcisdope travelcanada fortunate mountains worldwandering nexttimenanimo @artbycamaraswap

4 Hours ago
Gopinadh (nadhankarotte) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gopinadh:

womanstruelove greatestfortuneever fortunatetrueloveispriceless🌟 lucky greatestvirtue sanctumsanctorum mauriecorelli womanslovesoothes goldenquotes quotestoliveby bestquotes sanctumsanctorum kochivalueoflife valueoftruelove

4 Hours ago
karenkhelly(officialaccount) (ms.kk1205_wanderer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from karenkhelly(officialaccount):

when work and travel goes together 😍😙 andthelifeyougaveupkeepon blessed explore career model livelovelaughthankfulfortunate independentwomangraballopportu everydayisawonderfulblessing instagood instaphoto

4 Hours ago
Poet Mehtab Gulzar Mehtab (poet_mehtab_gulzar_mehtab) Instagram Photos and Videos

Poet Mehtab Gulzar Mehtab


Comment from Poet Mehtab Gulzar Mehtab:

Saying of holy Imam moula Ali Alesalam ,Saying number 11 from Nahjul Balagha. friends fortunate wisdom facts .

4 Hours ago
Musiz Lover (musicworldplace) Instagram Photos and Videos

Musiz Lover


Comment from Musiz Lover:

4 Hours ago
Jeremy Wilson (pdxpariah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jeremy Wilson


Comment from Jeremy Wilson:

I am a shitshow (and very fortunate to have people that don't seem to mind it)

4 Hours ago
Tami Smith (tami_smith_nz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tami Smith


Comment from Tami Smith:

Yesterday was a special day. My son is now three 🎂and he understood it was his day💕 I saw lots of big smiles💘birthday fortunate mylittleboy precious birthdaycake happyboy mumlife mumlifenz 誕生日 誕生日ケーキ 3歳 ママライフ 海外育児

5 Hours ago
Sarah Ahmed (sarahvaibhavali) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Ahmed


Comment from Sarah Ahmed:

minidiva justbaby cute bomdiacrescer mood tgif fortunate weekend thegapyear nowplaying outnow new instakids instasmile instadaily tagsforlike mykidsits style follow goals photooftheday shoutout beautiful feature kidsphotography kidstyle kidsootd creativelifehappylife thatsdarling instagramkids

5 Hours ago
Quincy (quincyvazquez) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Quincy:

Sometimes I would hear someone say to smile more, so here's it is, 😁😁😁😃 . And if you just smiled too, then that was the goal of this post, hahahaha. Smile more. optimisticgoodenergy boricua nuyorican boriqua  blessing goodfortune  blessings sagaftrasagaftramemberactormod ceo love castingdirector godbless fortunate treasuresmile beautiful  bendicionthankgoduniversal love kindness bendicionesleadingman inspirationmotivation

5 Hours ago
Thomas Christensen (blkdoutgsxr) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thomas Christensen


Comment from Thomas Christensen:

Picture from a recent hike in minnesota The amount of support and positive vibes I've gotten lately has not gone unnoticed; I've been fortunate enough to have an abundance of amazing people in my life, Thank you everyone! PositiveVibes likeforlike fitnessjourney fitaddict physique KillingTheGame hiking nature travel vibes fitnessmotivation fortunate instagood StayActive EatCleanTrainDirty RochesterMN LifeGoals FinallyHappy

5 Hours ago
King James (imkingjames79) Instagram Photos and Videos

King James


Comment from King James:

Thank you dad and mom! You did a magnificent job!!! I appreciate you! Dad, I got game like you. Thanks for your looks Mommy. You made the greatest king™ ever. truestory

5 Hours ago
Kier Nichols (kiernichols) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kier Nichols


Comment from Kier Nichols:

@glennsobie so happy I got to meet you humans at EF 🙌🏽 electricforest connection connect fortunate fortunateyouth edm edmlifestyle festivalseason electricforest2017 ef

6 Hours ago
Amel Mujezinovic (pikenzi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amel Mujezinovic


Comment from Amel Mujezinovic:

Vermont ❤️dalida nature vermont peace green organic peace lucky fortunate blessed

6 Hours ago
Rosy 💋💄💁 (rosyfxmua1725) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rosy 💋💄💁


Comment from Rosy 💋💄💁:

I had the most unexpected surprise in my class tonight from Suany Martinez. My top Fx student from BSA 👈💯she came all the way from Bolivia to visit me!!! Love u sweetheart! ❤😘🤗💄💀👻👽😵👾👹🔪🔥🎭🎨💉� bocabeautyacademyeducatormakeu makeupartistsuanytopfxartistfe istfeelingexcitedblessedfortun ortunatelovewhatidomotivatorex

6 Hours ago
Head high in the clouds! (jacob.powell1904) Instagram Photos and Videos

Head high in the clouds!


Comment from Head high in the clouds!:

My son is infatuated with his godfather Im very fortunate and blessed to have you part of my sons life!! uncleandyandyandjdjrbud

6 Hours ago
Jennifer FREEland (ylfree7) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer FREEland


Comment from Jennifer FREEland:

Post nap pile ups are the best ... no place I'd rather be than home with them ... . . The fact that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a way to also make a living from home that I am passionate about is pure icing on this cake we call life! . . . workfromhome workfromanywhere evenfromunderyourkids workfromphone mygirls mylife lovemyjob lovemygirls sahm wahm loveourjourney homeschool vallerygrayce alaynaviolet opportunity fortunate passion purpose abundance livingfree lovinglife freeland ylfree post nap pileup thisisus . . Oh and I am required to share this being that I mentioned that this amazing company pays me to help educate others on wellness - but I'm ok with sharing truth!

6 Hours ago
Derrick Hannifin (derrick_hannifin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Derrick Hannifin


Comment from Derrick Hannifin:

💚 @arianaseif 💜 🙏Thank you for always workinghard when your here and for making me smile even though I put you through such pain 👍😭😂😁.. fortunate I can be byyourside on your fitnessjourney 💯💪 Keep it up and I'll see you on Friday🔩🍗🍗🙌😋 Drock blessed mondaymotivation womenwithmuscle beautiful pt fitchick rockstarclient focused youfithealthclubs weightloss compprep coach me fitness motivation loveup Phoenix Az 🌵 @youfithealthclubs 🔩

6 Hours ago
BuddaBlaqq (buddablaqq) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BuddaBlaqq:

LateNights maxwell fortunate

6 Hours ago
Kavi Arasu (coffeewithkavi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kavi Arasu


Comment from Kavi Arasu:

Going strong after 7hrs of yoga in first 2 days. Melting to the nature and love. So fortunate to have this retreat with some most amazing people.

6 Hours ago
romi | juvigny (juicypot) Instagram Photos and Videos

romi | juvigny


Comment from romi | juvigny:

Day Dream what? nusapenida smashedass gotthere beachlife view adventure lembongan bali indescriptible nature fortunate islandlife cliff

6 Hours ago
May Mey (maymeyadventure) Instagram Photos and Videos

May Mey


Comment from May Mey:

Staying cool In the infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the unique architecture of Santorini. Life is good 💙 . . . 📍 Fira, Santorini . . . santorini greece poolday beautipoolday stayingcool summer17 infinitypool mediterraneansea noregret spectangular mybucketlist blessed travelwhileyoucan fortunate experiences memories livelifetothefullest beentheredonethat priceless happiness mostamazingplace travelenthusiast travelblogger curiousity worldtraveller clearbluesky

6 Hours ago
Anju Rani (hippyhappybyanjurani) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anju Rani


Comment from Anju Rani:

Missing him so much 🙏 heartofgold happiness content fortunate shareandcare kindness lovemylife beautifulsoul mylove loveroflife loveyou gratitude hippyhappylife blessed hippyhappy grateful livecolorfully lovehim iglove brightandbeautiful withlove ❤️🙏

6 Hours ago
Peter Lascarides (olymp14k05) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peter Lascarides


Comment from Peter Lascarides:

fortunate to golf at sebonack today, one of the best courses in america greatpeconicbay southampton newyork pbmc pioli paininstituteoflongisland grateful

7 Hours ago
Jennifer Garrett (jlwgarrett) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Garrett


Comment from Jennifer Garrett:

Here's to writing by the sea... the beach is my office fortunate amwriting amwritingfantasy writerslife writersofinstagram justwrite

7 Hours ago
Laurent VooDoo Chalifour (mr.the.voodoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laurent VooDoo Chalifour


Comment from Laurent VooDoo Chalifour:

Mon vrais premier quatrième jours de soleil. J'ai plein d'énergie. Positive vibe and vitamide D. Sixloung jusqu'au couché du soleil. Maxwel fortunate

7 Hours ago
Scott - Steamboat Springs, CO (sclarson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scott - Steamboat Springs, CO


Comment from Scott - Steamboat Springs, CO:

Here again. But when you're staring working OT from 9-midnight in the face because the last month has been a little too crazy and you realize how worth it that is and how excited you are to dig in and get some shit done because you STILL love everything about your crazy blessed life... you know you're one of the lucky ones 😊 did I mention I get to call @steamboatcolorado aka paradise my home too? - jackpot lovemylife grateful fortunate wouldnthaveitanyotherway

7 Hours ago
Soren Hoeger-Lerdal (thejuicebox33) Instagram Photos and Videos

Soren Hoeger-Lerdal


Comment from Soren Hoeger-Lerdal:

I have to remind myself every day that we are beyond fortunate. Both our jobs give us the flexibility to maximize our time together as a family, and not just in the evening or at night. I don't make a ton of money, but no amount could bring me the joy that I get from spending a sunny Monday afternoon with my two favorite people in the world. Somebody messed up big time and gave me all the good fortune. grateful fortunate allthehashtags allthedamnhashtags

7 Hours ago
Hanif J. Williams (hanifjwilliams_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hanif J. Williams


Comment from Hanif J. Williams:

Day 2 : We are blessed to be able to complete Ramadan , but more fortunate to be able to complete it together . Motivation Inspiration Islam Muslim Unity EidMubarak Eid2017 LakeVibes ADayInTheLife HanifJWilliams

8 Hours ago
oficial (tiago_reis_souz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from oficial:

maquina folowme selfperfeita boanoitee de agoravai fortunate

8 Hours ago