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Comment from everydayinitaly:

There are some places where you leave a piece of your heart. .... . . Ci sono posti dove si lascia un pezzo di sé..... . . . Są takie miejsca gdzie zostawiamy cześć siebie.... . . . . . perugiaumbriaitalyoutdoorslandscapestravelitalian_placesliveauthentic beautifuldestination ig_umbria volgoumbria makeamomentsfreedomthinkersig_italytotal_townsvivoumbriabeautifulwonderfulplaceswlochywłochy

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eNVy Visual Arts (nikos_vrt_) Instagram Photos and Videos

eNVy Visual Arts


Comment from eNVy Visual Arts:

Creating sunsets

2 Minutes ago
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x L A Y E R S x Photo by: @cameraismyeye ATaleofTones . . . artofvisuals instagoodmyphoto createexploretakeover instagood freedomthinkers peoplescreative featuremeinstagood Wilderness_Culture exploretocreate visualsoflife passionpassport theoutbound worldtravelbook flashesofdelight livefolk lifeofadventure humansmagazine chasingessence freedomthinkers instapassport crisp_captures travelgram aestheticshot composition instatravel AdventureThatIsLife ig_color igtravel wondermore

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Seigrid Shamine🌼 (cupofbreweds) Instagram Photos and Videos

Seigrid Shamine🌼


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Santa Monica . . livingmydreams sihlouette adventure seekinghorizon mytravelgram visualsoflife theoutbound traveldaily freedomthinkers finditliveit campvibes letsgosomewhere kinfolk keepitwild ourplanetdaily exploretocreat worldtravelpics mytinyatlas visualsoflife nothingsordinary nature afterlight vsco digitalnomads personalblog thelifestylecollective lifestyle chasinglight coffeelover vscocam beautifuldestinations

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Instagram | #VSCOcam (wiel_uwiel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Instagram | #VSCOcam


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Long time no dolan =============== Location : Bukit Puteran, Pandak Colo, Dawe, Kudus ----------------- manipulationtones ·························· ArtofVisuals CreateCommune AGameofTones HeaterCentral HBoutthere HBweekends HSinthefield highsnobiety passionpassport HSdailyfeature mobilemag watchthisinstagood streetdreamsmag huffpostgram MoodyGrams SymmetricalMonsters thecreatorclass HSallstars phoenominalshots way2ill modernoutdoorsman sonyalpha folkmagazine folkcreative pnwonderland thatpnwlife fatalframes vzcomood

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🍁 Join Us! #visualfolk (visualfolk) Instagram Photos and Videos

🍁 Join Us! #visualfolk


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Putri Maulidia (putrilid) Instagram Photos and Videos

Putri Maulidia


Comment from Putri Maulidia:

Stay strong for yourself.

5 Minutes ago
Yoga Instructor🕉skydiver😈🔥 (raketa_life) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yoga Instructor🕉skydiver😈🔥


Comment from Yoga Instructor🕉skydiver😈🔥:

Вот в таком домике встречу свою пенсию😂😂😂 моймир мойдень пхукет осознанность здесьисейчас покойнамтолькоснился живи люби мечтай берииделай dreamscometrue positivity positivethinking adventuretime adventure myway harmony lovelife freedom freedomthinkers goodday dreamjobmakers livefree happygirl healthy

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Arleen Diaz


Comment from Arleen Diaz:

✖️SHHHHHHHHH✖️🤐✖️SOLO1MINUTO HOY 2:15PM un minuto de silencio para crear conciencia sobre los efectos dañinos del ruido excesivo a nuestra salud: audición, stress y más. Escucha el silencio. 💙Iwork4Dell @fundacionoiresvivir

6 Minutes ago
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Comment from 佩德羅:

get low

8 Minutes ago
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Good evening from Japan! Join me in this 14 days journey on the Land of the Rising Sun. First stop straight from Chitose Airport is Hell Valley in Noboribetsu. This is just a short hike from our intended destination - onsen!(no photos there, sorry) 😂

8 Minutes ago
Вечно Молодые (4_utra_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Вечно Молодые


Comment from Вечно Молодые:

buzuluk love twgrammers illgrammers streets_vision imaginatones thecreative urbanandstreet rtephotography shoot2kill freedomthinkers ig_mood killeverygram 1stinstinct bevisuallyinspired instamagazine agameoftones gearednomad heatercentral streetmagazine shotzdelight mobilemag musephoto artofvisuals streetdreamsmag ig_color way2ill streethype _heateк

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Comment from Nick:

couldn't catch a break yesterday. nice set-up for some classic puddle jumping, but the only folks who took the leap were generic white males in business attire 😩I like to envision instead a wobbly old man, balancing his umbrella and his life as he jumps for the first time since 1989 streetphotography streetphotographers streetleaks storyofthestreet meistershots shotzdelight streets_vision street_photo_club lensculturestreets umbrellaplanet loves_umbrella rainydays rsa_streetview urbanromantix citypicz igersusa igersboston igboston followingboston myfujifilm fujifeed fujifilmx_us fujifilm_street gramslayers shoot2kill freedomthinkers hikaricreative burnmagazine visualarchitects spicollective

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Francesco Panese (veryimmoralpanny) Instagram Photos and Videos

Francesco Panese


Comment from Francesco Panese:

Nuovo post sul mio profilo di! 📲 Spero che vi piaccia 📲 Seguitemi per scoprire tutti i dettagli dei miei look transfer_vision vsco exklusive_shot livefolk liveauthentic finditliveit huffpostgram huntgram socality igmasters passionpassport folkmagazine shotaward featuremeinstagood peoplescreatives thecreatorclass freedomthinkers communityfirst tasteintravel igworldclub agameoftones rsa_vsco ig_worldwide_hub welltraveled tv_living visualsoflife jj soft_vision click_vision

11 Minutes ago
Elena Des (nellavagamondo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elena Des


Comment from Elena Des:

With my bikers at @madeinfab 🏜🏜 • • • ig_europe filmpalette visualsgang fab undergroundclub clubbingdays undergroundscene createcommune instaitalia italia365 featuremeinstagood italy_vacations beautifuldestinations bestofvsco shootermag peoplescreatives freedomthinkers folklive polarr afterlight vscogrid folkmagazine illgrammers postcardsfromtheworld thecreatorclass shoot2kill igrecommend ig_italy finditliveit communityfirst

11 Minutes ago
Sincere Workshop 🌿 Jewelry (kristinka_skl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sincere Workshop 🌿 Jewelry


Comment from Sincere Workshop 🌿 Jewelry:

This is my favorite way to feel Amsterdam: to relax on the canals, to watch the touristic ships, to draw the line of houses roofs and to dream 😍 amsterdam амстердам freedomthinkers

11 Minutes ago
✵ Misa ✵ (takmsy) Instagram Photos and Videos

✵ Misa ✵


Comment from ✵ Misa ✵:

… . . Blue* .

12 Minutes ago
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Ricky Rosales (5.twelve) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ricky Rosales


Comment from Ricky Rosales:

13 Minutes ago
Scicli Digitale (sciclidigitale) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scicli Digitale


Comment from Scicli Digitale:

Collina e convento Croce - Complimenti a @malliasonia per il bellissimo scatto e grazie per averlo condiviso con noi - Se vuoi fare parte di questa galleria tagga sciclidigitale - scicli whatsicilyis kings_sicilia sicilyexperience bestvacations ig_ragusa igfriends_sicilia igers_sicilia ig_sicilians igersragusa ig_sicilia worldtravelpics sicily_tricolors vivosicilia vivoragusa viverelasicilia sicilia sicily loves_united_Sicilia lovingsicily foto_italiane invasatitaly loves_italia verso_sud total_italy volgosicilia ig_sicilia dm_photolife likes_sicilia

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Instagram || Nova Priyono (novapry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Instagram || Nova Priyono


Comment from Instagram || Nova Priyono:

Good smile 😄

14 Minutes ago
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Comment from Valde_haudini:

14 Minutes ago
Taís Machado© (waaldorfs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Taís Machado©


Comment from Taís Machado©:

Parceira de roça . . . . . . . . . . folkgood phenomenalshots neverstopexploring travelnm worldtravelbook teampolarpro shotzdelight ig_color eclectic_shotz igersabq shotaward liveauthentic folkscenery  freedomthinkers nmtrue theimaged folkvibe urbanandstreet compositionkillerz natureprimeshot usaprimeshot heatercentraL artofvisuals landscape agameoftones landscape_lovers gooutside wanderlust roamtheplanet natgeo

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Comment from Mary:

My little collection of aesthetics ✨

14 Minutes ago
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Comment from croquemboucheand:

The "Ombrè Glass Chair" as a tribute to Shiro Karamata by @germsermics // 📷 @jussipukkonen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ design photography chair glass peoplescreative freedomthinkers wandelust meditation art croquemboucheand

16 Minutes ago
Marcos Fotografías (marcos.balsalobre) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marcos Fotografías


Comment from Marcos Fotografías:

🔥 • • • • • • • artofvisuals agameoftones createcommune moodygrams marcosalberca createandcapture  expofilm3k visualambassadors streetmobs visualmobs  kellansworld bymaikers freedomthinkers beautifuldestinations adventurelife portraitgames portraitmood portraitpage aovportraits discoverportrait portraitshared Abandonedspain Abandonedspainworld

17 Minutes ago
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Comment from Dani:


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Marcos Fotografías (marcos.balsalobre) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marcos Fotografías


Comment from Marcos Fotografías:

🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎 • • • • • • • artofvisuals agameoftones createcommune moodygrams marcosalberca createandcapture  expofilm3k visualambassadors streetmobs visualmobs  kellansworld bymaikers freedomthinkers beautifuldestinations adventurelife portraitgames portraitmood portraitpage aovportraits discoverportrait portraitshared Abandonedspain Abandonedspainworld

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A N D R E W (atnelly) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from A N D R E W:

\\ blue crush \\ chicago architecture design cityscape minimal minimalmood minimalist minimal_perfection architecturelovers insta_chicago mychicagopix freedomthinkers justgoshoot splendid_urban neverstopexploring instadaily arquitectura arkiromantix ic_architecture skyscraper arkiromantix_chicago architectureporn freedomthinkers city_explore citybestpics mycity_life Archilovers_urbanism pointofview

18 Minutes ago
Giacomo Villani 卫来 🇮🇹🇨🇳 (giacomo_villani) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giacomo Villani 卫来 🇮🇹🇨🇳


Comment from Giacomo Villani 卫来 🇮🇹🇨🇳:

🌄 vsco🍃 景点 ig_italia 美丽 travel bestofvsco 意大利 特点 italy freedomthinkers 自由 finditliveit igersrieti @igers_rieti

19 Minutes ago
New Light Empowerment! (coachcecilia) Instagram Photos and Videos

New Light Empowerment!


Comment from New Light Empowerment!:

✨"HEAVEN is experienced when we are relaxed, HELL when we are tensed!" ✨ – Petru Opris Do you really know what RELAXED feel like? 🤔Hmmm Really consciously letting go of all tension in your body, like floating in the air, melting onto the floor or even by simply being able to hold a yoga pose without tension? I must confess it takes maximum awareness and sometimes we might think we are not feeling any tension and we unconsciously are, because our body, mind and soul are disconnected! Learning to ask ourselves these questions will help release this tension and experience more Heaven! 🙌🏼 There are so many ways, find yours!👌🏼 💥Even if you can take only 5 min. of your day to do this, it makes a huge difference, promise!💥🙏🏼 heaven relaxed morepeace selflove yogaeveryblessedday bodymindsoul releasetension heavenonearth wellness

22 Minutes ago
Ricky Rosales (5.twelve) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ricky Rosales


Comment from Ricky Rosales:

The "my back is itchy" pose classic 👌🏿

13 Hours ago
Indah Rizkika Budiyanti (indahrizkib) Instagram Photos and Videos

Indah Rizkika Budiyanti


Comment from Indah Rizkika Budiyanti:

Kopi susu 😰

81 Days ago