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Handmade Gypsy Jewellery (jewellerybyfreespirit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Handmade Gypsy Jewellery


Comment from Handmade Gypsy Jewellery:

Into the jungle I go, to lose my mind & feed my soul ✨🌿 The perfect balcony hideaway via: @spell_byronbay • • • • • • freespirit love hideaway jungle plants boho gypsysoul getaway mantra dailymantra breathe tribe sacredspace chakra meditation

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Petra Sofia Elisabeth 🇸🇪 (petranodin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Petra Sofia Elisabeth 🇸🇪


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[ L I F E ] - Woke up this morning feeling so grateful about the path we are on. I am growing so much every day working towards making our dreams and ideas come true and everyday I am amazed by the kindness and support people keep on showing us. Life♡ . . . . life happiness goals enjoy expression adventures peoplearegood happy boxbraids dreads smile mindset mindful grateful conciousness bestie friends dreambig believeinyourself challengyourself love göteborg sverige travelgram freespirit motivation startup businesspartner

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Gypsy Mridul .The M.v's World (gypsymridul) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gypsy Mridul .The M.v's World


Comment from Gypsy Mridul .The M.v's World:

Get ready for tomorrow's video guys.... Its going to up tomorrow on my YT CHANNEL.. SO keep loving and keep supporting guyz.. 😊😊 GypsyMridul Bohamiansoul Gypsybyheart FireBird freespirit wounderlust udaipurseries youtuber indianyoutuber

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MissyFits.Co ( Instagram Photos and Videos


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Emoji Glow In The Dark LED Cushion Image this little guy cuddling with you while you sleep💙💜💛💗😴😴😴 https://mi :// kidsclothing bigkids southaustralia adelaidebased onlineshop tween girlsfashion tweenlabel girl love freespirit fashionista freeshipping sale justopened happy gifts emoji unicorns teenboys unicorn cushion glowinthedark

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Charliemadison Originals®️ (charliemadisonoriginals) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charliemadison Originals®️


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More springtime inspiration from @caroline__potter - a fellow military spouse and encourager of healthy living! I love her tip about bringing plants into your home to help clear the air for spring. And how cute are these succulents? They're one of the only plants I can keep alive! How about you? Do you have plants in your home - what's your favorite to grow?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ever reminders that every day matters | Charliemadison Originals.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀ ⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ charliem healthyliving militaryspouse navywife succulents spring2018 inspire bedeeplyrooted beyou empower manifest freespirit spiritjunkie

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Nalīni (nalini_jewelry) Instagram Photos and Videos



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• Crystal pendant & earrings • . . nalini nalinijewelry handmade jewelry pendant necklace earrings crystal crystaljewelry shaktipower shakti gemstone brass brassjewelry tribal boho bohemian bohostyle freespirit wildwoman spiritualjewelry hippie hippieaccessories goodvibes gypsy gypsysoul 🌙

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BlackViking (black_vikiing) Instagram Photos and Videos



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nofilter palaceofcultureandscience varsovie warsaw bluesky hourofglory photography gif cars traffic skyline lights camera action travel wander explore exploretheworld freespirit stars poland pologne dream europe liberate freedom businesstrips modern human earthpics

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Siddhant Saxena  [Shi Heng Fo] (siddhant.saxena) Instagram Photos and Videos

Siddhant Saxena  [Shi Heng Fo]


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Little Pleasures.🐦 Love for Life.💕 love life yolo freespirit onespirit littlepleasures limitless extraterrestrial

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G e o r g i  C a r s t e n s (georgicarstens) Instagram Photos and Videos

G e o r g i C a r s t e n s


Comment from G e o r g i C a r s t e n s:

Love her, but leave her wild 💫🌾🌙 Enroute to Plett and feeling adventurous ✨

3 Minutes ago
S T Ξ P H A N I Ξ (sparks.within) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from S T Ξ P H A N I Ξ:

Då fick det bli en runda till Karlskrona idag igen. Nya passet är hämtat inför kommande världsliga äventyr och så fick man in lite rea shopping på det. Nu sitter jag med min kopp te och funderar på valet jag gjorde att ha en 24 timmars fasta 😅 Bara liite hungrig.

3 Minutes ago
Julie Richards (julie_julie_julie___) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julie Richards


Comment from Julie Richards:

Well...ok. Happy Wednesday!!!! . . . positivevi liveyourlife vibesdontlie freespirit wednesdays lifepurpose snowflakes springtime mindfulness

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Hollywillan (hollygraaace) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hollywillan:

I’m living proof of a free soul soaring through life with eyes wide open 🌸 lovinglife love freespirit lifeisbeautiful lifeisgood beautiful loveyourself freedom tattoos tattooedgirls tattooedbabes inked inkedgirls inkedbabes

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⚓️Andrea Galiazzo⚓️ (gallounit) Instagram Photos and Videos

⚓️Andrea Galiazzo⚓️


Comment from ⚓️Andrea Galiazzo⚓️:

MY KIND OF WOMAN 😊😍🙈❤️🙌🏽gipsy spirtofafairy soul freespirit gitana dream mykindofwoman hippiestyle freedom love 🤙🏾 aloha

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Raffaella Ruello (raffaellaruello) Instagram Photos and Videos

Raffaella Ruello


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Regala la tua assenza a chi non da valore alla tua presenza!!!! . . freedom freestyle freespirit

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Cactus Rose (_cactus_rose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cactus Rose


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cactuslove 🌵💛 . . . madewithlove theartofslowliving liveauthentic livethelittlethings bayofquinte ontario canada slowliving supportlocal smallbusiness simple lifestyle mother kids moments sustainable nature outdoors universe seekthesimplicity spreadthelove hippie freespirit boho gypsysoul gypsy goodvibes cacti cactusrose

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DonnaEnergiaBlog (donna_energia) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Come vorrebbe imparare la leggerezza! - milankundera leggerezza freespirit freewoman freeideas freeheart womanstyle womanpower donna donnaenergia leggere scrivere crescere workinprogress blogger myblog

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maria_sent (maria_sent) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from maria_sent:

In boho we trust! ootd sprintime hatlover bohemian freespirit 🌾🌾

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Free Spirit Flowers ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Free Spirit Flowers

Comment from Free Spirit Flowers:

Eucalyptus 🌿🌿

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Wardrobe Treasures 🌓 (nidodileda) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wardrobe Treasures 🌓


Comment from Wardrobe Treasures 🌓:

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.They must be felt with the heart🕊 . Ft.”Chronos” sequined tulle slit top/“Nereides” embroidered pants . 📷 @maradesipris . nidodileda anaces bohemian vintage clothing freespirit wardrobe treasures

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Anna Andrasic (anna.k.a_art) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anna Andrasic


Comment from Anna Andrasic:

The power lies within.... solarplexus chakras energyhealing love meditation freespirit arthealing arttherapy lifeisajourney Having fun with art...let your innerspirit soar in the creative arts whatever your passion may be ...😊

9 Minutes ago
Artemis Smaragdaki (uniquebyartemis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Artemis Smaragdaki


Comment from Artemis Smaragdaki:

Long skirt black and white with pocket bohemianstyle girls outfit pattern boho freespirit rebel bohem bohemianstyle ethnic hippy freespirit outfit bohemianskirt gypsystyle gypsylifestyle gypsy gypsylife bohojewellery boho bohostyle bohoaccessories bohochickstyle cowgirl indians feathers instagramers instago instafollow wildcats freesoul leatherjacket cats

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Marianne Vemesd (mariannevemes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marianne Vemesd


Comment from Marianne Vemesd:

🖤 bohemian fashion gypsy hippie love style bohochic handmade bohostyle jewelry ootd vintage summer beautiful etsy accessories wanderlust instafashion fashionblogger chic fashionista beach indie necklace instagood moda freespirit grunge art nature

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TURKANA (turkana_shop) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from TURKANA:

Kaftanes bordados! Preciosos Kaftanes bordados á mano y flecos Nos encanta la nueva coleccion @turkana_shop Bohemian style kaftanesbordadosnuevaco evacoleccionbohochicvestidosla doslargosspringbohemianstyleka ylekaftanesfashionoutfitfreesp reespiritbohemianspiritoutfitb tfitbohodressesinspiraionnuevo nuevoprimaveraawesomegypsydres ydresshippiechicembroiderynewc ynewcollectionsfashionmodaspri aspringcollectionsnewlongdress

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Soul Star Gypsy (soulstargypsy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Soul Star Gypsy


Comment from Soul Star Gypsy:

I can see

14 Minutes ago
Vegan YogaDiva (vegan_yogadiva) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vegan YogaDiva


Comment from Vegan YogaDiva:

Words of the moment! When it comes to what you want in life it’s all right inside of you. It’s the ego that says you need more and tells you to step outside yourself. You are lead to believe that what you need is found in a relationship, food, material possessions, food, sex, work, or anything else that moves you away from self. I will repeat when it comes to what you want in life it’s all right inside of you. ✌🏽❤️😊

15 Minutes ago
Soul Star Gypsy (soulstargypsy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Soul Star Gypsy


Comment from Soul Star Gypsy:

Always choose light and let the beauty of your dreams lead you away from a negative past into a beautiful present and wondrous future....chooselight

17 Minutes ago
Vlad Lazar (vlade.lazar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vlad Lazar


Comment from Vlad Lazar:

snowing 🌨 beautiful building old bucharest citylife town urban photo 📷 picture colours instasky instagood goodvibes 💯 joy coldday moment walking escape chasinglight enjoy life everyday freespirit

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Giulia (giulyfon) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Giulia:

flowers flowersphoto spring primavera ostara eostre fiori photo loveflowers lovenature instanature naturephoto naturelovers natureiswonderful garden instaspring equinozio sun sunnyday gardening wiccangirl wiccanlife instagarden instaflowers instanaturelover freespirit freeyourmind spiritolibero serenity respectnature 🍃🌱💚

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Bianca Dias (sensitivebijoux) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bianca Dias


Comment from Bianca Dias:

Bijoux Boho 🔝🆒🆙Sensitivebijoux  vendas pelo whatsapp 📞📱(21) 99721-7881 👉 handmade bohemian bohochic freespirit freedom accessoriesunique stylish cool boho gypsy hippie gypsysoul goodvibes vintage trend tribalindiejewerly handmade bohostyle bohemianstyle accessories musthave knots knotbracelet gypsystyle instajewelry hippiestyle

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Sophia (sophia_travelling) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sophia:

Frankfurt was freezing and beautiful 😃 This is not the first time I’ve been to Frankfurt but it’s the first time I walked through the city and didn’t just transfer at the airport 🤣 Did you ever visit Frankfurt? Or just the airport?? You should definitely visit some time, it’s a beautiful city! 🏙🌃

18 Minutes ago
Nynne Månebarn (nynne_marie_celestine) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nynne Månebarn


Comment from Nynne Månebarn:

A crystal a day keeps the blues away ❤️ I don't think I can ever have too many 😊🙏 crystals crystal crystalhealing healing healingcrystals gemstones amethyst jade snowquartz blackobsidian rosequartz aquamarine selenite crystalcollection balance quartz meditation decorations homedecor boho seashell mala freespirit lotus spirituality vibrations starseeds starseed namaste

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FANNYefef (fannyefef) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from FANNYefef:

Un pur souvenir great memories Emajinarium ca continu To be continued Théâtre de la madeleine Paris. Restez a l'écoute ... stay tuned Les fonds seront reversés à l orphelinat de pointe noire (Congo)de l'association halte sida. Funds will be put back for a orphanage in pointe noire of the association stopping place aids "halte sida". emajinarium photocall back danse spectacle danse danseclassique flexibility caritatif paris lamadeleine theatre theatrelamadeleine capeira circus travail serious fun maquilleuse coiffeur coiffes fraiseauloup freespirit costume

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V i e D ' A r t i s t e 🌐 (ruma_niah) Instagram Photos and Videos

V i e D ' A r t i s t e 🌐


Comment from V i e D ' A r t i s t e 🌐:

Madurar antes de tiempo no es algo bueno para nadie. Te hace diferente pero no feliz. Hoy en día veo como todo el mundo habla de la Felicidad como si la conociera, se ha puesto de moda ser feliz y parece que si no eres feliz no eres nadie. Ser feliz no es una obligación, simplemente es una suerte que en el mundo real, más allá del planeta de las bratz y l @s muñeco hueco de plático o de porcelana, no e uele tener. Daría la vida por cambiar mi vida, mi paado, todo lo que no pude elegir o lo que no me quedo má remedio. Pero é que nada me devolverá la oportunidad de crecer ana, olo yo e a ciencia cierta el dolor que llevo dentro, no epero que deaparezca porque hay coa que nunca anan del todo; cuando pierde un brazo por ejemplo, ete no vuelve a crecer. Solo hay que aprender a vivir con ello. Cuando no conoce lo que e tener una familia, iente que te falta algo, algo inmeno, la bae de todo, el pilar que otiene tu vida. Te hace mil pregunta, recorre mil camino, te iente olo, abandonado, inignificante, le buca contantemente el entido a tu exitencia y poca vece lo encuentra. Cuando no ha tenido una familia, la vida te muetra u lado má ocuro porque etá expueto al peligro. Y te convierte en mucha coa pero poca vece en lo que quiere. Yo me convertí en un artita; lo primero fue el dibujo, depué la proa eguido de un largo etcétera artítico. He aprendido a motrarme tal y como oy, in miedo; incluo a tener ea neceidad. Porque cuando he dejado de econderme detrá de la mentira me he empezado a entir viva. A pear de todo aún tengo motivo para onreír y eo me ayuda a eguir adelante, aún con la inmena carga de un paado ocuro con el que todavía tengo peadilla de noche y de día... Pero e, que a pear de poder dar clae de epañol a má de un epañol iendo rumana y habiendo crecido en Mareille, y a pear de er una mujer tan profunda, me eguirán juzgando por mi fachada, por llevar "ecote" y no e que lleve ecote, e que tengo la teta gorda gente aí como el cerebro. curve curvygirl fit fitne fitnelover tattoo wild 22 iphone6 myelf realtalk freepirit writer

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