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Comment from msun2b:

Cookies x connected huh This shit is ridiculous, but i needed to take care of the brain👀🤔😧 Whack shit indeed. . . cookies connected sac whackshit topshelfmidshelf booffactory recreationalnoobs taxedandwaxed clowndepotofmids designerweed🤣 gottatakecareofthebraintho fu neveragain lessonlearned

47 Seconds ago
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🌬️27 Savage🔥


Comment from 🌬️27 Savage🔥:

Weed is the CuRe FuCkIT 💨🍃💨🍃😏

1 Minutes ago
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Comment from nina_la_cochina:

Bitch I'm Lit ...and Sweaty Lmao It was hot today Oily Glow Work WorkFlow Fire Makeup FuckIt Seriousness RestingBitchFace Bored LatePost Monday Mood

2 Minutes ago
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Comment from mamita_jc:

Y’all know I had to sip on this before I go home !!!! LOL... MommyNightOut MommyTime DowntownJC FeelingSaucy FuckIt LOL WhatImDrinking MalibuAndPineapple Mmmm Cheers HappyPresidentsDay

3 Minutes ago
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Comment from kingsview650:

mood chargeittithegame fuckit make time for those who value it

3 Minutes ago
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Comment from GrimM.C:

The fish whisperer... lol nah I’m just holding which one I want on my next sushi roll 🍣 🐠 🐟🤤 whitetee tattoo tattoos guyswithtattoos fishtank fuckit sushi

5 Minutes ago
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Eric Anderson


Comment from Eric Anderson:

There are some things in life that you never forget. . . . skateboarding shvmelss musicproducer recordingartist skater peace love serenity instagood converse treflip eatshit inthemoment powerofnow meditation brick beactive travel travelersnotebook workhard workmode workaholic savage tricks posers poser fuckit california californiavibes

8 Minutes ago
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Comment from LOST BOY81:

whatever anime zeichnen manga cosplay fuckit

9 Minutes ago
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Kevaughan Shiu


Comment from Kevaughan Shiu:

New phone fuckit wasn't feeling the iPhone X 😂

10 Minutes ago
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Destiny rose


Comment from Destiny rose:

Want to know the worst thing about love? They make you open up .. But then throw the things that hurt you the most in your face. Time to move on✌👉 moveon betterthings single fuckit motd fenty matmoiselle rihanna makeupfreak makeup like4like follow4follow fitfam fitnessjourney bodypositivity fuckhaters gym fitthick

11 Minutes ago
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Isaac Wiley


Comment from Isaac Wiley:

So I might have bought a 97 v-storm r6 today 💁🏼‍♂️ fuckit bikelife bike yamaha yamahar6

11 Minutes ago
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Dane Ramos


Comment from Dane Ramos:

70 one day 3” the next!! I love CO!!! ilovethisweather coloradosnow fuckit

11 Minutes ago
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Brad Christopher Young


Comment from Brad Christopher Young:

Finally getting back into the gym...been sporadic with work, the pregnancy, cheerleading season, home renovations etc....but no excuses. 41 notaspringchickenanymore fuckit rotatorcuff rotatorcufftear

11 Minutes ago
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Sydney Wright


Comment from Sydney Wright:

×~Promises are always broken~× Promise Always Broken FuckIt Heartless Bitch

11 Minutes ago
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Comment from laurie_bubba_n_chunkers:

Gonna hope for the best...🤣 nomoredaysoff currentmood soreashell satisfying fitnessmotivation fitmomlife fitlife fuckit instagramfitness truestory icant aclrecovery mclrecovery

15 Minutes ago
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Comment from Demogorgon:

🖕 sadnesssadboyboyalonefuckit uckitidiotstupidboystupidbroke

15 Minutes ago
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PJ Spinella


Comment from PJ Spinella:

Serving order 126 fuckit stopthecomplaining eatthisandshutup goodnight

19 Minutes ago
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Juan José Serrano Cárdenas


Comment from Juan José Serrano Cárdenas:

"Hey you, out there beyond the wall. Breking bottles in the hall, Can you help me? Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all Together we stand, divided we fall." • • • • • No sabía qué poner y esa canción me gusta mucho, no tienen que ver la una con la otra. • • • HeyYou PinkFloyd Portrait Bogotá Colombia VisualsOfLife Bogotart 50mm FuckIt MakeArtNotFriends

19 Minutes ago
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George Garton


Comment from George Garton:

fuckit tattoos tattoosleeve

19 Minutes ago
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Matthew Ellison


Comment from Matthew Ellison:

Haven’t smiled in a while 🤭😂 fuckit

22 Minutes ago
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Cody Curow


Comment from Cody Curow:

Everything happens for a reason. Stay motivated, move forward and don’t look back. mondaymotivation

23 Minutes ago
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Angie Angie


Comment from Angie Angie:

sanantoniolifeohwellwhatcanyou anyoudomoveonithappensstayposi ypositivehopethebestcityfriend riendsbehappyworkorionmatterss

24 Minutes ago
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Comment from LuzMari:

Y la cosa suena ¡RA!! scoobydoopapa💃 dead 😂💀 drunkmoments 🍾 lit 🔥 wintertimechi❄️girlsjustwannah fuckit quesejoda ... Full video coming soon 😂

25 Minutes ago
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Comment from beta:

Das it! keepcalm ignoreshit lifeisgood nj whatwver letitgo fuckit

29 Minutes ago
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Dr. Gutta


Comment from Dr. Gutta:

.....feeling like muddy wattah - hey! hey! ghetto ghettostyle fuckit

32 Minutes ago
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Jessica Sellers


Comment from Jessica Sellers:

Best plan I’ve had so far. All my other ones have been absolute shit. . . . . newplan fuckit icanttakethisshit worstyearever isitoveryet fuck

32 Minutes ago
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Comment from Fortnite.Memes:

My life in a nutshell Fortnitelife fuckit

32 Minutes ago
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Topher Stone


Comment from Topher Stone:

Being on holiday means not feeling guilty about being asleep since 5pm and not bothering to wake up to have dinner. fuckit I'll just save that load for tomorrow.

33 Minutes ago
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Fátima Arroyo


Comment from Fátima Arroyo:

Tópicos, mi mejor amigo y Jorge Vega jaja 🚶🚶⚡ . . . . diariofotopro diariofotogt light lights monday fuckit friends marquiño jv class table week views hardlight Guatemala usac sleepy lazy tired

34 Minutes ago
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Conor V W Steel


Comment from Conor V W Steel:

My life atm doing bare closes peaktimes fuckit moremoney

37 Minutes ago
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D Down Barnes


Comment from D Down Barnes:

taxes taxseason fuckit ineed getit buyitnow

37 Minutes ago
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Comment from Cole/Juan:

Tag a friend ig -Cole 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻 ~ Tags] memesdaily memes dank dankmemez sadniggahours cringy cringe loveedits shitpost jakepaul loganpaul familyguy yallmindifi offensive pinkguy urmomgay trump thesimpsons doyouknowdawae filthyfrank edgymemes bears spongebob gay anime henti dokidoki nibba sadnibbahours fuckit

38 Minutes ago
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Comment from Deserae:

Used to hate me but you nice now Wonder what it is you like now Feed me lies thought I would bite What the fuck do I look like? stonerchick palegirl paleskin blueeyes wavyhair badasschick idfc fuckit livinglife altgirl altgirls alternativegirl alternative fuckthehater badass tongue tonguepiercing pierced feelingmyself badgirl damngirl tattedgirls fuckthehaters fuckoff

38 Minutes ago