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Comment from aced82:

Had niggas I love snake me so what I look like trusting so easily. trustissues mood fuckit liveandlearn

3 Minutes ago
👻: Auntyyyy.uii (auntyyy.uii) Instagram Photos and Videos

👻: Auntyyyy.uii


Comment from 👻: Auntyyyy.uii:

Some people really dont appreciate ALL the shit you did for them and accepting the fact that their ungreatful asf is just something u just gotta deal with on your own. fuckit

4 Minutes ago
💙KLANCE IS MY LOVE BITCHES❤ (lance.and.keith) Instagram Photos and Videos




Bum my fuckin cutie 💙 killingstalking yoonbum sangwoo chockerboy seungbae yaoi boyxboy FUCKIT ihateschoolsomuch hentaii girlxgirl lmao LMAOOO

4 Minutes ago
Derick Stinson (stinsonderick) Instagram Photos and Videos

Derick Stinson


Comment from Derick Stinson:

🐢🐢Turtle Life☀️☀️ turtle turtletime hawaii kailua beeeach zerofucksgiven thisismybeachbitch backyoassup bossassbitch dontfuckwithaturtle watchyoulookingat bruh turtleshell teenagemutantninjaturtles turtleandahalfshell atetoomanyreeses mistakesweremade fuckit yolo funderick boom turtlesofinsta theend despacito

6 Minutes ago
🎈I’m Not Jessie 🎈 (jessiereyezofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

🎈I’m Not Jessie 🎈


Comment from 🎈I’m Not Jessie 🎈:

On Repeat 🔂🔂🔂 All her Vevo performances are captivting to be honest. • • • • • jessiereyez fuckit kiddo gatekeeper kehlani sza kahlid kamille calvinharris chaos postmalone mtvbrandnew artiststowatch newmusic singersongwriter colombiana jessiej laurenjauregui ctrl ctrltour partynextdoor jingleball jinnglebash canadianindie cottoncandy mtv vevodscvr

7 Minutes ago
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Comment from Seesowhaaa!_T2F:

Shout to the homie from the crew! Showing some love! tcf naeso fuckit

7 Minutes ago
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Jack Zhang


Comment from Jack Zhang:

cubanpeople typicalcuban fuckit ... cubastreet havanastreets havanastreetphotography ig_cuba street_vision streetphotographyworldwide ig_street in_public_collective havanalife cubalife 35mm 35mmstreetphotography centralh big_shotz dreaminstreets streets_vision

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Comment from °:

· CURRENTMOOD · towards everyone everything inmy orbit and life with myself existence politics uspolitics globalpolitics globalaffairs homophobia veganism animalrights animalcruelty misandry misanthropy lucillebluth shegetsit fml fts fia just fuckit

8 Minutes ago
Kyle M'$ (ibehoodrich) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kyle M'$


Comment from Kyle M'$:

In arduis fidelis... Rest in paradise to all my fallen bredrens, lost but never forgotten 😩😔 rip fuckthis fuckit ihatethisshit igotthem revenge is close neverforget makemoney intheirhonor montreal

10 Minutes ago
Yasmin Edwards💛 (yazmin_964) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yasmin Edwards💛


Comment from Yasmin Edwards💛:

When smiling is out the question roughday stressed snapchat noposers fuckit 🙌🏼💋

13 Minutes ago
🔞سکصی اووف🔞 (miss.sara.jan60) Instagram Photos and Videos

🔞سکصی اووف🔞


Comment from 🔞سکصی اووف🔞:

🔞فول فیلم در چنل (لینک توبیو )🔞 🔞فول فیلم در چنل (لینک توبیو )🔞 🔞فول فیلم در چنل (لینک توبیو )🔞 🔞فول فیلم در چنل (لینک توبیو )🔞

14 Minutes ago
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Michasso 💈🎨✏


Comment from Michasso 💈🎨✏:

So proud of how far its came😍 . . . . sn95 Gt 2valve simple 2v frankenstang DFG Sn95fanatics saleens sn95nation wishitwasacobra fuckit. vortechsuperchargers boostseason forged built dynoready latemodelrestoration summit cxracing

14 Minutes ago
Lex Gee (i_cook_i_lift) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lex Gee


Comment from Lex Gee:

🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Stress is a cancer... Kill that shit ASAP staypositive stressless livelife fuckit positivity positivevibes

18 Minutes ago
Christine Brenner (cbrenn11) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christine Brenner


Comment from Christine Brenner:

The third sister just turned 55 🎉💃🏼🎈🎂 fuckit birthday sisters family blessed happybirthday celebrate

18 Minutes ago
Follow @thahappybakerllc (recherche_thagoddess) Instagram Photos and Videos

Follow @thahappybakerllc


Comment from Follow @thahappybakerllc:

What you're NOT going to do is treat me like ONE of your girls! Fuckit

19 Minutes ago
Joey De Jesus (iroksoks97) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joey De Jesus


Comment from Joey De Jesus:

A nice cold brew for the stress haaa fuckit. fml🔫 fromasmallbordertown

19 Minutes ago
Bailee Thiel (bailee.thiel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bailee Thiel


Comment from Bailee Thiel:

fuckit 🖕🏼

21 Minutes ago
🔞سکصی اووف🔞 (miss.sara.jan60) Instagram Photos and Videos

🔞سکصی اووف🔞


Comment from 🔞سکصی اووف🔞:

🔞فول فیلم در چنل (لینک توبیو )🔞 🔞فول فیلم در چنل (لینک توبیو )🔞 🔞فول فیلم در چنل (لینک توبیو )🔞 🔞فول فیلم در چنل (لینک توبیو )🔞

21 Minutes ago
HBS Empire (hbs_empire) Instagram Photos and Videos

HBS Empire


Comment from HBS Empire:

Because in the end it doesn't even matter high sunset 420 joint weed onlygreen tree plant doitforthememories sadworld maketheworldgreenagain fuckit lit dope sheesh kush

21 Minutes ago
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Comment from Johnathon:

FuckIt WordsToLiveBy QuotesToLiveBy EnjoyTheRide WhyNot 😜

22 Minutes ago
Clover Chloe Louise (hottchoccy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Clover Chloe Louise


Comment from Clover Chloe Louise:

Life’s great when you don’t actually have one🙂jokes! No friends, no life An no longer blessed by the sesh. depression idonthavefriends lol surprise sadness loathing expensiveclothing idkanymore lifeisshit shitpost necklace nails nailsonfleek brows browsonfleek onfleek slay makeup takemebacktuesday done fuckit ittybittytittycommittee

22 Minutes ago
Hebatallah Abdelhady (h.bekhit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hebatallah Abdelhady


Comment from Hebatallah Abdelhady:

« Smile like nobody’s ever done you wrong. » . . . . . . . . . . s personal life andsoitis lacsuperieur summer summerdays roadtrip takemeback sickofthis saferinthewater photography quebec smile fuckit

24 Minutes ago
Treasure😴😍 (babygirl__tt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Treasure😴😍:

single happyalone babymommasbelike fuckit

25 Minutes ago
 (rennyspassion) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from rennyspassion:

Cross out the word alcohol and replace the poison of your choice. Life can be hard. fridakahlo lifequotes fuckit lifeislongandhard staypositive onefootinfrontoftheother

25 Minutes ago
🔱🔯Newzz🔯🔱 (sparksb412) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🔱🔯Newzz🔯🔱:

Lol. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤙🏽 fuckit nfg mondays

26 Minutes ago
Beberrão de Classe 🍺😉 (beberraodeclasse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Beberrão de Classe 🍺😉


Comment from Beberrão de Classe 🍺😉:

Vivendo assim! FUCK IT! ANOTHER ONE! 🖕🏻🍺👊🏻 . . cerveja cervejas cervejaartesanal beer beers beerlover beerlover beerstagram instabeer beergram drinks drink beerporn beersnob beernerd craftbeer brew brewery instadrink cerveza birra beerpics fuckit anotherone

28 Minutes ago
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Comment from MemeTeamPics:

Nothing is going to change in 2018 MemeTeamPics • • • • fail failure newyear christmas newyearsresolution nofucksgiven party fuckit kermit kermitmemes kermitthefrog 2018 2017 2018goals lol memes laughing funnymemes funnyshit funny smh comedy comedymemes jokes lolmemes lolmeme meme memedaily dankmemes

28 Minutes ago
Bury All Haters (buryallhaters) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bury All Haters


Comment from Bury All Haters:

From someone that fights depression on a daily!!! This is so ture 💯💯💯💯💯 buryallhaters BAH swaggzsociety duckypoundink inmyfeelings keepyourcirclesmall justkeepit1000 keepyourheadup keepgrinding changeyourlife lovelife like4like teamnosleep takeover theworldisyours fuckit duckyspoundofink

28 Minutes ago
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Comment from Carley:

When you feel like your life has been a complete disappointment ... you search for your smile. tired annoyed frustrated disappointed irritated yetanothermountaintoclimb lost pushforward browneyedgirl lashesfordays nailsdid fuckit

29 Minutes ago
purplegardener313 (purplegardener313) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from purplegardener313:

My stopdropandglob as requested by @puffingmama sorry about the shitty edit I just threw it together real quick fuckit bigdabs now I would like to call out @samurai420mmmp @awkwardlysmoking420 @shannon_robedeau let's see those big dabs 💪🐝🔥 have a great night y'all thc indica indacouch legalize legalizeit 420 710 oil oilhead mmmp michiganja frostythedopeman

30 Minutes ago
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Comment from Emokidwithaguitar:

guitar originalguitar betteroffsolo emo emokid imrunningoutofinspirationcause yeet yeaboi supg riffs riffwars fuckit

31 Minutes ago
David Gomez (gomezz50) Instagram Photos and Videos

David Gomez


Comment from David Gomez:

Me every time for work😂😂 fuckIt writemeup

31 Minutes ago
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Comment from 🌃:

walliepapes wallpaper cool rad shawnmendes vibes slay background screensaverworthy supreme flowers smile byee rad whatever whatever forever nice fuckit lighting pow icecream loser

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