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Michael Mercado (mikemercado_aesthetics) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michael Mercado


Comment from Michael Mercado:

Happy "Flex Friday" Fit Fam💪😎 flex friday pumped fit weekend beach personaltrainer lift weights gains ripped doyouevenlift chest shoulders biceps arms abs sixpack obliques lats back yeahbuddy

5 Seconds ago
Fieke de Kleijn 🇳🇱 (fieke_sophia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fieke de Kleijn 🇳🇱


Comment from Fieke de Kleijn 🇳🇱:

I really really really hope this is the example of how not to squat. Think of your knees lady, the poor knees. 😂💫💫💫 . . . . alldayeveryday barbrothers bodyweight bodyweightworkout calisthenics familyfitness fitness fitnessmotivation gym gymlife gains gainpost gohardorgohome homeworkout gravity fitnesslife strongwomen stronggirls stronggirl reps repsrepsreps abs pullup chinup handstand practice squats

7 Seconds ago
Cassie Carillo (littlecarillo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cassie Carillo


Comment from Cassie Carillo:

Happy flex Friday!!!! Couldn't be more proud of how far I've come in the past year. Feeling good about where I am currently and not stressing about meeting a deadline. Slow and steady 🤙🏻💪🏻😜. The only person I'm here to beat is my last package. Think I'm around my stage weight from last years two shows which is cool! 3 months and 6 days out! LETS DO THIS FAM.

15 Seconds ago
🇲🇾 ⏩ 🇺🇸 Steven (家彬) (fit_steven_1010) Instagram Photos and Videos

🇲🇾 ⏩ 🇺🇸 Steven (家彬)


Comment from 🇲🇾 ⏩ 🇺🇸 Steven (家彬):

This is my morning ritual and I do this on empty stomach an hour prior to my breakfast. • 1 cup of warm water • 1 tblsp of apple cider vinegar along with honey • Oolong tea - This helps to detox my body in the morning and to aid with digestion. - Weight loss - it gives me energy

19 Seconds ago
 (foodjunkiee_iifym) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from foodjunkiee_iifym:

Making the use out of my @musclefooduk chicken 😜 fitfitnessfitfamfitspofitgirlf girlfitfoodfoodiefoodpornfoodd fooddiaryswslimmingworldprotei roteinflexibledietingbodybuild buildingshredcuttingmusclefood efoodmacrosgainscleaneatshealt

25 Seconds ago
Cari Cregar (caricregar87) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cari Cregar


Comment from Cari Cregar:

Just "skinnin the cat" today. Surely they could have come up with a better name for it?!!! On another note- LOVINNNGGGG my new @fleoshorts!!! Thank you for LOW RISE 💁🏻 crossfit weightlifting goals girlswithmuscle gains regionals2018 girlswholift gains skinthecat

32 Seconds ago
Bethany Boils (soontobe_mrssmith) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bethany Boils


Comment from Bethany Boils:

Channeling my inner wannabe WPD for flexfriday and can't help but laugh at myself! I have NO IDEA how to pose for physique🤷🏻‍♀️ figuregirlproblems bodybuilding figure figuregirl npc npcfigure physique bikini girlswithmuscle aesthetics itsalifestyle posingpractice workout trainhard gains flexin alwaysflexin

32 Seconds ago
Ornella Nesle (ornelloufitink38) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ornella Nesle


Comment from Ornella Nesle:

Legday today 💪🏼👊🏼 Bilan de cette première semaine du nouveau programme : duuuuur 🙈 surtout avec cette chaleur qui joue sur mes performances et ma forme mais on a tout donné sans rien lâcher ! Place à un week end sans sport bien mérité on rattaque dès lundi à fond et motivée ! Bonne soirée à tous les fits 😽💕 fit fitgirl body bodygoals bodybuilding training gains fitspo fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation fitgirlsguide fitgirlsdontquit bootybuilding fitfam gymlife fitnation strongisthenewskinny musculation getfit gymaddict gym fitnessmodel fitspiration fitnessfirst noexcuses abs nopainnogain strong legday

33 Seconds ago
Jack Pe-Ad Coaching - (jackpe_ad) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jack Pe-Ad Coaching -


Comment from Jack Pe-Ad Coaching -:

Just obliterated my entire lower body with @sophitlifestyle @sophiadeangelistaylor . I'm seriously happy with today's session. Everything went pretty much picture perfect so all is gooood 😎🙏🏻 ___ These squats felt absolutely superb today. My focus is progression on this whilst keeping my form exactly how it looks in this clip. In the past I've rushed progression on this and ended up cutting depth and that's something that I'm 100% not going to do again! ___ ✅ - Brace before every rep ✅ - Control the eccentric ✅ - Control your breathing ✅ - Chest nice and high ✅ - Tight set up before unracking ✅ - Wear some attractive squat shoes😝 ___ Legs UndergroundGy undGym NaturalBodybuilding Ath Apparel Motivation Fitness Body Instafit Fitfam Muscle Squat Workout Biceps Gym Gains Arnold Bodybuilding Physique Crossfit Aesthetic

35 Seconds ago
Brent (relentless.routines) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Brent:

This is just a few, but shoutout to all of the clients I've been able to train with this past year! Love y'all! Keep grindin 🔥 🎼: @lilyawny_

38 Seconds ago
Steve Kemp (steven.m.kemp) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steve Kemp


Comment from Steve Kemp:

Much needed.

42 Seconds ago
Anthony ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from Anthony:

Happy Flex Friday!!! Lmao even the Cheetah knows what up lol 💪🏼💪🏼😂flexfriday crossfit allin abs weightlifting gainz gains getstrong getlean beastmode bodybuildinglifestyle exercise toughmudder trainer live fitness motivation nevergiveup gymtime strength

42 Seconds ago
Familiar Fitness Family (familiarfit.fam) Instagram Photos and Videos

Familiar Fitness Family


Comment from Familiar Fitness Family:

42 Seconds ago
Big Rod Da King (dtwentfitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Big Rod Da King


Comment from Big Rod Da King:

The pic on the left is of my first check in at the beginning of my contest prep 7 weeks ago and second pic is from my check in today...I am proud to see my hardwork paying off but still got a lot of work to do!!! Time to turn it up to the max and continue putting in that work to be the best I can be on August 5th at the Texas Legends Classic 2017!!! Shoutout my coach @guardiantrey let's bring some hardware back to BGF ( BeGreatFitness )!!! Follow me to see my fitness journey From nothing to great n let's get it!!! transformation change progress selfie sexyman fit fitness fitfam hardwork dedication training workout gains body gymlife gymflow followme bodybuilding dtwfitness advocare advocaredistributor gym anuyoufitness contestprep passion BeGreatFitness

43 Seconds ago
Zahid Chowdhury (zedstah55) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zahid Chowdhury


Comment from Zahid Chowdhury:

Well now you know where I am when I can't come out to play 😂😂 igfit gymhumor flexfriday pizza fit fitfam fitness gym gymrat gymlife instafun gains protein flex bodybuilding instalove instagram muscle beastmode instafit instagood instadaily instalike bulk motivation fitspiration love bodybuilder

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jamestae (jamestae) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jamestae:

My star. model fashion hollywood inspo pose squadgoals men mensstyle streetstyle stylish travelgram ootd follow casual selfie walkoffame vibes studiolife style inspiration instadaily mensfashion streetphotography photoshoot fbf mood aesthetics photographer modeling sidewalk

52 Seconds ago
Chris Saadat (chris_saadat) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Saadat


Comment from Chris Saadat:

Finish every workout you start. If you stop while your tired, all the energy it took you get you to the point where you currently want to stop and quit ends up being vain. Keep pushing!

54 Seconds ago
Tyler Normandin (t.normandin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tyler Normandin


Comment from Tyler Normandin:

For the longest time I only had that signature "bicep vein" on my left arm. However I recently noticed that it has revealed itself on my right arm as well now. I'm bulking (gaining weight) too so I'm definitely surprised since usually vascularity comes with leaning out. This probably seems trivial to some (and it kind of is), but this was something I had been looking to achieve since I started lifting 2 yrs ago. Proud to say that I finally did it 💪💪 Keep setting goals and reaching them, it is SO rewarding. (Today was leg day and I hit like 3 PRs, but this was taken last week lol) . . . . . . . . gains lifting gymlife fitlife physique bodybuilding aesthetics aesthetic health fitness workout alphalete gymshark photooftheday abs shredded trainhard instagood instafit swole fitfam fitnessmotivation flex vascular biceps bicepvein armday powerlifting flexfriday delts

54 Seconds ago
Zach Mackay (zach_mackayfitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zach Mackay


Comment from Zach Mackay:

Grinding out these lifts after 10-12 hour work days. If you are passionate about something you WILL find the time to get stuff done. Fall in love with the journey and watch as you wind up on top. Do something great today 🙏🏻 fit fitfam shredded bodybuilding physique mensphysique npc entrepreneur gaintrain gains prep inspired motivation fitspo fitness fitnessmotivation bodybuilder trainer fitnessmodel fitlife myprotein gnc performix performixdriven sponserme optimumnutrition myprotein alphalete business weightlifting weights

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Madhu (bournemouth_brah) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Madhu:

We live in a shit world where people would rather criticise than motivate, don't be that person 👊 motivationalquotes quoteoftheday stayhungry fitness aesthetic noquitting noexcuse gym inspiration bournemouth gains dedication focus energy goals graft grind hussle game follow shoutout motivation instagood instalike stepup rise brah

55 Seconds ago
Complete Nutrition El Paso, TX (completenutrition_ep) Instagram Photos and Videos

Complete Nutrition El Paso, TX


Comment from Complete Nutrition El Paso, TX:

repost "Beat the heat! Come visit @kinikiana today she will be at our fountains location! She has the thermostat to freezing as you can tell by the picture haha" completenutrition clubrewards itsallgoodep texas elpaso heat cold gains summer supplements localbusiness localsupplements

57 Seconds ago
Randy Mags (rotyla) Instagram Photos and Videos

Randy Mags


Comment from Randy Mags:

Trap House'n it!!! Got bricks in the top of my back 💪🤘 17.5 each who's buyin??? ... fitnessgangsta 🤘😎💪 ... backshotsflexfitnessgoalsfitli fitlifefitlifestyleigfitfamexe amexerciseworkoutworkhardbeact beactiveactivelifestylegymgyml mgymlifegymratmotivationdedica edicationformpracticetraintrai flexfriday

59 Seconds ago
Kristine • 23 • Chicago (kriswoj) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristine • 23 • Chicago


Comment from Kristine • 23 • Chicago:

Today I weighed in at 145lbs and 22% body fat 💪🏼 fitness fit fitspo fitfam workout gym training healthychoices motivation determination lifestyle getfit eatclean iifym gymlife trainhard gains girlswholift trainingforlife keepburning chicago postivevibes goodvibetribe loveyourself flexfriday fitfriday fit19chi

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💜💚Sarah💚💜 (swilliams1086) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 💜💚Sarah💚💜:

Post gym protein! My little Wonder Woman is a great helper! myprincessstella wonderwoman lularoeleggings americana gains fitmom fitmarine ihatethetastenomatterwhatflavo

1 Minutes ago
Simeon.m.teran (simeon_is_reinhardt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Simeon.m.teran:

605!  cardio sledpush training trainer exercise workout fit fitness gains jacked bodybuilder bodybuilding crossfit muscle health ripped shredded physique lift hardwork motivation powerlifting strongman gym gymlife gymrat beastswole

1 Minutes ago
Kristina Lea (kristinalea9994) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristina Lea


Comment from Kristina Lea:

throwback to last Friday on our holibobs with our own private sauna ❤ definitely needed one of these for after my workout today as ive somehow hurt my back and foot but still managed to push myself to do a decent workout! How fast does a week go anyway?! 👎👎 sauna hot holiday Workout weekendvibes girlsthatlift gains girlgains momsthatlift momsofinstagram hiit

1 Minutes ago
Tina (fi.t.ina) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tina:

Dinnertime 😋 salad chicken vegetables eathealthy yummy dinner eating aftertraining hungry workout stayfit gains gymaddict transformation

1 Minutes ago
Mike Mundy (_mundyp) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mike Mundy


Comment from Mike Mundy:

Idk if it's the 12x8 or the pre but the last few days been feeling so damn good gainspowerliftingbodybuildingg

1 Minutes ago
Monday To Sunday Is Arms Day (monday_to_sunday_is_arms) Instagram Photos and Videos

Monday To Sunday Is Arms Day


Comment from Monday To Sunday Is Arms Day:


1 Minutes ago
Alexandra Luna (_alexandraluna_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexandra Luna


Comment from Alexandra Luna:

Little by little, but nowhere close to where I want to be. Just proud of a little progress☺️👌🏼💪🏼 progressgainsgymlifededication ationfitbabyfatlittleabsnikesh ikeshoestattooproteinfoodmirro mirrorselfienofilterdtmotivati

1 Minutes ago
Ashley Arbonne Consultant (myjourneywitharbonne) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Arbonne Consultant


Comment from Ashley Arbonne Consultant:

Apparently we both had a hard morning lol! No rest for the wicked around this joint catsofinstagram damncat couchcrash postworkout snuggles nothankyou momlife gymlife gains

1 Minutes ago
👻 anjos609 (blue_fitlife) Instagram Photos and Videos

👻 anjos609


Comment from 👻 anjos609:

Un dia mas 💪😍fitmom lafitness girlsvideos abs workouts strong fitnessmotivation lifestyle nutrition bodybuilding body squats goals healthy sweaty womenthatlift weightloss happyplace fitlife transform tutorial love ironaddict houston energy gymlife sixpack muscles gains

1 Minutes ago
Stanford Women's Crew (stanfordwcrew) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stanford Women's Crew


Comment from Stanford Women's Crew:

Happy Olympic Day from Stanford Women's Crew 2016 Olympians, Grace Luczak (US W2-), Chierika Ukogu (Nigeria 1x), Elle Logan (3x Olympic Gold Medallist in US W8+), and their trusty sidekick Bartleby ( @babyboybartleby)!. . . . olympicday move learn discover rowing rowingmotivation rowinglife fitness gains newday fatergos fitnessmotivation teamwork team stanford swc rowinglove fitnessinspiration riseandgrind fbf

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