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Mirror, Mirror... Quien es la mas guapa? MARVEL se ha puesto ya en contacto con nosotras para presentarnos esta idea... les hemos dicho tonterías las @justas! 👨🏻‍🎤💥🔫 . #lashermanashudson . . . #babydoll #babyjane #babyjanehudson #janehudson #blanchehudson #quefuedebabyjane #bettedavis #joanecrawford #crawford #marvel #superhero #sisters #friends #gay #gayjokes #joke #risas #gaylife #gaystyle #gaymadrid #gaynyc #gaystagram #instagay #gaypride #gaylove #gayworld #gaygram #gayusa #gayspain

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Adoro esses efeitos do insta. 💗✌

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Comment from D Ty:

This past weekend I hung out with another gay man, and we received a lot of stares. 👁👁 Looks of disgust👀 he didn't notice but I'm trained to notice things like that. Four males and one female . . 🗣it's a shame that this day in America my people have to be afraid to go out in public or cautious showing affection to their loved ones in public because homophobes find it sicking! Dam shame 😞 But the truth is, I didn't make this post to complain about how much y'all hate us, I made this post to declare I'm not afraid. I'm ready to fight for my people or die for them, doesn't matter to me. AND for you gays who say love trumps hate. Y'all are so right!! These homophobes love to kill gays beat gays up or lead them to kill themselves and we hate it but they're winning. . I don't like the feeling of fear at all especially if my loved ones feel afraid of being themselves cause homophobes exist. We each have a part in this fight. There's those of you who fight the political side of this war and there's us who's boots belong on the field not in an office. . Dear Homophobic America, I'm in the streets. I refuse to allow one gay to believe he or she doesn't belong on this earth or to ever have them go through what I went through because of shame and fear inspired by your hate! I may not change the world but I assure I may positively touch the heart of the one who might. 🏳️‍🌈✊🏽 Y'all played the game well, but we coming back on ya this year even in the midst of opposition . We won't be afraid to fight for our existence whether it be in the office or in the streets, we're fighting back. HOMOS GOT THE BALL NOW!

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