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Jojo Yong (jojoyong_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jojo Yong


Comment from Jojo Yong:

Concordians catching up after way too many years 👩🏻‍💼👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️

3 Days ago
CJL (salt_pepper_fit) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from CJL:

Made it to the gym twice today. germangynasium london

10 Days ago
 (reina_roo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from reina_roo:

I went to germangynasium today for afternoon tea to celebrate @chocoreverie birthday. 🎁🎂🎈The place was really cool and the food was delicious! Here I am with the birthday girl & the equally lovely @herajika 💕 afternoontea birthday friends fancyladies lazyoaf milkharajuku japanesefashion larmekei viviennewestwood pastel screamqueens

24 Days ago
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Comment from Megan:

Dinner @thegermangym Grand Café with my Dad...🍽 Knöddel & Schwammerl Köningsberger Klopse & Spätzel Apple Strudel page178of365 . . . . . food foodporn foodphotography germanfood igfood germangynasium londonrestaurants

37 Days ago
Jessica Harding (jharding92) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica Harding


Comment from Jessica Harding:

39 Days ago
Ben Fells (benfells) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ben Fells


Comment from Ben Fells:

A fancy GnT! Coriander in it no less. ginandtonic germangynasium kingscross

46 Days ago
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Comment from urinalpissings:

German Gymnasium - Kings Cross urinal pissings pub pissoir germangynasium toilets mens loos lavatory wc gentlemens bogs tiling tiles gentlemen victorianetchings tiledcatflap Flat Roof Urinal Design - ⭐️⭐️⭐⭐ Tiled Cat Flaps - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Freshness - ⭐️⭐️⭐⭐ Victorian Etchings - ⭐⭐⭐ Flush Sensors - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Privacy - ⭐️⭐️ Tile Wall - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

83 Days ago
Laura Curran (laurajesscurran) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Curran


Comment from Laura Curran:

And the bathrooms 😻🌟🎨 germangynasium

87 Days ago
Laura Curran (laurajesscurran) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Curran


Comment from Laura Curran:

Usual tree in German Gymnasium post 🙄🌸🌿 germangynasium london

87 Days ago
E M M A (emmaphelpsxox) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from E M M A:

Breakfast Views @thegermangym 🌸🌺 germangynasium kx kingscross london media foodie fbloggers beautiful pink london media breakfast views

90 Days ago
Carma Masson (carmamasson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carma Masson


Comment from Carma Masson:

Beautifully quirky toilets at germangynasium in kingscross with great wallpaper and mirrored cubicle doors by @conranandpartners interiordesign victorianladies

124 Days ago
Valerie Dietsche (valerie.dietsche) Instagram Photos and Videos

Valerie Dietsche


Comment from Valerie Dietsche:

Where else would you find ze Germans... germangynasium germans london veja vegetarian not eating 🌭or drinking 🍺

134 Days ago
Jesse Maslen (jessedmaslen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jesse Maslen


Comment from Jesse Maslen:

Happy Birthday Veler 😅😝 happybirthday london kingscross slovenia🇸🇮 germangynasium candlelight gingerninja

142 Days ago
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151 Days ago
Karen Holland (kholland1975) Instagram Photos and Videos

Karen Holland


Comment from Karen Holland:

Eggs Florentine @thegermangym Love everything about this place from architecture to the food. Great to catch up with my NCT friends. brunch londonbrunch kingscross eggsflorentine germangynasium ladieswhobrunch friendsforever eggs

158 Days ago
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Comment from MOB:

germangynasium london waitingfortrains atmos greatbarnames

174 Days ago
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Comment from Fab:

Happy Valentines!! germangynasium dinner theatre dance loveit❤️valentinedays

183 Days ago
Alison Owen (aliowen77) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alison Owen


Comment from Alison Owen:

Lovely breakfast date with the girls germangynasium breakfast yum flowers 🥑🍳🍞💐

209 Days ago
Philipp (pepe_throws_a_strike) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Philipp:

dinner at germangynasium christmas in london

242 Days ago
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Comment from Hridi:

germangynasium sundaylunch food fun friends babyitscoldoutside burgersandbabes

248 Days ago
Joe Mitchell (joedmitch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joe Mitchell


Comment from Joe Mitchell:

Working out. germangynasium dinner london vscocam

286 Days ago
Charles Perrin (cpez27) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charles Perrin


Comment from Charles Perrin:

Got to love strudel 🍨😀 applestrudel dessert germangynasium kingscross london germanfood 🇩🇪🇩🇪

296 Days ago
Geri Sherwin (geri_sherwin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Geri Sherwin


Comment from Geri Sherwin:

Needed. 🍸 drinksin nonalcoholicbecauseimboring refreshed summer germangynasium

336 Days ago
Jen Rachel AM (jenrachelam) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jen Rachel AM


Comment from Jen Rachel AM:

Sausage with spiced tomato sauce & sauerkraut from @thegermangym london regentspark tasteoflondon foodfestival instafood foodpics foodporn latergram germangynasium

1 Years ago
ausnippets (ausnippets) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ausnippets:

2016: Happy birthday to the beautiful @claudinetrinh Hope you had a lovely birthday surprise on Saturday. Enjoy today and the sunshine!

1 Years ago
Jade (miss_srv) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jade:

I've always loved me some industrialachritecture had a lovely time at the germangynasium in kingscross..ilovelondon northlondon myhood restaurant architecture industrialbuilding industrial

1 Years ago
Ben Pitts (___bjp___) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ben Pitts


Comment from Ben Pitts:

Tourist backpack porter germangynasium kingscross london

1 Years ago
Yee (bakeryee) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Yee:

1 Years ago
Steve Morgan (iamstevemorgan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steve Morgan


Comment from Steve Morgan:

Possibly the most beautiful and amazing dessert ever! dessert germangynasium yummy tasty amazing cremebrulee fatty

1 Years ago
Steve Morgan (iamstevemorgan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steve Morgan


Comment from Steve Morgan:

Amazing meal at the German Gymnasium. Lots of meat. @james_morgan25 @mcewan.rory dinnner london friday tasty boys wine meat germangynasium yummy

1 Years ago
Becca Adams (xbeccaadx) Instagram Photos and Videos

Becca Adams


Comment from Becca Adams:

Upside down lilies 💕💕💕 Definitely one of the most beautiful buildings I've eaten lunch in architecture germangymnasium oldandnew florals lilies fizz london

1 Years ago
Becca Adams (xbeccaadx) Instagram Photos and Videos

Becca Adams


Comment from Becca Adams:

Prosecco and erm.....currywurst! I miss my German food 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 germangymnasium london foodie currywurst fizz germanfood

1 Years ago
Belinda Allen (beeallen60) Instagram Photos and Videos

Belinda Allen


Comment from Belinda Allen:

Christmas at the gym. germangynasium whiskeycurls ladymuscles

1 Years ago