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godchild boise baptism

5 Minutes ago
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Xristyn Čižik 👑


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thebestage thebestlife yolo freelikebutterfly happines inlove thankfulness beautyeverywhere happygirl manyfeelings simple slovakgirl smilesaysitall nobodycandragmedown godchild 😚😚☺🙃

37 Minutes ago
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Kevin Moss


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Happy thanksgiving from me & this little one ! My gorgeous little goddaughter is growing up so so fast ! 🙌🏽💕🙌🏽 🇺🇸🇬🇧 . happythanksgiving thanksgiving godfather godchildren godchild blessed beautiful goddaughter nolagracerobinson beautifulparents proud honoured thankyou @alison_byrd @mrgilesrobinson 👌🏽💕👌🏽😍

55 Minutes ago
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Rob Nunes


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Happy Thanksgiving from me & Roya. Blessed Godchild Afilhada

1 Hours ago
💸💵💰🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ (sumn4u) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Happy turkey day!!! godchild twinsies iloveher

1 Hours ago
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Fia | 🇦🇹 | mountainlover


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Where life begins & love never ends. FAMILY. • • • • • • • family love endlesslove baby babyboy godchild godmother playmate fun laugh foolish nevergrowup home instagirl instaboy instagood instadaily instagram instababy instafun instagramers picoftheday followme

1 Hours ago
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Kimberly🎀. Jamy-lee👦🏼


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Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart. godchild Lyah sohappy 😍😍😍

1 Hours ago
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These gorgeous ThankYouGifts making their way to very special Godparents.⠀ ⠀ Shop the keepsake⠀ ⠀ godmo godfather giftideathankyou godchildkeepsake gift hamdmade shopsmall supportthemakersoodlique

1 Hours ago
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godchild godmotherlove❤️ 3daysold switzerland baby babyboy family 2017

1 Hours ago
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Ajfitness TrainingStudios


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Our mascot showing off our new tees. Available to order at our front desk .Perfect Xmas present. Been a god child has it's advantages modelling our kids range 😂. . . . . ajfitnesstrainingstudi ajfts tees newtees fitness gym ballymount godchild godfather kidstees healthandfitness fitnessmotivation weighttraining cardio weighttraining xmasiscoming xmaspresent

2 Hours ago
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Make It Sound


Comment from Make It Sound: makeitsound makeitsoundartist techno groove house techhouse edm cali bogota latinhouse groove godchild

2 Hours ago
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I'M BACK! home germany niece godchild iloveyou

2 Hours ago
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Le dur labeur finit tjrs par payer Godchild blessed 100%bam's independentwoman!

2 Hours ago
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My sweet little godchild is spoiled with cute stickers! 😊👶🏼stickerapp @inspo • stickers godchild nephew wout blog blogger belgianblogger fashionblogger totallyellie instagram igers instababy baby newborn cutie

2 Hours ago
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Favian Dias Do Rosario


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babyboy cute godchild lovehim 😍😘

2 Hours ago
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☠️Aido Miller☠️


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Her laugh is the purest thing ever💜 laugh babylaugh baby babygirl godchild goddaughter godmother family familytime cousin cousinlove

2 Hours ago
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☠️Aido Miller☠️


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How can you not love her😭💜 baby babygirl baba cute smile godchild godmother family cousins cousinlove famillytime

2 Hours ago
☠️Aido Miller☠️ (_ninja_unicorn_) Instagram Photos and Videos

☠️Aido Miller☠️


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My godchild is just the cutest little thing💜 family cousins babygirl godmother godchild myprincess love cute adorable loveher

2 Hours ago
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Maria Gousopoulou


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❤ The one and only ❤ . . bnw baby boy love photography photooftheday 100photo art godchild shades sculpture

2 Hours ago
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Stefanie Hinneman


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DAY 23 foodiemangachallenge from @mangaaday 23. Wearing a hat : Godchild He's hot, he's cool, what more to say 😉 mangachallenge manga mangacollector mangacollection mangareader otaku godchild godchildmanga

3 Hours ago
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ROR For Early Readers


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📍 📍 📍 📍PastorChris teaches " 📍 📍 ⏹ 📍 📍 📍 ⏹Read more in today's edifying Rhapsody article for Early Readers Download your copy on bio link ❤️ ⏹ 📍 ... ...Every child flourishing by the word... : poetsofinstagram christianity Salvation love blessed jesus JesusChrist mcm wisdom christianKid peace GodChild HolySpirit motivation words joy yolo pastorchrisgeneration cute mother thursday forgiveness party truth wedding thanksgiving beautiful

3 Hours ago
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Godownlove Godchild Sorrylord

3 Hours ago
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone (I Hope Everybody Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving) ™ 🍽🦃🍁 😋 thanksgivinglike4liketurkeyday

3 Hours ago
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Thankful for another god child from a person that is so dear to me @belen_g3 . Even though we are not blood family, I have known her since we were 9yrs old. And for her to give us her first child, it truly means the world to me. Rick and I now have 3 god children together and we couldn’t feel more blessed. ÍKER You are special 3 and we love you sooooo much! He’s the best happy baby! His Guadalajara baptism was everything ❤️ GodParentingInMexico ——————————————————— Agradecida por otro ahijado de una persona muy especial para mí, @belen_g3. No seremos familia de sangre pero desde que nos conocimos a los 9 años siempre nos tratamos como primas de verdad. Y para q nos hayan escogido como padrinos para su primer bebé, se significa muchísimo para nosotros. Ahora Rick y yo tenemos 3 ahijados juntos y es un honor tener a IKER como el tercero. Íker te queremos tanto tanto!! tu bautizo fue un éxito! BautizoEnGuadalajara iMeanHowCuteIsHe guadalajara boohoo redDress tlaquepaque bautizo padrinos godparents godchild baptism haijado mexico iLoveOurGodKids

3 Hours ago
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Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who loves you... No matter what ! ♥️ throwbackauntietimequalitytime ytimewithmylovegodchildgoodtim odtimesstormyweatheroceanbeach beachfunlaughternaturesummerAw

3 Hours ago
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Welcome little princess 🎀MANOU🎀22112017 godchild godmother proudauntie

4 Hours ago
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Brittney Richardson


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A great depiction of their relationship. She's happy to see him. He's preparing to beat her. Don't let his cuteness fool you. He was pulling her by the hair a second ago. Lol. firstborn godchild bonding love

4 Hours ago
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Divalis Samuel


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God's child with a little hood...moviedatecelibritymarri blackgirlmagicblackgirlsrockgi

4 Hours ago
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Have I mentioned that I love this little boy? ❤️ • • • • nannylife happythanksgiving godchild lovehim

4 Hours ago
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Thank You God for BLESSED time with the (not so) little ones instagram picoftheday family nephew niece children Goddaughter Godson Godchild blessed blessed🙏 🙏💙thanksgiving happythanksgiving 2017

5 Hours ago
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That face 👶🏽 That pout 😍 werunthis instaphoto instagood instamood blessed babes cooldude family fun smile smiles happy happiness babyface godchild pout babypout

5 Hours ago
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Make It Sound


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@agustinmesadj makeitsound makeitsoundartist techno groove house techhouse edm cali bogota latinhouse groove godchild

22 Hours ago
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Make It Sound


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@djdiegopalacio makeitsound makeitsoundartist techno groove house techhouse edm cali bogota latinhouse groove godchild

1 Days ago