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The best view comes after the hardest climb 💙 godisgood

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It doesn't really matter where you start.. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 brothersfromothermothers blessed grateful godisgood TBM

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I Got TheGlow!! MrAdamsbtw ClassicMuzik Nashville Atlanta Chicago blogs europe china Africa Music SpotifyFSTRNation googleplay Itunes Tidal iHeartRadio nima nimaweek Nominated AwardWinning DoinWhatiLove GODISGOOD ImSupposed2BeHere

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Time to church ...The Lord is Present churt godisgood haveanicesunday glowfellowshipcenthamrin jakarta

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Cody Mellet


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Church time!! Listening to Pastor Jamon Snyman about connection, and serving God at the same time! churchtime Godisgood shieldingheights getconnected @shielding_heights

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'Desde Que Te Conoci' Preview new track Hit like4like share addme instagood latinhiphop latinmusic musicaurbana musicalatina reggaetonmusic reggaeton bostonnation ElHeavy 4am Godisgood nevergiveup Thank you everyone for the love and support

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GingerS 💙⚪️💚❤️❤️


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🌞🇹🇷🌴💙 😍OneLoveFamiliaBoysWillBeBoys eBoysMyBodyguardsFeelingBlesse

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Inna T


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Grace Church


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Hello everyone. For those of you who would like to watch our live service every Sunday, this is our Facebook page. Service starts at 10am (AWST) every Sunday and is live on Facebook. If you can't get to our church, then we'd love you to share our worship on line. 🙏🏼🙌🏻

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Ready for church. How 'bout you? rccg church hq norway oslo godisgood

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💯🙏✊✊✊👑 CHD Awareness Month GodIsGood GoodNight

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Aleksandra Yurchenko


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Всем прекрасного дня и крутого настроения 😉😘💋❤️ love beauty lifeisworthliving blessed friends godisgood instagood like4like followme

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Better than a wish... My prayers were answered. ❤🌼🌌 . . . "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you." Ephesians 4:32 🌰🌱💕 . . . fulloflove grow myheartisfull leapoffaith godisgood answertoprayer godsend pnwcollective hobbyphotographer picoftheday photogram instaphoto naturegram mountains mountainheart mountainlife pnwlife pnwonderland hiker hikingtrail pnwgirl wanderwashington home natureshot life love pnwbornandraised washingtontrails forest tagforhearts

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Look after yourself and behave, everything will be alright 😎 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lookafter europe onmyway happylife begrateful blessedday blessed godisgood thankful photography photoshoot building meisje leuk Amsterdam flowers near canal happy face bike viets europe journey kets travel traveler

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✨ Yoga ✨Vegan 11~5~13 💚🌻🌾


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Lord, lead me because I can't do this on my own!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻💙💚❤️✨ I know that you will do the impossible for me, so I give everything to you, guide me and lead me through the life that you wish for me to have in your precious name Jesus Christ, AMEN!!! 💚✨💙💚✨💙 777 betterwithjesus godsnotdead jesussaves jesuslives jesusisreal godisgood godfirst godisbeautiful godsbeautifulwork godsbeautifulcreation jesuslovesus jesuschangeseverything godisgreat godishere godquotes heaven heavenisreal holysprit lordsday praisehim hewillguideus godsbeautifulworld godsbeautyiseverywhere fingerprintofgod lordjesuschrist holyspirtcome holyspirtfire holyspirtfilled allowhiminyourheartandsoul

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MAN!! IT'S JUST DIFFERENT WHEN YOU FEEL IT! MrAdamsbtw ClassicMuzik Nashville Atlanta Chicago blogs europe china Africa Music SpotifyFSTRNation googleplay Itunes Tidal iHeartRadio nima nimaweek Nominated AwardWinning DoinWhatiLove GODISGOOD ImSupposed2BeHere

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saifudin zuhri


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Ora usah mikir reno" ..🙄🙄 Penting prinsip siji kui yaqinono..💪💪 . . . . ------- ------------------------------ tfl lfl like4like likeforfollow thanks thankyou thanksgod godisgood liker fotoelek mntk_16

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✖️'Work and you will get what you need. Work harder and you will get what you want.'💯✖️

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Feeling this one too - Don't wanna breathe GodIsGood AllTheTime ProjectBaby2 YFMBxGOHARD LakerGang Lakers 2476

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Haruna Hatano


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. . . . . . . . . .wellness android city likelike train amo zen kittenrp godisgood dmvmodels pets mommy army great casual hdr analogue sleep

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Shirley Chen


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You will never fade away Your love is here to stay By my side, in my life Shining through me everyday❤️-19/08/17 ricerally2 Godisgood tyfyouth saved blessedbythebest One of the most memorable night of my life 📷: @chloeecheung

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Irene Gita Rahayu Kacaribu


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Daydreaming GODISGOOD ootd lunch hobbithill cileungsi resto indonesia

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Nathan Feitosa


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Djoko Iman Santoso


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Moana wanna be! Happy 7th bless day Damica youaregrowingtofast mylittleprincess godisgood

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Kudakwashe Musarurwa


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Victory is always certain in Christ. Seek first God's kingdom and all other things will be added to you. Moving closer to identify with Christ is more important ♥📰🎲🎲

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Aaliyah, Armani and Taniela Soaking up praise and worship singing this morning at church this morning @glowchurch @glowchurchgc godisgood

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Ropheka 🌺


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Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart 💐Psalm 37:4 . . . . . selfie Godisgood livecolorfully smile youcanbealightinthedarkness hideHiswordinyourheart thelampuntomyfeet Eurasian makeuponpoint naturalbrows selflove

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❤Roma 14:8


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Hari-hari ini semakin jahat mari kita kenakan selengkap senjata Allah supaya kita tetap kuat dan tidak menjadi goyah untuk melawan penguasa-penguasa kegelapan yaitu iblis dan kawan-kawannya. Jangan lupa untuk selalu berdoa dan minta kekuatan dari Tuhan Yesus supaya kita kuat Karena, sumber kekuatan yah hanya berasal dari pada Tuhan Yesus saja. Amin Godisgood

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bernadette inah mairren


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When i doubt my value and can only focus on doubting beauty on a surface level, God's reassurance means the world to me. 💜🤗 godislove godisgoodalways godisgood sunday sundays sundayselfies tooblessed thankful happyheart ofdirtandgrace

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I have begun learning how to meditate on God's Word. I look forward to incorporating these helpful tips while on this beautiful journey 💞 My favorite verses thus far are: Matthew 19:26, 2 Timothy 1:7, Psalms 55:22, and Psalms 46:10 GodsWord JesusChrist theBible BibleVerses meditating praying Biblestudy Biblescriptures Godisgood HolyBible Article via 10-ways-busy-moms-can-meditate a passage: Carve out a few minutes each day to read through a book of the Bible – even if it’s only a few verses.  Try to stay consistent and work through the book instead of skipping around. Single out one verse:👇 Find one verse in the passage for that day that speaks to your heart, or something you’d like to delve into deeper. Research the verse:👇 Look up cross-references.  Check a Bible commentary or concordance such as Blue Letter Bible or the Bible Gateway resource section. Write the verse on 3×5 cards or post-it notes:👇 Think on the verse as you’re writing.  Journaling verses is a powerful way to let God’s Word sink into your soul. Circle key phrases or use colored pencils to highlight👇 Colors help us remember!  Try to recall those colored words throughout the day. Place the verse on your window sill, night stand, or bathroom mirror👇 Post in places you frequent and make a point to read as you pass by – you could even post multiple copies in strategic areas. Write key phrases on smaller bits of paper such as school work, bills, etc.👇 These phrases are reminders of a bigger perspective when you get bogged down with the “blah” details. Pray key phrases all week👇 Have you ever prayed the Word?  It’s powerful!  God’s Word + prayer = double the power! Memorize the verse (or passage)👇 While washing dishes, scrubbing floors, or cleaning toilets, glance at your Scripture card and recall bits and pieces of the verse. Deeper meanings and innuendos will sink deep into your soul as you mull over single words and phrases! Review memorized verse👇 While you’re driving, ironing, or exercising, you can review verses you’ve committed to memory! And one bonus way to meditate on God’s Word: THE REST OF THE ARTICLE IS POSTED UNDER COMMEN

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Reg Corporal


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"HI LOVE !" ❤ My Mantra ~ ~ Found something to "support" it. ✨ A Blessed Sunday y'all! FROM, THE SOUTH, WITH LOVE !💋❤ ~~ EAT PRAY LOVE ❤🌼 • • • alabang south manila mantra selfie ootd white black blackandwhite Ilovewhite Iloveblack Iloveblackandwhite RegInWhites RegInBlacks RegInBlacksAndWhites globetrotter always grateful 2017 eatpraylove ❤ homesweethome 🏡❤ nomakeup nohairdo 😄 travelluck ✨ iamlucky 🙏🏻 meandthecity 💃🏻🗽🌇 forevercharmed 🌟 wearetrulyblessed 🌈 homewithDeeDeeAndKipling 🐶🐶 GodIsGood 🙏🏻❤🙏🏻

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I wish we could be more than friends. chasinghappiness itshard betheperfectyouthatyoucanbe sure godisgood keepchasing

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