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Our Sweet Fur Babies (tajiasangelsgsdlegacydobermans) Instagram Photos and Videos

Our Sweet Fur Babies


Comment from Our Sweet Fur Babies:

No matter what is going on in your life the good or the bad or if you have negative people in your life that lie , take advantage, use or mistreat you, do you wrong and so much more just live it with God he will take care of all.. God Bless everyone. legacydobermans tajiasangelsgermanshepherds doberman gsd blessed faith believeinfaith giveittogod prayers godisgood praisethelord praisegod ibelieve willgetthroughthis stayingstrong

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Owen_YoungWarrior (o_moffat) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Owen_YoungWarrior:

If you know most superhero movie actually draw comparisons to the bible, and yesterday while looking at wakanda two verse came to mind... But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them. Hebrews 11:16 NKJV And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll, And to open its seals; For You were slain, And have redeemed us to God by Your blood Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, And have made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth.” Revelation 5:9‭-‬10 NKJV That is just how my mind operates...Godisgood Blessedsunday

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Aqib Khan (aqib.khan.akki) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aqib Khan


Comment from Aqib Khan:

Design your own company logo🎬

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JR (emy_21) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JR:


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Talenta A Panggabean (talenta.panggabean) Instagram Photos and Videos

Talenta A Panggabean


Comment from Talenta A Panggabean:

Everything really needs process but The Best One always protect in the process just BELIEVE and do it Godisgood spirit nias blessed Thanks to all of you team😊😍

1 Minutes ago
Rip (whoisrip) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rip:

After over 80+ man hours put in today, successful Day 1 of building my new "Satisfied" music video set! Thanks to my beloved family and friends who believe in me! Tomorrow we do it all over again! 🔨📏 📐🎨 🎬🎥 🙌🙏 Blessed GodisGood AllGloryToGod MusicVideo SetBuild ComingSoon StayTuned !

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Selina kirubakar (kirubakarselina) Instagram Photos and Videos

Selina kirubakar


Comment from Selina kirubakar:

A cool day with a sunshine all throughout the day 🙂..! Traveling in S-bahn and enjoying the sunshine and the nature which God created 😍.. naturelover winter coldwave startedalready Godisgood gratefultoGod lovetravelling

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josh ratigan (chefphatrat) Instagram Photos and Videos

josh ratigan


Comment from josh ratigan:

godisgood livinthegoodlife

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Regina Marsella (reginamarsella) Instagram Photos and Videos

Regina Marsella


Comment from Regina Marsella:

Me 😊 BlackPink Me Latepost happy GODBLESSME GODisGood Stayle blackandwhite HomeSweetHome YGstand

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CRC London (crc_london) Instagram Photos and Videos

CRC London


Comment from CRC London:

Yesterday was 🔥! Thank you to every leaders who joined! We are so excited to step into this new season of greater! Blessed Jesus GodisGood leaders leadership

2 Minutes ago
Monalism (mona_breeze) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Monalism:

I love !!! I love so much and wonder if this love is being noticed and appreciated. It won’t stop! It’s always gonna be there. Always! biblestudy bibleverse bible biblequotes timewithgod faith effort love believe godisgood godislove blog blogger bloggerslife germanblogger blogger_de bloggingweekend godismypriority pain healer heartbroken john waiting waitingforhim oneday

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Kolawole Ajetunmobi (king_kola_fans) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kolawole Ajetunmobi


Comment from Kolawole Ajetunmobi:

NATURAL SUNDAY. Say no to harzadous substances. Allow your hair to be free...Loose after a week or two of styling.It keeps them stronger together. sundayfunday saynotobrainwashing spirituali spiritual reality realist godisgood brainstorming problemsolvers positivethinking positivevibes teachersofinstagram handsome simple intelligent diversity godislove love healer comforter helper smile qualityoverquantity saynotohate freeyourmind loverules happysunday followme King_Kola_Fans

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Believe and make it happen!🙏❤ (cornelfitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Believe and make it happen!🙏❤


Comment from Believe and make it happen!🙏❤:

🙏sundayrelaxhavefaithmovemoun emountainsblessedbethankfulgod

4 Minutes ago
Transport Oahu Towing Hawaii (transportoahu_towing_hawaii) Instagram Photos and Videos

Transport Oahu Towing Hawaii


Comment from Transport Oahu Towing Hawaii:

Accident pick up for this Harley Nightrod ended up with me taking him to the hospital... Everything should be alright.. transportoahu transportoahu_towing_hawaii bikelife hawaii hawaiilife honolulu waikiki ewabeach aiea pearlcity kaneohe kailua oahu hawaiikai wheellift tow towing towlife aloha godisgood blessed harley vrod nightrod hospital motorcycleaccident

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Know About Bible (knowaboutbible) Instagram Photos and Videos

Know About Bible


Comment from Know About Bible:

christian jesus god love faith bible christ church jesuschrist christianity pray hope truth prayer holyspirit catholic godisgood blessed bibleverse life grace scripture gospel worship lord religion jesussaves amen peace praise ❤❤

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Henny Fariyanti (Pawoen DNY) (hennyfariyanti) Instagram Photos and Videos

Henny Fariyanti (Pawoen DNY)


Comment from Henny Fariyanti (Pawoen DNY):

Sunday service Biarlah semua memuji Tuhan Happy sunday sundayservice semuamemujituhan happysunday GodIsGood

5 Minutes ago
CRC London (crc_london) Instagram Photos and Videos

CRC London


Comment from CRC London:

Only ONE WEEK to go until we launch SEVENOAKS‼️ What a way of stepping into greater. 🙌 who are you inviting? Jesus sevenoaks blessed GodisGood newcampus inviteafriend

5 Minutes ago
Erin Dunphy (mamabairre) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erin Dunphy


Comment from Erin Dunphy:

Nama-stay at home with this little man! Blessed to have a job that keeps me home with this babe + gives me cute socks! 😝 bossmama arbonne namaste lifebydesign justaregularsaturdaynight namastayhome bossbabe lululemon grateful blessed momlife familynight godisgood vegansofig veganmama veganbaby

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BekahSasulu&TuasiviTuala (rhazellandkiki) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BekahSasulu&TuasiviTuala:

Roman Siutu Le'iavaa Tuala blessed our lil family on the 21/02/2018 at 8.44pm thank you HF for your beautiful love all over again💙🌎myrainbowbaby 3seed babyboy blessed godisgood

6 Minutes ago
Purposeful Church In Pretoria (kcc_sa_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Purposeful Church In Pretoria


Comment from Purposeful Church In Pretoria:

And the countdown begins!! 10..9..8..7.. We are looking forward to seeing you tonight! There's a seat waiting just for you! 👑👑'Connecting Potential To POWER!'👑👑

6 Minutes ago
INNER VOICE (voice_in_inner) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from INNER VOICE:

Your success is inside you..what you want to become everything inside just need to observe your self only, VOIce - in - Inner qoutesortheday thoughtoftheday motivationalquoteoftheday positivemind positivity positivevibes succuss entrepreneur happy wisdomwed nesday quoteoftheday quoteofthenight quotestoliveby wordstoliveby instaquote instaquotes lifequotes quotestagram dailyquotes wordsofwisdom wisewords thoughtofthedaygodisgreat godisgood godislove godlovesyou aodisaoodal !thetime godisfaithful iesuschrist

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Sopiko (sopiikoko) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sopiko:

quoteoftheday quotes quotestoliveby quote lifequotes quotestagram instaquote dailyquotes quotesdaily God faith hope believe love mercy grace blessed grateful godisgood wisdom wisewords wordoftheday wordstoliveby wordsofwisdom inspirational motivational inspirationalquotes motivationalquotes spiritual spirituality

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Godfather Photography™ (godfatherdavido) Instagram Photos and Videos

Godfather Photography™


Comment from Godfather Photography™:

"His timing is always perfect, he is the great ionist" _____ _____ _________ happysunday hopeonGod waitonhim liveyourlife gucci guccigang believe trustinhisglory Godisgood motivation confidence greatness strength fearless powerful

7 Minutes ago
logo waala (logo_waala) Instagram Photos and Videos

logo waala


Comment from logo waala:

vector!!!! design . logonew groot грут dribbble behance interface graphic pixel webdesigner color visual visualdesign logos blue flyers flyerdesign business businesscards god godisgood jesus event entrepreneur smallbusiness december atllashes miamilashes lalashes minklashes minkeyelashextensions

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Jackline Naisenya (jnaisenya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jackline Naisenya


Comment from Jackline Naisenya:

church family godisgood sunday service

7 Minutes ago
 (beyoubeauty27) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from beyoubeauty27:

God is LOVE ... is GOD 📖❤️🙏🏼✨ KingdomofHeaven GodFirst Jehovah PowerofPrayers JesusisMyRock💎 Faith Love Mercy Grace GodisGracious GodisGood GodisLove JesusisLord ChristisEnoughForMe🕊 BeYouBeauty BeYouBeautyInspo 💗

8 Minutes ago
Alyssa Dennis (alyssadenniswellness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alyssa Dennis


Comment from Alyssa Dennis:

I’ve been working a lot on my self-love & self-care. I’m not always kind to myself. I don’t always give myself enough credit. It makes me happy to know that I’m starting to see my worth & value again. I have new appreciation for who I am as a woman. I’m growing, learning, & am grateful for the individual that God has created me to be. I made a list of qualities that I admire about myself. The one quality I forgot to write on this list is that “I am strong”... I am blessed with an abundance of strength even on my bad days when I feel broken & weak. I find comfort in knowing that God will never allow me to give up.. but instead continue to provide me with everything I need to push forward & become a better woman. 🙏🏻✨🦋 • • • GodisGood JesusisLove JesusSaves walkbyfaith blessed life faith selflove Christianity writing positivity blessup learn grow health happiness grateful thankful GiveItToGod

9 Minutes ago
felicia jane (feliciaj) Instagram Photos and Videos

felicia jane


Comment from felicia jane:

superrr grateful for this amazing and unforgettable view ❄️ godisgood grateful iceland skaftafell

9 Minutes ago
Yudi Chandra (yudichandra86) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yudi Chandra


Comment from Yudi Chandra:

Girl of Life likeforlike family familygoals godisgood smile lollipop

9 Minutes ago
Kora Gao (koragao126) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kora Gao


Comment from Kora Gao:

🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻. saturday hiking redwoods awesomefriends bestcrew lovejesus godisgood

23 Minutes ago
Revived by God’s Grace (iamrevived) Instagram Photos and Videos

Revived by God’s Grace


Comment from Revived by God’s Grace:

“The best thing about Wisdom is Wisdom herself; good sense is more important than anything else.” Proverbs‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭CEV‬ Amen graceunlimited2018

2 Hours ago
Revived by God’s Grace (iamrevived) Instagram Photos and Videos

Revived by God’s Grace


Comment from Revived by God’s Grace:

“Listen! I am standing and knocking at your door. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and we will eat together.” Revelation‬ ‭3:20‬ ‭CEV‬‬ Amen graceunlimited2018

3 Hours ago
SAI TEJA (tej_tn_2000) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SAI TEJA:

There may be no one with me . . . But my Shadow .《 . . God is always behind me . . 》☺ PC: @the_joblessarchitect ▪ TEJ_CTEATIONS ▪singl truespirit alwayshappy godisgood godiswithme saturdaysarefortheboys

20 Hours ago