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My wrld. I could say something profound about my living space but this is where I binge watch shows, eat sushi & read dark poetry. What do you do in your free time?

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dagorhir undead necromancer dark creepy cute emo emocutie emogirl gothic gothgirl goth gothiccutie dark darkness scenecutie scenegirl alternativecutie alternitive punk punkrock punkgirl couple garb nerds nerd geek fun

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Paige Steinhauer


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What we do in the shadows has to be one of my favorite movies. I never get tired of it. whatwedointheshadows vampire vampires comedy gothgirl gothichorror goth gothic dracula

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Beauty Of The Dark (beauty.of.the.dark) Instagram Photos and Videos

Beauty Of The Dark


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trees forest sky nightlights nightphotography blackandwhitephoto light shadow nature word nightimages naturephotography blackandwhitepic naturephoto gothic originalphotography photographersofinstagram fog branch mountain trail landscape landscapephotography melancholy monochrome blackandwhitephotography bnwphotography bnw_captures beauty_of_the_dark life

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❤️️ Her Highness ❤️ Model: @nasmissluck thewildrosesmesmerizingstorie red white royal queen minimal aesthetic darkart dark art photography surreal conceptual gothic fashion alternative

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emo gothic gothboy gothgirl emoboy emogirl scenegirl shadows location sceneboy scene tumblrboy tumblrgirl nature photography tumblr grungeaesthetic aesthetic pastelgoth darkaesthetic grunge grungeboy grungegirl

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Everything Horror 🖤💀


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All monsters are human🤷🏼‍♂️

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Brandon Cunningham


Comment from Brandon Cunningham:

A sneak peek of the outfits for my band "Kawaii AF"'s next show on Friday! Day 1 complete. Wednesday we will bring in the glue and construction paper. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! band outfit fashion style aesthetic original music creative art design emo punk poppunk goth gothic emoboy emogirl glam cute dark alternative japan japanese korea kawaii pop celebrities horror scifi j14

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LAKWATSERA DIARIES (lakwatseradiaries) Instagram Photos and Videos




There is no doubt that the beauty of the San Sabastian Church is an exotic and unique mix of religion, history and architecture. This is the most amazing church that I have visited (so far). It's so sad that I could not post pictures inside the church as mass was ongoing when we came to visit. Some other day I will be able to join one of their guided tours. . . . lakwatseradiaries traveldiary traveljournal travelblog traveldiary church architecture steel gothic neogothic catholic photography travelphoto travelphotography postcard instatravel

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A Gilded Viper


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My GOTH I FIERCELY MISS Modeling / Preforming , etc ; I CANNOT WAIT to jump back in and work with you fantastic West Coast Artist upon my Return ! * Exuberant Chirp Chirp * @orchardcorset Special Edition Lilac, though it's more " Purple " Which I am completely pleasantly surprised by 💜. Not AT ALL " Laced for the Gods" , and especially anyone who's the true tightlacer ( I am just beginning again ) you can completely tell that the top of the Busk is FAR too loose, but again I am JUST BEGINNING this journey again. I want to highly recommend and thank the customer service team at Orchard Corsets ; as they were fantastic over the emails . They recommended me the size and style in which to start with ( I got the recommended size and a size larger just in case, and I love both of them! ) they are so accommodating & informative ! *Wink wink if you ever want me to Rep your wonderful Brand , let me know I love them so far!* I just want to thank all of my influences, ( or at least start with some ! ) In which that started me to go back down this beautiful path , that I have only previously LIGHTLY dabbled in. ( I apologize if I did not name everybody in the igstory, I think I got most though! ) @mirandarightsofficial ( I purchased a beautiful velvet gray skirt from her that I have to show off on here sometime soon it is fabulous ) , @kind_im_lattenzaun ( sorry I could not pronounce your Ig name correctly in the story ) , @mslindseyblack , @saraatmidnight , @blossomandbuttercups , @threnodyinvelvet & @curvecreation thank you lovely ladies ! WISH ME LUCK ! --- newjourney begining fet corset corsettraining tightlacing orchardcorset excited curves curvy inspired wishmeluck sexy gothic gothicgirl pastelgoth purple gothicstyle curvygirl curvyfashion

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Skully In Space


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So my husband bought me this amazing ritual cloak dress at an antique mall a few weeks ago. After cleansing it I just HAD to use it for photos! 😍 @andybalasphotos of course got some AMAZING shots! toledomodels girlswithtattoos witch witches witchcraft witchesofinstagram witchy cloak cloakdress witchaesthetic witchfashion gothic inkedgirls instagood

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Rad AF Goth style Mona Lisa Repost @miss_black_sole ( @get_repost) ・・・ Finally, my kinda art! monalisa gothart altclothing altgirl style fashion black pretty iloveblack elegant punkclothing blackclothing gothicfashion allblack loveblack darkglamour missblacksole allblackeverything altstylealternativedarkbeauty chic decadence gothic weird

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Anomie Bloom


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drawing sketch boceto inkdrawing nature deadnature sketchbook illustration dibujo design darkness ilustraciones art artworks bird painting gothic inked deadbird deadnature sketching tattoo blackmetalart bug shareart

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Adam & Yve Jewellery


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New addition to my shop checking it out. gothring gothic sterlingsilver etsyshop handmadejewellery

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architecture architecturephotography medieval gothic castle well stairs staircase spiral stone arch Dark Darkness horror creepy spooky blackandwhite mystery aesthetic aesthetics artwork art darkart obscure

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Tenebrosa II goth gothic curls curlyhair vampire victorian artist art blackandwhite model androgynous pretty makeup mua metal metalhead gay gayguy instagoth instadaily trans music gothicboy glam

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abandon ruralexploration blackandwhite drawing original freehand graphite bnw ghost paranormal spooky spirit dark gothic entities

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chloe leather


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blackandwhitephoto blackandwhite grunge goth entrance river dark gothic gothicphotography sky windows building light brick photography road modern old vintage

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Chad Cherry


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Dracula's Web 🕸💉 . . . . . . dracula vampire tshirt tshirts tshirtoftheday horror classichorror culthorror horroraddict horrormovie cultclassic distressedtee distressedshirt chadcherryclothing vampires teeshirt goth gothic horrorpunk horroricon belalugosi blood vamplife rocknroll

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Our Bath Babe @paige_renee57 showing her love for • Fatal Attraction • Bath Bomb. Perfect for welcoming tomorrow's eclipse 🌑🌘🌗🌖🌕🌒🌓🌔🌚💀 ・・・ My new bath bombs from @kaleidosoaps Can't wait to try them! halloween skull glitter blackbathbomb blackbathwater goth gothic sexy sensual noir blackasnight night bathtime bathtub sinful bath bubbleart bathart bathbomb love beauty cosmetics magic fatalattraction rose hop insiderbeauty darkness

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kylie skellington


Comment from kylie skellington:

can your lipstick do this!? Ask me about LipSense 👄 let's up your lip game 👄 lipstick darkfashion romance datenight fashion red black ombre mua muha redandblack redmakeup senegence sandiego witch witchcraft gothic romantic lace blackdiamond polefit poledancing hooplove burningman rave edc edm ravegirl ravegear

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The Better Things.🗝


Comment from The Better Things.🗝:

Photo credit: @ryyaaannnn9 cx I really like these aha~ photographycameratumblrgirltum darkhairalternativegirlalterna ternativegrungegrungegirlgothi gothicseptumstretchedearspierc piercingsbodymodstattoosmakeup

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Shadowplay video outtakeshadowplaykingjohnsongo songothicmetalbandmetalmusicgh sicghostsinfernoLudwigdrumsgib

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Saga Kuro


Comment from Saga Kuro:

Catching up on some Pokémon 💕 Pokémon gaming halloween creepycute gothic gothgirl espeon

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I was out for a long time, hope all you can excuse me. But now I'm back, so tag us on your pic for the opportunity to be shared! ✨Model: @eleanoredystopia . goth gothic gothgirl gothgoth dark makeup gothmodel gothicmakeup wicca witch magic horror creepy alternative alt altmodel darkness nugoth instagoth beautifulgirl killstar gothicmodel gothicbox metalgothaltofficial gothfashion

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Cloud 9 Kingdom


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5% OFF! DONT MISS OUT! ORDER NOW!!! C9K InstaGood Love Marvel DcComics Disney StyledbyMarvel MarvelStudios ComicGirls Cosplay Cosplayer CosplayWorld SexyCosplay HotTopic Gothic MarvelEntertainment HotandGeeky SuperHeroes GeekGirls GamerGirls CosplayGirls SuicideGirls SexyGeek SexyNerd NerdGirls Trending PhotoOfTheDay FashionStyle Unisex StyleGram

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Kimberly Berg-Ruiz (blueskiesunflowers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kimberly Berg-Ruiz


Comment from Kimberly Berg-Ruiz:

Not sure what's up with the dots on the top left... spooky 😈 • • • • architecture gothic clouds creepy vintage church haunted

6 Minutes ago
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Comment from Nick:

Ugh such a queen 💙 nostalgia withintemptation 💎 fanforlife queen of symphonic gothic music

7 Minutes ago
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Bryan Patino


Comment from Bryan Patino:

👾 vegan gayvegan punk postpunk sober alternative xvx goth gothic nugoth crust gaypunk notsingle queer vegano gothgoth queerpunk satanist satanico gay gayguy sobervegan veganpunk deathrock crust anarcho blackmetal gothpunk

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Afochso Tonobo


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✌🇦🇹 . . . . me no model hoodie blackandwhite style piercing piercings tattoo tattoos bodymods bodymodification scene emo gothic alternative metal hardcore goth rock photooftheday picoftheday instagood photography pictureoftheday tonobo

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Comment from Angelina:

Ugh the wallpaper and the candle holders are to die for, forever swooning over this room. victorian victorianroom gothic goth

8 Minutes ago
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Somerville Munt


Comment from Somerville Munt:

Incase I wasn't punk enough for you already... 💀 • • • punk gothic selfie

18 Days ago