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Comment from Skogsdotter🌲:

cementery graveyard forest woods walkinginthewoods mexico darkness goth gothicboy depression sadness gothic

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Comment from Alice:

графика рисунок трафарет эскиз основа художник татуэскиз тату markers маркеры линеры handmade tattoo sketch illustration outline sketching впроцессе портрет portrait готика gothic bw тушь перо ink pen

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Elizabeth Grace


Comment from Elizabeth Grace:

This was such a hot outfit, I'm gutted the heat melted my pvc dress 😂😂 alternative altgirl gothic gothicstyle gothicmakeup gothgirl allblackeverything darkfashion spookygirl creepygirl witchy witchygirls metal metalgirls tattooed tattooedwomen girlswithtattoos girlswithink inked

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Comment from xx_lonelylife_xx:

We're all playing the same game ........ emotional express totalfreak freak worthless emogirl emo goth gothic liveanotherday games samegame desperate deadinside buriedalive suicidal canttakeit canttakeitanymore different differentlevels

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Claudia Melim


Comment from Claudia Melim:

"Dark Elegance Model/MUA/Styling: claudiacandeias.designer Photography: claudia.melim / wickedwonderlandphotography dark elegance model modelling claudiacandeiasdesigner claudiamelim stocking stockingaddict garter skirt gothic red corset corsetlovers makeupaddict redlips blackandred art photography photoshoot darkelegance alternativemodel alternativestyle

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Alternative Styles


Comment from Alternative Styles:

redhair outfit outfitoftheday fashion style alternative alternativestyle blackclothes dress jacket jeans makeup tshirt clothes styleoftheday emo goth gothic punk rock

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Alice Rosa Brusin 🦄


Comment from Alice Rosa Brusin 🦄:

🇩🇪köln germanytrip explore exploreeurope cathedral gothic

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Ginger Voodoo


Comment from Ginger Voodoo:

Guys we're Collaborating with some Brilliant Artists for An Amazing Giveaway that Starts Next Friday! Our Come Play With Us Line has been so Well Received we wanted to Share The Love! Stay Tuned For Details We Can't Wait! 🔪💀❤🔪💀❤🔪💀❤🔪💀❤🔪💀theshining comeplaywithus redrum gradytwins stanleykubrick jacknicholson kubrickmovies dannylloyd horror horrorbath horrorfan scary scarybath goth gothgirl gothgoth gothic dark witchcraft witches wicca organic bodybutter bodyscrub bathandbody gingervoodoo goodforyourskinandyoursoul

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Comment from Grieven:

Overall, Sinsaenum’s debut album ‘Echoes of the Tortured’ isn’t really contributing to the growth of death metal musicality, but it does well to rekindle the past with a modern representation of the glory of death metal. . . . music genre song songs TagsForLikes melody instagood newsong lovethissong favoritesongpp bestsong repeat listentothis goodmusic instamusic heavymetal metal gothic melodic deathmetal blackmetal thrashmetal nowplaying brutal brutaldeathmetal blindplaylist nowplaying EchoesoftheTortured sinsaenum

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Comment from palemoonlight.x:

trash ✖ me metalhead freckles l4l f4f fff vamp cool choker grunge 90s beautiful tumblr pale pastel retro hippie flowers art expression kawaii goth softgrunge aesthetic girl hot alone gothic bluehair

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Alternative Styles


Comment from Alternative Styles:

sleepingwithsirens outfit outfitoftheday fashion style alternative alternativestyle blackclothes dress jacket jeans makeup tshirt clothes styleoftheday emo goth gothic punk rock

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Agata Okkult


Comment from Agata Okkult:

Haha just had the weirdest dream ever. Was living in a boarding school (I'm 30 and out of studying for 10 years!) and chrisjerichofozzy was my teacher for psychology and paranormal 😂 wtf brain? 😆 But that was way too cool 😍😎 TBS restingbitchface makeup makeupjunkie gamer gamergirl retro Rockabilly rockabella pychobilly goth gothgirl redlips piercing piercedgirl tattoo tattoedgirl Septum labret gothic gothicparty gothicgirl doubleseptum tripleseptum ilovewrestling

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🌙 Yvette De Immortalia 🌙


Comment from 🌙 Yvette De Immortalia 🌙:

ok thx goth gothic killstar memes witch witchygirls sassy pleasedonotswearonmyprofilethank piercedgirls tattooedgirls stretchers eyebrows makeup nails falsenails blacknails gothicstyleandmusic _gothgirls

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⚜ VenusXIII ⚜ 🇫🇷


Comment from ⚜ VenusXIII ⚜ 🇫🇷:

Hello 🤗 - - - teamettika wiw witch livethelittlethings styleoftheday paris fashion fashionblogger vscocam black lifeofadventure vscogood boho ootd outfitoftheday piercing uogoals whatiwore frenchgirl blogger youtuber gothic makeup photography rock goth selfie girl thirdeye

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Boutique D'Horreur


Comment from Boutique D'Horreur:

***New Design*** Edgar Allan Poe : The Premature Burial We have to show homage to the famous Edgar Allan Poe… Expect more in the future! The Premature Burial is a horror classic written by Edgar Allan Poe. This is a horror short story on the theme of being buried alive, which was a common fear in this period. Link to TeePublic store in bio On sale now! Starting at $14!

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Eli B


Comment from Eli B:

"I'm sick of 69 I just want 666" 🎵 Extremely pissed off, proceed with caution 😇 - alternativegirl goth gothgirl instagoth gothgram metalhead metalheadgirl metalgirl creepygirl horrorgirl gothic gothicgirl altgirl igerszaragoza alternative oringchoker necklace choker darkhair redlips redlipstick nofilter dress

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Comment from 13thFloorGaming:

Outlast II.... Enough said. . . . gaming ps4 pc xboxone horror gamer rpg gothic scene silenthill residentevil outlast2 outlast outlastII itriedpapayaanddidntlikeit boogyman 5nightsatfreddys

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Steampunk Corset


Comment from Steampunk Corset:

steampunk gothic latex vinyl fashion corset

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Ματινα Κ.


Comment from Ματινα Κ.:

//cross my heart and hope to die stick a needle in my eye// makeup mua lips lipstick nails pastegoth grunge gothgirl fashion pastel softgrunge palegrunge darkgrunge pastelhair luna weirdo witch alternative tumblr black allblack wednesdayadams gothic art love beauty style instafashion instabeauty unicorn

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Comment from mr.graycloud:

Born sinner 🔊 chillstephousemusictumblrsongmusicpolishinstasoundsuicideinstalikeistanbulstayhighsoundsapplikeforlikelikebacktrapmusicfollowmetrancesoundcloudinstasoundhiphoprapgangstaMaryJanemarijuananiggabestpeacebornsinnerrapmonstergothicpsychedelic

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