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Blog Casal Corredor


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⚠️ALERTA⚠️ Correr emagrece e rejuvenesce as pessoas!!!😂😂 Achamos essa foto de 2011(camiseta verde) da EcoRun na Usp-sp, em uma das primeiras provas de 10km que fiz, em 1:01:00. Seis anos depois, com uns 8kg a menos, a outra foto é do último domingo, fazendo 43:30 nos 10km. Só que na primeira eu tinha 25 anos e agora com 31, mas parece o contrário!!! 😂😂😂🏃🏼🔝💪🏻 . . . casalco viciadosemcorridaderua euatleta corridaderua corredoresderua brasilrunners instarunners treinaquevem botapracorrer letsrun vemcorrercomagente runwithus healthy heathymind foconameta nopainnogain papodemaratonistas workhardplayharder casaisquecorrem vidasaudavel atitudeboaforma gratitude gratidão sintasebemagora

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Georgia Dwyer (serpentineandfair) Instagram Photos and Videos

Georgia Dwyer


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❤️Customer Appreciation Shout Out❤️🤗🙏🏻🦋 Big Thanks to my peeps near and far for all the support this summer so far ~ these lovely ladies in their @serpentineandfair from @jamjargoods in Guerneville Ca. and all my friends and fam who wiped out the private Loose Screws trunk show this weekend at Kate Wolf Music Festival🌼🤘🏼☀️gratitude summertime bohobling smallbusiness handmade jewelry serpentineandfair

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Sue Fitzpatrick (a_balanced_life_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sue Fitzpatrick


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Today's torture - 4000m row! Needless to say things got rather sparkly 😂 • • • • photosinbetween abmlifeiscolourful theeverygirl visualcrush love health igersbrisbane workfromanywhere wellbeing create destiny mindfulness lifegoals transformation nutritionalcleansing healthylife nutrition fitnesssecret networkmarketing workfromanywhere freedom wellness gratitude beyourownboss instahealth balance abalancedlife brisbane sweatequity

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Frida's St. Louis (fridasstl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Frida's St. Louis


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Join us 7/12! Can you believe we're going to be FIVE years old? Details coming soon - fun, music, deals and food! 🎉💃🍷🌮 . . anniversary celebrate gratitude woohoo savethedate vegetarian plantbased community ucity

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ZEE STITCHES by Abimbola (brownsugar4bim) Instagram Photos and Videos

ZEE STITCHES by Abimbola


Comment from ZEE STITCHES by Abimbola:

Feedbacks like this, makes me appreciate my work more. @tinulove is our UK client I've never met before. She fell in love with us and sent in her measurement and asked I pick fabric for her after seeing one of our surest zeesoldiers @gmamasweetf slay in our outfits during her vacation in London. Both outfits we made for her fit like gloves and she rocked both soooo well. We love you sis, thanks for flying our flag again + thanks for the referral💋💋💋! Godfactor grace graceatitspeak gracespeaksforme mytestimony ilovewhatido ilovemyjob myjobmypassion mystory bling blings blingaddict blingbling pepperdem gratitude glassbeads swarovskicrystals swarovskizip

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Izi Sea Breeze Jewellery


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lovely old bentley spotted at wottonunderedge yesterday oldschool vintagecar cotswolds intheshire highstreet random randomfinds special wings awesome lucky luckyus grandes sepia summertime gratitude grateful shining shiney equisite british bristol girlboss

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Deonna Gibson (shoney_dee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Deonna Gibson


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A chance to experience a Debt Free lifestyle 🌴 empowerment encouragement extraordinary Dreams Legendary opportunity lifechanging changinglives persistence pursuits purpose happiness thegoodlife wisdom graceful gratitude thankful ambition development determanation dicipline Freedom Fearless happiness friendships fun futuregoals mindset focused thegibsonstyle

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A R I E L L E   N A G I A (thenativespirit) Instagram Photos and Videos



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The Secret


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The more love you give in your day-to-day life, the greater the magnetic power of love you have in the field around you, and everything you want will fall at your feet. Learn the roadmap of what and how Love will create your dream life here

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Live Well Chiropractic (livewellfamilychiropractic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Live Well Chiropractic


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Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! Thank you for making our dreams come true! What an amazing Anniversary dinner at Ambrosia in Santorini! lovelove anniversarymeal familyfirst pediatricchiropractor santorini oia gratitude

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Donna Peterson


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Tadasana on the rocks. How to you express appreciation for one of those moments when it feels like the world is within your grasp? hiking sierranevada tadasana yoga outsideyoga optoutside yogainspiration namaste gratitude

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Emma Wright Art (emmawrightart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emma Wright Art


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This is me and my kiwi accent 🌸❄️ just about to begin a naturebathing walk. Head over to Emmawrightart fb page to join live. 🌸🙏💕

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Repost @howiecoaching "text": "Positivity Highvibration affirmation joy enthusiasm appreciation possibility empowerment heart simplicity transformation gratitude Repo @howiecoaching"text": "Positivity Highvibration affirmation joy enthusiasm appreciation possibility empowerment heart simplicity transformation gratitude grat

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UpScale Marketing


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No excuses, Start Today!! 📈

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Erin Leyba


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Nicola Carpenter (healthcoachnicola) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicola Carpenter


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As I near the end of my training to become a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, I realize how many people haven't heard of Functional Medicine and do not know the benefits it may bring them. My personal mission over the next few years is to raise awareness of this field of medicine in the hopes that others can heal & no longer needlessly suffer foodismedicine functionalmedicine hashimotos autoimmunedisease chronicillness hope enlightenment gratitude mindfullness ralphwaldoemerson

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Your next mansion? 👌 - Follow @millionaire.perfection for the finest in luxury cars, watches, residentials and fashion 🍾🥂 . . . . motivational succeed mindset hustle grind beautiful moneymaker success determination businessowner inspiration quotes lifestyle businesswoman entrepreneur businessmindset101 happiness quoteoftheday startup entrepreneurlife fit dedication gratitude bestofday boss attitude positive life confidence

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Vivi Dias


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Eitaaaaaa Amoooo muitooooo tudo isso 😍gratitude lifewithpurpose magraparasempre focanadieta focanoverao biquinedelacinho barriganegativa ra ruadaquitanda travessadoouvidor vaigordinha emagrecer vidasaudavel centrorio errejota dieta fitness bumbumnanuca dietasemsofrer foco forcadevontade rj nutricao estilodevida FF FollowBack L4L instafollow

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Rhiannon Watson (pinkybear4) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rhiannon Watson


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Love this one ✨💪🏻 lawofattraction powerofpositivity positivity power strength determined determination quotes inspiration energy relax gratitude grateful wednesday wednesdaywisdom mindset beautiful universe thesecret

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Charlie SNS


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LA출장 찰리의모험LA 못다한이야기 04 이번 출장 도 물론 기도로 준비를 했지만 엘에이에 있는 내내 한국에서 중보를 해주고 계심이 너무나 느껴졌다는... 대부분의 업체 방문이 너무나 순조롭고 더 나아가 매우 환대를 받았기에 업체방문을 조율한 나로썬 너무나 감사했다 부족한 나의 인솔에 함께 와주신 대부분의 분들께서 매우 잘 호응해주시고 맞춰주셔서 아울러 감사했다 아마 항상 그렇듯 문제는 나였던 것 같다... 여러가지 이유가 있었겠지만 말씀과 기도가 내 삶 속에서 온전히 이뤄지지 않는다면 어떠한 상황 속에서도 내가 스스로 무너지는 듯 싶다... 범사에 감사하고 쉬지말고 기도하고 항상 기뻐하라 라고 말씀하신건 명령이지만 그건 누구보다 우리 자신을 위한 걱정과 배려의 명령이 아니였을까 싶다... 감사의 마음이 사라지면 불평이 기도가 사라지면 불안함이 기쁨이 사라지면 분노가 내 안에 나도 모르는 사이에 자리잡고 마니깐... 그래서 공식일정이 끝난 토요일 오후에 기도의집을 가서 기도를 했다... 그냥 집에 온 느낌... 하나님의 임재함 속에 뛰어놀며 어리광도 피고 이런저런 이야기 하는게 좋았다... 좋아하는 사람이야기부터 앞으로의 미래이야기까지... 심지어 그 전날 먹은 맛있었던 타코이야기까지... 정말로 20명 남짓 아무런 큰 사고 없이 무사히 일정을 마치게 해주신 처음부터 끝까지 함께 하셨고 보호와 인도하심으로 이 모든 상황과 사람을 주관해주신 하나님께 영광과 경배를 드린다 찰리의모험 찬양 기도 PIHOP pray intercessor grace mercy grateful gratitude 감사 영광 pasadenainternationalhouseofpr

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Amanda Caldas (am_caldas) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amanda Caldas


Comment from Amanda Caldas:

"Be Still, and Know..." pordosol nature beauty gratitude

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Artur Bonifácio (arturboni) Instagram Photos and Videos

Artur Bonifácio


Comment from Artur Bonifácio:

O mundo é repleto de belezas que deixamos ficar ocultas a nós por nossa correria cotidiana. Às vezes faz bem se forçar a olhar mais atentamente. 😊 . . . photolovers photooftheday colors color colorful flower blossom purple blue nature street city flor jardim gardem sky builds green verde gratitude gratidão ig_shotz ig_brazil_ naturezaperfeita brasilia fotododia

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Just Me


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Love Light Spiritual Fight OpenMind Spirit unity gratitudeisthebestattitude gratitude strength healing enlighten positivity purpose good Motivation angels archangels energy healer peace growth highvibes miracles truth universe purpose faith life inspiration

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Comment from -Chris-:

JustASample 26 🎷🔊🔊😥❤ FULL REMIX in BIO Everytime I make music might aim is to make something of quality that I know I'd love listening to in my headphones and then just consistently improving This remix captures the mood of gratitude and appreciation I've been in lately. Hope y'all enjoy it DOPE NEWS STILL YET TO COME lol Acapella: @logic301 - EVERYBODY ____________________ love peace happiness hiphop instrumental remix newmusic soundcloud fl production cool beats dancing celebration visionarymusicgroup boondocks black animation @6ixvmg @jonbellion @vontaethomas @itsmikeholland

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Amy Louise


Comment from Amy Louise:

I'm holding my SELF LOVE WORKSHOP in LA next weekend!!! I'm super excited for this, and to also have @jo_looo coming along to lead us through BreathWork. I've been working with him the last few weeks and this is definately something that everyone gets to experience. For me it's a Non Negotiable now. If you are in LA please spread the word so we can help and inspire as many beautiful souls as possible! ❤️❤️❤️ selflove workshop chooselove breathwork love acceptance selfworth selfcare investinyou freeevent venice gratitude meditation grareful lifecoach empower inspire

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Just Me (sassnspirituality) Instagram Photos and Videos

Just Me


Comment from Just Me:

Love Light Spiritual Fight OpenMind Spirit unity gratitudeisthebestattitude gratitude strength healing enlighten positivity purpose good Motivation angels archangels energy healer peace growth highvibes miracles truth universe purpose faith life inspiration

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The Natural Skin Collective (naturalskincollective) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Natural Skin Collective


Comment from The Natural Skin Collective:

These are for You! Feeling truely grateful for the way you have embraced The Natural Skin Collective and for the wonderful, talented people I have met along the way. You guys rock!! 📷 Pinterest

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Comment from tellyventure:

SELFEMPOWERMENT // When in doubt, ask yourself: what would Beyoncé do? 😅

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Carla Cruz


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SOPHIE ✖️ BENBOW (sophiebenbow) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SOPHIE ✖️ BENBOW:

Change 👀

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Maddison Holmes


Comment from Maddison Holmes:

Today I'm very excited to share that I've linked arms with the beautiful Lauren King from @life_above_zero and the team at The Healthstyle Emporium ✨💫 I'm incredibly humbled to be a part of the team and let me quickly tell you why ---> ❤️ The Healthstyle Emporium is an amazing online community tailored to help you meet your individual health goals with a holistic approach. You have health professionals, yoga teachers, skin experts, nutritionists, personal trainers, life coaches and more at your finger tips 👯 This program has changed my life in four months and I can't wait to show everyone how and continue to share my journey with the world 🌎 My skin is clearer than ever, I've lost weight, my hair is growing so fast, I'm sleeping throughout the whole night and my anxiety has taken a massive step in the right direction whilst allowing me to share this journey with other like minded and inspirational women. I quickly learnt that I'm not alone 🌷🌸 With that being said let me welcome anyone interested in seeing what this community is about by direct messaging me or emailing me at maddison_holmes I'm looking forward to helping others change their reality like I have, we all have the potential to life a life we love 💕

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Lepic-Kroeger, REALTORS®


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When you try to get a group shot, but everyone's busy selling houses. realtorlife

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Dennis Tessié (theloverinyou) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dennis Tessié


Comment from Dennis Tessié:

it's about time to let go 🗝🌏💫😎💖

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