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Tasha Brandt (fan_tash_tic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tasha Brandt


Comment from Tasha Brandt:

So grateful to have this lady in my life. Constantly rising to meet eachother, having so many giggles together and such an awesome friendship. So excited for so many adventures to come! soulsister soultribe gratitude

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Russell McDougal (russellmcdougal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Russell McDougal


Comment from Russell McDougal:

WOW - Wonder Of Watermelon - R. McDougal

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Style Everywhere (styleeverywhereby) Instagram Photos and Videos

Style Everywhere


Comment from Style Everywhere:

There is always something to be grateful for 🦋 let's cultivate the habit of gratitude :) Wishing you a peaceful & relaxing weekend 🙌🏼💋 lifeisagift grateful blueblue peaceful quote thanksgod love gratitude goodvibesonly wanderlust weekendvibes nevergiveup peaceandlove attitude lifestyleblogger lookbook ootd ukblogger

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Andreia Carvalho (andy_car90) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andreia Carvalho


Comment from Andreia Carvalho:

Gratidão Mãe amada 🙌💖🙏 gratidão nossasenhoraaparecida mãe Deusebometempotododeusebom fé maisumaconquista maisummilagreemminhavida sabado God attraversiamo gratitude faith goodafternoon

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Ann-Marie Thompson (gotoilandgratitudebyannmarie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ann-Marie Thompson


Comment from Ann-Marie Thompson:

Hey summer is almost over but there is still time to have some great BBQ's. Here are some fantastic runs to make your meals yummy. They would work great in a smoker too. Give them a try and let me know what you think. We love BBQ all summer and fall around here. How about you? bbq smoker summer dryrubs outdoorliving spices yummy

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LoveSoulShine (lovesoulshine) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from LoveSoulShine:

Sharing Some of my favorite Meditation and Gratitude apps - Even 10 minutes a day makes a difference💜🌸app mindfulness meditation lovesoulshine headspace calm gratitude happiness presentmoment unplug wisdom gratitudejournal quiet heal selflove simplehabit

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Z Man (zachsstrumandsurf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Z Man


Comment from Z Man:

When Mercury goes retrograde ... stressaway mercury retrograde relax destress yleo

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Nai Natts Daniel (thebeautyfulgirl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nai Natts Daniel


Comment from Nai Natts Daniel:

Er ... so !✨ I suffer with depression. makeupismeditation motivation destress passion something to aspireto inspirewith a source of empowerment and personal achievement Not everything I do is perfect. Even though I feel the pressure to be even Insta perfect 😉instamama instamua instafabulous imnotperfect I'm flawsome because so too is life. Flawed and yet totally awesome. There are moments in every day good or bad so ... take each day as it comes 😘 Stuck my eye together, got powder into the same eye which then would not stop watering causing my liner etc etc to run lol not a good day lol but Blessings and gratitude for another day. Sometimes you just have to suck it up - even when it sucks out loud selfmua sowhat getonwithit suckitup flawsome saturdayvibes motd makeuplover makeup beauty blackdog authenticity everydaylessons cheeky life

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Cris Freitas (crisdefreitas_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cris Freitas


Comment from Cris Freitas:

gratidão gratitude grateful obrigadadeus thanksgod obrigadaobrigadaobrigada sempreaprendendo

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Comment from kaffaniata:

Quand vient la fin de l'été 🎑 sacredfeminine lightworker loveandlight spirituality freespirit frenchblogger frenchgirl storyteller wildlife greenlife goodvibes lifestyle slowlife instalife followme follow4follow zen gratitude goodlife magic love inspiration witchlife gaia naturopathy naturelover selflove bohostyle slowliving sunset

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Jenny SW (drjennynd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jenny SW


Comment from Jenny SW:

I fully acknowledge my privilege in being able to study that which interests me, to work, to love and be loved, to raise a daughter as I choose, and to live in this country. gratitude speakloudly lovepeacefully Repost Via @repostappoffical Repost @agewellyyc ( @get_repost) ・・・ I love what I do! I'm deeply grateful that I get to work with amazing people. Be assured, there's a lot of care and consideration that goes into each individual treatment plan. PRPprep yyc

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irene poerba (irene.poerba) Instagram Photos and Videos

irene poerba


Comment from irene poerba:

. . terkagum, menari bersama senja ketika Dia berbisik "Aku mengasihimu"... romans8:38-39 MSG . gratitude gratitudejournal wairinding sumba indonesia

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Alessandra Ribeiro (alessandrasbribeiro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alessandra Ribeiro


Comment from Alessandra Ribeiro:

gratidão gratitude faith hope life light miracle miracles live love family fé esperança vida luz milagre amor família

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Tiffany Gassert (tiffanylateralus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tiffany Gassert


Comment from Tiffany Gassert:

Trying to remember to appreciate and find peace in the small beautiful things that this life and our planet has to offer. My anxiety today is through the roof. reflection meditation mindfulness breathe anxiety highfunctioninganxiety depression self ego narcisism analyzation selfreflection gratitude gratefulness earthling flawedspecies

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Marianka (taylorandmarianna) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marianka:

⚡️⚡️⚡️It's Saturday ⚡️⚡️⚡️Saturday PositiveEnergy Gratitude PolishGirl PolskaDziewczyna Makijaz Makijaż 💥💥💥

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Evelyn Toro (we_are_just_getting_started) Instagram Photos and Videos

Evelyn Toro


Comment from Evelyn Toro:

"I have been touched by the soul of some beautiful people, and for that, I AM GRATEFUL" . . . gratitude gratitudejournal lamagia magicisreal souljourney lifepurpose heart love thankful blessed iamenough findings energyhealing lightworker insta orlando florida picoftheday newbeginnings real

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| Infusorina Chás Artesanais | (infusorina) Instagram Photos and Videos

| Infusorina Chás Artesanais |


Comment from | Infusorina Chás Artesanais |:

A feira acabou. E eu não consigo mensurar a chuva de aprendizado que foram esses 3 dias. De experiência, de gratidão pela oportunidade. Termos recebido essa chance foi inesquecível. Foram 3 dias que mais pareceram 10 dias; De amor pela vida e por cada ser humano que faz dos dias, um dia melhor. Que mesmo frente às adversidades sorri e segue em frente. Conheci histórias, fiz amizades, apresentei meu filho, recebi abraços sinceros, valorizei e fui valorizada. Senti olho no olho aqui. Senri receptividade. Senti que somos um grão de areia no universo e o que a gente leva dessa vida é a vida que se leva. ♡ Um SALVE para quem nos acompanhou na madrugada e para quem assistiu depois 😍🌿🙌🍶🌏 pra quem não assistiu, também! Hahaha porque né, eu falo pra caramba! Ainda mais quando estou feliz. E é isso: a HKTDC um muito obrigada da infusorina por proporcionar tamanho conforto, oportunidade, informação e cuidado. Voltaremos com novidades que vão muito além de peças e chás, vão no coração. Espero de verdade, que tenham curtido nos acompanhar nessa maratona!!!! encontroscomchá compartilhandoamor infusorina tealover tea tealife amocha querocha positivitea teanews momentoinfusorina naestradacominfusorina infusorinachina infusorinaemhongkong china hongkongtrip hkintlteafair hongkongteafair srilankafriends indianfriends gratitude hkintlteafair

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Comment from Athene:

dracarys: 🔥Im hungry... houseoftargaryenkalyeseryegame egameofthronesfandracaryssatur saturdaylunchtimepictureofthed fthedayinstapicturejoygratitud

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Fight Brain (fightbrain) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fight Brain


Comment from Fight Brain:

Unless you've got a better plan. love selflove gratitude

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Leilani Garrett (leilanigarrett) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leilani Garrett


Comment from Leilani Garrett:

Support your local entrepreneur! Thank you @outsidetheboxsa for the new wraps! And shout out to every competing @duality today!💯🙌🏿💁🏾🙆🏾 . . . olympicweightlifting fitness fit fitfam fitspo fitspiration crossfitgirls crossfit bbg bbggirls tiuteam tiu instafit mood teamnatural natural whole30 momswholift exercise gratitude muscle bodybuilding diet iifym eatclean eat coach pillar

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Entrepreneur Life (entrepreneurs_lifestyle.no1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Entrepreneur Life


Comment from Entrepreneur Life:

Repost @spiritual_empowering ( @get_repost) ・・・ Forgiveness is freedom hope clearness high spirituality relaxation meditation peace freedom dalailama spiritual guidance peacerises gratitude peaceinpeaceout mindful foregiveness mindfulnessmeditation break universe kindness smile meditationmoment mindset

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Warren Wright (mrwrighttt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Warren Wright


Comment from Warren Wright:

So February of this year 2 month out from the slipped disc situation zero training 🙆🏾‍♂️ Germany xmas and Tenerife took its toll. 6 month of foam rolling hella reading 📚 ( @jme bless up and gratitude for one book in particular but shhh it's a secret 😏🤙🏾) and training going back and forth finally on track where I wanna be another 5-10% body fat down for Thailand 🇹🇭 next Feb light work 🏋🏾 gratitude stoicgang adversityisfuel francefirst

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▪️L A ▪️ (livemyheaven) Instagram Photos and Videos

▪️L A ▪️


Comment from ▪️L A ▪️:

Road to..... olive oil country 🌱🍃

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IWA Tattoo Parlour London (roisin_iwa) Instagram Photos and Videos

IWA Tattoo Parlour London


Comment from IWA Tattoo Parlour London:

Fudog/mountain lion 👹daily practise, always room for improvement 🙏🌸 tattooshop apprentice tattooapprentice apprenticetattoo tattooartist tattooworkers fudogtattoo fudog lion liontattoo tibet japanese japanesetattooart tattoopainting yoga gratitude grateful tattoo tattoos instatattoo brightandbold trflash traditionaltattoo art orientalart

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Laura Alexandar (laura_alexandar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Alexandar


Comment from Laura Alexandar:

Feeling good in Maui 🙏🏻🌈🙌🏻🏝gratitude mauigirl hawaiianlife

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Inspire Metals™ Metal Wall Art (inspiremetals) Instagram Photos and Videos

Inspire Metals™ Metal Wall Art


Comment from Inspire Metals™ Metal Wall Art:

.::Giveaway!::. Share your favorite art piece by Inspire Metals and use the hashtag inspiremetals to enter to win this metal Hamsa. Winner will be announced Sunday 8/20 -U.S. Only

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Yogita (yogaoutwithyogita) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Yogita:

People often ask me how I stay so positive. The truth is, I live a very simple life. I don’t like to over complicate anything—not at work, not at home and definitely not in my relationships. My secrets are all very simple. I don’t ‘stay positive’ and I didn’t learn any techniques. I am simply grateful. For EVERYTHING. I am grateful from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. I am grateful for the small things that most people overlook: the bed I get to sleep on every night, the roof over my head, the food on my plate, eyes to see, ears to hear, a beautifully strong and healthy functioning body. And I am grateful for the big things: From those who treated me with ill will, to the physical abuse, to the sexual abuse. I don’t believe that anyone has a bad heart or is a bad person. I believe that those who function out of narcissism, selfishness, arrogance, or abusive and sociopathic behaviour (yep!) are people who function out of deep set insecurities and brokenness. And whenever I have come across a person who carries and functions out of that broken behaviour, I find the gratitude in the experience of that. Life isn’t going to be all rainbows and butterflies. It is going to throw things at you so that you can learn from them and gain great wisdom and discernment from those experiences. And the key, every time that happens, is not to fall down, feel like you failed, blame someone else for all the ‘bad’ in your life. The key is to find the gratitude in that situation by seeing what you have learned from that experience! I am grateful for the strong life experiences I have encountered because that is what built my character, my values, my morals and my integrity. And I easily find forgiveness in my heart for the toxic, non-sensical behaviour of those broken beings who entered my life to teach me some incredibly valuable life lessons—lessons that built me to become the beautiful person that I am today. So for all of you who took a few moments out of your day to graciously read this message, know that you are the Beautiful person you are today because of your tough life lessons. Be grateful for those experiences. They are what mould you. With Love, Yogita ❤

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Cross (crossofficialband) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cross:

Thanks for your patience with us.. we are cooking up some stuff for ya that will be dropping very soon. patience gratitude

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Party Pops (vivinbee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Party Pops


Comment from Party Pops:

Meravigliosa Umbria ❤️ vivinbee vivinbeeinvacanza umbria orvieto gratitude myfamily igersitalia igersumbria

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Comment from YogaLiFe:

2 years and a half ago I fell in love for this lake in this very place. As today it was a very windy day. In February, not August. Much colder. Back then I did't know how much my life would have changed. So grateful for not holding onto the shore and just flow with the river. Beside that, being more in the now... can't tell how much I love the wind... if you let it guide you, he brings big change. Let it happen... wind lake sunset utthitahastapadangusthasana bellanotArtavalleterme bellano lakecomo

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anita mary (nitty_brown) Instagram Photos and Videos

anita mary


Comment from anita mary:

It all started dis morning 😍😍😍😚😙congrats @akweton_fettleb1 ..... may God bless ur new home and kip u ... amen 😇😇😇 @mena_concept thanks for d face beat 😘😘deltastatemuagratitude

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Zachariah 🙏🏽 (walkwithingod) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zachariah 🙏🏽


Comment from Zachariah 🙏🏽:

Remain in the state of thanksgiving and gratitude!Remain in the state of thanksgiving and gratitude! GOD gratitude love blessed thankful blessup

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Comment from crazygirlbind:

Feeling quite smug with these tickets - Myself @sophiakatsapaou took the local bus from Hikkaduwa to Mirissa 🚌 and survived!! 💪🏽🇱🇰 bindsophtravels gratitude thankyou thankfuleveryday

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