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💎Pratt Trecia Pitters


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Have a great Tuesday! staysthomemom muminbiz beyourownboss womeninbusiness femaleentrepreneur femaleboss empoweringwomen embraceyourself tuesdaymorning motivationalquotes thankful gratitude workingmum womeninsupportofwomen love smile happy

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morningmotivation morning sun yoga yogafun yogainspiration yogalove yogapose yogamom yogadaily yogaoutside yogaonthebeach yogainthesun sunrise beautifuldestinations beautifulview gratitude grateful blessed enjoyinglife enjoying enjoythelittlethings mexico vacationtime

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It's safe to say I've been really struggling since I've been back from travelling. With trying to balance mood, getting back into work after such a long time away and trying to get back in the gym! I've finally got there with the first two, so now it's time to get back into training! I'm determined to get back to this whether it takes me 6 months or 2 years 💪🏼

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Week 3 on the @jshealth Program and this week is focused on finding balance with food, your weight and your lifestyle 🙏🏻 My personal focus areas this week are; 1) Adding more greens to my meals 🌱and reducing intake of grains. I’ve noticed that I’m much better without grains from lunchtime. 2) Prioritising sleep by 10pm to ensure I’m fresh for my 6am hot yoga practice. 3) Practicing daily meditation and the stress-free zone. Choosing a few things to focus on each week works best for me and has helped me to make big change over time! X theprogram girls

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"Look at all these yummy colours - Frozen strawberries, blueberries, peaches, grapes! Each pack cost abt S$3.95 - S$4.95 each. Got a pack of mixed berries to have a go at something which I'm sure MiChicas are so gonna love! What will it be? Wait up and see k 😋" HealthyEating1MealAtATime WhatsInYourGroceryBag TheNajad cleaneating familycleaneating cleaneatingonabudget thefamilylife selfcare paradigmshift budgetliving blessed gratitude strawberries blueberries peaches mixedberries grapes

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C’est parti.... check in voyage plane thailand traveltherapy gratitude

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ребята! Ну какое же прекрасное утро💛 я честное слово не помню, когда в последний раз я была так рада раннему осеннему подьему. моя мама знает, что я абсолютно солнцезависимый человек🙏🏻☀️ мама знает-вселенная слышит, спасибо-спасибо-спасибо)) возд сегодня по весеннему тёплый, даже наши суровые граждане все расцвели и как-то робко, поражаясь,видимо,самим себе, едут в общественном транспорте и улыбаются!😊 в общем, всем сегодня желаю маленьких радостей и солнечных лучиков и помните: что вы всегда сами создаёте себе настроение💛☀️ morningglory morning beauty autumn sunny mood vsco vscorussia vscocam vscomoscow staypositive positivevibes gratitude love peace inspiration spreadlove

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Thank you 🙏 to @callebautchocolate for supplying their amazing Belgium chocolate for our BITA apprentices to train with. . Some amazing cakes were made last week in the cake block training. So very grateful to our amazing partners. . . . . apprentice apprenticetraining baking bakingindustry nbia gratitude

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on PEARLS bicyclechainlink otzar_treasure insanefinejewelry finejewellery finejewelry necklace pearls madeinparis gratitude grace graceful legoutdesbelleschoses link wesupportmadeinfrance

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Gritty people


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30 Days of Mindfulness - Day 17 ' Tactile Exercise' Pinch your arm lightly and pay close attention to how it feels and what your emotions start to do. Pay attention to the pain it causes, and how it radiates out from the point where you pinched yourself and then how it flows through your body. This exercise can really tune you in to how your body deals with discomfort and what emotions arise. Do you get angry, annoyed or frustrated when you feel pain? Do this exercise several times until you appreciate and understand how it feels and how your body and mind deal with it. mindfulness mindful bepresent thereisonlynow 30daysofmindfulness be moments gratitude balance emotions feelings present

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Pink Ville Jewellery


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Happy Dhanteras Everyone!! Welcome prosperity, joy, happiness, good health & wealth this Dhanteras.. Festival Greetings to you and your family from us💰💸🎊🎉✨ Festivitiesfuntrad ntraditionspositivityallaround

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DOG WALKER- Lead Astray


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Its thirsty work being a dig about town. DOG WALKER thirsty drinks

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After a year of work on our @sorrymomsitcom, I got this fab present from @rene.ruszo ❤️✨🎬 sorrymomsitcom hairofthedogtc shirt present gift filmmakers filmmaker filmmaking filmdirector director shooting crew filmcrew filmset tvsitcom fire tshirt movie filming photography photooftheday gratitude friends

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love believe motivational inspiration greatness gh ng accra osu just4u_quotes thegoodquote africa themindset gratitude jesus bible grateful jollof happiness joy selflove goodlife positivevibes positivequotes

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Jedina osoba koja poseduje moć da vas zaustavi ste vi sami. Facebook - Marko Ilic MarkoIlic Motivacija Quotes Citati InspirationalQuotes zivot kazi_glasno life balkanquotes citatizasvakoga love ljubav citati citatdana citatioljubavi citatiozivotu ljubavnicitati balkancitati balkanquotes mudrosti quotes Inspiration motivation happy life gratitude love happiness within

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Московский Центр Рейки и Ошо (osho_dhyanam_meditation_centre) Instagram Photos and Videos

Московский Центр Рейки и Ошо


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Что такое намасте и какой смысл заложен в этом жесте?🙏🏻 Намасте – это индийское и непальское почтительное приветствие или прощание, представленное жестом, выполняемым посредством соединения двух ладоней прямо перед собой на уровне чакры вишудха (в физическом плане – область шеи на уровне яремной ямки или щитовидной железы). При этом необходимо слегка склонить голову. Как переводится намасте? Слово намастэ происходит с санскритского слова namaste, состоящего из двух слов: namas (поклон, почтение) и te (ты). То есть, дословный перевод намасте звучит как «почтенный поклон тебе». «Нама» как коренное слово, встречается и в других языках мира. В немецком есть слово «nehman» и «neman». В латыни известно слово «nemus», а в старосаксонском – «niman». И во всех этих языках перевод означает одно и то же: уважение, почитание. Именно этот жест в индийской и тибетской культурах так важен, что он выполняется при встрече, прощании и религиозных ритуалах как мудра (при молитвах для призывания богов). Что значит намасте? Прежде всего, это проявление дружественности, символ благодарности, признания и доброты по отношению к кому бы то ни было. Соединив две ладони, человек гармонизирует свои энергетические потоки, испытывает состояние уравновешенности. Если пребывать в таком положении длительное время, приходит внутреннее сосредоточение, уход от мирского. Намасте является универсальным приветствием человека, знакомого и незнакомого, независимо от его пола и возраста. Всех нас объединяет присутствие во всем Божественного. dhyanamcentre oshocentre oshodhyanam namaste namaskar life lifestyle instagood instagram mantra meditation goodday followme follow4follow followers gratitude

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It's been an incredible, exhausting, challenging, magnificent three years of my life. I've come out the other end with a profound gratitude and admiration for the people I love. I started making a list to adorn my room and quickly filled up enough space to take up a photo. It's giving me joy to add to this list every day. friendship gratitude

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INTUITIVE SOULS (intuitive_souls) Instagram Photos and Videos




Many different faces on this old tree😍 nofilter trees tree treeface grateful gratitude nature freespirit live liveauthentic liveauthentically livesimply livesimple livelovelaugh livewholeheartedly livewell spiritual spirituality spiritualgrowth spiritualjourney myjourney livehappy happy happyday happylife mystyle mylife myhappyplace myjourney

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Annick McKenzie


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My happy place ! happymontagnesaintevictoire cézanne mountain vineyards🍇 pathlightandshadow beautifulinspirationpeaceful nature aixprovence cezannesmountain love hikelovemylife southoffrance mylandscape gratitude

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selfie nalagirl pitbull pitlab mycompanion dog pet pitbullsofinstagram pitbulllife gratitude grateful love unconditional gentle

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Heure miroir 💜 instagood goodvibes heuremiroir loa gratitude grateful freemind angel mumylife onelife manifesting

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bomdia goodmorning buenosdias bonjour buongiorno goodvibes gratitude coffee ☕🙏🍀😗💕🤗

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Your Light lights the World ❤️ . . . mindfulness lawofattraction positivity consciousness gratitude awakening vibratehigher awareness affirmation thirdeye positivethinking abundance paradigmshift spiritual buddha authenticity innerpeace meditation wisdom numerology lifepathnumber synchronicity higherconsciousness positivethinking powerofpositive hetepptah99 love happy

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Sean Trevena, PICP, LSSM


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Ms 100 starting to love Korean food. Hong Kong living with some clean eating. . . A.P.E Lifestyle 2.0 . . bigape apeappareal hon gymlife performance enhancement korean bjj rcjj atos jitslife lifestyle trainerslife gymlife discipline mindset mobility nomnomnom movement gratitude omm oldmanjiujitsu oldscholljiujitsu trainerslife transformation ageingathlete grind unstoppable

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Life is simple 🖤 . . . mindfulness lawofattraction positivity consciousness gratitude awakening vibratehigher awareness affirmation thirdeye positivethinking abundance paradigmshift spiritual buddha authenticity innerpeace meditation wisdom numerology lifepathnumber synchronicity higherconsciousness positivethinking powerofpositive hetepptah99 love happy

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Unfolding Divine Beingness (k_saifi_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Unfolding Divine Beingness


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He is the real Guru Who can reveal the form of the formless before your eyes; who teaches the simple path, without rites or ceremonies; Who does not make you close your doors, and hold your breath, and renounce the world; Who makes you perceive the Supreme Spirit whenever the mind attaches itself; Who teaches you to be still in the midst of all your activities. Fearless, always immersed in bliss, he keeps the spirit of yoga in the midst of enjoyments. ~KabirSacredGeometry mandala vibratehigher liveyourlife mindbodyspirit mindfulness awareness growth trust divineguidance awareness TrueSelf Everythingthatis everythingthateverwillbe everythingthathaseverbeen IAMTHATIAM namaste gratitude unconditionallove mindfulness spiritscience love

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Cindy Falcioni


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🙏🏼❤️ faith hope pray believe gratitude

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work me ben french glasses merhaba morning gunaydin brunette calm gratitude zen

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Yelisaveta Belova (Antonyuk) (yelisaveta_belova) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yelisaveta Belova (Antonyuk)


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We rise by lifting others. As for me, it's the best thing about being a teacher 👩🏼‍🏫 belova_inspiration

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DOG WALKER- Lead Astray


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Nature lovers Tess and Oskar 🐾🐾 DOG WALKER nature naturelovers

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...time to hit the road and take flight.. ..thankyou my little Japanese've served me well on my journey of a billion Iranian steps... ajourneyofathousandmi beautifuliran🇮🇷 lifeisahighway gratitude

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