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Comment from silentsinister:

🖤🌹Your tragic fate is awaiting. Oh how the glistening of tears pouring from your eyes turns me on. How the whimper of your pure, overwhelming sadness is so enlightening. My oh my the way you break down and loose control is mega exciting. But what disappointments me is the essence on your lips. Every time we kiss I feel the lies sunken deep within, they parade and jump, ready for their next move. But your tongue has desperation for the weakness in me. It slides past my lips so perfectly that I can't help but start to forget and slowly the power that was once mine. . . . Becomes yours. I break and shatter. My very own soul resting in your bloody hands. Are you going to help me fix myself or continue to stomp on my pieces. See and then you do build me back with a few cracks so you know the next time I'll cripple way more easy. But I'll win in the end. I know, what you think I don't. I won't hesitate to use it against you and fight so your trapped in my darkness instead of me in yours.🌹🖤 / makeup eyeshadow eyes pale makeuplove eyeliner foundation piercings emo emogirl crappyhair anime manga sfs f4f l4l blueeyes greeneyes veins darkness razerblade lips bloodylips rose cutting jackskellington nightmarebeforechristmas /

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Neha Rajawat Chauhan


Comment from Neha Rajawat Chauhan:

Just Love this Polka Dot Outfit!!😻photo by @varunfreee photoofthedaydressinglovelife pictureperfectheelsaddictgreeneyeslifestylestylishladygoa selflovebeautyfashioninstagramer

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love sexy loveyourself bigeyes greeneyes cute ✨

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On the way for the 2nd day at nyancon! conventiontime redhair silverhair harrypotter slytherin pureblood greeneyes serpent green fangirl austria mua makeupslave piercedgirl goth warts MissLynnNoire

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Der Doctor


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Maisie😍😍😍😊maisie maisiemoo maisiegram maisiewike maisiewills maisiewilliam maisiewillams maisiewiliams maisiewilliams reddress bbc britin britsh bristol british britishshorthair brownhair doctor doctorwho got gameofthrones greeneyes greeneyes greeneyes💚pinkdress

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♡~Little Emo Nymph~♡ . .🍃 . emo emogirl pretty grunge bringmethehorizon motionlessinwhite crystal likeforlike like4like scene scenegirl ripserenity rip greeneyes scemofeatures emototheextremo alternative aesthetic fakesmile makeup beauty

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Dana Pifke 🌞


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blueeyes greeneyes selfie tan feelinit brewery redhook yas me

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Miłego dnia 🌞 niedzielakomunijna polskadziewczyna polishgirl instagirl girl instagood summerday happyday selfie photooftheday fallowme l4l greeneyes goodmorning poland🇵🇱

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McKaylah 🎀 Ann


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PuckerUpp 😘💖 puckerup selfiesaturday trynewthings embraceyourflaws lightmakeup linerandlipstick nudelip wingedliner newshirt greeneyes blueeyes filter messyhair selfie

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Isabella Spirovski


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⛈kisses mwa lips makeup pink hightlight contour eyeshadow art tattoos greeneyes colours kitty cats happy healthyhair hair melbourne australia instagood instadaily winter weather chanel

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rita scarola


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saturdaynight photoofthedayfoulard green greeneyes instalikeinstagrampeopleinframepeople_infinityritascarolaportraitmoodalmostperfectpeople_storeepeoplepeople_and_worldpeoplehumanity_shotshumanityigglobal_photographersigg_global_peoplephotoofthedayhumanity_shots

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Whoever said that diamonds are a girl best friend..never owned a dog. 👌 goodmorning doglover sleepy snapchat mybaby mybestfriend love loveyou dog jackrussel terrier snapchatfilter l4l fitgirl l4f greeneyes

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Enquanto não há desamor escrevo sobre paisagens, sobre memórias sem dor, sobre o calor e a saudade que eu sinto numa noite sem te ver. 💌 tumblrgirl jeans makeup longhair blackhair instagirl instalike projetotc follow4follow like4like beauty behappy beautiful clothes happiness batommatte blogueirinha blogueira instablogger pow earrings velvet red piercingseptum piercing greeneyes wig desamor osdescordantes quietude

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Justyna Bielińska


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(Nie)skromna ja! girlpolskadziewczynapolishgirlinstagirlwomanmakeupbeautystudentselfieselfietimelookfaceeyesgreeneyesmorningsundayweddingweddingtimeamporanekmethisisme

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Fitness and Skincare


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What is your favorite cheat meal? 🍕🍔🍟🍰🍪🍻

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heidi sabrina van tassell


Comment from heidi sabrina van tassell:

Oh hey guys..the look I was trying to achieve this evening was "woman lost in woods for weeks...found alive.." pretty sure I nailed it redhead greeneyes hairstyles outofcontrol saturday memorialdayweekend

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Ryan Miller


Comment from Ryan Miller:

MoMo has been very patient with me. I have had to make her wait almost two days to climb in the hammock. happykitty cats catsofinstagram love hammock hammocktime relax fun awesome igdaily meow patience greeneyes

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ladiesofmetal ladyofmetal tattooed tattooedchick tattooedgirls tattooedwoman tattooedbabes greeneyes girlswithink girlswithgauges

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Alexandra Lazarenko


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Мои любимые❤ lovefollowme likelike4likegreeneyesfollow4followlikeforfollow greyekaterinburgekbmoscowmodelmodafashionbeutyselfiehappyforeverphotophotographylifetravelrussiainstagoodgirlniceophotographylifetravelrussiainstagoodgirlnicespring2017❤

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Luli.~ 😽


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Déjame sobrepasar tus zonas de peligro, hasta provocar tus gritos y que olvides tu apellido.~ Despacito remix JustinBieber LuisFonsi DaddyYankee lipsync funny woman tomboy videoclip blonde makeup greeneyes choker outfit igdaily pale pinklips bluelips redlips

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Ildikó Madarász


Comment from Ildikó Madarász:

greeneyes summer 🍦☀️

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Noa Hadad 🎭🎬🎥🍀


Comment from Noa Hadad 🎭🎬🎥🍀:

AlwaysTheSun ☀🐤🌻

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You again👽 : : : photooftheday picoftheday selfie girl eyes greeneyes polishgirl tattoo tattoos pink visualsoflife instagoodmyphoto instalike instagood instagram cool hipster 22 photo photography photographer outdoors art artist tumblrgirl tumblr instagirl summer selfies

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Buongiorno ai sorrisi, quelli che regalano raggi di sole, quelli contagiosi, irresistibili, spontanei, quelli che scaldano il cuore e alleggeriscono la mente. Sorridiamo più spesso, ne abbiamo tutti un gran bisogno! photographymeragazzadagliocchiverdisorrisiselfieionapoliitaliainstagraminstafollowlikeforfollowtweegramamazingfollowerslikeforlikeinstagoodsmailfotogoodmorninggreeneyesbuongiorno

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🤘🏼 selfie yyc calgary noshame selfie greeneyes tattoos pretty

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does it really matter ??


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Fuck this vapewithme vape vapetastic vapetochill dont giveafuck greeneyes vapehard vapelove

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Agnieszka D.


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me selfie polishgirl smile sunday blond longhair dress dzismisiechce l4l wall bigeyes greeneyes

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Yuval Star


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battlebug spiderbuggy ferrari micromachine cool robotic robot invader spaceinvader old Lego Duplo afol bricks toy crab wrench multitool tomyzoids scary greeneyes monster mutant ghostintheshell

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Snow White 🍎❄ New here 😀


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brunette greeneyes eyes makeupeyes cross selfie sitting

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WHPcolorstudy green greeneyes cat greeneyedcat animalphotography animals greenallaround

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Michaela Horáková


Comment from Michaela Horáková:

Selfie time 😊🐶selfie puppy puppylove love letmetakeaselfie smile girl brunette czechgirl czedog dog pet samoyed samoyeds feature_my_samoyed samoyedpuppy samoyedmom samoyedofinstagram samoyedofig samoyedmoments weekend weekendvibes summer car kimchithesamoyed dogstagram featuremydog samoyed_feature eyes greeneyes

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Merhaba yaz🌞nice nicebasaran babygirl baby babyfashion instakids instagood instapic love kids iphoneonly iphonesia mybaby sun landscape greeneyes happy bebek

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Gülümse☺️nice nicebasaran love babygirl baby babyfashion fashionkids kids kidsfashion instagram_kids instagood happy instakids igbaby picoftheday instalike beautiful mybaby landscape greeneyes

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