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Igor Sherko (sherkoigor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Igor Sherko


Comment from Igor Sherko:

"Портрет Густавсонов". Цифровая живопись. 2014г. зож здоровье графика живопись цифроваяживопись искусство рисунок красиво мода дизайн интерьер Москва санктпетербург Новосиmбирск томск красноярск иркутск совриск art contemporaryart painting digitalart tea greentea health family семья портрет

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This MarcheL (this_march) Instagram Photos and Videos

This MarcheL


Comment from This MarcheL:

Enjoy your day.... matcha greentea 🍵 starbucks

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Dorota Auguštin (dorotaaugustin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dorota Auguštin


Comment from Dorota Auguštin:

Tea time! malaysiantea trip tasty travel travellers instatravel cameronhighlands tourist honeymooners greentea blacktea fajnie szalonewlosy

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Elvie Gino Bañez (elvie113) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elvie Gino Bañez


Comment from Elvie Gino Bañez:

More of this greentea for a heal-tea-er me... Thanks @teeny_111 ... thursdayisthenewfriday for my sisters in Christ. thursdaydgroup

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Igor Sherko (sherkoigor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Igor Sherko


Comment from Igor Sherko:

"Красноносый портрет". Цифровая живопись. 2014г. зож здоровье графика живопись цифроваяживопись искусство рисунок красиво мода дизайн интерьер Москва санктпетербург Новосиmбирск томск красноярск иркутск совриск art contemporaryart painting digitalart tea greentea health family семья портрет

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Ryan Lam (ryyan_lambb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ryan Lam


Comment from Ryan Lam:

Some good Tonkatsu 👍👍 . . . . . tonkatsu dorayaki greentea icecream strawberry nyc

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Narong Mok (mokafella) Instagram Photos and Videos

Narong Mok


Comment from Narong Mok:

Match fix. And edit. matcha greentea coffeealternative

3 Minutes ago
Kyoto Teahouse (kyototeahouse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kyoto Teahouse


Comment from Kyoto Teahouse:

This is something special. We were invited to the legendary Ichiriki Chaya tea house in Gion, Kyoto. It is over 300 years old and is the setting for the true tale of the 47 Ronin. We had the rare pleasure of seeing a performance by geisha in what is the most revered tea house in Japan! Magical and unforgettable. tellthegrandkids kyototeahouse kyoto greentea matcha healthylifestyle japan green tea geisha

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🍌BCN Food Lovers 🍣🔪 (barnanasplit_) Instagram Photos and Videos

🍌BCN Food Lovers 🍣🔪


Comment from 🍌BCN Food Lovers 🍣🔪:

GOOD MORNING from japan! 🇯🇵💚 Matcha, matcha... queremos matcha, ... . . . boulangerie edamame icedcoffe icedmatchalatte welovematcha greentea breakfasttime welovekyoto kyoto kyotofood barnanasplitinlove matchaholic japantrip

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five s cuisine (five_s_cuisine) Instagram Photos and Videos

five s cuisine


Comment from five s cuisine:

Matcha and taiyaki teatime 🎶This beautiful teabowl is a keepsake from my grandma.😊✨ beautifulcuisines matcha greentea hautecuisines teabowl keepsake teatime taiyaki japanesebeauty washoku japanesefood noguilt nobutter healthysnack healthysweets 鯛焼き たい焼き 抹茶 抹茶碗 形見 お茶の時間 ティータイム あんこ 写真好きな人と繋がりたい 料理写真 カメラ女子 ヘルシースイーツ スイーツ 和食

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Baantaauanresort (baantaauanresort) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Baantaauanresort:

Red Velvet Cake and Greentea Frappe. baantaauan baantaauanresort btar resort café cakes redvelvet greentea frappe yummy wiangpapao wiangkalong chiangrai thai thailand chic chill cool

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Arturo Alvarez (your_pencil) Instagram Photos and Videos

Arturo Alvarez


Comment from Arturo Alvarez:

tealover tea looseleaftea teapot ceramics clay cup meditation pottery cha gongfu lovetea progress kyusu greentea puerh oolongtea passion artisan art artist tsutsumi wabisabi rusticdecor teaceremony teaware teatime olympia pnw

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yokiebear (yokieieie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from yokiebear:

Green tea Choco sulbing มาพร้อมกับนมข้นหวานรสชาเขียววว มันก็จะขมๆ หอมๆ สักหน่อย ilovefood instafood foodstagram lovemelovefood aroi aroihere foodaholic foodlover icecream sulbing dessert greentea

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U J I   F U J I   M A T C H A (uji_fuji_matcha) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from U J I F U J I M A T C H A:


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Wonder Nature Body & Spa (wondernature_official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wonder Nature Body & Spa


Comment from Wonder Nature Body & Spa:

Wonder Nature Herbal tea range helps to aid you on your weight loss, detoxify your body and eliminate bad cholesterol and grease from your body and at the same times maintains your overall health. Try one today from Slimming Herbal Tea, Du Zhong Golden Tonic Drink, Moringa Oleifera Herbal Tea and Organic Green Tea. All natural and plants based tea without side effects. wondernature natural slimmingtea herbaldrink vscocam tea health beauty instabeauty mauritius seychelles rodrigues spa body slimming weightloss skin detox greentea organic

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ZENTI_dnk (zenti_dnk) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ZENTI_dnk:

Tómate un momento ZENTI para cambiar o mejorar en ti lo que quieres ver proyectado a tu al rededor. 🌟Todo empieza en ti🌟 . . . . . . . . todoempie green uvaverde calma meditacion ginger stevia om jengibre fit natural greentea teverde medellinfit fitness inspo

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食七 (food_seven7) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 食七:

很喜歡這家店的環境風格,日式庭園與京都風味的大門,在那小小空 在那小小空間裡頭,有種生處於大樓巷弄間的世外桃源,寧靜優雅的 寧靜優雅的品嚐著日式甜品、冰品、又或者親自體驗抹茶的樂趣,食 的樂趣,食材也均由日本直出,完全可以感受超越一般層級的絕對抹 高雄 府城祁食 高雄美食 高雄甜點美食 新興區 達仁街88號 裸體主義 日式 丸久小山園 下午茶 點心 抹茶 抹茶千層蛋糕 限量 taiwan Taiwanfood kaohsiung kaohsiungfood food tea teatime greentea

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asami☺︎ (a_s_ami_1988) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from asami☺︎:

いっぱい歩いた後の 甘いものは格別〜🤤💕 . . 抹茶、 . 抹茶、わらび餅、あんこ嫌いな(笑) おかんはいつも何食べ つも何食べるか 探すの大変そうやのに 嫌な顔もせずに ”今日 に ”今日はどこ行くん?🍵” って 付き合ってくれる。 . 宇治 伊藤久右衛門 抹茶抹茶パフェ macchagreent japanesesweets

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Alfred Pauzil Tan (alfredpauziltan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alfred Pauzil Tan


Comment from Alfred Pauzil Tan:

a latte and greentea for a goodmorning coffee :) at @viverri

9 Minutes ago
Matcha Hunting Diary (matchadevil) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matcha Hunting Diary


Comment from Matcha Hunting Diary:

係大阪點會唔食呀✨✨🙉☺️ 抹茶情報 japan🇯🇵 抹茶 抹茶控🍵 綠茶迷 抹茶迷 green greenday greentea matcha maccha hkig hkgirl hkiger hkfoodie foodie hkfoodblogger instamood instalike instafood foodstagram tagtofollow fooddiary 食好西 pablo matchacake matcharedbean

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hentaseicha (hentaseicha) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from hentaseicha:

本日、6/23はアミュプラザ鹿児島、アミュ広場にてチャレンジ チャレンジマーケット開催中でございます🍵 雨も上がりムシム がりムシムシした暑さですので水で淹れたお茶の試飲もありますよ ありますよ(*^^*) 大人気の詰め放題茶も! 18:00ま 8:00までです! お待ちしてます😊🍵🎶 ヘンタ製茶ヘ 日本茶hentaseichahentateahentajap tajapanesegreenteagreenteamatc

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MatchaOrganix (matchaorganix) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MatchaOrganix:

Tasty | Healthy | Organic – Join me for the best Organic Matcha pics~ 😋 😍 ___________________________ teatime instatea tealife ilovetea teaaddict tealover tealovers teagram matchaholic matcha matchamilk greentea matchagreentea dessert matchadessert matchalove matchalatte matchaexpert antioxidants organic japan vegan matchasweets foodporn detox superfood matchalover matchacake matchatea

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 (crumz_creations) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from crumz_creations:

Green tea bing su cafebenne desserts dessertsgram greentea redbeans matcha

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Valeria Toscano (valeriatoscanoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Valeria Toscano


Comment from Valeria Toscano:

Green tea tuesday 🌿☉ . . . . . greentea Starbucks blogger style ootd

9 Minutes ago
Angela Esparza (angelaesparza05) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angela Esparza


Comment from Angela Esparza:

Dándoles la bienvenida a clase de cocina oriental homemadefortunecookie

10 Minutes ago
かき氷専門店&スイーツえびす (ebisukakigoriten) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from かき氷専門店&スイーツえびす:

6月20日発売の関西ウォーカーで、紹介されました🎉🎉 はちみつレモンクリームかき氷🍧 (レモングラニテバージョン 関西ウォーカーの発売に合わせ今日から販売‼️ しかも、フォロワーさん限定特典‼️ 選べるグラニテ😋 オレンジかレモンかどちらかのグラニテを グラニテをお選び頂けますよ〜‼️ 店頭には、書いていないので 丸ごとパインもフォロワーさん限定です😎 本日のかき氷🍧 かき氷🍧メニュー パイン🍍 キャラメルマロン🌰 はちみ � はちみつれもんクリーム りんごとモモのハイヒール👠 ハ ル👠 ハイビスカス🌺 ティラミス 丸ごとパイン🍍 注文 🍍 注文の際合言葉をどうぞ‼️😁合言葉は「○○ごとパイン ごとパイン」 トロピカルカルピス 本日のランチメニュー サ ニュー サラダスープ付き カレー🍛 お肉ごろごろヘルシーカ ヘルシーカレー🍛 営業時間 11:30〜18:00 L. 00 L.O17:30 かき氷大阪かき氷カキゴーラーカキゴ かきごーらーカキゴーラーカードグラニテかき氷抹茶追い氷替氷パ い氷替氷パインかき氷丸ごとパインかき氷丸ごとパインjapan

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Joanna Cheng 郑玉金 (fitmomjoanna) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joanna Cheng 郑玉金


Comment from Joanna Cheng 郑玉金:

Our KLFitClub members enjoyed the newly launched Green Tea Mix — Pomegranate Flavour and Aloe Concentrate for Pre-Workout Hydration and Energy 💪🏻👍🏻 . Coach Joanna +60126716674 Ig @fitmomjoanna Like . pomegranate newflavor greentea enjoyed joyful grateful happyfitness fitfam antioxidants hydration energy fitness herbalife coachmom fitmomproject iamherbalife herbalifecoach tealover wakemeup stamina

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Othniel Giovanni (潘獅王) (exoteaque) Instagram Photos and Videos

Othniel Giovanni (潘獅王)


Comment from Othniel Giovanni (潘獅王):

Good morning everyone! Matcha Challenge: My matcha and me! This is going to be my theme for this week! Take a photo of your matcha and tag me or mention me in your photo! I Will choose some of them to be reposted throughout the week! Cheers guys!

11 Minutes ago
Edison (occupied.octopus) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Edison:

New plant buddy and many more to come! 🌵💚🎵 _____ desk succulent workspace maudio maudiooxygen maschine maschinemk2 greentea tea

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Rie.N (rie_lotuspond) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rie.N:

"Matcha" doughnut @STARBUCKS 映画までの間のティータイム。巷では抹茶ブームらしい。 starbucks coffeetime matcha doughnuts greentea foodstagram スタバ 抹茶ドーナツ コーヒータイム 待ち合わせ スターバックス

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Eat Delite (eat_delite) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eat Delite


Comment from Eat Delite:

Thailand Tea, Green Tea, Thailand Coffee by @vonfourteen_id . . . jktfoodbang vonfourteen tea tealatte drink drinks drinking latte healthydrink healthychoices fresh yummyinmytummy delicious teatime greentea matcha matchalatte matchatea matchagreentea tea☕️ drinktea matchalove matchalovers matchaholic matchatea matchapowder matchaaddict green drinkmatcha coffee

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Catagourmet (catagourmetmx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Catagourmet:

2 - "MATCHA LOVER" delicioso frappe de matcha con helado de vainilla negra 🙀😻🙀 en ------------------------------ matcha green healthy healthyfood vegan vegetarian vanilla icecream sunday smothie fruits greentea latte delicious deliciousfood foodporn foodshare treat tasty tastyfood foodie food fruits mexico mexicanfood

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ai (g___712) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ai:

冷たい〜🍃starbucks greenteanamba

6 Days ago