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Tash G


Comment from Tash G:

There are two emotions that controls our every waking moment; love and fear. Turn up the love, turn down the , watch yourself flourish • • • • • authenticallyvivid blogger wellness enlightenment love blackgirlmagic positiveimages photooftheday nature awakenedconsciousness lifehack growth spiritual l meditation education motivation inspiration quotes happiness wellbeing community infinitebeing eatclean peace freedom positivethinking findyourpurpose

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Comment from Botanicaetcetera:

@mag.gieshep.herd Tree seeds captured by photographer Jane Morley @spirits_and_stones_ janemorley photographer artist botanical botany trees seeds beautiful living eco ecology wild nature natural ecology light arrangement plant garden growth warm shadows creative autumn design butterfly

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Corinne Martin


Comment from Corinne Martin:

I drew this nearly 3 years ago. My style has completely changed now, but I'm feeling to start using colour in my designs again. throwback

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Comment from WILD // WITHIN:

I will always choose to be soft, no matter how hard this life can be

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The Growth Tribe


Comment from The Growth Tribe:

To achieve any results, you need to take massive action. Change your mindset, change your life. success win winner quoteoftheday quotes motivate motivational motivation money fears dreams dream conquer boss retreat stacks growth mind health body anthony tony robbins tobyrobbins nlp nlpmasterpractitioner

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La Vita E La Crescita


Comment from La Vita E La Crescita:

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Teale Krause


Comment from Teale Krause:

Believe you already do ❤

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Quince Poppy


Comment from Quince Poppy:

Moja zaljubljenost u kazalište rodila se već pri prvom posjetu našem Dječjem kazalištu u Osijeku, tamo negdje osamdesetih godina. Širom otvorenih očiju radoznale četverogodišnjakinje bujne mašte i posve bez daha, upijala sam pozornicu na kojoj se prikazivala kultna predstava "Zeko, Zriko i Janje". Moja prva predstava. Danas, trideset godina kasnije, ta je zaljubljenost stasala u pravu pravcatu ljubav. Malo koji osjećaj je bolji od onoga kada se smjestim u svoju najdražu ložu u mezaninu (ne volim parter i balkon) i dopustim čaroliji s dasaka koje život znače da me majstorski odvedu u jedan drugi svijet, posve različit od ovog našeg svijeta, a istodobno toliko sličan. Meni je kazalište radni naziv za neprikosnoveni duhovni rast u kojem ujedno i uživaš, bez ostatka. Od najbolje predstave ikad, veličanstvenog mjuzikla "Kralja lavova" u londonskom Lyceum Theatre, koja me i u odrasloj dobi ostavila bez teksta i daha, pa sve do dirljive predstave "Gospodin Foka", vrlo skromne scenografije i budžeta, koju sam odgledala u prohladnom prostoru osječke Barutane. Mogla bih satima razgovarati o omiljenim predstavama i momentima kada su me prolazili srsi čitavim tijelom. Ili kada sam pokušavala suspregnuti suze. Ili, pak, nalete gorljivog smijeha! Svaka čast divnim, starim kazalištima, skupim produkcijama i poznatim glumcima, užitak biti dijelom toga je golem. Ali i nekazališni prostori, štedljiva produkcija i anonimni glumci (pa čak i amateri) mogu nad nebom dojmova gledatelja raširiti jednako šarenu dugu vrijednu udivljenja. Duga, baš ta duga je ono zbog čega teatar obožavam od A do Ž! Duga dojmova koja rastjera kišne oblake stvarnosti i učini da nakon odgledane predstave još malo više porasteš ka nebu. ❤🎭❤ . adore theater theatre loge box play stage theatrelife show fineart acting audience scenery experience pleasure artists arts theatrelover artlover hand enjoy littlethings spiritual growth selfimprovement lovelife lifeisgood teatar kazaliste umjetnost

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Kerstin Clessienne


Comment from Kerstin Clessienne:

When humanity goes science. Everybody talks about hearts, you fall in love with your heart, it's bumping when we're feared and there are clearly very obvious sensations about our heart every day. The more aware we're aware of our body the more we're able to direct ourselves to be at our best. At the moment I'm measuring my heart rate variability, just because I'm curious. It's a simple app with a polar sensor just to have a short look 👀. In our daily job we're doing that much more professionally for our clients analysing a whole day of life. The data of emotions - it's so exiting, so thrilling to see when your energy level goes up- for the good and the bad, when we're relaxed 😎, when our nervoussystem is reacting and we're hooked into fight, flight, freeze. The information is so much more detailed then our conscious mind is able to process and it's a great starting point to further explore our thoughts, emotions and reactions. Don't always believe your thoughts but always trust your heart. It's talking to you! Explore it! I learned: I think I'm relaxed but maybe because of a 100km long to do list and a huge temptation to procrastinate I'm a bit stressed :-). Should get rid of this now and reward myself with a walk in the park, always good for heart and brain to have a cool romantic date in resonance 😎 ❤️ ☀️. To use technology and listen to the body is an important piece of modern coaching, great to have the right experts ( @niksfit, @livestronger, @sascha.roof) at the side of our coaches. personaltrainer personalcoaching heartmath hrv heart love roof energy bodyandsoul leadership femaleleadership growth businesshealth personalgrowth personaldevelopment emotionalintelligence selfawareness frankfurt ffm

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surya wuLan K R


Comment from surya wuLan K R:

😍 Feeding 🐈 Lets be the fat cat cemoots 💃💃 happinessmoment feed cats kitten oldcat starving pets fat growth

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James Lodae


Comment from James Lodae:

Our civilisation has developed over thousands of years and yet most individuals still have an overwhelming craving for more. What happens when we take a moment to be still and let our desires halt in their endless tracks. You'll notice everything we've ever wanted is here, in us and has been since the day of our birth // life questions stillness mindfulness challenge goals inspiration desire birth love unity peaceofmind peace quest strength quotes beyourself growth

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The Blobbery PR


Comment from The Blobbery PR:

Stay in touch with reality and remember that there are always two sides to a story

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Kobi the Antelope


Comment from Kobi the Antelope:

Where 2 worlds meet. Welcome to The Wall of Wander featuring Kobi the Antelope. We display the photographic works of outstanding Instagramers. @girl_with_javacurls portrayed a blend of earthy colors in this exquisite photo... Kobi is thinking of moving here FAQ - What is this? KobisWallOfWander we thought it would be cool to arrange a collage of a variety amazing photos that KobiTheAntelope enjoys to wander through… Our projects through art is simply to spread "smiles and relaxation". (THIS iG Project claims no credit for any of the background or landscape photos, we simply repost after we have added Kobi going for a walk, and we link to the original post to which it was discovered. Any image belonging to you that you wish not to be featured on our page please Direct Message us with a link to said image and it will promptly be removed).

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Comment from Yuria:

***** ・ ・ ・ ・ わたしの太ももの上で ころんって横になって コロコロ ウネウネして おもしろ系から シリアス系まで いろんな顔して 甘えてくる… ・ ・ なによ、それ めちゃかわいいじゃんよー😭♡ 見ちゃうよー ずっと見ちゃうよー😭♡ ・ ・ こんな技も持ってたのかよー😭♡ ・ ・ ・ 生後8か月 5月生まれ おんなのこ 成長記録 育児記録 女の子ママ 新米ママ 親バカ ひざまくら ねんね ころん growth baby babygirl ig_baby ig_oyabakabu mamalife instababies newmummy thebrightcompany sleepybaby

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Lucie England-Duce


Comment from Lucie England-Duce:

About this morning... Herbalife Nutrition and business training in a stunning venue 👌🏽✨⚜️✨

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The City I Live


Comment from The City I Live:

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Comment from jerardfalzo:

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Samantha Leske


Comment from Samantha Leske:

Pick your battles. A person can only understand what is within their perception. perception noneedtoargue youvegotthis spirituallife growth onlywhentheyareready nurtureyouhealyou

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Stephen Nwaukoni


Comment from Stephen Nwaukoni:

No matter what race, age or gender you are. No matter where you come from or how you were raised. No matter how bad or good things are for you, right now at this moment. No matter what you have experienced or the challenges you faced. The LOVE you have for yourself should never diminish! Why would you not love yourself? After all hard work, sacrifices and energy you've dedicated. The amounts of stress and labor you put your body through. I think YOU deserve to be of higher value then other people and things currently in your life! Yes I know, life is hard sometimes and it sucks. People judge you. They mock you. They seek their most powerful weapons to bring you down. Your biggest supporters dissapoint you. The ones you love and the ones closest to you stop caring about you. And sometimes throughout these turmoils, you start to question who you are as a person and your self-value diminishes. But you got to find it in you to keep that LOVE you have for yourself, despite any cirumstance. Nothing in life is important if YOU don't make yourself important first! Also, when you start putting to good use all of your gifts and blessings that you have been fortunate to have in life, is when the love you have for yourself manifests itself even more! Don't put all of your focus and energy loving others and loose sight on the person who you should love the most! LOVE who you are. LOVE who you can be. LOVE yourself! believe grind hardwork believeinyourself strength positivity positivevibes success productive learnsomethingnew goals goalsetting succeed personalgrowth growth makeithappen lifelessons fitnessmotivation mensfitness womensfitness lifecoach healthylifestyle healthyeating lifestylechange qotd quotestoliveby nike athlete youmakethedifference

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Jo Howarth


Comment from Jo Howarth:

Hi everyone, I have partnered up with another amazing business owner Lillie Pragnell from @restartcheshire (personal trainer and nutritionist) to offer a 12 month Workplace Wellbeing package. We have called it 'Wellbeing Works' and are focusing on talking to businesses with 100+ employees about the ways in which using our package will help them to reduce sickness absence whilst increasing productivity and resilience etc. If you work for someone like this, or know an organisation that you could introduce us to, please could you share this post with them, send them the details of the website, or let me know the name via PM to contact them - we want to get this stuff out to as many people as possible! Thank you!

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