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Comment from kihana82:

@Milagro La Perla fishtaco plate with cod and a habanero crema. They're good, but way too much toppings and the price point was a bit high. westqueenwest brunch or maybe lunch? mexicanfood igersoftheday igersoftoronto instagood instagrammers igers 416eats torontoeats tor_eats feedmyphone fooddiary instatacos sundayfunday betterthanamonday sundayafternoon foodadventures the6ix bestoftheday torontoigers igaddict igdaily 416 yyz

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Tiffany's Torcher Hot Sauce


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Love me my Topanga hotties. This is how they roll. hot sauce hotsauce Topanga losangeles california Cali habanero gourmet savory spice spicylife spicy adventure chipotle famous madeinamerica roadtrip

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Smoked a bird for tacos tonight. The wings, however, are for the cook. Perfect time to try out my newest sauce. I wanted the ghost but the hab was fantastic. What an amazing sauce! BBQ bbqlife grilling smokemifyougotem wings chicken hotsauce habanero paloaltohotsauce

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Pimentas Habañero


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A gente vai ficar feliz com Habañero na segunda! habanero pimentashabanero picância natural innatura food foods pimenteiros molhosprontos linhahabanero alimentacaosaudavel gostorefinado alimenticios alimento chefsnoinstagram molho novidades lifestyle gourmet instagood instafood comidadeverdade temperos pimenta hot foodie pepper chilli pepperlovers chillielovers

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Ricci Perez


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Ayer armamos un corazon de res ahumado esta sobre una salsa de lenteja roja con miel y un curtido de cebolla con habanero negro darkx smoked beefheart Este platillo lo presentamos anoche en el Festival de Cerveza elnacional en al ciudad de matamoros Somos NOMH

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Anna G. Cocomazzi


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ma niente di strano . . . . giorgiopoi supernova supernovafestival habanero

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NY-Food/Ingredient Connoisseur


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Lime habanero fried chicken 🍗❤️🌶 nyceats momofuku habanero meatporn limecrime chiken greatjob oranges

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Diana Begley


Comment from Diana Begley:

My little porch garden. Trying to grow tomatoes, red & yellow bell peppers and habaneros. This is also my first attempt to grow something! Wish me luck. lifesagardendigit garden planters frontporch firsttime plants fruits vegetables peppers tomatoes bellpeppers habanero earthday

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Lean Grilled Pork Loin Chop,on top of some Broccoli,Spinach,Kale,and chopped Brussel Sprouts Stir fry, with Mandarin Orange Sauce.Add some Smokey Dokey Sauce on your Chop,And we got a Taste Bud Party🎉🎉😀😱 spicy instafood bbq foodie smokedbrisket texasbbq scotchbonnet habanero hotsauce foodporn foodgasm dallasfarmersmarket bbqnation hotsauceaddiction

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Meatless Manhattan


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Scored some of the best hot sauces at the nyc hot sauce expo today in Brooklyn! Many stalls had their brand clearly labeled VEGAN! Times have changed, for the better. vegan hotsauce nychotsauceexpo chilis peppers brooklyn @nychotsauceexpo nyc greenpoint veganfoodshare veganism plantbased plantbasedliving turnuptheheat habanero ghostpeppers

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Ken Liu


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teary eyed and sweaty. came back with a nice haul! - 🌶🔥😭🤤😓😵🔥🌶 - hotsauce nychotsauceexpo stayspicy salsa habanero reaperpepper chilies flavor

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Alvaro Lagos Manriquez


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labodeguitadelmedio cubanotaxidrivettaxista habanero habanavieja oldhavana boulevard restaurants nighttime nightlife iconosdelahabanazaguanes

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Alessandro Jahkirevi Mondini


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Este santjordi2017 hemos cenado con @esapachajuradonecova en el restaurantemexicano LaRosaNegra muy bueno todo y no muy caro 😉😉😆😆 .... una explosion en la boca este picante Micschilli InfiernoExtreme 40% de chilli habanero 🔥🔥😈🔥🔥 freeweedmentality prontiperunchiloom fallagrossa fallagirare weedlife weedstagram420 weedstagram dank 420life 420 710 710life hightime highlife weshouldsmoke cannabiscomunity fueledbythc stayhigh 710comunity 420comunity

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Habanero Orange cultura in macerato Tarasacco e Ortica 22.04.17 17° Italia grow habanero

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Alex Benavides


Comment from Alex Benavides:

Cheat Day!! cheatdaydoneright cheatday wings bbq focus train compete succeed lemonpepper habanero agoalwithoutaplanisjustawish artesuave neverstoplearning healthycheatmeal

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The Mexican Grill Master


Comment from The Mexican Grill Master:

|Brisket Tostada 🔥🔥🔥 Guacamole+ Brisket+ Habanero BBQ Sauce| mexicangrillmaster brisket guacamole habanero

1 Hours ago
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Joch Pineda


Comment from Joch Pineda:

¡Comida de domingo! salsuki habanero equisde

1 Hours ago
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Pepper Sauce For Peace


Comment from Pepper Sauce For Peace:

GMO free pepper sauce made with locally sourced organically grown peppers. peppersauceforpeace 📷: @lisaseed

1 Hours ago
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Ruth Black


Comment from Ruth Black:

First stop in LA: @thekindsage Literally, I uber-ed from the airport 😂😂

1 Hours ago
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Chef Kyra


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Romaine, pinto beans, bell pepper, mashed avocado, and habanero sauce 😋🥑🥗 vegan vegetarian crueltyfree veganfood veggies healthy oilfree veganfoodshare whatveganseat veganeats vegansofig wholefoodplantbased salad collegevegan avocado beans habanero

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Un Clamato preparado y unas Alitas Habanero para este Domingo ?? Recuerda todos los días puedes seguir la Fiesta en @lavozaca donde también te haremos pasar un rato de diversión!!! ConSaborYRock Wings Alitas TacoStanyLoco Hamburguesas hechaencasa Acapulco AcapulcoDiamante CantaBar

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Bunch of Fresh Habanero Chillies. NoFilter Food Chili Habanero FoodPorn HabaneroChili CapsicumChinense Hot Spicy Pepper VeryHot

2 Hours ago
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Comment from debra:

The ray of sunshine in the sultry dark here @abccocina That house made habenero sauce. Should go on everything everywhere always. nyceats devourpower foodstagram foodforthesoul eattheworld newforkcity habanero tastingtable thrillistfoodporn spoonfeed nycdining gastronogram foodtography Heatstroke in a bottle.

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Comment from fiona:

Habanero chillies ready for smoking. They're destined for the dehydrator tomorrow 🌶🌶🌶 coldsmoke chillies preservation habanero nofilter

2 Hours ago
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Sgt. Jarhead


Comment from Sgt. Jarhead:

habanero salsa at puertovallarta mexican restaurant in newington connecticut. yummy heat. newingtonct mexicanrestaurant mexicanfood deliciousdining food spicy

2 Hours ago
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M. Umer Alam


Comment from M. Umer Alam:

Spent the day burning a hole in my stomach with the little sis!

2 Hours ago
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Giammaria Rubino


Comment from Giammaria Rubino:

lelucidellacentraleelettrica habanero supernova genova

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Alex Voicu


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Smoker travell in car... montecristo edmundo 😉 cigars cigar habana habanero cuban smoke psy psichedelic art smokey cigarlife luxurylife goodlife goodmorning marshall music italy🇮🇹

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Delicious Thought


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Red onion. Tamarind. Cilantro. Lime. Tomatillos. Sea Salt. Habanero. deliciousthought superomnivoreworkshop indiansalsa habanero tomatillos salsa tamarind santamonica chef privatechef cook food spring

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Comment from shimig:

Gave the little guys some topping and pruning. Back in 2 weeks. chili gardening topping pruning plants indoor habanero ghostpepper trinidadmorugascorpion jalapeno giallo chiledearbol

3 Hours ago
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Throw down at the annual Hot Sauce Expo. pozolera pozole pozoleforthepeople hotsauce hotsaucelover ghostpepper reaper trinidadscorpion habanero hotsauceexpo hotsauce highriversauces

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Sunny Sunday with a Sam's Chowder Mobile lobster roll and Lono's. Off The Grid, San Francisco Presidio. foodtruck lobster lobsterroll hotsauce habanero thai tomatillo sanfrancisco SF presidio offthegrid sauce spicy beer @samschowdermobile @offthegridsf

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Nick Peters


Comment from Nick Peters:

Double turkey burger with sweet habanero pickles in a toasted tortilla.. yeah buddy!

3 Hours ago