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I took one of my closure units I had apart and remade it as a frontal unit😍😍. This is a Peruivan straight frontal from @hotbeautyhairproduct and I had this hair so long I can't remember where it is from. It is four bundles of body wave or loose wavy hair. Frontal services start off at $150. I don't quote pricing via social media🙅🏾 #ThatIsWhatMyWebsiteIsFor #Over4000CustomFlyHoneyWigsShippedWorldWide. Get your Custom Fly Honey Wig made at 👐👐👐‼️️️PRICING STARTS OFF AT $110 #SuperAffordable‼️. 👐👐👐👐I DO NOT SUPPLY THE HAIR OR THE CLOSURE. Please refer to the website for pricing, information and turn around times. 🚨 🚨 THESE WIGS ARE NOT FOR SALE!!!! #Hair #HairPorn #IDontQuotePricingViaSocialMedia #Wigs #WigMaker #NoAppointmentNeeded #AtlantaWigMaker #FlyHoneyWigs #CustomColor #VirginHair #BrazilianHair #IShipInternational #FlyHoneyWigs #AffordableWigs #FlyHoney #StraightHair #Youtube #RushOptionsAvailable #AffordableWigs #CustomWigs #IShipInternational

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"Natural Illusion Hairlines"- What are they?? We created a detailed wig catalogue along with a Lace/Silk Frontal & Closure manual giving u a full insight into the hair extension mechanisms & their purposes... The whole purpose of a "Fullhead Lacewig" or a "Lace-Front Wig" is "to prevent any leave out of your natural hairs especially if you are going through the "Transitioning Period" to "Natural Hair" and would prefer a protective style during that process or if you would prefer not to go through the stress of frustrating your natural hair with constant heat treatments in order for it to blend in with the texture of the hairxtensions. In other words it is important that your wigs or frontals have an "Natural Illusion Hairline..." Most of all, it must be UNDETECTABLE!!! As we all know, the term "illusion" means: "a deceptive appearance or impression" so when you hear the term "illusion hairline/styled wigs", it may sound strange at first when in reality it actually means a "natural appearance hairline". The whole purpose of Lacewigs or Lace or Silk Frontals is to "look like its your real hair." It's never supposed to be detectable in anyway, its designed to be versatile so that you can style it how u want, part it how u want & even braid/cornrow it if you like, with no detectable signs of 'weave' 'tracks', 'glue', 'mesh/netting' or 'plucking...' It is meant to all look like it is coming out of your natural scalp, hence the importance of getting them 'customised' to your hairline, matching sizes to your requirement & a matching silk or lace base colour etc which is very IMPORTANT to know, as with hair extensions/wigs, there is truly a lot of technicality behind it that is important for you to understand in order for you to know your exact needs, especially if you are a 1st time wig or hair extensions buyer🙌 Are you in need of a unique style and unsure where to start? Want to puchase a wig, hair weft, clip-in or closure etc but unsure of its detailed purpose & want clarity before officially placing an order? For further enquiries or to place an order or enquire further send us a DM or Mail:📩Rosa

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