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🎃Pumpkin the Hammy🎃 (pumpkin_hamm) Instagram Photos and Videos

🎃Pumpkin the Hammy🎃


Comment from 🎃Pumpkin the Hammy🎃:

Playtime with the new toy Mom bought me! • • • • • • hamster hamstagram hammy hamstersofinstagram hamstersyrian hamsterlife

34 Seconds ago
Hamster Life ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Hamster Life

Comment from Hamster Life:

Want to buy Hamster clothing❓ Make sure you click on the website link in my bio to purchase it ➡️ . . hamster hamsters hamsterlove hamsterloverhamsterbaby hamsterdaily hamster🐹 . . . Check the link in my bio (profile) if love shirt * Printed in the USA * Worldwide shipping ( In US $4, another country $5) -->Click on the link in my BIO (profile) to see the price and the sizes

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BACK ONLINE (emma_peanut_hammylove) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BACK ONLINE:

goodnight my lovely friends💗 peanut 🐹💕 goldhamster hamster hammy animal cute love hamstersofinstagram pet

2 Minutes ago
Light (light_the_hamster) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Light:

I love to fall asleep in mummy's shirt pocket hamster hamsters syrianhamster

2 Minutes ago
❥Sam 🇬🇧 (fluffsnstuff) Instagram Photos and Videos

❥Sam 🇬🇧


Comment from ❥Sam 🇬🇧:

Evening cuddles with mummy ❤ . . . . Pawtners 🐾 @sarah_s_83 @katieh_96 @moonlight_hamstery @brittanys.hamily @craftyhammy @hamster.y . . . . love cuddles mummy evening gorgeous picoftheday me mylife boy igers like4like mobilephotography pets petsofinstagram smallpet instadaily pet instapet boy petsoftheworld pets_of_the_world adorable lovehim myworld myboy frank petsperfection

2 Minutes ago
Ilona (iloontje81) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ilona:

Ondanks dat het geen schoothamster is, is hij toch wel lief, onze Diego syrian syrianhamster hamster hamstersofinstagram pet petsofig petslover cute cutepet

2 Minutes ago
Gaiser Pets (gaiser_pets_official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gaiser Pets


Comment from Gaiser Pets:

We have baby Syrian Hamsters that will be weaned and ready for new homes in about a week! gaiserpets hamster babyanimals

2 Minutes ago
Tiny Rick (tinyrick_hamster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tiny Rick


Comment from Tiny Rick:

Throwback to Christmas! hamstersoninstagram instacute hamster hamstogram smallanimals cute weeklyfluff pet fluff 🐹 burrow syrianhamster cutepetpatrol cutepetclub animalsaddict tinyrick cutepets smallpets photooftheday instapet instacute petsofinstagram hamsterworld hamsteroftheday hamsterislove globalhamsterclub throwbackthursday 2018

3 Minutes ago
Light (light_the_hamster) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Light:

I was minding my own business having a stretch when my mummy decided she'd snap some photos! hamster hamsters syrianhamster

4 Minutes ago
Cheeto (cheeto.the.hamster) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cheeto:

🧐🐹 • • • princesscheeto hamster hamsters ham hamham spiderham hammy critter crittersofinstagram hamstergram hamstersofinstagram cheeto cheetothehamster cheetogram fluffy pet soft pets batham syrianhamster instahamster instaham instahamsters animals smallanimals smallpets cuteanimals

4 Minutes ago
Rufus Wright (rufus.the.hamster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rufus Wright


Comment from Rufus Wright:

Chou Chou 🚈rufus rufusthehamster instaham hamster syrianhamster hamstersofinsta Hamstersofinstagram hamstersofig train hamstertrain hammylove

4 Minutes ago
Porkchop-Silver 🐹 (dwarfhamster25) Instagram Photos and Videos

Porkchop-Silver 🐹


Comment from Porkchop-Silver 🐹:

First Blueberry ❤️ winterwhitehamster dwarfhamster boyhamster hamstergram hamsterlove fluffypets smallanimal hammy dwarf hamster hamsters hamstersofinstagram hamsterlife winterwhite smallanimalsofinstagram hamsterlovers

5 Minutes ago
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀  ⠀⠀Caitlin Marie (misscaitlin96) Instagram Photos and Videos

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀Caitlin Marie


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀Caitlin Marie:

Adopted this little cutie, Chewbacca, before Christmas but sadly hes passed away in his sleep just a few weeks later 😢 at least he’s at peace now away from his diabetes and got a few weeks out the horrible pet shop and in a forever home 💕 hopefully he was happy for the little time he got with me 🐹💝 hamster dwarfhamster

6 Minutes ago
Light (light_the_hamster) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Light:

I camouflage well with toilet paper hamster hamsters syrianhamster

6 Minutes ago
Mowgli (mowglithehamster) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mowgli:

Hello! hamster hamsterdaily like4like hamstersofinstagram petsofinstagram hamstercute

7 Minutes ago
🐷Guinea Pigs,🐹Hamster (piggies_and_hamster) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐷Guinea Pigs,🐹Hamster


Comment from 🐷Guinea Pigs,🐹Hamster:

8 Minutes ago
Kimberley Davies (kim_davies1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kimberley Davies


Comment from Kimberley Davies:

Not his best picture but those paws ❤️😍 hamster cute sweet adorable hamstergram syrianhamster teddybearhamster cutie sweetie kawaii chester chestnut love lovehim 😍 ❤️ 😘 😻 🐹

8 Minutes ago
Lora (lora.tuesday) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lora:

Fashion Hamster: Moschino Fall/Winter Ready to Wear 2014 🐹 fashionhamster fashionillustration illustration animalillustration moschino hamster atlartist

8 Minutes ago
おあげちゃん (oage.agechan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from おあげちゃん:

(音ありです🎶) 2018/01/19 すやすやおあげちゃ おあげちゃん🐹💤💓 物音でちょいちょいこちらを見てきま を見てきます😂 めっちゃ歯カチカチしてる🤣 起こしてごめ キンクマハムスター ハムスター ハムスター部 ハムスター🐹 ハムスターのいる暮らし ハムスター好きと繋がりたい ふわもこ部 癒し hamster goldenhamster

9 Minutes ago
Niche Meme Account🌸 (guccistrawberries) Instagram Photos and Videos

Niche Meme Account🌸


Comment from Niche Meme Account🌸:

✨Animals I want to have in the future✨ • niche nichememe nichememes nichememeacc nichememesaccount nichememeaccount nichememesacc meme memes memeacc memeaccount memesdaily funny lol pretty dog dogs dogsofinstagram dogsofig dogsofinsta instagram ig insta hamster

9 Minutes ago
heyswartzyj (heyswartzyj) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from heyswartzyj:

Just a boy and his hamster... 🐹 lukemichael bruno hamsters hamster petsofinstagram

10 Minutes ago
butler_kyu (butler_kyu) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from butler_kyu:

오늘도 귀여운 우리 막내 . . . 집사규 햄모닝🐹 햄집사 햄스터 골든햄스터 블루도미넌트 햄스타그램🐹 펫 펫스타그램 동물 동물스타그램 애완동물 반려동물 hamster goldenhamster hamstagram hamsterlove cute cutepet pet petstagram 가족 막내 일상 여전히 귀여운 막내

10 Minutes ago
All the Hamsters! (allthehamster) Instagram Photos and Videos

All the Hamsters!


Comment from All the Hamsters!:

👉👉👉 Limited edition tee available from our shop! 💎💎 Check the link in our bio 👉 hamsters hamster hamstersoninstagram hamsterlove hamstagram hamstersofinstagram hammy hamstergram hamsterlover instahamster hamstersofig dwarfhamster awesometees cooltshirt tees teeshirt

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Żaneta (szaniq) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Żaneta:

dzidzia chomik slonecznik hamster synek piekny love :3

13 Minutes ago
Rocky🐹 (rockythenager) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rocky🐹:

Good Night from Rocky🌟🌟 night Rocky hamster hamsterlove hamstercage hamstergram nacht liebe cuddle play spielen kuscheln hamsterworld hamsterhome hamsterface

14 Minutes ago
Albert Alberito (thehamsteralbert) Instagram Photos and Videos

Albert Alberito


Comment from Albert Alberito:

"Um... can I eat this?" 🐹😍

14 Minutes ago
Savage Games (savagegames__) Instagram Photos and Videos

Savage Games


Comment from Savage Games:

STAY TUNED FOR A “MEET MY PETS” VLOG! pets youtuber snakes snake boa ballpython royalpython hamster dog pet vlog savagegames idootherstufftoo

15 Minutes ago
Alex Miller (millerskii) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex Miller


Comment from Alex Miller:

❤️❤️❤️🐹 hamster cute pet

16 Minutes ago
Fernanda Geggus (nandageggus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fernanda Geggus


Comment from Fernanda Geggus:

A Felicia, digo, a Luísa e a hámster Tica. Luísa se divertindo e a Tica nem tanto. Kkk hamster hamsterchines tica criançafeliz petatormentado felicia animaldeestimaçãosofre

17 Minutes ago
Simba (simba.fon) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Simba:

Hey you! hamster hamsters hamstergram russianhamster instahamster hamsterbsimba hamsterofinstagram hammie hammy hammies cute fluffy pets pet simba 🐹 cuteanimals animals hamstercage hamsterbaby hamsterlover hamsterlife hamsterselfie

17 Minutes ago
緋月。 (hizuki222) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 緋月。:

✿*❀٭ . お騒がせきなこもちくん! . 傷口塞がってきま がってきまして、傷口付近も毛がはえてきましたーー! きなこも きなこもち本人も、変わらずやんちゃ元気だしうんこもおしっこ もおしっこも普通です(´;ω;`) . 傷口見つけた時にはパ た時にはパニックになってましたが…もおおおーーほっと肩の力ぬ と肩の力ぬけ大分安堵してきました。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 来週 ゚。 来週病院にもう一度いって、問題なければ通院もなし! . なし! . 安心安心です(o´艸`) . 彼氏さんもあんみつ hamster hamstergram ゴールデンハムスター ぬくもり ぬくぬく まんまる はむすたー ふわもこ部 あんみつ アニマル写真部 親バカ部 ペット 天使 癒し かわいいpet cute animal lovely kawaii hammy happy_pets petlover pet_of_our_world 家族時間 familytime goodnight おやすみ

17 Minutes ago
Summer Monkeys (summermonkeys) Instagram Photos and Videos

Summer Monkeys


Comment from Summer Monkeys:

Throwback picture of Emily😄 || Year~ 2012 || music musician throwback throwbackthursday sing song singer songwriter singersongwriter drummer hamster cute funny love microphone insta record instamusic 2012 band family familyband familygoals

18 Minutes ago
OurLitteRatRescue-OK (ourlittleratrescue) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from OurLitteRatRescue-OK:

200 animals adopted out !!! Help us help the all the  small rodents.  Check  out  website for ways to help.  Accepting donations for  2018 garage sale. website (link in bio also) $15 Can make a huge difference in the life of an animal. We spend on average $300 a month on vet and meds.  We are a no kill shelter so we take care of all the sick and old animals. They are our long term residents.  hamster guineapigsofintsgram  petrats adoptdontshop ratsofinstrgram grateful petsofinstrgam guineapigs smallamimal rescuedrats fun ratcommunity love amazing happy momlife fibrowarrier lovemyrats ratstagram homeschoolersofinstrgram kids homeschool boymom laugh fibromalygia

18 Minutes ago