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🐹💛 hamster pet hamsters hamsterdaily hamsterlovers hamster🐹 mine picoftheday

3 Minutes ago
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Rudol'f Kapitsa


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хома хомяк хомячок hamster cute lol pet лучковзацени

4 Minutes ago
Zoe-louise doyle (zoe_the_zoologist) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zoe-louise doyle


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Introducing Misha! Misha is a six months old Russian dwarf (aka. Winter white). She is a belated birthday present from @ireallywantminticecream! Mishathewinterwhite Dwarfhamster hamstersofinstagram hamster dwarf

5 Minutes ago
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Hamazing Animal Features


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Tongue out for friday😍😍💞 . 🌸🌸🌸Congratulations🌸🌸🌸 . 🐹🐹🐹Featured Pet🐹🐹🐹 . 📷: @mickey_and_bobby . 👌❤and tag a friend below👇 . Use HamazingFeatures or dm me your animal pics to be featured💖 . Photo selected by @LuvHammyHamster. imHelpingToSaveKidsCastle doylestown meowdels furrendsupclose cat hamster featuredpet petphotography warrington lancasterpa goodcause specialneeds park buckscounty dog instagood weeklyfluff reptile

5 Minutes ago
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Lan 😄 Bu nedir ya 😂😂😂 Yavrular büyüyor. Buna isim arıyoruz. Önerileri yoruma yazın en iyi ismi koyup paylaşacağım ☺☺☺ coktatli hamster pet yavru hayvan kedi kopek evcilhayvan sevimli isimariyoruz adinisenkoy yarisma

6 Minutes ago
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Life Of Hammie


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I love getting massage by hooman 🐹 dwarfhamster winterwhite hamster babyhamster hammielove hamstergram hamsterworld hamsterdailyactivities hamsterworld

7 Minutes ago
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Ka Hye Lee


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; 엄마 난 여기서 좀 잘께욧 . . . 햄스터그램 햄찌 동물스타그램 골든햄스터 소동물 펫스타그램 animal hamster Syrian ハムスター 地鼠 cute 햄토리 반려동물 귀요미 daily 팔로우 좋아요 사랑해 follow シリアンハムスター キュート 쵸쵸 치치 츄츄 춍춍 창창 블루도미넌트 헤테르도미넌트 크림도미넌트

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Mr Chan Hamster


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🐹:幫姐姐報仇,痾咗尿落去哥哥個龍貓音樂盒,好嘢! 倉鼠 hamster hamstagram hamsterhk hamstagram hamsterlife 陳生 叻仔 龍貓

7 Minutes ago
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Floofs 🐹❤🇬🇧


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As I mentioned before, Bumble likes super snuggly cuddles and was snuggling his face into my hand 😭❤️ I know I post a lot about Bumble but that's because the pair of us are joined at the hip :) He seems to rely on me just as much as I rely on him. He's my fuzzy little therapist and I don't know what I'd do without him ❤️ Bumble Wums WumWum dwarfhamster winterwhite hamster hamstersofinstagram hamstersoninstagram instapet hamstergram snuggles soppyboy heartham

8 Minutes ago
Liliana Iżyk (liliana_izyk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Liliana Iżyk


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My cutie 😘❤🐭 hamster pocketpet cute girl mylove mybaby bigeyes grey paws🐾 littleangel

8 Minutes ago
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9 Minutes ago
Sammy Jackson (sammyjackson95) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sammy Jackson


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Spud's first egg biscuit was a big hit, even if he did struggle to fit it inside his house 😅 cute hamster hybridhamster dwarfhamster

11 Minutes ago
Lauren Dainty (laurendainty_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lauren Dainty


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Newest addition to the family.. Theo🙂 hamsterhamstercagehamsterhousecutelittleboylovehimfamilyplayingnewposeadorablepetsathomeanimal

11 Minutes ago
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. ハムスター ジャンガリアン hamster

12 Minutes ago
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"That crazy hamster lady filming me while showering"! ... 😅😜🐹 Just needed some supplies and ran upon this cutie! hamster hamsterofinstagram petco showertime💦🚿 petlover

13 Minutes ago
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わが家に残る子ハムたちの名前 順番にぐり、ぐら、ぐうに決定! ぐり♀は実物ダントツ可愛いのにノーマルカラーのせいか写真写りがアレ… ぐら♀は今のところ全く色変わりなく全身きれいなイエロー! ぐう♂はだいたい寝てるし手に乗せてもまったりしてる〜 ぐり ぐら ぐう ハムスター ジャンガリアン hamster 生後1ヶ月ちょい

13 Minutes ago
🌈Lorena🌈 (lorenuska93) Instagram Photos and Videos



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We are sad to anunce this... We don't like to do this kind of post. Renardo, @_nurland 's hamster died an hour ago in our hands. Renardo had a good and happy live, he was 2 years old and was like a son for my friend. R. I. P. Little cutie... You' ll be never forgotten... 👼💘😢 Renardo hamster angel rip neverforgotten weloveyou

15 Minutes ago
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Teddy isst einen Teddy *.* teddyteddyhamsterhamstersüßsweetleckerchenessenhungerkäfigfell

16 Minutes ago
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Look at me go mum! Look at me go! -falls- taco tacothehamster hamster hamsters hammy sghamsters sgpets sgpet cutehamster cute chubby winterwhite hamstergram petsofinstagram cutehamsters cuteanimals instahamster

16 Minutes ago
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Bamboo is helping with the science homework!! At least hamsters don't have homework.... hamster hamsters hammy hammys syrianhamster animal animals cute adorable science homework ihatehomework sad helpme Tagged pawtner!

17 Minutes ago
Cheese The Fat Hamster (cheese.the.fat.hamster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cheese The Fat Hamster


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🐹: I'm gonna run around the world and find you human Servant! 🌟VPN sneaky update from Sendai 🌟 Wanna see what human Servant is up to? Go visit @tititiffany_z ------------------------------------------ 🎉27K! FunnyCaption Challenge! 🎊 If your comment is funnier than my own caption, I will replace my caption with your comment, your account in the text, and also give your account a 24hr shoutout 📢! To be part of the competition, as long as you can fit in the following criteria: 1. Follow @cheese.the.fat.hamster account 🐹; 2. Leave your funniest comment under any of my new posts from 7th September 2016; 3. Are a pet account or at least own a pet and have a pet post in your account 🐹🐭🐰🐱🐶🐨🐷🐸🐮🐵🐧🐤🐴🐢🐠🐿; ------------------------------------------ Note: For those who think everyone else is stupid and doesn't know how to use Google so needs to be educated on Instagram, I've NO intention whatsoever to encourage ANYONE to feed or do ANYTHING to their hamsters without researching or asking a vet. So if you do so, it will be your own responsibility. I'm by no means an animal expert / vet, and never claim to be one. Plus this account is not for educational reason, purely entertainment only. Thanks. ------------------------------------------ hammy hamster hamsterlover smallanimal animallovers funnyanimals animals cute supercute adorable 可愛い 宠物 仓鼠 ハムスター kitten puppy baby wow beautiful animalvideo cutevideo funnyvideo hilarious running digging sleep dream dreaming

17 Minutes ago
Pavel Pakhomov (pavelf1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pavel Pakhomov


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The little climber😂🤣🤣🤣😍🐰 . . . climber hamster hamstergram hamsters jungarianhamster animals animal pet cute pets animales cute love nature animallovers pets_of_instagram petstagram petsagram littlehamster funnyanimals funnyhamster rodent myhamster humorous instahamster fluffy hammy adorable hamsterlife hamstervideo

18 Minutes ago
Saekom&Dalkom (saedal_shulini) Instagram Photos and Videos



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새콤 이의 쳇바퀴 교실 2탄 🐹❤ 🐭 🐹 골든햄스터 햄스타그램 블루도미넌트 햄스터 hamster hamstergram syrianhamster pet petstagram

18 Minutes ago
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Steely ♀


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20 Minutes ago
리토야 (lito._.vely) Instagram Photos and Videos



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불켰더니 문으로 쪼르르 멀뚱멈칫 밥 천천히 준비하고 뒤돌았더니 저러구있다..미안...😅 앞으로 빨리빨리 할게😛😛 _ 리토🐹헤테르도미넌트골든햄스터시리안햄스터햄찌햄스타그램hamsterhamstagram손바닥젤리촉촉

20 Minutes ago
BambooTheHamster💖 (bamboothehamster) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Another flatham pic!!hamster hamsters hammy hammys flathammy flathamster syrianhamster aninal animals cute adorable Tagged pawtner!

20 Minutes ago
Calvin Lam (thatguywhochefs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Calvin Lam


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Almost out of colorado! Vegas here we come! roadtrip grandjunction speeding impatient hamster

21 Minutes ago
Saekom&Dalkom (saedal_shulini) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Saekom&Dalkom:

달콤 이 내새꾸... 궁딩이가 마니 무겁니...?😂💕 🐭 🐹 골든햄스터 햄스타그램 블루도미넌트 햄스터 hamster hamstergram syrianhamster pet petstagram

21 Minutes ago
Ryland Edward Bateman (rylandbateman) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ryland Edward Bateman


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Me n my hammy lol😂 hammy hamster 倉鼠 金絲熊 boy schoolboy transgender trans transkid funnyasshit trump meme selfie

21 Minutes ago
Stefan the Hamster (stefan_the_hamster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stefan the Hamster


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Hej ludzie jakie atrakcje dla mnie słyszeliście na długo weekend? weekend whatsyourplan longweekend stefcio StefanTheHamster hamster syrianhamster chomiczek chomiksyryjski 🐹🐹🐹

22 Minutes ago
Ali D. (bits_of_time_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ali D.


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" nibble, nibble" -Retardo hamster

23 Minutes ago
Saekom&Dalkom (saedal_shulini) Instagram Photos and Videos



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달콤 이 킁카킁카 ❤ 스페셜 쿠키는 맛나용🐹💕 이 할짝할짝 ( 동영상 클립 되는걸 첨알게되서 수정해요😊) 🐭 🐹 골든햄스터 햄스타그램 블루도미넌트 햄스터 hamster hamstergram syrianhamster pet petstagram

23 Minutes ago
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🏐🏐😴😴😴 hamstergram hamstersofinstagram ball hamster

43 Minutes ago