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Comment from Shiori:

2017.04.28 おはようございます☀️ 実は水曜の夜に少しだけ砂場を復活させてみました。 週末まで…と思っていたけど、あまりに居た堪れず😓 夜の間入れておいて、朝に撤去するという感じで。 すると木曜の朝、久しぶりに朝挨拶に出てきてくれました😭✨ 元気におやつ催促して、ほっぺに詰めて帰って行きました。 なので、昨夜も砂場を置いておいたら、やはり今朝出てきてくれた😭✨ 目薬もちゃんと出来ました✨ . 砂場を入れたけど、目を擦りつけたりしていないし、日々回復してきているのが目に見えて分かります。 大ちゃん、砂場嬉しいねぇ。 こんな感じでしばらくやっていけば、すぐ治るよ😊💕 . . 🐹❤️❤️❤️ . 今朝の大ちゃん 可愛いなぁ ハムケツも見せてくれたけど それはハムケツ祭りまでとっとこう笑 頑張ろう大五郎 hamster hamstergram hamsterlove hamsterlovers hamsters ハムスター キャンベルハムスター ジャンガリアンハムスター ジャンガリアン ペット 可愛い ふわもこ部 petsagram pet pets hamsterlife

7 Minutes ago
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I love hamster 💕💕💕 source by instagram hamster hamstergram hamsters hamstersofinstagram hamsterlove hamsterlife hamsterlover hamstercage hamstersofig hamstergyu

9 Minutes ago
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Comment from 💜RAISIN💜:

🐹: Mama says I have a cute little baby face 👶🏻~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~❤️Pawtners❤️ @hamstercareforyou @cool.hammy @yiley_the_hamster @furryy.friendss @hammydoggy10 @mish.chippy @rainbowhamz @life.of_my.pets @cool_pet_edits_ @animals16dm @lots.of.pets @threelittlepets @hassethehamster @fluffs.and.stuff @jimmybirddy @bear.paw.hammy @jackiethehamster100 @kookietehhamster @hamsterlxver @redd_the_hamster @stefsanimals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you love dogs go follow my other account @dog._.lover101_ I follow back ❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~💕hashtags💕 raisin_the_hamster hamsterofinstagram hamster hamsterselfie cutehamster raisin cute ❤️ hamsterlife hamsterface hamsterworld hamstergram hamsterofinstagram adorablehamster

21 Minutes ago
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Nat-Nat :3


Comment from Nat-Nat :3:

My little baby! 3 months old to 6 months old 💕🐹 hammy hamster hamsterlove hamsterlife hamstergram syrianhamster pet love

31 Minutes ago
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Hamster Cute Instagram


Comment from Hamster Cute Instagram:

Tag your friends who would love this 😊❤ Follow me @hamstercute_insta for more ❤ Tag me for a feature 📌 Credit: @meatballshamily hamster hamsters hamstergram hamstersofinstagram hamsterlove hamstersoninstagram hamsterlife hamsterlover hamsterofinstagram hamstercage hamstersofig hamstergyu hamster🐹 hamstershirt hamstercute_insta

1 Hours ago
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Comment from MouseLife:

Kalsoy really likes the new treat from Mixerama 😊 Look at him go for it - and that little lick with his tongue at the end. I think someone is very happy 😍 kalsoythehamster hamsterlove hamstersofinstagram instahamster hamsterlife instapet petsofinstagram hamster hamstergram syrianhamster smallpets

1 Hours ago
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Kevin Tran


Comment from Kevin Tran:

What going on a diet looks like hamsters winterwhitehamster winterwhite pet🐶 pets animals animal photographyskills photography 100happydays diet toofat hamsterlife senseofhumor

1 Hours ago
Erika Bielecki (galaxyhamham) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erika Bielecki


Comment from Erika Bielecki:

Link does a good seal impression

2 Hours ago
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stefania pernice


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Ciao Frulia mia ...mi manchi tanto ...!!! frulia mimanchi tipensosempre hamsterlove hamster hamsterlife hamsterofinstagram tiamo pet petgram instapet cuoremio instalike lovepet lovehamster buonanotte notte dolcenotte bellissima bella hamm hammies hammy

2 Hours ago
Hoang Thanh Luan (hamsterlove4k) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hoang Thanh Luan


Comment from Hoang Thanh Luan:

I love hamsters , if you love hamsters please follow me. You can send me photos of hamsters , I will help you! 😃 Double tap & tag and a friend below ! ⤵ By @vanillan1118 @hamsterlove4k Thank you ! ♥♥♥💑 hamsterhamster🐹hamstershamstergramhamsterlovehamsterlifehamsterloverhamsterleyhamsterlyhamsterlovershamsterlucuhamsterliebehamsterlyforesthamsterleyforesthamsterlethamsterlandbeautifulhamsterwelovehamsterswelovehamsters_featurewelovehamsters_featuredwelovehamster

2 Hours ago
Herb the hamster 🐹🌽 (herbthehammy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Herb the hamster 🐹🌽


Comment from Herb the hamster 🐹🌽:

Strutting my fluff 😎 . . hamsters cutehamster hamstercheeks hamsteroftheday hamsterbaby hamsterlife hamstersoninstagram myhamster hamsterselfie hamstergram hammy hamstersofinstagram

2 Hours ago
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Comment from CourtneyLou:

Family photo with our fur baby hamster furmummy furdaddy furbaby family home household cheeky favourites pheebs stretch letmeplay roll blackandwhite hamsterlove hamsterlife hamsterinstagram

2 Hours ago
🐹WangWang & YuanYuan & Chloe (thehammieee) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐹WangWang & YuanYuan & Chloe


Comment from 🐹WangWang & YuanYuan & Chloe:

WangWang: Chloe told me last night that he didn't want to visit vet today, so I bit mommy and escaped. I wanted to delay as long as possible, so Chloe could miss the appointment! However, mommy caught me in less than one hour, so Chloe did meet the vet😔 Oh my poor Chloe, big brother WangWang couldn't help you😠

2 Hours ago
Waffles the Syrian Hamster🐹 (wafflesthehamham) Instagram Photos and Videos

Waffles the Syrian Hamster🐹


Comment from Waffles the Syrian Hamster🐹:

(wait for the yawn😍) why must you stare at me as if i'm some sort of cute small animal??? wait... i am.... keep giving me attention.

2 Hours ago
VegOut4Life (vegout4life) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from VegOut4Life:

Because our pets deserve the best too!! ☺️ Say Hi NONI!! 😍 VegOut4Life To learn more about Tahitian Noni Juice visit today! We'll see you there. 😊 NONI Hamster HamsterFood DiscoverMorinda MADTeam

2 Hours ago
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Comment from Anky:

We got a new familymember, Link, today. Cute, isn't he? hamster guldhamster syrianhamster hamsters hammy hamstergram hamsterlove hamsterlife instahamster

3 Hours ago
Little Miracles (littlemiraclesforever) Instagram Photos and Videos

Little Miracles


Comment from Little Miracles:

tb when Louise was just a tiny little hamster💗 _____________________________________________ Follow my partners 🇫🇮 @cookiehammy 🇫🇮 🇬🇧 @tinylittlefurries 🇬🇧 🇸🇪 @beccashammies 🇸🇪 🇫🇷 @michko.and.suly 🇫🇷 _____________________________________________ littlemiraclesforever winterwhite sapphire dwarfhamster hamster hamsterlife AnimalAddicts cutepets animalia feature_do2 cutepetclub hamstersoninstagram animalsco pypdrawme thepipsqueakerySOS

3 Hours ago
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Comment from Bombón🐹:

🐹🎀 cute instagram lovepet animal animals hamstee hamstergram hamsters hamsterlove lovehamster loveanimals loveanimal socute lovepet hamsterofgram hamsterlife instaham instahamster mouse hamsterruso russianhamsterhamsteranimalcute cuteanimals lovelyroedorhamham hamstagram

3 Hours ago
Rocket The Hamster 🚀 (rockyhamster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rocket The Hamster 🚀


Comment from Rocket The Hamster 🚀:

Cunning little fox here 🐺rocketthehamster hamstergram hamsterlife cutepet lovepets hamster pommegranate

3 Hours ago
🔥🍕Hayley🍕🔥 (hayleysimpson2071) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🔥🍕Hayley🍕🔥:

I see you Bruce!🐹❣😁 happyboy hamster hamsterlife hamstercare robohamsterdwarf robovski robohamsterdwarf robohamster robohamsterlove robovoskihamster hideandseek hideaway happyboy hidingspot hiding hidinghamster

3 Hours ago
Pichu 🐹💖💗 (hamsterpichu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pichu 🐹💖💗


Comment from Pichu 🐹💖💗:

On our way to the show in Järna on Saturday. We have to travel quite far so we're starting today 😉💕🐹 pichu pichuthehamster hamster syrianhamster cute pet guldhamster instahamster hamsterlove hamsterlife adorable hammie hamstersofinstagram cutehamster fluffyhamster hamsterpichu hamstersoninstagram hamstergram -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🐾Follow my Pawtners 🐾 @melangels_hamsters 🐹 @hamstermillie 🐹 @queensmaja 🐹 @hamstercompany 🐹 @beccashammies 🐹 @heddashamsters 🐹 @hamsterlxver 🐹 @thehamstercrew 🐹

3 Hours ago
🔥🍕Hayley🍕🔥 (hayleysimpson2071) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🔥🍕Hayley🍕🔥:

Wakey! Wakey!🐹💕😫 justwokeup wakingup wakinghamster longnaptoday robovski robohamster robohamsterlove robovoskihamster robohamsterdwarf hamsterlife hamstercare hamster happyboy

3 Hours ago
Хомяк Плюша (hamster_plush) Instagram Photos and Videos

Хомяк Плюша


Comment from Хомяк Плюша:

хомячихаплюша сирийскийхомяк домашнийпитомец хомяк животное hamster cute animal hastergram pets syrian syrianhamster cutie rodent sweet kawaii hamsterlove mylittlefriend goldenhamster hamsterlife cutehamster socute ハムスター 햄스터 倉鼠 křeček хомякизсамары

3 Hours ago
Hamster_love1608 (hamster_love1608) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hamster_love1608:

I love hamster 💕💕💕 source by instagram hamster hamstergram hamsters hamstersofinstagram hamsterlove hamsterlife hamsterlover hamstercage hamstersofig hamstergyu

3 Hours ago
Baileys 🐹 (baileysthehamster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Baileys 🐹


Comment from Baileys 🐹:

That couch is awesome! hamsterlove hamster hamsterlovers hamsterlife hamster🐹

3 Hours ago
Peppa 🌹 Paçoca and Penélope 💕 (peppaguineapig) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peppa 🌹 Paçoca and Penélope 💕


Comment from Peppa 🌹 Paçoca and Penélope 💕:

Little paws 💕😍💞💘💖 hamster hamsterlove hamsterlife hamstergram hamsterofig hamsterpanda cute

3 Hours ago
Абрикоська моська (abricos_ka.mos_ka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Абрикоська моська


Comment from Абрикоська моська:

Принимаю песочные ванны🤗🏜песочек нежности абрикоськамоська абрикоська хомяк хомячиха моська комочек мордочка пушистик милота питомец животные животныймир вмиреживотных мимими мимимишность лапочка мордочка зверь humster pet nise hamstergram hamsters hamsterlife baby hamsterbaby

3 Hours ago
Anna Blaszczyk (annablaszczyk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anna Blaszczyk


Comment from Anna Blaszczyk:

hamster hamstersofinstagram pet cute playtime playful animallover animallovers animals animalphotography closeup homepet instagood petlover petlovers hamsterlife hamstergram hamsterlove fluffy

3 Hours ago
Gokina (hamstericchiaprecious) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gokina:

Chi mi disturba?!🐹😡😈🔥 sleep home zzz labirinto labyrinth criceto hamster hamsterlove hamsterlife hamstergram hamstercage pet pets petstagram animal animales animallovers pic pics picoftheday photo photooftheday photograpy 鼠 趴趴鼠 倉鼠 銀狐鼠 虫 楓葉鼠 carefresh

4 Hours ago
Peppa 🌹 Paçoca and Penélope 💕 (peppaguineapig) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peppa 🌹 Paçoca and Penélope 💕


Comment from Peppa 🌹 Paçoca and Penélope 💕:

The little cutie ❤ hamster hamsterlife hamsterlove hamstergram hamsterofig hamsterrusse cute

4 Hours ago
👠👗👒💄dilara🐾🐀🐾🐁🐾🐭 (hamsterolog) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 👠👗👒💄dilara🐾🐀🐾🐁🐾🐭:

hamster hamstergram hamsters instahamster hamsterlove hamsterofinstagram hamstersoninstagram hammie hammy hammies cute fluffy pets pet itssofluffy animals healtyfoods cuteness lovely hamsterlove hamsterlife cuteness lovely nature naturelovers djungarian

4 Hours ago
Míša Valentová (miellecz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Míša Valentová


Comment from Míša Valentová:

Hele, Poro! hamsterlife

4 Hours ago
 (agentoc_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from agentoc_:

Is er nicht mega süß?😍😁😚 hamster hamstergram hamsterlife cute kawaii hamsterlove animals liebling Nager

4 Hours ago