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Shiori (shio_ham) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Shiori:

2017.04.28 おはようございます☀️ 実は水曜の夜に少しだけ砂場を復活させてみました。 週末まで…と思っていたけど、あまりに居た堪れず😓 夜の間入れておいて、朝に撤去するという感じで。 すると木曜の朝、久しぶりに朝挨拶に出てきてくれました😭✨ 元気におやつ催促して、ほっぺに詰めて帰って行きました。 なので、昨夜も砂場を置いておいたら、やはり今朝出てきてくれた😭✨ 目薬もちゃんと出来ました✨ . 砂場を入れたけど、目を擦りつけたりしていないし、日々回復してきているのが目に見えて分かります。 大ちゃん、砂場嬉しいねぇ。 こんな感じでしばらくやっていけば、すぐ治るよ😊💕 . . 🐹❤️❤️❤️ . 今朝の大ちゃん 可愛いなぁ ハムケツも見せてくれたけど それはハムケツ祭りまでとっとこう笑 頑張ろう大五郎 hamster hamstergram hamsterlove hamsterlovers hamsters ハムスター キャンベルハムスター ジャンガリアンハムスター ジャンガリアン ペット 可愛い ふわもこ部 petsagram pet pets hamsterlife

6 Minutes ago
Hamster_love1608 (hamster_love1608) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hamster_love1608:

I love hamster 💕💕💕 source by instagram hamster hamstergram hamsters hamstersofinstagram hamsterlove hamsterlife hamsterlover hamstercage hamstersofig hamstergyu

9 Minutes ago
Scrappy the syrian hamster (scrappytheham) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scrappy the syrian hamster


Comment from Scrappy the syrian hamster:

He's sooooo fluffy and soft. 😍😍🐹 . . . hamster syrianhamster cute furry pet smallpet hamstagram hamsterlove snacktime scrappytheham hammy hamstersofig hamstersofinstagram hamsteroftheday hamsterotd cuteness fluffy sofluffy snacktime greedyhamster goldenhamster teddyhamster cutehamster cuteness cutenessoverload potd kawaii

18 Minutes ago
Gandalf The Hamster (gandalf_thehamster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gandalf The Hamster


Comment from Gandalf The Hamster:

I was trying to escape! 🐹🙈

21 Minutes ago
Anke Hölzel (ankehoelzel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anke Hölzel


Comment from Anke Hölzel:

Schöner Rücken kann auch entzücken. :-D hamsterlove hamstergram zwerghamster dsungare dsungi nager notfellchen fellpopo Haustier animel pets little white

21 Minutes ago
HamsterNiko (hamsterniko) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from HamsterNiko:

Depois que minha gaiolinha está limpa,eu fico tão sapeca meus hamiguinhos. 😂🤣 hamster hamsters hamsterlove hamstegram petgram petlove pet roedor lindao

22 Minutes ago
Weronika Chrzanowska (verashot) Instagram Photos and Videos

Weronika Chrzanowska


Comment from Weronika Chrzanowska:

😍❤️🐹hamster hamster🐹 hamstergram hamsters hamsterlove hamsterlover ilovemyhamster cute sweet nice cool love animals animal pic photo portrait best picoftheday iphone iphoneonly instalike instagram instamood instago instaday pictureoftheday vsco syrianhamster

24 Minutes ago
Kuma (kumaonlylovesmai) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kuma:

My favorite pic of Kuma ☺️❤️🐹 . . . hamster hamsterlove hamstergram cutehamster kuma instapet instalike instadaily instahamster animal dwarfhamster hybrid winterwhite pearl petoftheday hamstersoninstagram photooftheday lovely gn

25 Minutes ago
Nat-Nat :3 (natyyclaire) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nat-Nat :3


Comment from Nat-Nat :3:

My little baby! 3 months old to 6 months old 💕🐹 hammy hamster hamsterlove hamsterlife hamstergram syrianhamster pet love

31 Minutes ago
Evonthunder/Elin 🇸🇪 (evonthunderhamsters) Instagram Photos and Videos

Evonthunder/Elin 🇸🇪


Comment from Evonthunder/Elin 🇸🇪:

45 Minutes ago
Hamzo (therealhamzo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hamzo:

❤🌙Goodnight, hamstergram friends🌙❤ Hamzo therealhamzo love hamstersofig hamster hamsterlove ilovehamsters hammy cute cutehamster goldenhamster goldenhamsters teddyhamster hamsteroftheday lovehim lovehamster littleguy syrianhamster

47 Minutes ago
Natalie (nabitalie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Natalie:

Grey sits again in his bowl and eats :) hamster cute pet loveit new instagood instapet happy hamstergram hamsterlove

53 Minutes ago
Precious Ladies 🐹🐀 (quirkyrodents) Instagram Photos and Videos

Precious Ladies 🐹🐀


Comment from Precious Ladies 🐹🐀:

I am so incredibly beyond depressed and borderline bed ridden, the shit never stops - but Winnie and I are working on our relationship - she's precious and fierce all at once. My little peach, my little pie, my absolute weirdo 🍑 - - - Our mom is: @dangergal - - - pet animals cutepetclub smallpet petstagram petoftheday ilovemypet baby hamstagram hamstermom mybaby mybabygirl hamstergram hamsterlove hamstersofinstagram dwarfhamster hamster robodwarfhamster dailyfluff instalike love angel roborovskihamster roborovski instapet instagood tiny adorable ellapluswinnie babywinnie

1 Hours ago
#vegan#clothes#Saint Tropez🛫 (mrslarah) Instagram Photos and Videos

#vegan#clothes#Saint Tropez🛫


Comment from #vegan#clothes#Saint Tropez🛫:

Sss...t Joey is sleeping 🐹😍😴😴😴hamsterlovehamsterlovevegan

1 Hours ago
Nuray🎀 (littlenuray) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nuray🎀:

hamsterlove animal likes TagsForLikes hamstagram syrianhamster hammy ハムスターhamsterofinstagram cute pets hamsterlovers hamstersofinstagram cute love goldenhamster kawaii pets_of_instagram petstagram goldenhamster

1 Hours ago
Hamster Cute Instagram (hamstercute_insta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hamster Cute Instagram


Comment from Hamster Cute Instagram:

Tag your friends who would love this 😊❤ Follow me @hamstercute_insta for more ❤ Tag me for a feature 📌 Credit: @meatballshamily hamster hamsters hamstergram hamstersofinstagram hamsterlove hamstersoninstagram hamsterlife hamsterlover hamsterofinstagram hamstercage hamstersofig hamstergyu hamster🐹 hamstershirt hamstercute_insta

1 Hours ago
Hamsterlândia (hamster.landia) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hamsterlândia:

Os 2 últimos filhotes da ninhada que nasceu no dia 26 de março se despedem hoje. Desejo que vocês sejam muito felizes na nova casa! 😄🐹🐹 [ The last 2 pups of the litter that was born on March 26 say farewell today. I wish you all to be very happy in the new home!] hamster hamsters anaorusso pet criador criacao carinho care petlover instapets riodejaneiro brasil hamstergram muitofofo cute agouti hamsterlover hammylove reproducao reprodutores hamsterlove campbell brasilpet hamsteranaorusso puppies filhotes russiandwarfhamster dwarfhamster

1 Hours ago
мєℓ _Aronwits ♛ (mel_7118) Instagram Photos and Videos

мєℓ _Aronwits ♛


Comment from мєℓ _Aronwits ♛:

Unser süßer kleiner Tomaš. Er liebt Wiener-Würstchen. My little Sweet Hamster Tomaš love small sausage. hamsterlove hamsterofinstagram hamster🐹 hamstereating Love liebe animals tierliebe❤️ instagramers instahamster likesforlikes likeforlike likes spamforspam @ariana_grande_1084

1 Hours ago
Jasmin Essow (jaesmin2) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jasmin Essow


Comment from Jasmin Essow:

Ein neues Familienmitglied - unsere Luna ❤🙈 . . . . . 🐹 hamsterlove baby luna sieistsoknuffig dankeschatz bistderbeste liebe niewiederohnedich mrright unzertrennlich ❤ cute sweet beautiful happy photooftheday hamstergram

1 Hours ago
Harriet (harrietthehammy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Harriet:

Just editing my @tinyhamsterpaws video! Should be up soon, just need to do the voice over for it now ☺️🐹💖🐹💖🐹 carolinastormwheel hamster hamstergram hamstercage hamsterlove hamstersubscriptionbox x

1 Hours ago
Peanut (peanutshamsterphotos) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Peanut:

Hamster Hamsters hamsterlove hamsterlover animallove peanut hamster🐹 mammalove hamsti hamsters hamstergam hamsterlove hamsterliebe hamsteroftheday hamstersg hamsterlovers dsungi dsungarian dsungarischerzwerghamster

1 Hours ago
Екатерина Захарова (ekaterina_zakharova_super) Instagram Photos and Videos

Екатерина Захарова


Comment from Екатерина Захарова:

Я начинаю верить, ежи и хомяки - родственники. Кураж hamsterlove хома hamster хомяк hamstergram hamstergramer ФлаффиФлауэ_Кураж

1 Hours ago
Boris & Arthur the guinea pigs (bigpig__littlepig) Instagram Photos and Videos

Boris & Arthur the guinea pigs


Comment from Boris & Arthur the guinea pigs:

runrunrunrunrunrunrunrun 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

1 Hours ago
MouseLife (the_mouselife) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MouseLife:

Kalsoy really likes the new treat from Mixerama 😊 Look at him go for it - and that little lick with his tongue at the end. I think someone is very happy 😍 kalsoythehamster hamsterlove hamstersofinstagram instahamster hamsterlife instapet petsofinstagram hamster hamstergram syrianhamster smallpets

1 Hours ago
ᴘᴜᴄᴋᴏ️️ 💛🐾🐹🐾♥️ (hamster.pucko) Instagram Photos and Videos

ᴘᴜᴄᴋᴏ️️ 💛🐾🐹🐾♥️


Comment from ᴘᴜᴄᴋᴏ️️ 💛🐾🐹🐾♥️:

I was sloppy today, but that's ok 😈😃🐹🍴 . . . hamster hamstergram foodporn hammy pet petgram housedesign animallover lovemypet lovemyhamster hamsterlove hamsterface houseparty petlove rodent cuteanimals smallanimal foodstagram adventuregram hamstersofinstagram photooftheday instapet followforfollow follow4follow f4f followbackteam ialwaysfollowback followme likeforlike like4like

1 Hours ago
Lera Nichin (leraoliko) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lera Nichin


Comment from Lera Nichin:

Hamster🐹🐾 hamsterlove petphotography pets pet cute mini little petlove nice petlovers cat puppy bunny loveanimals love lovepet lovepet beautiful baby babyanimals хомячок мило toy lovely likesforlikes h fluffy petoftheday animalsmood animalsaddict hamster

1 Hours ago
のあたろ (tt_noah) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from のあたろ:

意外と大人しい?ロイ💓 *. *. お姉ちゃんに遊んでもらってた♬*゚ て言うか遊ばれてたの間違えかな?😂😂 *. *. はむすたーハムスタージャンガリアンハムスタークリームパイドロイかわいい癒しhamsterdjungarianhamsterhamsterlovehamstergramcutepet

1 Hours ago
W.C.S.C-Hamsters (winterandcoco) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from W.C.S.C-Hamsters:

having so much fun exploring my new toys! 💕

1 Hours ago
Erika Bielecki (galaxyhamham) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erika Bielecki


Comment from Erika Bielecki:

Link does a good seal impression

2 Hours ago
theHAMSTERS (hamssterss) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from theHAMSTERS:

🐭❤️ pocketpockethamsterlittlesweetielovehamstergramhamsterlovefunnyhamstercutefollowusmeethamster

2 Hours ago
stefania pernice (stefania_pernice) Instagram Photos and Videos

stefania pernice


Comment from stefania pernice:

Ciao Frulia mia ...mi manchi tanto ...!!! frulia mimanchi tipensosempre hamsterlove hamster hamsterlife hamsterofinstagram tiamo pet petgram instapet cuoremio instalike lovepet lovehamster buonanotte notte dolcenotte bellissima bella hamm hammies hammy

2 Hours ago
Hoang Thanh Luan (hamsterlove4k) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hoang Thanh Luan


Comment from Hoang Thanh Luan:

I love hamsters , if you love hamsters please follow me. You can send me photos of hamsters , I will help you! 😃 Double tap & tag and a friend below ! ⤵ By @vanillan1118 @hamsterlove4k Thank you ! ♥♥♥💑 hamsterhamster🐹hamstershamstergramhamsterlovehamsterlifehamsterloverhamsterleyhamsterlyhamsterlovershamsterlucuhamsterliebehamsterlyforesthamsterleyforesthamsterlethamsterlandbeautifulhamsterwelovehamsterswelovehamsters_featurewelovehamsters_featuredwelovehamster

2 Hours ago
Rainbow Hamsters (rainbowhamsters_gram) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rainbow Hamsters


Comment from Rainbow Hamsters:

🐹💗 welcome to my bedroom . . double tap & tag someone ☺️☺️ . . credit : hamstersteemo . hamster cute cuteness cutehamster hamsteri hamstersg hamstergram hamsterlove hamsterlover hamsters hamstersoninstagram hamstersg hamstersofinstagram hamstersofig hamsteroftheday

2 Hours ago