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Singaporean Syrian Hammie 🐹


Comment from Singaporean Syrian Hammie 🐹:

Love me, love my butt whiskers! 😏😏😏

2 Minutes ago



Comment from Erica.Dada(大大):

上火的男孩子 给你泡了金莲花 希望快点好起来呦 - hamsterhamstersdwarfhamster hamstersofinstagramhamstergram hamsterlifehamsterlovehammy djungariandjungarianhamster cutepetclubpetpetsagram ハムスター ジャンガリアン怒ったハムスタグラム ジャンガリアンハムスターはむすたー ブルーサファイアふわもこ部 ふわもこ部ハムスターアニマル写真部 仓鼠

14 Minutes ago



Comment from Hamster🐭ミボmibo:

Mibo is a boy😂 _ _ _ pink 鼠小動物 倉鼠 銀狐 圓 肉球可愛ミボ🐭米伯 lovemibocutepetpetinstagramanimalshamsters hamstergram hamstersofinstagram animalsofinstagramlovelypetwinterwhitehamster

14 Minutes ago

Mallory, 20, Canada.


Comment from Mallory, 20, Canada.:

My lil old man ❤ hamstersofinstagram hamster hamstergram russiandwarf dwarfhamster blinxtheham

25 Minutes ago



Comment from Hamster🐭ミボmibo:

新玩具✨ 上面那個洞太小了 米伯太肥無法鑽鑽 - - - - 鼠小動物 倉鼠 銀狐 圓 肉球可愛 ミボ🐭米伯 lovemibocutepetpetinstagramanimalshamsters hamstergram hamstersofinstagram animalsofinstagramlovelypetwinterwhitehamster

26 Minutes ago

Cashmere Mae 🐹


Comment from Cashmere Mae 🐹:

Goodmorning 🌞🐹

38 Minutes ago



Comment from DoraKoroHamsters:

今日はカーニバルなので肉をたらふく食べました🍖 . Happy carnival 🎉 . . . ハムスター ゴールデンハムスター ハムスタグラム セーブルバンデッド 頬袋 パンパン ふわもこ部 親バカ部 チームげっ歯ラブ アニマル写真部 hamster hamstergram hamstersofinstagram hamstersoninstagram hamsterlover cutepetclub animallovers welovehamsters_feature cheekpouches fattuesday mardigras

46 Minutes ago



Comment from Rambo:

So.... my human upgraded me into a big mansion of a cage! Check out our latest video on how to mesh a zoozone 2 from the link in my bio 😄 🐹 adopted adoptdontshop hamstersofinstagram hamstagram RamboTheRDH dwarfhamster smallpetsofinstagram rodentsofinstagram zoozone zoozone2 DIY meshcage zoozone2cage

46 Minutes ago

Veronika K


Comment from Veronika K:

Několikaměsíční Kafka pet petstagram hamstergram hamstersofinstagram blackandwhite hamster hamsterlove instapet

48 Minutes ago

Paige Blunderfield


Comment from Paige Blunderfield:

Kisses 😘 dwarfhamster hamster hamstersofinstagram

53 Minutes ago

Spoiled Hammies


Comment from Spoiled Hammies:

Eating like a lady 😍 hamstersofinstagram hamster syrianhamster cute baby white fur babygirl

55 Minutes ago



Comment from bethieszoo:

Little mousey Primrose. I wish Chinese hamsters were more common, they are such a phenomenal species. hamstersofinstagram chinesehamster chinesedwarfhamster dwarfhamstersofinstagram dwarfhamster

56 Minutes ago



Comment from 💜RAISIN💜:

Good morning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~❤️Pawtners❤️ hamstercareforyou cool.hammy yiley_the_hamster chester._the_.hamster hamster.horde hammydoggy10 mish.chippy rainbowpetz life_of_two_pets cool_pet_edits_ animals16dm lots.of.pets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 💕Hashtags💕 raisin_the_hamster goodmorning happyhamster hamstersofinstagram Cuteypie

1 Hours ago

Megan Harvey


Comment from Megan Harvey:

Last night Pascal fell asleep in my pocket and when I felt movement I looked down to see this little face poking out at me ❤️ hamstergram hamster syrianhamster syrian petsofinstagram hamstersofinstagram loveher petsarethebestmedicine petsarefamily animalsarebetterthanhumans therapeutic furbaby cute cutie bestfriends beautiful hamsterlove spoonie spoonielife adorable goodformymentalhealth goodforthesoul

1 Hours ago

Mia Francesca


Comment from Mia Francesca:

How long do you hamsterlovers play with your hamster for? celestethehamster was given to me by my brother so I'm still learning. Any advice? hamsterlife syrianhamster instapets hamstersofinstagram hammy hamstagram

1 Hours ago

Louise Rock


Comment from Louise Rock:

new friend nibbles dwarfhamster hamstersofinstagram baby 4monthsold tiny boy redeyes cute😍 hamster 🐹

1 Hours ago



Comment from stormy_bun:

Half-asleep Yoyo is sleepy hamster hamstergram hamstagram hamstersofig hamstersofinstagram winterwhite

2 Hours ago



Comment from Jessica:

🐹 Hamster Diaries 🐹 Yesterday morning, I was rearranging my nest. The tissue was rustling and my food was rattling. I like rearranging my nest. After a few days, it starts to make a soft ball with a hole in the middle for me to sleep in. Anyway, I was rearranging my nest to make it even more soft and comfy, when I smelt a DELICIOUS smell! My whiskers wiggled up and down and my nose trembled. I had to get out of my nest and investigate. Big Hands was eating porridge! It had blueberries and nuts on top! It smelt WONDERFUL! I wanted some of that delicious porridge. I put my paws on the bars of my cage and poked my wiggly nose through, and looked at Big Hands imploringly. But she was SO mean! She didn't give me one bit. She said she had a sore throat and it wouldn't do for a hamster to get a sore throat. So she wouldn't share with me. But she did go and wash her hands then she got a blueberry out of the fridge and let me have that. It was a nice blueberry, but a bit cold. Anyway, today, Big Hands had porridge again! I could smell it but I was feeling depressed. I wished I could have some. But I didn't leave my nest, I just stayed inside. 'Ollie!' 'Ollie!' 'Ollie!' Big Hands was calling me. But I still didn't come out. But THEN! the smell came closer! Big Hands was teasing me! She had a little bowl with porridge in and she was wafting it around outside my nest. Oh, how tasty it smelt! I couldn't resist any more. So out I came. Big Hands lifted me gently onto a cushion and put my bowl in front of me. I had my very own bowl with my very own, specially cooled, and germ-free porridge! Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. OliverTheDiaristHamster

2 Hours ago

🐹 Rolo 🐹


Comment from 🐹 Rolo 🐹:

Human I'm tired! hammy Ham hamham hamster hamstergram hamstersofinstagram syrianhamster Syrian Syrians cute sweet adorable fluffy furry soft smol baby pet pets petsofinstagram

2 Hours ago



Comment from illa.Yue:


2 Hours ago