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Melissa S. Cortés (gatitodelagalaxia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melissa S. Cortés


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Mis niñas piciosas, ¡las quiero bien harto! Es súper genial tenerlas como amigas. Son maravillosas. 💖 . . friends girls together selfie mygirls thebest beautiful smile lovely love greatday fabulous friendship bbf girlpower happysaturday happiness picoftheday

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🦋 KD 🦋 (kaedeekd) Instagram Photos and Videos

🦋 KD 🦋


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Day 31: “Happiness is only real when shared” without a doubt, this was the best movie I’ve ever watched. I loved every moment of it! It’s sad, but it’s beautiful, and it makes you think about what is important to you. I’ve always valued social connections over everything else, which is the moral of the story I guess - but life has to be a healthy balance of connection and solitude and security with freedom... intothewild alexandersupertramp bestmovie love social connection freedom happy happiness live life favourite nature beauty 100happydays 100daysofhappiness challenge grateful gratitudejournal

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Amruta pran (amrutapran) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amruta pran


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Waking The Guru (harnadh_maitreya_marisa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Waking The Guru


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from @spiritvoyage - ReleasingFear GlobalSadhana Day22 I've been thinking alot about habits and addictions recently. I've noticed in my own life how quickly small acts of comfort can become self-destructive addictions if I'm not paying attention. For example - when I'm stressed, I tend to seek out food that feels comforting to me...mainly carbohydrates, sugar and fats. The next thing you know, I'm ordering pizza every week and my food choices have gone completely off the rails, even if I'm no longer stressed & using it as a means of self soothing. It's really just so ridiculous when I think about it. I have plenty of other ways to self soothe. I have a yoga practice. I have lots of self-care techiniques in my tool box. I have a support system if I need back up. But unhealthy food choices has been a go to for me for as long as I can remember. Why haven't I tackled that yet? For me, it's all about fear. Fear that permanently changing my desire for comfort foods when I'm stressed is impossible. Fear that I don't have what it takes to conquer that problem in my life. Fear that I will fail if I try. Fear that I will succeed if I try, & then I won't get to enjoy the foods that once brought me such a feeling of happiness. It's all a trick of the mind! None of it is real. It's just a part of me that wants to stay safe & comfortable. It doesn't want to work for it, & it doesn't want to succeed. We all have our little crutches. Smoking. Alcohol. Drugs. Sex. Food. Playing the victim. Whatever our particular crutch might be, conquering them for good can bring up a lot of fear & self doubt. Are there things in your life that you have been using as a crutch? Do you feel you don't have the strength to fight the battle and win? If not, why? Are you willing to be bigger than your crutch? Are you willing to win, so that you can grow beyond what is holding you back? Are you willing to be the hero in your own life? I'm here to cheer you on! I want you to succeed. I know that you can. We all have our work to do - so let's do it from a space of self-love rather than self-judgment. Let's do it from a space of confidence rather than fear. (Cont’d in comments)

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🌠Made his dreams come true... He finally found his bumblebee🌠 littleman tranfromers bumblebee happiness thepickle familyadventure chevrolet mysunshine

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itsmeaiirara 💕


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Keep it real. smile

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Natasha Danielle Pizarro (tashpizarro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natasha Danielle Pizarro


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Design your life! ✊️💜 happymonday life lifebydesign designyourlife lifequotes quotes quotestoliveby happy happiness

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Alyssa Cotto


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I just love getting new fall decor 😍 this is my favorite time of year. • • Anyone else!? • • teamliftandbelifted happyhealthyhumble fitness healthylife nursingstudent nursingschool girlswhorun girlswholift workingonmyself charlestonsc bbg bbgenergize bethebestyou shiftshop workout nursing life happiness girlboss bossbabe fitnesslife coachlife healthylife fitnessjourney workout gettingfit workoutoftheday

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She Wanders (shealwayswanders) Instagram Photos and Videos

She Wanders


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shoreline lake pedalboat sunday californiaadventure californialiving california travel vacation wanderlust shewanders instagood instadaily instalike photography happiness

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👤 Michael Gunawan (mike.gunawan) Instagram Photos and Videos

👤 Michael Gunawan


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Happy Joyful Wedding for @hendra_fu & @stefanie_claire 🤵🏻👰🏻 . . . May you two always be happy forever ever after & god bless. 😇🙏 . . . hendrastefanieweddi luxus wedding party joyful happiness marriage forever love god godbless blessings happy happywedding friends 🙌

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Rachel Kurimay (rachel_lynne1223) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel Kurimay


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Enjoying a cool Sunday evening in the hot tub with a bottle of @grothvineyardsandwinery Cabernet 🍷 . . . weekendvibes sundayfunday hottub wine redwine cabernetsauvignon cabernet lifeisacabernet groth grothvineyards vino instawine fall fallweather lowergreenville dallas dallasite love happiness soulmates

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Professional Hair Artist


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Magical Transformation 💫 Hamofied HairArtist HairGoals HairExtenstion HairDying SummerColors Egypt Hamomohsen happiness hairstyle hairdresser Exclusive instagram Styling UAE Dubai Kuwait New Haircolor Instawedding happinessishere Colors Newhaircut purple Black Loreal hairstyling2017 Summer2017 Hamo_Mohsen

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mylove happiness married cheersto15years bliss puntacana vacay

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Útibleiksstaðahross (northwest_icelandic_horses) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Another mother daughter picture! Here we have Kátína the mother and Gleði the daughter 😁 Kátína is black pinto and Gleði is chestnut dun pinto, both of them have a star and a snip 🐴💜 Gleði is born in 2015 so this picture is from late that summer 🌞 Both of their names are words used for joy and happiness, and it suits them very well! Kátína is very gentle and such a cuddler 😙 and Gleði got her sweetness from her mother 😄 Gleði's father is Karri frá Hellnafelli and her grandfather is Sporður frá Bergi. icelandichorse horsesofinstagram horsesoficeland iceland hestur häst hest pferd horse islandshest islandshäst islandspferd nature northiceland mare foal blackpinto chestnutdunpinto pinto motherdaughter mother daughter joy happiness sweet matching star snip starandsnip

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Lydia Pound (_lydia.lb_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lydia Pound


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NEW 1 REP MAX ON squat!!! New max is 275lbs! First video is 275, second video is 265. My last 1 RM on squat was 255 (kinda since it wasn't at 90) in August. @strengthempiregym . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @tridentstrength max PR gym fitness fit workout fitfam health powerlifting liftheavy bodybuilding fitspo weightloss muscle exercise strength gains fitlife transformation gymtime happiness journey fattofit bodygoals strongissexy fitfriends life love instagood fitinspiration

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Veena sharma


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happybirthdaybesthusbandever blessyoursoul happinesslove

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She Wanders


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sillohuette afternoon niceday californiaadventure californialiving california travel vacation wanderlust shewanders instagood instadaily instalike photography happiness

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I feel your eyes, they all over me / Don't be shy, take control of me @duttypaul 🙌🏽

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THE HIM "Hasan" & Naa'ila Clay (thatclaycouple) Instagram Photos and Videos

THE HIM "Hasan" & Naa'ila Clay


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We love being goofy together! ThatClayCouple AtlanticCity blogger beach SundayFunday couplesgoals marriage lovestory inspire OssieandRubyDee fun motivation happiness instacool igaddict selfie

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atmosphere frirends happiness cr

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Destiny 💕 (d.rivera715) Instagram Photos and Videos

Destiny 💕


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A woman is most beautiful when she smiles ✨ smile happiness podypositivity goals sundayfunday sundayvibes

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Meme Diary (baselleee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Meme Diary


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i still love them all •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• follow me for more stuff like this :)) @baselleee •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• nail fashion beauty photoshoot darkeyes schöneaugen pics hairstyle happygirl instadaily casualstyle me photooftheday happiness darkhairdontcare lovemylife photography photoshooting girly🎀 haironfleek glücklich instafashion instahair staypositive instalove rat rats ratten ratties ratstagram

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🌾🌻J.Koczan🌻🌾 (jkoczan) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Lovely day for a wagon ride through town, courtesy of Joe Joe ☺️ horsesofinstagram horses equine wagon october farm country rural indiana equinesofinstagram happiness

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N A T A L I E (natalia.roum) Instagram Photos and Videos



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My babies❣️The 🦁 is 10 months today! mainecoon gentelgiant

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25 | NZ📍 (nzfitmum) Instagram Photos and Videos

25 | NZ📍


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Monday mantra 💫🙌

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JJ 🍃 (the_lifetime_journey) Instagram Photos and Videos

JJ 🍃


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There should always be a reason to smile even in the rain ☔️💞 _______________________ . street streetphotography tokyo sepia people love simple real moment city journey grateful heart mind beauty beautiful wanderlust watchthisinstagood nikon IamATraveler BeBoundless viewbug natgeocreative happiness tokyocameraclub LoveIsOutThereContest umbrella

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buenas noches !!! Eurusd vemcomagente broker forex trader forextrader dubai daytrader euro dollar negocios entrepreneur money makemoney millionaire millionairelifestyle inversiones motivation inspiration dreams freedom success happiness business profit pips scalp

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✗ Noé 🗺 (voyagezauthentique) Instagram Photos and Videos

✗ Noé 🗺


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À dans 2 semaines Montreal ❤️🍂 montreal montrealjetaime exploremtl love fall autumn quebec quebecoriginal mtl mtlblog mtlmoments oldport oldmontreal 375mtl trees granderoue thanksgiving saturday friends afternoon happiness october october2017 voyagezauthentique authentic authentikcanada canada explorecanada canada150

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Елена Ленская (withlenskaya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Елена Ленская


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Помните, я говорила, что у меня не было лета 2017? Так вот, я беру свои слова назад! Последние 2 месяца в Америке не осень, а лето, но без духоты и жары, с комфортной температурой. Я с ужасом жду холодов так, как не люблю их и еще больше не люблю чувствовать себя капустой во всех одежках, тем не менее пока я тихо радуюсь солнцу и возможности одевать короткий рукав🤗 И пусть я не ощутила лета по календарю, но благодарю осень за эти волшебные мгновения🙄 А как у вас с погодой? Достали уже пуховики с сапогами или все еще радуетесь солнышку и теплу?😊

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💕 Letícia e Hugo ✞=❤ (leticiaehugo) Instagram Photos and Videos

💕 Letícia e Hugo ✞=❤


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❤🍔💏 amor domingo bardorusso love boanoite gordice goodnight felicidade paz happiness happy sunday

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SUPtheworkout (suptheworkout) Instagram Photos and Videos



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People are not born paddlers, they become paddlers. I love witnessing this process. To be completely honest, this process is sacred to me! Usually it takes two to four months of commitment. Then, on a windy day like today, when you think that the flags will get ripped off their poles and you know that any regular person would go backwards on a paddle board, you see the paddlers on the beach getting ready. And those people are not extremely strong or great athletes or what you may imagine a person to be, to go out and stand up paddle board in conditions like that, but those people are paddlers. It means they got the bug! It means there is no turning back. They get out there and give it their all. Conviction, determination, poise and off they go. It’s another awesome workout outside in the elements enjoying an absolute sense of freedom and accomplishment. Are you a paddler? Do you feel this way?

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Brianna Forney (briannasharday) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brianna Forney


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Taking some time away from everything to just really focus on myself and figure out what GOD wants for my life. NOT what I want. Pray Continually. -1 Thessalonians 5:17

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T H E L M A . C H A V E S (thelma_chaves) Instagram Photos and Videos

T H E L M A . C H A V E S


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Our yearly tradition; pumpkins coffee and treats 🎃🍪☕️

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