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Marta Pytlíková (mini_meflake) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marta Pytlíková


Comment from Marta Pytlíková:

Happy birthday to my baby Sofia❤️ can’t believe you are 3 years old. You are growing so fast and every day you bring so much love, fun and joy to my life. Auntie will always love you❤️ happybirthday niece auntie mySofia mybaby alwaysloveyou 3yearsold familycomesfirst alwaysinmyheart

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i feel like trash ✨ (spoopy_claaammm) Instagram Photos and Videos

i feel like trash ✨


Comment from i feel like trash ✨:

Happy Birthday my sweET SWEET CHILD ♥♥ PT. 1 OF KEITH BDAY PT. 2 is digital :D Keith is my bae and always will be. keithkogane happybirthday happybirthdaykeith voltronkeith voltronlegendarydefenders art prismacolors traditional fanart

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Hoap Wilson (hoap) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hoap Wilson


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IceCoBar (icecobarvlc) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from IceCoBar:

🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 IceCoBar IceCream Show Natural Revolución HappyBirthday Chocolate Cream Cake IceCoBar®/Marca Registrada

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Kelly (kelly_e_ward) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kelly:

Happy Birthday to Malachi!! @txkai12 The things I could say about this amazing man; he is my fiancé but he is also my best friend. He lights up every room he walks into, he has the biggest heart, and his sense of humor will have your side aching. He is encouraging, positive, and is caring. Above all those, he is a Christ follower and has a heart for Jesus. Malachi, I love you more than words can even describe and each day I fall in love with you more than the day before. I hope you have the best birthday!! Happy 25th Birthday!! happybirthday loveofmylife thebig25 closerto30 😉

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Hi 💙  At the height with me 💙 (olzainitd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hi 💙 At the height with me 💙


Comment from Hi 💙 At the height with me 💙:

💥💥 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 💥💥 My princess @grineva_katerina beautiful pretty sunset sunrisegmnight tree twilight clouds beauty instatravel instago instagood girl girls lovemecute like4like instalike picoftheday instagramers onedirection statigram instalove harrystyles chelyabinskmakeupchelychelyabi

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Marquis Dental Center (marquisdentalcenter) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marquis Dental Center


Comment from Marquis Dental Center:

What better way to spend your birthday than at the dentist? Happy Birthday Amber! happybirthday welovetoseeyousmile

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Seapark (seaparkizmir) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Seapark:

İyi ki doğdun Zeynep Ada🎈🎂🎀🎊 mutluyillar iyikidogdun mutluluk aile arkadas happiness 2yas prenses mutluhaftalar happybirthday dogumgunu party seapark balçova egepark izmir

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Kezia (keezyb) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kezia:

Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! My beautiful cuz aging like fine wine lol May God continue to bless you tremendously. @shea_beauti 🎉🎉🎉🍾🍾🍾🎊🎊🎊❤❤❤💚💚💚🎂� october cousin happybirthday family loveyou @exposuresbydean

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Noe Torres (noetorres13) Instagram Photos and Videos

Noe Torres


Comment from Noe Torres:

Que no sólo los cumplas muy muy feliz, sino que durante mucho tiempo sigamos teniendo más música y aventuras para celebrar. Te quiero Manuelita 💛✊ Friends HappyBirthday

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 (jasonisnthome) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jasonisnthome:

[INKTOBER DAY 23] I SWEAR I HAVE MORE FOR HIS BDAY I WAS SO BUSY TODAY BUT I DO LOVE HIM _ pen ink marker art doodle drawing illustration traditionalart artaccount sketchbook sketch keith vld keithkogane voltronlegendarydefender voltron happybirthday fanart dreamworks

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Sarah Bradley (scarysarey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Bradley


Comment from Sarah Bradley:

Happiest of happy birthdays to two of my favourite people!! Love you @andiegram_ & @nicoleccyoung!! Can't wait for a post birthday celebration when I get home!! 🎊🎉birthday happybirthday twins blondes babes birthdaybabes

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Charlotte Clare Kelsey (ckelsey1982) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlotte Clare Kelsey


Comment from Charlotte Clare Kelsey:

H A P P Y | B I R T H D A Y to youuuuu @katielazzam !! So glad I could be with you. Hope you had a lovely day xxxx 😘😘birthdaygirl itsyourbirthday happybirthday hiphiphooray 🍸💃

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Cafe Terserah (terserahcafe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cafe Terserah


Comment from Cafe Terserah:

Terima kasih utk support besar dri keluarga @jokimobilelegend_bdg kalian luar biasa respect family ......... Call : 085100011210 Alamat : jalan haji haris 44 rt 02/09 Paid cash/debit/kredit ............ terserahcafe210 kulinerbandung kulinercimahi makanbarengtemen makansiang happybirthday birthdaycake launching opening ngopi ngopibareng ceritakedaikopi coffee kopi kopibandung

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Team Leggoo (teamleggoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Team Leggoo


Comment from Team Leggoo:

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to these October babies Nyasia, Celine, and Alejandro! We hope that each of you had a wonderful birthday with a lot of dancingggg! We are so lucky to have each of you as part of our family 😊 Love you guys! ❤ 🎂🎉🎁🍾 teamleggoo happybirthday dancefamily

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abby gamache 👱📷 (abbycadabbyg) Instagram Photos and Videos

abby gamache 👱📷


Comment from abby gamache 👱📷:

One year more successful and beautiful, you're one of the most driven people I know and I'm thankful to call you my friend 😘 @armanimartin happybirthday birthdaybish boss 24 bawsebish

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Da Messy Bakers (damessybakers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Da Messy Bakers


Comment from Da Messy Bakers:

“Happy 6th birthday to Kaikaika!!” We hope you loved your cake. Thank you to Aunty Karen for letting us be apart of this special day. Also than you to @mutekimoto83 for creating such an amazing topper. decendants2 uma pirate happybirthday seashells @damessybakers @itz_just_belle @shiga00

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Poland (maja.wierzbicka) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Poland:

Dobrze, że dzisiaj tylko piłeczki i lekka siła biegowa po 6km rozgrzewki 😏 weekend w domu mnie wykończył, ale też naładował energią (choc musze odespać, żeby ja poczuć bo 10h w pociagu to słaba sprawa😂)ale impreza urodzinowa była cudowna! 🎂❤ choć bardziej czuje sie na 8 niż 18 lat 😂 happybirthday 18 birthdaycake tort runner adidas białekolce trening run

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Evelyn Rose (eviemeow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Evelyn Rose


Comment from Evelyn Rose:

Happy 11th Birthday Sereena 🎉 You are the funniest doggo I know so lucky to have you girl 🐺🍗🍦🎁 . . . . husky huskiesofinstagram doggo pupper dog doggy bestie love fluffy happybirthday

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Eduardo Bezada (eduardogbezada) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eduardo Bezada


Comment from Eduardo Bezada:

Happy Birthday !!! 🎂🍻👑 Gracias a todos por un dia Especial 😃😊❤️ 20/10/2017 happybirthday keepcalmandismybirthday felizcumpleaños happy

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Roxane (roxane_reboul) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Roxane:

Amazing birthday 🎉 🍹🎁🎊🎈 happybirthday dessert cake food yummy stamp champagne family friends lovethem goodtime dance music present gift thanks thankyou instabirthday instaamazing

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Medhita Putri A (medhitaputri_07) Instagram Photos and Videos

Medhita Putri A


Comment from Medhita Putri A:

Happy birthday bang Rafi 🎂🎂wish you all the best ya bang 😊 Jangan sombong ya bang, tetap jadi bang Rafi yg gua kenal kaya sekarang like4like likeforfollow happybirthday birthdayboy lfl l4l like4like likepic birthdaycake musicallys muserbabies muserid transisitour fff

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Stephanie Clinton (hugskissesandsnot) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Clinton


Comment from Stephanie Clinton:

Is it a daddy long legs spider? Nope, just a 13 year old boy discovering something new. Thanks to Climb Up, we may have a new hobby. climb happybirthday momofboys choosejoy

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Marcus James (theblacklenz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marcus James


Comment from Marcus James:

Birthday behavior Happy Birthday!!🤘🏾💅🏾🌹😎🍾🥂🍷🍟 happybirthday behumble flirtythirty loveitsaparty family celebrate party brunch photography workinprogress theblacklenz improve

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🇫 🇦 🇸 🇭 🇮 🇴 🇳    🇧 🇱 🇴 🇬 🇬 🇪 🇷 (fashion_blogger_nitin_ns) Instagram Photos and Videos

🇫 🇦 🇸 🇭 🇮 🇴 🇳 🇧 🇱 🇴 🇬 🇬 🇪 🇷


Comment from 🇫 🇦 🇸 🇭 🇮 🇴 🇳 🇧 🇱 🇴 🇬 🇬 🇪 🇷:

🎈 birthday bday party happybirthday bestoftheday Happiest b day akash bro😘😘😘😘

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Diana Bandera (dianabandera_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Diana Bandera


Comment from Diana Bandera:

И почему она этим не пользовалась ?!😄С днем рождения, Нати 🙌🙆🎊🍸🍰me girl girls happybirthday autumn students followme belarusgirls

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As Monaco (asmonacofoot) Instagram Photos and Videos

As Monaco


Comment from As Monaco:

[hb] Feliz cumpleaños señor Penalty 😍🔴⚪️❤️ Te estimó mucho 🌟 asmasmonacoasmfcmonacofootfoot tfootballfutbolcalciosoccerfab erfabinhobirthdayhappybirthday thdaycumplefelizanniversarycom

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You have big gay lol ( Instagram Photos and Videos

You have big gay lol

Comment from You have big gay lol:

jesus the hedgehog, in whom we trust blackpower traps dontjudgeabookbyitscover animetraps anime animeboys animeboy kawaii niconiconii memes dablife dab dankmemes dabs dabstagram hashtag fag blackpeople whiteparty people funnymemes funny funnyvideos funnyshit xd smile happybirthday happy

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e l l e n (eversoswell) Instagram Photos and Videos

e l l e n


Comment from e l l e n:

Likes: Cats Dogs Every single animal on the planet Pajamas Playing the piano Rainy days Reading + reading + more reading Being vegetarian Rollercoasters Netflix marathons Piles of leaves Baking sweets Red Hot Chili Peppers + most 90s alternative rock Old fashioned everything Snowstorms Board games Christmas music Doing karaoke Turning 11 😍 happybirthday thisis11 tween

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The Welcome Bag Committee (thewelcomebagcommittee) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Welcome Bag Committee


Comment from The Welcome Bag Committee:

Happy birthday BABE!! Every birthday should be celebrated by putting pins on!! 🎈🎈🎈

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Виктория (tora_fabuloso_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Виктория:

Вот такая вот красота для мамы на др 🍏 деньрождения букет мама осень фрукты вкуснота витамины счастье happiness love mother happybirthday goodday beautiful 💙

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Saundra Rohn (saundrahazelliefrohn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Saundra Rohn


Comment from Saundra Rohn:

I had a beautiful birthday brunch with a beautiful lady and had a ride in her awesome 1973 Antique Monte Carlo! Her butterfly plant, MONA LAVENDER, was a perfect birthday gift for me. 🦋 montecarlocars antiquecars butterflyplant monalavenderhappybirthday

1 Hours ago
Y U L I A  T U M O S H C H Y K (veronika_decides) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Y U L I A T U M O S H C H Y K:

💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 . . . . . happygi girl girls pretty withmygirls withfriends happybirthday

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