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Comment from Laura:

Girls night out! denver loves friends home colorado happybirthday gorlsnightout

17 Seconds ago
💋فتحين سوفيا ذولايخا💋 (_fasozu_) Instagram Photos and Videos

💋فتحين سوفيا ذولايخا💋


Comment from 💋فتحين سوفيا ذولايخا💋:

❤️ MAMA ❤️ she believe on me more than i believe in myself, She will do more for me than she do for themselves, she will always worried about me more than i realize, she pray for me more than i'll ever know, She value on me more than anything else in the world 🌍, she give me more than she can afford and she love me more than anyone else (except my siblings). I ❤️ you so much💕 mama 💕. I'm so glad that I'm your daughter 👩‍👧❤️happybirthday mom birthdaygirl👑 mamabirthdaycelebration 🎉 💐

23 Seconds ago
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Comment from ✨Maricela✨:

I couldn’t do it without my mom. She did everything for me. I’m so grateful to have such loving and creative mother in my life. blessed mymom❤️ hazelsparty desserttable happybirthday ohtoodles

24 Seconds ago
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Comment from "ringo":

cake birthday happybirthday sweet beautiful fff f4f l4l ll ootd いいね返しいいね

25 Seconds ago
Tree Tree Deco 旺角氣球門市 (treetreedeco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tree Tree Deco 旺角氣球門市


Comment from Tree Tree Deco 旺角氣球門市:

partyhk 場地佈置 balloon wedding 氣球公司 balloons 氣球 求婚 marryme 畢業氣球 婚禮佈置 生日快樂 happybirthday 心型氣球 treetreedeco 香港氣球 字母氣球 100days 旺角氣球 babyshower 氣球訂製 百日宴 生日氣球 香港氣球 proposal 氦氣球 氫氣球 氣球佈置 messageballoons prewedding 如需查詢或下單請截圖whatsapp 51365352 網站URL

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Alexa Lategan (Huxter) (alexa_lategan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexa Lategan (Huxter)


Comment from Alexa Lategan (Huxter):

HappyBirthday @kaye_huxter >> cannot believe you are 1️⃣7️⃣ 😱 today. 🖤 May your year of 17 be as amazing as you are...

27 Seconds ago
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Comment from PaOLa:

I never knew what bravery was until I saw it in my mom happybirthday in heaven, MoM Not a day goes by when I dont think of you miss and love you and thank God I was blessed to be your daughter . Until we meet again xoxo

27 Seconds ago
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Comment from Kinoscope:

Happy Birthday David Lynch! . . . . . . . film cinema movie davidlynch happybirthday classics landscape life history indie time art artist visual movies picture director producer screenwriter tv filmmaker insta nyc actor nyc world now top style today

33 Seconds ago
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Nyseli Vega


Comment from Nyseli Vega:

The love runs deep with this tribe 💙 Happybirthday @ronnyvozavoz carmenlacubana paris tribe love aguaaaaaaa vozavoz lastnight

42 Seconds ago
Crystal R Smith (afrochicbeauty) Instagram Photos and Videos

Crystal R Smith


Comment from Crystal R Smith:

Not a day pass that you’re not on my mind. Nights get sleepless and emotional but I tend to manage. I’m not going to make a long drawn out caption about how much I miss you, how our bond was unbreakable, the importance of you being in my life or how since you’ve been gone nothing’s been the same. I’m not doing it because the world knows this information already. I’m just going to say Happy 28th Birthday King, and you’re truly missed. When that coward took you he took a piece of me too. I love you and I’ll be sure to turn up extra hard for you on your day! Oh and although I can’t prove it I’m still convinced we’re twins lol. Rest Easy BIG BROTHER! GOAT LongLiveOcho RestEasy8 H

42 Seconds ago
Bayu Pratama Putra (bayu.pratama.putra) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bayu Pratama Putra


Comment from Bayu Pratama Putra:

happybirthday 😀 kueulangtahun Share the moment... instagram kilogram Not the best moment, but... it's memorable.

43 Seconds ago
Christine Maher (christinebanno) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christine Maher


Comment from Christine Maher:

To my baddest bitch @karolinaturek HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From dicks on binders, trashy raves and ripping out on school nights for $3 high balls to the Funky Planet in your tracker... It’s been an amazing ride and I love you more than ever! Cheers to the next 20 💋. happybirthday parq

44 Seconds ago
youngbae  Bae❤ (______taeyang_____) Instagram Photos and Videos

youngbae Bae❤


Comment from youngbae Bae❤:

スンユンせんいるちゅっかへ💕 @w_n_r00 @maetamong @realllllmino @xxjjjwww winner seungyoon happybirthday 생일축하해 사랑해요 winnerseungyoon スンユン followme pleasefollow 韓国kpop

49 Seconds ago
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Will C


Comment from Will C:

happybirthday Andrew and Edward

57 Seconds ago
Imani Johnson (jesus.lover277) Instagram Photos and Videos

Imani Johnson


Comment from Imani Johnson:

Sooooo since I’m the only one under the age now and couldn’t join the party tonight 🙂 I get to post a bunch of embarrassing photos for My Co-Leaders 21st Bday !! So.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LONNIE!!! I am so incredibly proud to call this man my co leader and friend. Leading together has been quite the journey lol but his prayer and spiritual life spill over into our lifegroup and you just know he’s anointed to do something great ! I have seen him serve like none other.Harvey,Belize,Greeting Team, LYA LG Leader and so much more ! He has grown so much & I know God has so many great plans in store for him ! I declare that this year will be THE year lj and that you leave behind no regrets! 😂😂❤️🎉😇21yearsyoung happybirthday whatdoduckssmoke imhilarious

1 Minutes ago
Tree Tree Deco 旺角氣球門市 (treetreedeco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tree Tree Deco 旺角氣球門市


Comment from Tree Tree Deco 旺角氣球門市:

partyhk 場地佈置 balloon wedding 氣球公司 balloons 氣球 求婚 marryme 畢業氣球 婚禮佈置 生日快樂 happybirthday 心型氣球 treetreedeco 香港氣球 字母氣球 100days 旺角氣球 babyshower 氣球訂製 百日宴 生日氣球 香港氣球 proposal 氦氣球 氫氣球 氣球佈置 messageballoons prewedding 如需查詢或下單請截圖whatsapp 51365352 網站URL

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Comment from Mr_tipsy:

Happy birthday to me.. birthday bday party socialenvy PleaseForgiveMe instabday bestoftheday birthdaycake cake friends celebrate photooftheday instagood candle candles happy young old years instacake happybirthday instabirthday born family

1 Minutes ago
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Comment from MoHAMMED 😎:

Happy Birthday To me 🎁😊✋ .. .... .. happyhappybir

1 Minutes ago
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Olga Kashcheeva


Comment from Olga Kashcheeva:

Спам, пожалуй, закончу🙅🏼🙄😂20012017👶🏼сла 🏼сладкийпирожокмаркстаниславо славовичкащеевмарклюбимыйсынkr сынkrasnoyarsksiberiawinterhap erhappybirthdayhappymomgoodtim

1 Minutes ago
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Comment from Mona:

Denne kjekke, noen ganger litt gale, gutten her er 14 år i dag. Gratulerer så mye med dagen! 🎈🎉💖✨😍 bursdagfjortiskjekkesønn myson14 birthdayhappybirthdayloveusomu

1 Minutes ago
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Comment from MrJhelem:

HappyBirthday to my homie ManRenas 🍾🎂🍾🎂🍾🎂

1 Minutes ago
♥️Zac Efron Fanpage♥️ (zac.alexander._.efron) Instagram Photos and Videos

♥️Zac Efron Fanpage♥️


Comment from ♥️Zac Efron Fanpage♥️:

• I love how he has a little bit of a lazy eye❤️ • QOTP: do you have a lazy eye? - - - - - - - - - - - - - @zacefron Zac Zacdaya zendaya zendayacoleman thegreatestshowman greatestshowman amading hot bratayley bratayleyfan cute oml mom momandson momgoals momandsongoals highschoolmusical happybirthday birthdaymom birthday

1 Minutes ago
Allan Argueta Varela (allanav10) Instagram Photos and Videos

Allan Argueta Varela


Comment from Allan Argueta Varela:

TwoMonthsFeelsLikeForever Sos súper especial Gaby 👸🏻 HappyBirthday Dios te bendiga y hoy entregamos el ayuno a las 4 🙈

1 Minutes ago
E L E N A  B R I K 🌿 (alllbrikkk) Instagram Photos and Videos

E L E N A B R I K 🌿


Comment from E L E N A B R I K 🌿:

Самое лучшее утро 😍 Спасибо,мои родные 💕💕💕 swet17🎂 happybirthday 17ye

1 Minutes ago
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Comment from AlexanderJames:

Happy 6th Birthday Ava! I hope you enjoy your special day. Looking forward to seeing you soon. 😊❤️ . . .charliebrown paigebrown milliebobbybrown avabrown ❤️ birthday specialday happybirthday being6

1 Minutes ago
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mon Cher Jewelry


Comment from mon Cher Jewelry:

💎💍แหวนเพชรชู ชูชีวิต ชูอนาคต ให้ชีวิตเจิดจ้า ดั่งดาวกระจาย 🎇🎆 📍📍ต้องใช้แหวนหนุนดวง 📍📍 ที่สร้างจากวัน เวลา เกิดของคุณเท่านั้นจ้า👌👍💎💍� daimond happybirthday foryou

1 Minutes ago
💯Branded Worldwide 🌎 #REAL (__dj_rj) Instagram Photos and Videos

💯Branded Worldwide 🌎 #REAL


Comment from 💯Branded Worldwide 🌎 #REAL:

Another successful bday for mom lots of love , laughter, food and drinks ❤️ family happybirthday coopershawk

1 Minutes ago
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Looknam 🗝


Comment from Looknam 🗝:

👉🏻 Flower crown 🌾 👉🏻Price : 280 baht 👉🏻 free Ems 👉🏻 contact me : @line namcory. 👉🏻 Page FB : Flowers memories เปิดรับตัวแทนออเดอร์ป โรงเรียนละ 1 คน สนใจแบบไหนแคปรูปมาสั่งคะ gifts congratulations valentine happybirthday handemade handmadelove handemade flowers flowersmemories bylooknam rayongflower Vintage statice myinspiretionดอกไม้แห้ง สแตติสเเห้ง สแตติสแห้ง วินเทจ ปัจฉิม รับวุฒิ มงกุฎดอกไม้ แฮนด์เมด ดอกไม้แห้ง เข็มขัดวินเทจ ดอกไม้ในโหลแก้ว ดอกไม้รับปริญญา ระยอง

1 Minutes ago
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Comment from NatalieTsoi:

SiuFuu 3 year old today la 你要乖一點健康快樂陪著我也陪著你😽😽😽

3 Minutes ago
Юлия Булдырева ❤ (julybul) Instagram Photos and Videos

Юлия Булдырева ❤


Comment from Юлия Булдырева ❤:

Время так быстро идёт, праздники так быстро проходят, не успеваешь ничего осознать толком😅 Быть увлечённым настолько, что даже некогда запечатлеть событие на фотографии📷 с другой стороны это хорошо, значит праздник удался 🔥 Первый раз наша квартира увидела столько гостей😍спасибо всем, что пришли и создали отличное настроение в день рождения моего любимого мужа❤️🎁 happybirthday friendstime happyday vsco деньрождения любимыймуж пермь perm

3 Minutes ago
Maddie Blue ♒️ (posh.queen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maddie Blue ♒️


Comment from Maddie Blue ♒️:

wip afro bulma 💕 So happy to be almost done with this cutie. 😄 Up for adoption - DM me if you want to own this original canvas painting 🌹 - - - - - knowledgeiskey blessed lovelife yolo artbasel arttherapy arianagrande selenagomez mentalhealth temporary catlovers comiccon family girlfriend boyfriend smokeweedeveryday anxiety awareness soulsearching boyfriend girlfriend dbs bulma ecchihentaii dbz goku vegeta happybirthday

5 Minutes ago
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Comment from Angie:

Feliz cumpleaños @shirleymishu ..!! 😍😍 TKM amiwas happynight🌙 happybirthday

14 Minutes ago
Ольга Кушнарёва (olga.kush82) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ольга Кушнарёва


Comment from Ольга Кушнарёва:

С Днём рождения, моё счастье, моё сокровище, моя радость, мой смысл жизни, моё солнышко в окошке! ⚘🎁🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭🍧🍩🍦🍨🍵🎠🎡🎉� Будь здоровой и умной девочкой! А мы с папой постараемся быть рядом, делать твою жизнь радостной и счастливой, понимать тебя, помогать и во всём поддерживать! Мы тебя очень любим 👪❤💞😍😚💋 деньрождения happybirthday Марианна моялюбовь маминарадость

4 Days ago