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Comment from hermionessecretlibrary:

Hey all! Learn how to make your own extremely easy Harry Potter ornament here: http://hermionessecretlibrary. harrypotter christmastree christmas ornaments harrypotterornament platformnineandthreequarters hogswartsexpress

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Sandrine Martel


Comment from Sandrine Martel:

Demandez moi pas pourquoi ma baguette traîne sur mon lit. C'pas juste un objet de collection. J'suis vraiment une sorcière. Si tu m'crois pas c'est qu't'es jaloux, sale moldu. harrypotter jesuisunesorciere baguette magic geekassumée

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Inspired Hair bows


Comment from Inspired Hair bows:

Awwww I love this picture so much but the castle behind is just amazing!thank you for this lovely picture!!!. . . land hairbows hairbows bows bow bows hairbow handmade supportsmallshops etsy etsyshop cosplay ears bound lazos mickey minnie ninjaturtle zootopia maleficent nightmarebeforechristmas frozen belle harrypotter mickey minnie strangerthings harrypotter starwars moana woody

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Paolo Quiamzon


Comment from Paolo Quiamzon:

Hogwarts 🏰 harrypotter potterhead universalstudios

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Alex Montenegro


Comment from Alex Montenegro:

Swish and flick⚡hp harrypotter potterday ravenclaw wizard wand latepost enjoy moments always

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Marcio Lessa Neto


Comment from Marcio Lessa Neto:

O Tempo esfriou aqui em Hogwarts. harrypotter gryffindor foreverpotterhead potterhead

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proud gryffindor ♥️


Comment from proud gryffindor ♥️:

here’s a quick little hermione edit ~ sorry i haven’t been here a whole lot it’s finals week and i’m dying 😂~ • • • harrypotter hermionegranger ronweasley harrypotteredits hpvideos harrpottervideoedits hermionegrangeredits ronweasleyedits hpvids harrypottervids

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Sugar Free Memes


Comment from Sugar Free Memes:

50 POINTS TO SLYTHERIN harrystyles harrypotter hufflepuff hashtag butt dark darkmemes kodak lol memelord

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Steh vigo


Comment from Steh vigo:

Minha primeira cerveja nos EUA acompanhado com meu primeiro livro em Inglês. É claro que não poderia ser outro... harrypotter budlight beer LA losangeles phillipetheoriginal book

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Comment from Draco:

Draco enjoying the pool in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Karol Castro


Comment from Karol Castro:

¿Se supone que hay vida después de esto, o qué? 🧙 . . . crieslikeababy harrypotter imafan unmesymediollenodeaventuras re graciasaconpocococo books 52booksin52weeks

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Willow Reads


Comment from Willow Reads:

Days 9-12 Of the AllTheBooksOf2017 photo challenge 📸 *Book with a magical setting* Harry Potter✨ *Longest Book you read* Strange The Dreamer 💙💛🦋 *Book you finally read this year* City of Bones✨ *Best conclusion to a series* The Last Battle 🤺 * * HarryPotter CityOfBones StrangeTheDreamer TheLastBattle DecemberPhotoChallenge BookstagramPhotoChallenge Bookstagram BookTube WillowReads Books Reading BookNerd

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Jacques De Villiers


Comment from Jacques De Villiers:

One of my favourite gifts last year was FantasticBeastsAndWhereToFindT which was given to me by @zukimyira 😍 * What was your favourite gift last year? * Challenges TheElementB : Favourite Gifts GrimDragon : You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid! BookReadHappyHour : Fictional Weapons RFABHarryXmas17 : Favourite Villain PrintedAlphabet12Days : Bookish Candles FanaticalBirdDecember : First Line * Niffler candle & Bookmark : @all_things_book_ish_box Ginny Weasley Wand : @bluebubblegumfandom * Much love 💙 * HarryPotter JKRowling FBAWTFT Grindelwald Niffler

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RieMarkable Gifts


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harrypotter riemarkablegifts

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👑Meme Queen & Kind Of A Mess👑


Comment from 👑Meme Queen & Kind Of A Mess👑:

“Eating cold spaghett- i out of my hand eating- Cold spaghetti out” A haiku . . . harrypotter fangirl fandom textpost book reading funny tumblr funnytumblr meme supernatural smile positive nature cute percyjackson pjo the

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To Be Determined By E(rin)


Comment from To Be Determined By E(rin):

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. harrypotter gryffindor hufflepuff blackgirlnerds blackmodels melaninpoppin beach lifeguard beachphoto fitness athleisure follow fun pretty babe

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Taysha's Treasures


Comment from Taysha's Treasures:

Mischief Managed! Full Scale Marauders Map Ornament. Direct Order Only. madebytayshaq tayshastreasures tayshastreasuresholidaycollect tayshastreasurespottercollecti handmade harrypotter potter potterlife potterlove prisonerofazkaban mischiefmanaged isolemnlyswearthatiamuptonogoo holiday christmas christmastree tree ornaments fantasy fandom fantasyornaments fandomornaments trending 2017collection

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Comment from jc™:

this is super messy and ugly 🙄 but here are a few things about me lol memememesnichenichememenic menichememesstarterpackgettokn ttoknowmestarwarsharrypotterdu

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Sophie Jewel

Comment from Sophie Jewel:

Working on a Bellatrix piece that I originally wanted to have for the dark Arts Ball, but my toner ran out a couple days before so I couldn't print up any new stuff! Hoping to make a sticker from this design in the near future 🌒🐍💀 sketchbook illustration fanart bellatrixlestrange deatheater harrypotter slytherin pinup

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M E L L I S S A✌🏽️


Comment from M E L L I S S A✌🏽️:

Mischief (Far From) Managed 😏. MischiefManaged HarryPotter PotterReferencesForDays lol DR

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Candi Robinson


Comment from Candi Robinson:

Mondays and moodiness call for some harry potter therapy. mondays mymondaynight harrypotter harrypotterandthesorcerersston harrypotterforlife harrypotterfan harrypotterislife hermionegranger annabellejoyarca calleighisabellearca mybestfriends mybabygirls mamasgirls mylife mommylife singlemommylife drawing creativity coloredpencils arteasel artists pinkranger pajamas tacosocks books bookworm booksarelife geek geekfamily nerd

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«Ruby (Nine)» EST 11/11/17


Comment from «Ruby (Nine)» EST 11/11/17:

I got worse bye 💕 Strangerthings harrypotter netflix 011 008 eleven mikewheeler hopper hawkins memes kali 80s mileven lucas dustin dart finn millie noah sadie max joyce stranger likeforlike things

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Comment from Chelsea:

in 2017 i’m thankful to WB for this holiday party (and also my dream job)

4 Minutes ago
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Katrina Kunstmann


Comment from Katrina Kunstmann:

I drew Fem Snape for whatever reason. Probably cause he has a nice coat. I was going to riff off the outfit but I got lazy. . . . . . . . . fanart harrypotter severussnape Snape femsnape slytherin art artwork painting digitalillustration digitalpainting hp aotd artoftheday artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram

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Bandika Bodolai


Comment from Bandika Bodolai:

,,A mesék csodàja,amíg benned él.." hugrabug hogwarts castle harrypotter airbrush painting

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Mrs. New York City


Comment from Mrs. New York City:

It’s like Hogwarts and Vogue had a candy collaboration. @charbonnel1875 ChocolateShoes IwillNeverEatThis greatgifts fashionista HarryPotter candy shoes

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Comment from Person:

Ok but why did sirius have to be so dramatic earlier? 😂 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • hermionegranger ronweasley dursleys remuslupin dracomalfoy tumblrpost headcanon nevillelongbottom oliverwood weasleys weasleytwins fredweasley georgeweasley

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Please don’t attack me if y’all don’t like it • • • • nichememes memes followme followforfollow ihaveaboyfriend jk iwish ineedfollowers mycatsstalkingme whateven help niche memesdaily pleasefollow harrypotter hermionegranger 2017

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Comment from ShenaLeonard:

Pottery Barn Teen has some of the coolest Harry Potter decor!! 😃⚡️ . . . . . . . . HarryPott HarryPotterGeek HP HarryPotterForever HarryPotterFan Potterhead Ravenclaw Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff HarryPotterDecor HarryPotterBedroom PotteryBarn PotteryBarnTeen Quidditch DeathlyHallows CoolBedroom Galleria

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harrypotter forbiddenforest harrypotterworld posindonesia postal postoffice worldstamps mintstamps fullsheet prangkoindonesia filateli philately warnerbros movies cinematic

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Book Lovers Unite


Comment from Book Lovers Unite:

A cute little book store I found in Colorado a while back! Hey could you guys recommend some books for me to read?

7 Minutes ago
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Bianca Moreira


Comment from Bianca Moreira:

flisc feiraliterariadesantacruz globonorio programaocarioca 450anosdesantacruz hp harrypotter hogwarts corvinal ravenclawpride

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Comment from 🙄:

So I just wanna let them know that I never got my letter. 📜🚂itwasprobablyamistake justmakingsure

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