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❤ Live It Up Soak In Smiles Not Seconds ❤ . . . Pre park pictures ..with yhese two curly hair cutie pies !!! We left our electronics in the car didnt get to capture my kick ass wheel or awkward attempt at a round off .. . . .also come to the aid of a 6 yr old who climbed to the top of the rubber rock wall then fell as my hubby and i Made sure he was okay because his dad was having a smoke.and not paying attention .😵😵 We did get to play tag watch cy try every slide ...sing head shoulder knees and toes around like kids cy climb up on the wall and spot him as he walked it singing .. Honestly reliving your childhood through your childs eyes is beautiful ✌❤ blessed thankful family onelove babes mcm i know its still 4 hrs till mon familyfun family summer sundayfunday adventure livealittle sunshine play staylittle momlife thatsdarling motherearth love enjoylife smile mom_hub goodvibes beauty moments memories havefun

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K E L L Y f a b i a n


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Today's workout required dedication. I had to legit MAKE the time to get it done. I decided to mix things up with one of my favorite workouts ... because who says workouts should be 'boring' or 'a chore.' I workout because I love my body ... not as a punishment. Celebrate all of the amazing things that your body can do 🙌🏼 digdeep and havefun

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Justin Graham


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lifeisshort celebrateit havefun smile wheresnoah @ambieslife

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antonius pelangi


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cycling gowess sepedaan fun enjoy exercise practice workout havefun healty fresh goodweather brother niceplace iloveindonesia thankyougod🙏

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THE BEST ECLIPSE PARTY IN CHARLESTON! DOWNLOAD THE HOBA APP AND BOOK A TRIP TO JOIN US AT CAPERS ISLAND TOMORROW!! . . hoba hobarides boat boating boatlife onaboat imonaboat ocean sea vitaminsea fun havefun adventure funinthesun summer eclipse totalsolareclipse solareclipse charleston celestial stars sun moon lunar space stars Eclipseglasses @thebridgeat1055

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Enjoying Motorcycle with Steve. อากาศดีอย่างนี้ต้องซิ่งซะหน่อย I love summer!!! summer motorcycleride havefun

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Dylan Snyder


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Saturday was for the boys 🤙🏼 • Shoulder to Overhead EMOM + some Rowing, Bar Muscle Ups, and Overhead Squats 👌🏼 • CrossFit Fitness Compete HaveFun PushYourself EncourageOthers Shoulders Gymnastics BarMuscleUp OverheadSquat Rowing Carbs ActiveWorksNutrition CFMTL ChangeYourMind ChangeYourWorld HeadDownEyesForward CloserToTheEdge

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It's a tight race so be sure to VOTE in comments which is your favorite HEART of GILBERT necklace. You'll be in the drawing to win one. If you don't live in Gilbert, you could gift it to someone who does or swap it for the I❤AZ copper necklace. Either way, your opinion counts & we want your vote. • • • drawing vote contest jewelrycontest giveaway winners youpick copperstate coppercharmheartofgilbert gilbertcares gilbert somethingfun sundayfunday havefun love Instagramcontest letsplay instapic share picoftheday tagafriend rubymae entreprenuer contest

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Marylynn Louise Waddle


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Life was meant for good friends and great adventures! 💜 kayaking ascendkayak yakingwithfriends adventureisoutthere lovelife havefun enjoythejourney goodfriends greatadventures kayakingcrew exploreoften caddolake cathedraltrail hammocking paddletrails worryless paddlemore summerdays

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@tristonb1 doing a little speedflying down @resortalyeska in Girdwood AK high above Cook Inlet. turnagainarm alaska funsummer fuckyoudesigns @create38 gooutside havefun getrad

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Robert R. Breive


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Descansen y con todo esta semana 😈👌🏽✌🏼👍🏼😊😂 beardman bear grindr mylife myowner mylistyle havefun haveablast

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Good luck @aveenii with ur new journey! . . cosplay cosplayers cosplayer goodluck newstart movedout havefun dontdostupidstuff bebrave college collegelife tsukishimacosplay tsukishima tsukishimacosplayer matsuno matsunocosplay matsunocosplayer noob noobcosplayer

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Émilie Lafrance


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Avec ma princesse 💗 weddingsniece💕smilehavefun

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Taupik Pauzi Rahman


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Nice island 👌🏻 . . . . . tkarimunjawa karimunjawa karimunjawaisland island jateng jawatengah jepara explorejateng indonesia men menstyle like4like followme followers follow4follow boy asian asianboy jalanjalan holiday havefun visitkarimunjawa karimunjawavacation

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Family adventure Indonesia


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If anybody can take away from my situation. Live your life to the fullest. Tomorrow isn't promised so start today. livelife behappy havefun tomorrowisntpromised motivationalquotes

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Alessandra Natasya


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you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. you make me happy when skies are grey. you'll never know, dear, how much i love you. please don't take my sunshine away. ♥♥♥ myonly sunshine miss kiddos siblings brother sister doubletap likeforlike like4like throwback latepost happy beautiful monday love enjoy havefun yolo beauty nice great day dreambig thankful blessed

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Ana (Betina) Beier


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🙈🙉🙊 . . . girls friends party wine drink havefun fun enjoy saturday vinhada sabado amigas shot picture moment memorable happy love

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Steve Favela


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😍💯🤘Azul Se Mira Y Se Seguirá Viendo 🔵fxh stevefavelafanpage stevefavela sundayfunday lovethepic havefun

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purplehair nofilter lol havefun

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Chill Out Hostel Boracay


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Local Guest celebrating birthday @chillouthostelboracay birthday hostel hostellife vacation beach boracay birthdayparty travel traveler travelling traveling guest vacations vacationmode party havefun specialday

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Ron Resurreccion


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Okay who wants to come with me to the "IT" movie experience? They just finished it and is open to the public. It's on Hollywood and Vine. Come on?! Don't you like clowns? itthemovie Pennywise clown IT hollyweird hollywood hollywoodandvine lalife lostangeles sundayfunday escaperoom travel explore experience keepthingsfun funlife fun havefun horror

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Myriam Filali


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australia tasmania hobart mountwellington snow mountains havefun beakid tasmaniaweekend playwithsnow

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Make a wish ✨ wish mywonderland takingpics nature uglyfaces funnytiemes livefast beyourself havefun nature bealright dontthink enjoy live - Isa 📷

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AdiNtt Anisza AJja


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Setiap katamu cerminan hatimuu.. 😀😊😘😘 .. havefun enjoykeun bukitnangkla ngklakcampsite wisatagarut pap

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Frederik Schlitt


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Attention please - here are the crazies! 😱 Very proud to have such a wonderful girlfriend with such freakin' cool & crazy friends! Unfortunately just we 3 of the whole crazy troup 😂 The winner of the crazy face contest is definitely @mhtng 😂 @ngnalex @kimiquark @rebecca_spiel it was an amazing and wonderful evening! 😍🙌🍀❤ couple couplegoals germanvietnamese friends newhomie concert bastille enjoylife havefun behappy love lovelife loveyourlife dontcarewhatothersthink sorroundyourselfwithpositivepe lifegoals lifestyle igers fitfam

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Luminant Music


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This is how you could see your beats with luminantmusic musicplayer videoproducer visualizer computergraphics windows newsoftware newapp newtoy nexthit newgadgets techgadgets coolapp colorfullights lovemusic lovecolor lovelight musiclovers musicblog djs chromatic sounddesigner visualart photogram engineers audioengineer hotlight havefun beatmaker tagforlikes

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ѕєвαѕтιαη αη∂єяѕєη @ᴄᴏᴘᴇɴʜᴀɢᴇɴ (confineddautie.89) Instagram Photos and Videos

ѕєвαѕтιαη αη∂єяѕєη @ᴄᴏᴘᴇɴʜᴀɢᴇɴ


Comment from ѕєвαѕтιαη αη∂єяѕєη @ᴄᴏᴘᴇɴʜᴀɢᴇɴ:

gorgeousphotographygirlgangsty ngstyleinspirationlifeisadream (photos found at Pinterest) - Guess I like this one a little more, sry for posting twice heheh

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MandyErin GoldenHorn


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Life's too short to wear boring clothes Or to be boring!. bewild besilly havefun lifestooshort dontbeboring wearfunclothes lularoe teamfancypants lularoemandyerin lularoeleggings lularoeirma leggings

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Love Life 1111


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ARE YOU READY FOR THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE TOMORROW?? 🌖8/21/17 Source: 🌘"It's the first total solar eclipse that will be visible coast-to-coast in North America since 1979, and for a brief window of time—2 minutes and 40 seconds, to be exact—the moon will block out the sun. " " There will be a time for practicality, but this passionate lunation is not it. Let yourself be swept up in the fantasy of what COULD be. Imagination is the precursor to innovation, and this new moon pairing will deliver some divine downloads." HERE A FEW TRANSFORMATIVE TIPS FOR MAKING THE MOST OUT OF LEO'S NEW MOON/TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE : 1-Make Self-Promotion a spiritual practice. (Spread the good word & pay forward). 2- Dare to be vulnerable (why hide your true feelings? Express yourself) 3- Make your passions a priority (seek new avenues and pursue passion projects that make your soul sing)! 4-Stand up for what's right (If you want it go get it, as Leo is the sign of courage and backbone) 5- Rise to your own occasion (celebrate yourself and others who deserve it/need it) 6- Unleash your voice (who cares how you sound just express yourself) 7- Free your inner child (Adults get jaded, make some playtime) 🤗HaveFun SundayVibes solareclipse spiritual

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Endri R.A


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Banyakin bersyukur dan kurangin berharap 😊😊 stuntride stuntriderindonesia stuntrider stunter stuntlife stoopie bktstuntarea privater freestylepemalang yvci havefun justforfun putrapemalang

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Ana (Betina) Beier


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De ontem 🍷❤ Sempre bom passar um tempo com vocês 😄 . . . girls friends party wine drink havefun fun enjoy saturday vinhada sabado amigas shot picture moment memorable happy love

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