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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀The goal is to survive🥄


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Ughhhhhhhhh😢😓😩 I have been up and down changing my Pjs over and over because of night sweats 😠 I have the worst pain all through my head (probably because I’ve sweated out all the water in my body so now I’m dehydrated 🙄) and my body is so weak and I overall feel so rough. So yeah, this is me right now. Damp hair and pjs included. . . myalgicencephalo cfs fibromyalgia fibrowarrior raynauds nightsweats sooverthis feelsorough feelingsorryformyself headache dehydrated chronicpain chronicillness autoimmune invisibleillnessawareness

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Julie Darrington (juliejd36) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julie Darrington


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Middle age spread headache no make up and a pretty dress 😊 waiting for summer 🌞 dress pretty dotty middleage fatness makeupfree rough headache feelshit lookrough dontcare summer hurryupsummer waiting bargainfinds ebay dressup waitingforsummer face notgood headacherelief thursday nearlytheweekend tattooedmom inkedmom

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Fake :)


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Just be yourself🙂 ootd headache

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Michał Tokarz (tokarz0319) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michał Tokarz


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Głowa pełna pomysłów drawing artbrute head headache inside expressionism contemporarydrawing

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아 없는 실력으로 프로그램 짜려니 머리가 아프넹ㅜ 코딩노예 programming motioncontrol headache

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Make an appointment now at your nearest Sevenpointfive franchise! 😎 Visit our website to locate a franchise: testim sevenpointfive

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Amber Creeger


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😱Thursday 2/22/18 BOGO has just been announced, and I am so excited to share with everyone! 🌟For every Cardamom you buy, you get a free cilantro oil added to your order at check out! The best part, you can get 5️⃣ per account!! Cardamom can be used for coughs, digestive support, headaches, inflammation, muscle aches and nausea. Cilantro is a great one to cook with and used to reduce anxiety! 💚 bogo doterrabogo essentialoilsbyamber reduceanxiety reduceinflammation muscleaches cooking cilantro cardomom cough headache digestivesupport free buyonegetone momlife instagood toddlermom wife 907 alaskamoms

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Cure for Headache

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Jayden Hill (jaydenhill77) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jayden Hill


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The good and bad of weightlifting; Good: hit a 175kg behind back split jerk pb following rehab. Bad: also hit myself in the back of the head weightlifting strongman weights gym newzealand headache kiwi nike titanaustralia evendumber neededthosebraincells mindthelanguage

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Cucumber 🥒 water DITCH the rubbish high E number energy drinks and start your morning with cucumber water, it's great for helping with acne because cucumber is high in vitamin B-5. Water helps flush out toxins and great skin glowing complexion!! Getting a headache before you take a paracetamol ✋️and try drinking a pint of water first 👌🏽goodmorning drinkup water filtered clean fullofgoodness headache cure cucumber silica healthyskin healthybones love perfect delicious puregoodness in glass

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FuCkShiTeRs (fuckshiters) Instagram Photos and Videos



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headache sexreleavesstress funfact followformore

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Long time no selfie ironieoff 😂 Ich bin immer noch nicht vorzeigbar, daher würde ein Filter drübergeklatscht und damit hat sich die Sache. Ich kann mich kaum auf Arbeit konzentrieren, friere wie sonst was - daher stehe ich auch an der Heizung - und sehne mich einfach nur nach meinem Bett. Ich merke die blöde Erkältung/Grippe schon in den Knochen 🙄 selfie office officegirl work motivation flu cold tired headache fitness fitnessgirl fitfam fitgirl girlwholift gymgirl polishwoman polishgirl germangirl germanwomen pictureoftheday instapic

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Ecery See (ecerysee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ecery See


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开工大吉! 忙到现在才得空po😂 blackwater terbal erbalikalsoblackwater backtowo

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Migraine Diaries (migrainediariesuk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Migraine Diaries


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4.5 kg in 47 days? Is this possible? I think it is as long as I dont have a headache, dont binge and go to the gym. My aim is to go every second day. Let see how it goes 🙃🤞 ketoketodietketogenicdietketog ketogeniclivingketofoodsketome etomealslowcarbdietnocarbshigh shighfatdietaketogenicznaodchu odchudzanieweighlossjourneylos eylosingweightmigrainemigraine rainesmigrainessuckheadachehea heheadacheschronicpainchronicc

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Mummy G (mdm_sharif) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mummy G


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One of my managerz asked if I am Chinese. To which I answered when it comes to Ang Pao I am suddenly one. chinesenewyear2018 loot redpackets oranges singapore yearofthedog 1982 Suddenly my tension headache is gone magic

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🤢😩😳midweek drinking death goodmorning thursday hangover hungover dead headache shakinglikeashittingdog cocktails hihohiho work help cantsee canthear lasagna hungry letsgo london blah

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Barry the boxer (boxercalledbarry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Barry the boxer


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So, Barry likes to wake up early! He also likes his damn noisy toys! redball boxerpuppy boxersofinstagram boxerpuppies goodmorning squeakytoy headache

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LG Art & Legendary Stockhorses (lg_art_work) Instagram Photos and Videos

LG Art & Legendary Stockhorses


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This dear little fella got chased by a magpie & stunned himself on our glass door 😔 thankfully, after a few minutes to collect himself together, he flew away ok 🙏🏻 kingfisher australianbirds toowoomba toowoombaregion headache

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Today is a bad headache day. I suffer with daily chronic migraines meaning that I have severe headache EVERYDAY but today it's feeling awful. Unfortunately with a baby, a toddler and 3 other children to take care of there is no resting in bed to shift it for me! migraine chronicpain headache chronicillness pain health invisibleillness migraines migrainessuck headaches chronicmigraine momlife migrainewarrior butyoudontlooksick migrainesupport neurology headacherelief migraineawareness me mummy mum mother family motherhood kids babies toddler parenthood

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Dr,Anwar Кинезиолог (dr.anwar80) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dr,Anwar Кинезиолог


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Установлю причины и назначу эффективное лечение остеохондроза, протрузии, грыжи, сколиоза, острой боли в спине,головной боли, заболевания суставов, восстановление после травм, заболевания внутренних органов,острого и хронического стресса. Приём в центре Киева.Запись по тел. 0930030330 и 0660158309. Задавайте все интересующие вопросы в Директ @dr.anwar80 с удовольствием отвечу. Будьте здоровы!остеопаткинезиологману гмануальныйтерапевтлечебныймас ыймассажреабилитологлечениебол иебольвспинепозвоночникгрыжапр ыжапротрузиясколиозosteopathki athkineziologmanualtherapymasa

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JaNice Huang (janice__ych) Instagram Photos and Videos

JaNice Huang


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怎麼下雨了又溼又冷 想念年假時的大太陽 重感冒需要陽光殺菌 rainydays coughtacold headache

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Nor Asmira Mohd Nor (ladymirae) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nor Asmira Mohd Nor


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My bestie bila anak selsema, demam & batuk. Malam malam tidur lena ;)

1 Hours ago
Maurizia Rimondi (maurizia_rimondi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maurizia Rimondi


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It’s snowing ❄️ ⛄️ Camilla and me! ❤️🐶 lovemyself iononmollo snow itssnowing snowday meandmydog walking walkingwithdog morning goodmorning itscold headache love ihaveadream cihaipersotu imwaitingforyou bologna bolognaunderthesnow

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sad💔 14 (depressionminds) Instagram Photos and Videos

sad💔 14


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Finish it @trippieredd ----------------------------- depression sad sadboy suicide suicidal guilt cry kms die headache iwanttodie crybaby love heartbroken death anxiety

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Andreea Dos Santos-Monteiro (andreeadossantosmonteiro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andreea Dos Santos-Monteiro


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In a cloudy day, Find a your reason to smile :) . . . . . . . . . . . _____ ______________________________ cloudy headache noproblem smile find instagood andreeamonteiro instapic love cluj family colorfull peace clujinsta instacity

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Mang The Viral (aimanhashim_94) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mang The Viral


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Berdiri Di Atas Kemampuan Sendiri, Tak Perlu Terhegeh2 Meminta Simpati .. Apa Yang Terbaik Adalah Untuk Diri Sendiri .. Be Strong ! 💪🏿 mangsuperhero aimanhashim_94 blue zumba pic like4like likeforfollow likemylastpic pitbull turbochargedgym aimanhashim mangtheviral lapar headache apple iphone peace adidas gshock polisevo terengganu model like

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A M Y▫️H E N D L E Y (oilsenseandstyle) Instagram Photos and Videos

A M Y▫️H E N D L E Y


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truth All things from adult/child sickness to sore muscles to hormones to skincare to cleaning to attitudes to puberty to teenagers to cooking to pregnancy to nausea to childbirth to anxiety to sleep to scars to elderly problems ... there is an oil for that! Message me if you are ready to get started with me and Essential oils 💜💜 . . . . . yleo younglivingessentialoils youngliving essentialoils sick motherhood motherhoodunplugged honestmotherhood fitmom hormones teenager skincare attitude cleaneating clean pregnancy pregnant nausea morningsickness anxiety sore joints inflammation headache boymom girlmom chemicalfree toxinfree oilsenseandstyle

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Waverley Myotherapy Clinic (waverley_myotherapy_clinic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Waverley Myotherapy Clinic


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Do you struggle with headaches or migraines? Welcome to our new posting segment treatmentthursdays where we will explain how we might go about assessing, treating and managing different pain, injuries and conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Often headaches and migraines are muscular in origin, even the really bad ones! Once you've been to the doctors and had any serious concerns ruled out, we can assess and treat the muscles and nerves that are creating your pain and offer advice on how to manage or correct the underlying causes such as head forward posture for example.

6 Hours ago
Selsema.Batuk.Kahak.Demam.Anak (flutherapy.narinarft) Instagram Photos and Videos



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51 Days ago
Selsema.Batuk.Kahak.Demam.Anak (flutherapy.narinarft) Instagram Photos and Videos



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51 Days ago
Selsema.Batuk.Kahak.Demam.Anak (flutherapy.narinarft) Instagram Photos and Videos



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51 Days ago
Selsema.Batuk.Kahak.Demam.Anak (flutherapy.narinarft) Instagram Photos and Videos



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51 Days ago
Selsema.Batuk.Kahak.Demam.Anak (flutherapy.narinarft) Instagram Photos and Videos



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