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Massage At Meridian


Comment from Massage At Meridian:

Did you know massages are great for headaches? Stress and mental or emotional conflict can trigger the pain and contract muscles in the neck, face, scalp, and jaw. Tension-type headaches may also be caused by jaw clenching, intense work, missed meals, depression, anxiety, or too little sleep.

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Kirsten Dent


Comment from Kirsten Dent:

🤣😂 I couldn't resist a 'toilet selfie' for old times sake, I wore my mum uniform for the occasion and the nurse appreciated it. Today I had cortisone injections stabbed in the back of my neck and head. The good news is that it has eased the headache pain I've had for the last couple of weeks 👍🏻 the bad news is my neck is really really sore 👎🏻 this could take a while to wear off. I have some head and neck exercises to do to help break the pain cycle and I go back in 3 months for a review 🤞🏻 dailyheadaches headache notjustaheadache aneurysmsurvivor aneurysmawareness chronicdailyheadaches wingingit sharethelove selfie outpatient toiletselfie hospitalselfie hospital

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Olga Voronova


Comment from Olga Voronova:

Sicknes vs Me, 1:0. Headache go away please. photo photooftheday olgavoronova blonde blue eyes under the weather headache goaway iwant tofeelbetter

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Mrs Ashleigh Hale ♔


Comment from Mrs Ashleigh Hale ♔:

Cuddled up in bed with a horrible headache & this scruff pot of a husband is running himself a bubble bath. I am FOREVER hoovering & mopping my floors because he brings home half the building site. His hair doesn't normally look like this 🤣 his hat is pulling it up 🙊. He will kill me for putting this up but he fell for the "Shane come here" SUCKER 😜🤣🤣. shanehale90 . . . husband husbandandwife interior123 interior125 instagramtags Instahappy couplegoals Buildingsite Scaffolder headache Bedroom iphone6s hallwaydecor husband❤️ marriedlife marriage newlyweds february februaryphotochallenge

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Lauren Cornell


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Another year, another catalog hot off the press 🚗 workingmom headache motorcraft

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Arielle Tollie


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Charly's Bakery


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Tomorrow we can eat broccoli, but today is for ice cream! ❤️🍦😄 . They say that summer is the best time to eat icecream... We say, why not eat it all year round! Our ice cream cookies are guaranteed never to melt or to give you an ice cream headache! Available in any flavor you want, as long as that flavour is shortbread. 😂 . thecreamerysa how do you rate our foray into your territory? 😂 . charlysbakery CharlysBakery muckingafazing cookies cookiegram instacookies nomnomnom cookie customcookies decoratedcookies royalicing cookielove sugarcookies igerscapetown igerssouthafrica summertime yum icecreamcone sprinkles heart

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Ida Sørensen


Comment from Ida Sørensen:

2 years have past now & I'm still feeling the pain from the beats every single day! I'm a survivor, not a victim. This I can thank my loving family & my wonderful & totally amazing fiancée, who has been with me through some of the very difficult times 😔 I love them with my life! ❤️ fighter violence abuse twoyearsago survivor notavictim notavictimbutasurvivor saynotoviolence stopabuse headache power beating beatsagain support supportivefamily supportivehusband lovethem keepfighting nothingshallstopme

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Jim Rousseau


Comment from Jim Rousseau:

House shopping is not as easy and fun as it may look (disclaimer; this is not my house or one I may buy, it just looks nice)! buyingahouse grownup adulting bills house new biginvestment headache

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Charlotte Newby


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Zulma Ramos


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Supporting American Massage Therapy Association amta zulmamassagetherapy cle chronic muscle prenatal massage triggerpoint massagetherapist love photooftheday stress followme happy esthetician beauty like deeptissue prenatal strength fibromyalgia arthritis tissue pain tension headache migraine release knots thisiscle

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Alessandro Palmieri


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Leanna Minahan


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Only Jonny would be obsessed with a diggers video that is set to thrash metal. Sigh. headache thrasher myearshurt pressplay

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Comment from Bonnie:

Okay??!! Day 2 of Occipital Neuralgia nerve pain through out skull , today blurred vision pain behind both eyes🤕👎🏻😳...resting, caffeine, coconut water and taking Excedrine migraine, gabapentine...any other ideas?????⚡️migraine messypixie occipitalneuralgia trigeminalneuralgia headache invisibleillness spoonie chronicpain chronesandcolitis

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Mia Edvardsen


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Tristan B Taylor


Comment from Tristan B Taylor:

Editing my Writing OnlinePortfolio & MobilePortfolio. I think spending hours staring at the digital blacks, whites, and reds is giving me a Headache. Side note, you can see I do occasionally Write about MyHealth.

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