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Luis Andrés Domador Al-Fayeed (barbas_hiit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luis Andrés Domador Al-Fayeed


Comment from Luis Andrés Domador Al-Fayeed:

Ésta mañana al finalizar la clase de suspensión en el Fox Gym, un grupo que mejora semana a semana y lo sé por que en cada clase les exijo un poco más. Nos vemos el próximo viernes a las 8:00 para otro entrenamiento de campeones barbas_hiit evolution360trainer evolution360 trxtraining trx suspensiontraining wod fitness fitnessaddict fitspo workout cardio funcional functionaltraining entrenamientofuncional crossfit personaltrainer nopainnogain health healthy instahealth hiit strong trainhard sport gopro justdoit

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Jesse Soto/ Artist (jexsestudios) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jesse Soto/ Artist


Comment from Jesse Soto/ Artist:

Just a few shots of @dmg_fitlife before her @musclemania comp. Good Luck in Miami! MUA: @touchofartistrymua fitness fit journey health makeup mua houston photography photographer houstonphotographer canon lens galveston texas forhire

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Iwilla Remedy / Selima & Tami (iwillaremedy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Iwilla Remedy / Selima & Tami


Comment from Iwilla Remedy / Selima & Tami:

Petunia is growing in our garden, isn't she lovely? We tried to grow while living in Brooklyn, and to say that we failed at it is an understatement. The plants in our BK apartment, with the exception of our aloe who is still with us, knew that we didn't really have the energy to, not just take care of them, but enjoy them and develop a relationship with them. . Here in Atlanta, however, our garden (Tami's garden for reals) is thriving. It's vibrant and lush and nothing short of amazing. Every morning she steps out into the patio and greets our plants as she does with friends. She spend time, chats, listens and learns their ways, so that they feel welcome here. If she could pour them an Old Fashion, I have no doubt she would. Her whispers and special plant food, I believe are a good substitute. . Petunia is a great teacher. Her flowers open with the sun and close with moon. Everyday. "See me," she says. If you gently pull the dead blooms when they wilt, then she'll make room for more flowers. Everyday. "Touch me," she says. Some call her finicky and high maintenance. I think she just demands that you get to know her. Give her your medicine in the form of your time, your care, your pruning, your appreciation, and she'll freely give you her gifts and her medicine for as long as she is able. Reciprocity. . herbalist herbs healing plants plantmedicine natural naturalhealing naturalmedicine health wellness spirit sacred purpose witch plantteacher traditionalmedicine tea medicalastrology spirituality flowers roots ancestors diy garden kids summer family

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CAPT (captcameronandersonpt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from CAPT:

What an end to a fantastic week. Great work to all Renegades @renegadefitnessperformance. As part of Renegade I was able to go in and work with School kids, volunteers and teachers to help with Abercromby Primary health and fitness month. We thought it would be great if the entire school completed an incredible 1000 reps! Thats 400 kids!!! Getting to be part of a project like this getting all active including some community members and parents and raising £2000 for Williams Syndrome and Abercromby Primary was an unbelievable experience. Great job all. Massive thanks to all volunteers, shout outs to @welsh7851 and @erinmclaren5 and Emma Craig. iamarenegade captfitness 1000reps health fitness fit TFLers fitnessjourney fitspo workout cardio gym train training photooftheday health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle getfit exercises

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young sexy (youngsexy) Instagram Photos and Videos

young sexy


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Besties 3stoogessummer17summervibestan estannedlifehappyisalifestylen tylenomatterwhereyouarebeautif autifulkootenaysBCCanadayycstr ycstrongsexymuscleandfitnessfi essfitnesshealthbedheadalwaysg waysgrowinglearnlifeleanlifesm

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Active followers (humanfollowers4free) Instagram Photos and Videos

Active followers


Comment from Active followers:

cook food health fitness popular viral

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Garret Marshall (marshall_718) Instagram Photos and Videos

Garret Marshall


Comment from Garret Marshall:

295lb squat 5x5 working new form to try and improve my squat. Then did 3x5 315 & 2x5 365 bottoms up Awesome beast badass strength strongman training strongmantraining bodybuilding powerlifting crossfit fitness health fitnessmotivation motivation inspiration gains gettingbetter gettingstonger gettingbigger weightlifting heavy heavylifting lifting

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instafitness (instafitness_n1) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Adorable @instafitness_n1. weekends instafitness instabest lifestyle pool girl gains health like4like followme спокойныйночи спорт gym ночь вечер fitfam fitstyle nyc nofilter she noexcuses nopainnogain pico photo strong

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health&happiness (her.happy.healthy.journey) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from health&happiness:

Veggie brown rice California rolls!🍣 top with slices of ginger & it's heaven in your mouth💯 yum tasty foodie food healthyfood healthy fit fitness fitspo fitnessmotivation fitspiration vegan sushi yummy health nomnomnom

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Dream of Fitness (diet.girl2017) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dream of Fitness


Comment from Dream of Fitness:

سناكً snack ' دايتتشجيعغير_جسمكدايت_المحب المحبوبيومياتيفطور_صحيرجيميداي رشاقه سعرات_اقلعرب_دايت فطور_صحي رجيم_تخفيفlosehealthyhealth homegymwalkingrunfitnesssport

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Emma (thathappydepressedgirl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emma:

Excuse the crap (Anthony's stuff) in the background. This is a pic from earlier in the year when we were waiting to put some of his things into storage (banish them forever). She loves him SO MUCH and I don't know what I'd do without the pair of them, even though she wet farts on me and he comes home talking at the same volume he does on a construction site. family dogs home chronicpain chronichealth chronicillness chronicmigraines functionalneurologicaldisorder spoonie mentalhealth mentalillness mentalhealthawareness health endthestigma londonblogger thathappydepressedgirl

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Kerri Pere Dalessio (kjaydesign) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kerri Pere Dalessio


Comment from Kerri Pere Dalessio:

Family is all you need health happiness❤️ thatsallthatmatters enjoylife and most important...have a wonderful summer2017☀️ 👒❤️💕😎

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KS HOLISTICS (ksholistics) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from KS HOLISTICS:

Yes! This sounds like a dream day. Although most of us don't always have time for all of this goodness, taking care of yourself is very important. Fill your body with a whole foods plant based diet + plenty of sleep and realize how good you can feel. ♡♡♡♡ matcha matchalatte energy fitness sleep meditate health plantbased wholefoods motivate support change

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⚜️Narn⚜️ (fitdog_narn) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⚜️Narn⚜️:

Life isn't easy. Sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks all at once. If you let that stop you then you're a pathetic individual. Don't drown your sorrows in booze and drugs and then say shit like "oh poor me". Fuck your excuses because you're in control of your life and no one else. Take time to understand what's going on and be an adult and fix the issues your facing. You're always in control. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Christina Walls (christinachaase) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina Walls


Comment from Christina Walls:

Managed to fit in a 30 min recovery workout while the baby had a nap. Seriously a miracle! With pregnancy complications and zero time to workout ... let's just say I was a little weak. Practicing patience and self-love 💓shesworthit 7weekspostpartum thingsonlymomsknow workouttime timeonthemat yoga pilates strengthandconditioning cardio backatit health selflove mindbody babysteps

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marcel redcon1 (cell_mass) Instagram Photos and Videos

marcel redcon1


Comment from marcel redcon1:

The shredz are kicking in....definitely need a tan! lol 🌞 🔴 Free shipping only today on all items at go to the link in my bio and use "FREESHIP" at the checkout 🔴 dailyworkout gym fitness fitfam athlete physique bodybuildingmotivation muscles health picoftheday motivation muscle iifym abs bbg weights dailymotivation workout fitspo shredded fitnessmotivation fitfreak gymshark yogi quotes motivationalquotes swag WeAreRedCon1 redcon1 @official @tieroperators

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Thirsty Disciple (thirstydisciple) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thirsty Disciple


Comment from Thirsty Disciple:

God speaks to Jeremiah, "You must influence them; do not let them influence you!” (Jer. 15:19). My mom sent this to me a few days earlier. This is exactly the right attitude to have when living in the world. The world is here to stay until Christ’s return, so we can either accept the current circumstances and compromise on God or press into God, stand firm, and spread the Good News to all that will hear it.. . . . . . christ bible dailydevotional model love share goodnews scripture commentary pootd instagood like nature photography fitness model coffee health faith jesus god nyc soho instablogger bible bibleverse

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Gina G (just_call_me_george_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gina G


Comment from Gina G:

bodycombat tomorrow morning 8.30am with moi lesmills combat at fitnessfirstleytonmills fitnessfirst gym fun fight wecametobang health sports london staywiththefight stayhungry boxing mma kickboxing fitfam instafit instagood smile love

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Pedro Pinheiro (pmpinheiro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pedro Pinheiro


Comment from Pedro Pinheiro:

Decoração de São João porto art fashion inspiration motivation instagood beautiful happy style mensfashion menswear me followme health healthylife startuplife

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🦁 CAL 🦁 (cjb20893) Instagram Photos and Videos

🦁 CAL 🦁


Comment from 🦁 CAL 🦁:

First exercise from tonight's Shoulders workout: nice compound movement in the form of Standing Military Press 🏋🏼‍♀️ a rare occasion where your knees should be locked, tense dat peach 🍑 (hence the 'military' aspect) and press the bar as explosively as possible 💥⏫ great way to get the rotator cuffs and CNS firing! I pyramid-ed up from sets of 12 to a couple of heavy sets of 6 (shown here). 💪🏼🦁 findyourfocus fitness instafit fitfam fitspo health swole bodybuilding shredded beastmode igers igdaily motivation abs aesthetics gym exercise workout fit nike strength instadaily instagramfitness muscle instahealth fitnessmotivation tagsforlikes protein training

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Bahar Çınar Güzel (bahar_gzl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bahar Çınar Güzel


Comment from Bahar Çınar Güzel:

Home made ice cream 🍨 icecream homemade selfmade healthyfood health dates cardamon dessert healthydessert ramadandesserts afteriftar bonapetit evyapimidondurma hurmalıdondurma kakule iftarsonrası tatli sagliklibeslenme hausgemachteseis gesundleben gutenappetit afiyetolsun 🍨

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Adam Beers (abeers1806) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adam Beers


Comment from Adam Beers:

flexfriday is a two step process.. step 1) find a mirror step 2) flex... That ends today's lesson flex gym progress gains npc ifbb bodybuilding physique classicphysique bodybuilder lift diet train mensphysique mensfitness arms back shredzarmy bsn shredz aesthetics health gainz bulk goldsgym

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 (thingsbyjaana) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from thingsbyjaana:

Midsummers night is a perfect time for "healthier me" planning. :D health healthierme planning travellersnotebook tn planner myplanner plannerlove

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Carrie (cew_fitgoals) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Carrie:

It tastes better than it looks, I promise 😂 Skinny Greek yogurt chicken salad, 4 WW points. 100FitDays Day30 JourneyToHealth WeightLossJourney FitnessJourney SummerOfHealth WeightLoss FatLoss FatToFit Fitspiration Health HealthGoals Fitness FitnessGoals Healthy HealthyLiving HealthyEating HealthyChoices TrackingProgress Progress Motivation Happy PCOS SelfLove WeightWatchers WW Day9 MealPrep SkinnyChickenSalad

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#withmoni 👑 (miss.monique) Instagram Photos and Videos

#withmoni 👑


Comment from #withmoni 👑:

Never get sick of this place... every morning is beautiful & unique, no filter required. - - - mooloolabah mooloolababeach sunshinecoast qld queensland beach ocean sand waves water sun sunrise riseandshine early earlybird life love healthylifestyle healthyliving colour perfect beauty beautiful health summer winter family together

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MedExtra 💉🌡🚑 (medextra) Instagram Photos and Videos

MedExtra 💉🌡🚑


Comment from MedExtra 💉🌡🚑:

Rheumatoid arthritis 📌💊🚑medicinemedinfoknowledge ledgehealthhealthyfactsmedstud dstudentpre_medorganstreatment tmentsurgeryERmedlifemedfactsd actsdoctordiagnosismedschoolan

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Beata Suchodolska-Klis (beata.suchodolskaklis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Beata Suchodolska-Klis


Comment from Beata Suchodolska-Klis:

When I crave sugar... or just something sweet I make this bar 😋😋😋😋 nutrition motivation health healthy lifestyle eatclean healthyfood nutritionbar food cleaneating goals inspiration instafit protein love instagood vegan healthyeating healthylifestyle plantbased wellness glutenfree getfit happy success inspire weightloss delicious healthychoices yummy

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Mary ✨ (thevegan.mary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mary ✨


Comment from Mary ✨:

Back home!! Needed a quick meal so stir fry and rice!🍛😋 vegan

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오솔비 (so_rubee) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 오솔비:

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United Calisthenics (unitedcalisthenics) Instagram Photos and Videos

United Calisthenics


Comment from United Calisthenics:

Wij willen iedereen bedanken voor de leuke opkomst van afgelopen week. Er is lekker getraind en ook zijn er veel contacten gelegd. Wij kijken er naar uit om ook met JOU te trainen. Dm om toegevoegd te worden aan onze whatsappgroep en misschien tot snel! unitedcalisthenics sport fitness fit calistenics muscle muscles mobility flexible flex united men women potd photo filter gym health healthylifestyle world connection

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Sarah Stout (wellfedwellness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Stout


Comment from Sarah Stout:

I was doing burpees on the beach and my nephew decided to get down and join me. sandfordays We had a fun pushup competition. This kid is tough! I used to think I needed to workout in a gym or solo to get fit. I've since realized if I'm waiting for that to happen, I'd never get any exercise. I don't have a gym membership. I do all my workouts at home or on the trail. I've see now how important it is for kids to see and be a part of your fitness. They are watching and still emulate your behavior with healthy living. I'm trying to be better for and with the kids in my life! What example are you setting for those around you to follow?

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Andrew Gillis (andrew_resilience) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrew Gillis


Comment from Andrew Gillis:

"Daggone it, Andrew, shucks, if you're going to make a mistake, make it full speed." .....That one always stuck with me. urgencylukewarmistheworstkind

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Sanne (fitfabsan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sanne:

Me vs him.... 😱😭. Vanavond at ik weer mijn bordje rijst kabeljauw en groenten terwijl meneer genoot van een lekker bord frietjes (door mij gemaakt!!!) whaaaa. Maar ik weet waar ik het voor doe! Vanochtend namelijk mijn mega schattige swimsuit binnen gekregen en hij past. Sterker nog: hij staat ook nog mooi. Al zeg ik het zelf😱🙈. Enige probleempje is dat ik nu echt wil zwemmen aaaah maar ik moet leren leren leren. Begin langzaam op te raken dus maar goed dat het er bijna opzit! Enjoy your weekend🙋🏼💗

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