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Chris Jackson (harmony_probiotic_blend) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Jackson


Comment from Chris Jackson:

Taking probiotics on a regular basis can lead to healthier life. To learn more about our life-changing product check out the link in out page description.​ Brought to you by Genesis Evo. probiotics probiotic health healthy probioticsupport healthier healthylife healthytips healthyhabits healthyliving healthandwellness supplements supplement bodycare probiotica weightloss weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation weightlossgoals bloated constipation woman'shealth womanhealth men'shealth childhealth healthyeating Healthspo healthnut healthylifestyle digestion

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Liz Yuncker (lizyuncker) Instagram Photos and Videos

Liz Yuncker


Comment from Liz Yuncker:

Great turnout for 5k colorrun Fun times. lgbt healthier

10 Minutes ago
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Comment from hollyguidry:

Because if I wasn't already feeling over the moon my amazing friend @shannong2210 spoils me with this amazing spark flavor I missed out on. She had written all over the package saying how proud she was. Well dang woman I am super proud of you. Your crushing your goals, you are an amazing mother, Christian, wife, and friend! These Wonder Woman cups are perfect if this super power goodness! Thank you my sweet friend so much. You are a blessing. firsttimebikinicompetitor fueledbyspark fueledbyadvocare superpower wonderwoman christianathlete momswholift motherofdragons motheroftwinsandone energy healthier womenencouragingwomen advocare spark

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Mike Patton (journeywithmike) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mike Patton


Comment from Mike Patton:

This guy has been outside where I am staying everyday. He charges 25 peso(.50 cents USD). I have given 4 days. Love fresh coconut water! The meaty part is yummy too!! journeywithmike coconut coconutwater yum healthyfood healthyeating happiness healthybreakfast healthylifestyle healthysnacks freshfood freshstart coconuts coconutoil healthier skin journeywithin instagay

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Terra 🙋🏻 (terragegg) Instagram Photos and Videos

Terra 🙋🏻


Comment from Terra 🙋🏻:

Remember this - you are beautiful!

26 Minutes ago
Chelsea Pagnini (slayingmuffintops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chelsea Pagnini


Comment from Chelsea Pagnini:

Reason 571 to lose weight . 👌🏼😬🙌🏼 . . . . . . .

29 Minutes ago
Acro Polates (acropolates) Instagram Photos and Videos

Acro Polates


Comment from Acro Polates:

@acropolates is truly honoured to be chosen to participate n be credited for her weightloss journey . What's amazing about Kristeena , a young Mother of one , is her braveness n outspokenness, to be an inspiration n motivation to other ladies seeking some guidance. Her hard work paid off in just about 5-6 weeks and we hope she would continue to see changes in the Body and her polefit level . Disclaimer : results may vary between individuals as everyone's success hinges on his or her discipline and somatotype . Kristeena gave polefitness a shot and fell in love with it almost instantly and coupled with a dose of nutrition advice from @suzieming , she is happy to see results and an honest change in her physique ... take a trial class today and see for yourself how acropolates might be your answer to a healthier and fitter you @acropolates slimming weightloss weightmanagement

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The Renegade family (trftribe) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Renegade family


Comment from The Renegade family:

The family is one of nature's masterpieces... TheRenegadeFamily * * * * * Fo 👉👉👉 @trftribe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- stronger healthier happier healthyliving healthyactivelifestyle healthydiet healthyeating healthybody mindsetiseverything mindset mindsetcoach healthymind motivation motivationalquotes happy happylife happylifestyle

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Ayushi Pathania (sushiyushi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ayushi Pathania


Comment from Ayushi Pathania:

throwback healthier younger shorterhair :D

55 Minutes ago
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Tania Knight


Comment from Tania Knight:

Lunch at the grandparents. Home made spag bol. jphb healthy spaghetti spag bolognese bolognaise yum carrot tomato healthier lunch health nmboss t-boss

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Chris Jackson (harmony_probiotic_blend) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Jackson


Comment from Chris Jackson:

Great foods are good but probiotics can get you what your body needs to function properly. Brought to you by Genesis Evo. probiotics probiotic health healthy probioticsupport healthier healthylife healthytips healthyhabits healthyliving healthandwellness supplements supplement bodycare probiotica weightloss weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation weightlossgoals bloated constipation woman'shealth womanhealth men'shealth childhealth healthyeating Healthspo healthnut healthylifestyle digestion

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Weight Loss Ultimate (weightlossultimate) Instagram Photos and Videos

Weight Loss Ultimate


Comment from Weight Loss Ultimate:

💛Amazing transformation 📷 @lauana_rny: highschoolvsnow is a thing... so here ya go . 📌 weightlossultimate to be featured . followmyjourney weightlossgoals

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😊 Sarah 😊 (sarah_fitness_dxb) Instagram Photos and Videos

😊 Sarah 😊


Comment from 😊 Sarah 😊:

Just because 😍 Have a wonderful Saturday my lovely people! Remember, whatever makes you happy THAT'S what you should be doing! 😉❤️ feelinggood happy vacation instagood onlygoodvibes mydubai uae emirates egypt alexandria lovinglife wonderfulday relaxationtime mothers mothersindubai fitfam instafam blessed almosteid celebrationtime festivity life goodmorning weightlossjourney2017 slimmingworld goals fatloss fitter stronger healthier

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Soil Organic Bistro (soilorganicbistro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Soil Organic Bistro


Comment from Soil Organic Bistro:

Steamed fish with herbs & homemade sauce organicvegetables soilorganicbistro organicrice organicvegetables organiceggs certifiedorganic fish steamedfish steamedfishfillet spanishfish healthyfood healthylife healthylifestyle healthyeating healthier healthymeals healthy healthyeats

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Comment from chadburn.vasayo:

Do you want to feel better? feelbette supplements vitamins liposomal health healthyliving feelgood liposome vasayo nutrition nutritional healthymind vasayoproducts healthandwellness liposomaltechnology healthier supplement

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 (myfitnessjourney_1.0) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from myfitnessjourney_1.0:

Time to step it up ⬆️ fitness cardio sweatingforthewedding fitnessjourney treadmill situps gym weights weightlossjourney weightloss weightlossmotivation fitspo fitspiration fitstagram fitnessjourney weightlossmotivation onestepatatime healthy ighealth igweightloss igfitness weightlosstransformation healthier weightloss weightlossgoals steps losingweight beforeandafter girlswhosquat steps stepcounter

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Anchored⚓️Healthnut (anchoredhealthnut) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Anchored⚓️Healthnut:

Today's dinner; Black bean taquitos, guacamole, mixed veggies & fruit.

1 Hours ago
Jillian Ybos (be_you_tifulhair) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jillian Ybos


Comment from Jillian Ybos:

Harley shares his MONAT results: "This is unreal! I was flipping through my Facebook and I came across this old photo that my sister believes is "Dopey." Then I was comparing it to a recent photo was taken after I got home from an intensive chemo treatment! I started using Monat IRT shampoo and these are the results after 65 days!!! I'm amazed, I'm not suppose to have hair and I'm quoting my doctor. They have product lines that help with, balding, volume, growth, split ends, dry, oily and damaged hair. I'm a living testimony of their products. So happy to be apart of the Monat Family!"

1 Hours ago
Gavin Dunning ☘ (gavindunning) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gavin Dunning ☘


Comment from Gavin Dunning ☘:

On the road to healthier living and eating. Walked to the newsagents, which is about a 2km walk. Got there at 12.05, they close at 12.00. SHIT! Kept walking to the supermarket, another 1km, to grab some ingredients for lunch. Kept walking to the edge of town and then back home, which would've been a few more km. Now I'm home, made lunch which is a wrap with lettuce, tomato and cucumber, with a dressing made from natural yogurt, grated parmesan cheese, ground pepper, lemon rind and fresh lime juice. YUM! Going to be followed by a Granny Smith apple. Thanks for the insperation @alexs_appetite healthyfood healthier wrap fresh cheflife

1 Hours ago
Physio_INQ (physio_inq) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Physio_INQ:

Interesting discussion here brought up by @dr.jacob.harden 👩🏻‍🏫 - - - ARE YOUR SKINNY JEANS MAKING YOUR LEGS GO NUMB? 🚶‍♀️🚶🏿🚶🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ - - - La and gents, we all know what it is like to suffer fashionably, but your jeans could be causing nerve compression to your leg! 😖 Ouch! Here's the skinny (see what I did there) from @quaddoc on this mysterious problem. This condition is known as meralgia paresthetica aka 👖 "skinny pants syndrome" which is associated with numbness, burning, and tingling down the outter part of the thigh with standing or walking. Looking at the pic on the right, 👉 there is a nerve located in that area called the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. It supplies the sensory portion to the skin and gets 🗜 compressed causing discomfort as well as pain. There are a number of different factors that can contribute to this such as: 🔼tight clothing 🔼weight gain 🔼pregnancy 🔼scar tissue around the inguinal ligament due to trauma or surgery So what can be done to help? Wearing some less restrictive clothing is a good place to 👌start and releasing some soft tissue structures such as the tensor fascia lata (TFL) and/or psoas can be beneficial. Make sure to go over to @quaddoc's page to see how to release the psoas and TFL! Tag your 🙋 friend who has leg pain and show them some 😙 love! physio physioinq physiogram running educational totalcarephilosophy wecare crossfitfam physiotherapy skinnyjeans jeans fitness injuryfree healthier healthychoices fitnesslife wellnesstips legsfordays fitspo

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Comment from penni_printing_apparel:

A bunch of shirts made up for the legends over @crossfit_am_au . apparel screenprint screenprinting artsummerathlete crossfit fitnesssixpack fashionbestlovehealthier

1 Hours ago
Active Scotts Valley (activescottsvalley) Instagram Photos and Videos

Active Scotts Valley


Comment from Active Scotts Valley:

Happy FitnessFriday!😄💪 Today, our trainer Danielle gives us tips on some common ab exercises🙌 Our core is the foundation of our bodies, so keeping it strong is important for safely performing everything from daily activities to heavy lifts in the gym!😊 LiveActively

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Carolina Coto (bodybycara) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carolina Coto


Comment from Carolina Coto:

Muscles are conceived in the kitchen. squad ticos fitfamily

1 Hours ago
Marcy (marcyf64) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marcy:

Feeling Blessed and grateful

1 Hours ago
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Comment from APBAKE:

Onion rye sourdough bread :) bakerlife feedfeed bake f52grams home homemade healthier omnomnom yumm sourdough naturallyleavened onion bread breakfast realbread rye instafood foodpics foodstagram foodporn tasty fresh dough eat

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healthy_with_flavor (healthy_with_flavor) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from healthy_with_flavor:

Walking is one of the safest exercises you can do. If you are walking outdoors, however, taking precautions is wise. These precautions are appropiate for any outdoor activity that you may do: - Carry identification or write your name and phone number on the inside of your show. Carry medical information if necessary. - Do not wear expensive jewelry or carry valuables. - Carry water with you or plan a water stop if you are going to be out for an extended period. - If you want to wear headphones, use the type that doesn't block noise. You need to be able to hear cars and other potential dangers. - Dress appropriately for the weather. Check forecast if you're planning to be outdoors for and extended time. - Use extra caution if you are outdoors in very cold (below freezing) and windy or ver hot (above90 degrees Farenheit or 32 degrees Celsius) and humid wheather. - Avoid areas where snow, ice, or wet leaves may accumulate. - Avoid midday heat, use sunscreen, and wear a hat. - Consider air quality - pollution from cars, pollen (if you have allergies), and ozone warnings. Early morning is often the best time of day for outdoor activities. - Walk in a familiar area and plan your routes. Choose routes that include the fewest number of crossings. - Be careful when crossing at traffic lights where right turns against red lights are permitted. Use crosswalks as much as possible. - Stay alert to dangerous situations. Avoid unpopulated areas. deserted streets, and overgrown trails. Also, avoid poorly lighted areas, parked cars, and unleashed dogs. - Walk against traffic so that you see oncoming vehicles. Be alert at intersections for changing lights and curbs. Wear reflective material if you are out before dawn or after dark. - Ignore verbal harassment. Look directly at strangers but keep your distance and keep moving. - Respect your intuition. If you feel unsafe, honor that feeling and get away from troub health healthy healthylife healthier fitness fit fitnessmotivation love diet smile eatclean eat wellness insta instagram instalike instagood instapic instafollow instafollowers followme miami healthywithflavor safety tips outdoor

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Comment from Donna:

👏 Amazing transformation weight loss😱 🙌 You can do it💪 👉 Follow us @weightlossrockets 👌 Click the link in our Bio to get more information 💝 Double tap and comment bellow👇 ✳✳✳✳✳✳⭕✳✳✳✳✳✳ weightlossblog fitnessgirl weightloss fitnesslife health fitnessmotivation fitnessgirls weightlossstory fitnessjourney healthier fitnessgoal fitnesstips weightlosstips weightlossjourney fitnessmodel weightlossjournal fitness weightlossgoals fitnessgram weightlossdiary fitnesslove love instagood tbt photooftheday FF instafollow tagforlikes followback

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It Works! - Lindsey (jamlinlovesak) Instagram Photos and Videos

It Works! - Lindsey


Comment from It Works! - Lindsey:

🎉 OMG NEW PRODUCT!!!!!!! 8+ servings of fruits and veggies but totally taste like chocolate !!!!😍😍😍 You will LOVE our brand new Chocolate Greens!!!!!!! • Acidity-fighting magnesium and potassium blend • 52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods • 34 fruits and veggies • Matcha Green Tea Added • Soy-Free. Dairy-Free. Vegan. Non-GMO. • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners • Decadent chocolate flavor And the best part is that it's only $33 for a month supply as my customer!!!!! Message me for more info! workfromanywhere workfromhomemom workfromhome dreamscomingtrue dreamscometrue itworks itworksway itworkslife itworkswraps itworksresults itworksnewyou itworksnewproduct healthgoals healthier4life healthylifestyle healthierme health healthy healthier healthierlife healthierliving

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Katie Bryant (freshfitkate) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katie Bryant


Comment from Katie Bryant:

So many people told me this would never work, to not have such high expectations. So many doubters didn't believe this was possible. So many friends have said this just can't be a real job. Many people said don't quit your job-wait, you will never make that kind of money working from home as a lifestyle coach. There will always be the nay Sayers, there will always be the dream crushers & you can always count on your fair share of haters. None of that really matters when you have everyone you need in your corner, your passionate, you have goals you believe in & a soul that truly believes it can accomplish all that it sets out to do. Do not let fear or anyone prevent you from going after the life you want to live. We get one life, why not create a life you are proud of & why not just work really hard to make it all happen? How can I not feel incredibly grateful right now as I start to go through 80 plus coaching applications I have received for my next coach university that begins training on July 3rd. I am honored that all these women want to join me on this journey to inspire, encourage & help others live their best life yet. There isn't anything else I would rather be doing this Friday night! coachlife friyay coaching lifestylecoaching fitnesscoach healthier happier slayallday buildinganempire girlboss momboss fitspiration sunshinestateofmind bossbabe believeinyourself workhard livelifetothefullest createalifeyoulove whynotyou momof3 mommahasgoals

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Jacquie Adofina


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If you could see inside yourself, you would WASH it, SCRUB it and WASH it again!! Did you know that an unhealthy gut is often related to many "mystery" symptoms, such as fatigue, bloating, anxiety/depression, excess sugar cravings, migraines and "brain fog?" Fortunately, ProBio5 assists in cleaning out the gut with five extra-strength probiotics, added enzymes, anti-fungal agents, intestinal flora, B6, and Grape Seed extract, all in one effective delivery system, that supports the breaking down of hostile organisms that negatively impact your health. Are you ready to be the healthiest you? guthealth healthyfromtheinsideout cleanyourgut loveyourguts loveyourself feelthedifference healthier happier beyourbest

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Is it time to sleep yet?! It's just been one of those shifts 😴 3.5 hours until I can crawl into bed! Food on my break is a chicken salad. Full of speedy food to get the gain off next week! I do have 2 hifi bars for when I need a chocolates pick me up later! slimmingworld slimmingworlduk slimmingworldjourney foodoptimising sw swuk swplan swmember slimmingworlders swfriends swsupport weight loseweight losingweight swinsta swinstagram healthierchoices fitter healthier stronger weightloss slimmingworldfood swfooddiary slimmingworldbristol slimmingworldgirl nightshift nhs nurse salad

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Jillian Ybos (be_you_tifulhair) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jillian Ybos


Comment from Jillian Ybos:

I never realized how important it was to invest in yourself until this week. Whether it is exercise, eating healthy, keeping your mind healthy and right...the list goes on! We are our own hardest critics and I haven't been doing myself any favors lately. I am resetting tonight and beginning tomorrow with more positivevibes and positivethinking 👏🏼

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Comment from thesethingsarepretty:

Coffees with my band this morning, thanks for being so pretty @boxofficecafe ☕️

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