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Evolution Health & Fitness (evolution_army) Instagram Photos and Videos

Evolution Health & Fitness


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Nothing beats great gym culture and community. gym gymbuddy trainingprogram gymtraining community communityfirst healthier fit fitter stronger strongest culture team teamwork workingout workingtogether weighttraining weightlifting friends mates trainingpartner onlinecoaching onlinecoach personaltrainer fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Kate And Emily (keepfitfriends) Instagram Photos and Videos

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Kate And Emily


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Kate And Emily:

Delicious build-your-own quinoa bowl from @corelifeeatery with the parents 👏🏻👏🏻😋 . . 🍁base of quinoa and field greens 🍁black beans 🍁corn 🍁peas 🍁avocado tofu 🍁topped with cilantro-lime jalapeño vinaigrette 🍁ground pepper . . Yummy! I'm home so I get to see my lovely Kate tomorrow! I can't wait!!! Have a great night everyone 🤗-Em🌻 . . healthier vegan veganrecipes veganfitness veganfood vegansofig quinoa eat foodporn food veganfoodporn foodlover foodforlife healthyfood fitness fit fitnessmotivation fitnessfood fitnessjourney delicious yummy goodnight goodvibes beachbody goodlife healthylifestyle healthy salad yoga

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Ivy (ivybeeps) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ivy:

Healthier Honey New York Cheesecake. 🐝🍰🍯 Recipe via @goodful 🍓

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VeganFoodGod (veganfoodgod) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from VeganFoodGod:

100% homemade from scratch vegan dish by me with some lovely parings

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Positive Taste (positive.taste) Instagram Photos and Videos

Positive Taste


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"Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it". Michael Jordan • • • • • • healthier healthierme healthier sportscenter sportscenter sportslife sportsphoto sportslover sportster fitinspiration fitnessforlife positivetaste fitnessgoal motivationalwords motivationquote motivations motivationnation inspireyourself inspiredlook inspiredbynature inspires improvements improve improvement exercisedaily exercises exercise workoutoftheday inspiredaily inspireme

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Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami (rewindantiagingmiami) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami


Comment from Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami:

@papij_305 proud to be part of your team and watching the amazing transformation! Your hard work is really showing. Looking forward to even better results as we know your goals are set high! Repost @papij_305 ( @get_repost) ・・・ Getting closer to my personal PBF goal..... today I reached 15.7%.... 💪🏻. I wanted to extend a special thanks to those who have helped motivate me along the way to a healthier me..... support them follow them and see how they may help you too. @gorunproject @analys_r @iamcammyadams @fightclubgyms @slytrainingmiami @alvindavie @agustin_boxing_and_fitness @theboxmia @agni_miami @rewindantiagingmiami @carrotexpress thankyou fitness exercise healthylifestyle TeamRewind

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Blossom 🌷 (fitkbi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Blossom 🌷


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Morning workout... fitnesscouple fitness fitnessmom exercise burnfat increasemetabolism healthier happier jogging sweat workout running workoutmotivation fitnessmotivation healthmotivation fattofit hiitworkout streetworkout enjoyyourweekend bakarlemak kurus jomkurus selfie workoutselfie streetworkout activelife fitnesslifestyle jomkurus jomsihat

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Gabrielle Dixson (gabrielledixson_rny) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gabrielle Dixson


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Blonde. . . . wlssurgery wlscommunity surgery rny roueny rouxeny gastricbypass bariatricbabes weightloss weightlosssurgery bariatric me momsofig momsofinstagram momswithtattoos edsurvivor wls wlsgoals goals 101lbsandcounting healthier fightlikeagirl fibromyalgiawarrior fibromyalgiaawareness chronicillnesswarrior invisibleillnessawareness weightlossprogress weightlosstransformation

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CoolWhey (coolwhey) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I got 99 problems but a cookie ain't one 🍪 IceCreamSandwich TGIF LowCalorie ProteinPacked LowSugar GlutenFree healthfood healthyhair healthyfoodporn healthybreakfast healthyfoodshare healthnut healthcoach healthygirl healthybody healthychoice healthylunch healthkick healthier healthiswealth healthandfitness

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Courtney ✌🏻️ (gluten_free_mom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Courtney ✌🏻️


Comment from Courtney ✌🏻️:

This Mommy still looooves her sweet treats!!! Tonight I an having @rococoicecream Creamy Coconut Matcha Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with @sejoyia Chocolate Sweet Snaps!!! Such a delicious combination! Yum! dessert dessertporn chocolate matcha matchaicecream sweet sweettreat healthyeating healthyfood healthier healthychoices balance treatyoself glutenfree yum yummy getinmybelly icecream organic goodfood goodeats eat eeeeeats foodgram food foodie foodlover

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Samantha Brown (sam_brown66) Instagram Photos and Videos

Samantha Brown


Comment from Samantha Brown:

I LOVE this!!! ❤️ My absolute mission is to take care of my health and body the very BEST I can NOW so when I reach old age 🤞🏻I will STILL be enjoying life without too many health issues (hopefully none) 🙏🏻 One life, one chance. This is NOT your practice life. . . . nutrition healthgoals fitness fitnessinspiration healthier fitat51 exercise fitmums womensrunningcommunity perthfitfam healthyageing

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Nature's Warriors (natureswarriorsusa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nature's Warriors


Comment from Nature's Warriors:

justatip (weekly health & wellness tips by @macros_metcons) - This is some commentary for both coaches and clients about navigating the big world of food and nutrition fads. From shockumentaries to TV show celebrity doctors, it seems I can’t go a single day without hearing about some new diet pill that guarantees you will lose 48 pounds during one night’s sleep (eye roll). - OR, worse yet, someone seeing some post on the Internet saying that they will absolutely drop dead if they eat one wrong food. - This can sometimes make my job a little difficult. Being client-centered means doing what will work for my clients, and sometimes that means being flexible even when I might disagree with them. - An easy example is the new documentary, “What the Health.” Being vegan myself, I do think it’s awesome that after watching this documentary, more people are considering or choosing more of a plant-based diet. It’s not something that I push on my clients, because I want them to do what works for them, no matter what dietary preferences they have (or I have). However, all documentaries should be taken with a big grain of salt - they are going to be biased to one side. - I prefer to guide my clients through these scenarios like this: “I’m so excited that you’ve been doing some research on your own about your nutrition! Why don’t we try incorporating a little of what you’ve learned, while still sticking to your calories and macros, since you’re making great progress! We’ll test how it goes for a couple weeks, and see how you feel from there.” - Most importantly as a client, when navigating food trends make sure you’re considering what works best for YOU. Get with your nutrition coach, weigh the pros and cons, and don’t be afraid to try new things (as long as they’re not totally crazy). Just because Dr. Celebrity Guy says raspberry ketones will blast fat overnight, doesn’t necessarily mean they will. There’s nothing better in fitness and nutrition than hard work and patience! - Tag a friend & check back weekly for more wellness & training tips. - macrosandmetcons

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Steph Jeffs Fit Mum (stephcjeffs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steph Jeffs Fit Mum


Comment from Steph Jeffs Fit Mum:

I did a shit thing yesterday morning (which was partly why I was so stressed and so fucking pissed off yesterday)... I jumped on the scales... I have not jumped on the scales in a loooooong time, probably before we even put our house up for sale so at least 6 months ago and I almost died... but then thought nuhhhh, can't be, must be coz the floors are uneven at home, I'll wait and see for when I find a proper set of scales... and I did... and the number was even worse than what it was at home... what the fuck?!?!!! What had I done? What am I doing wrong? What's wrong with me? Well, pcos doesn't help and it's been drilled into my head from a very young age that the number on the scales is EVERYTHING!! But then I thought hey... all my clothes still fit me perfect, except for a pair of jeans which have gotten a bit firmer around my ass and legs which I thought was to be expected because of the amount of weights workouts I do to strengthen my legs and glutes and I'm looking leaner but more importantly, I FEEL STRONGER!! And I suppose that's all I really wanted when I started training 6 years ago... I'm still a bit meh about the number though but that's something that's going to take me a long time to mentally get over and then finally ditch the stupid scales!! fuckthenumberonthescale stronger leaner fitter healthier ditchthescale itsonlyanumber infitnessandinhealth fitmum stephjeffs health muscles strength girlswholift

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Fatloss & Weightloss Transform (fatloss_inspiration) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fatloss & Weightloss Transform


Comment from Fatloss & Weightloss Transform:

Your thoughts on this Amazing Transformation? 😱 Tag a Friend To Show What's Possible! Follow @Fatloss_inspiration for more 👌 📸 by @jordaan_spark_ --- "Hi! My name is Jordaan; I'm a mom of 2 boys. They are the reason I started my weight loss journey at over 310lbs. I wanted to better myself for them. After looking through holiday pictures, I was appalled to see how big I had gotten. I decided enough was enough and took action. Since January of 2015 I have lost over 150lbs with changing the way I eat. Low carb. I made a video of what I have done in the last 2 years; link is in bio. Check it out. I feel better and sexier than ever. ❤️" ---

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Janice Buckingham 🌱 (dailyclove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Janice Buckingham 🌱


Comment from Janice Buckingham 🌱:

Have you tried these twice cooked French fries yet? First blanched and then baked in avocado oil for the perfect soft inside and crispy outside! 🍟 . I know I've had a lot of indulgent recipes lately... but don't worry, there is a lot of GREEN 🥗🌱 in the forecast! So enjoy the fries while they last 😆👌🏼 . The recipe is on my blog, link in bio! ✨and YES that spicy mayo recipe is included! -------------------- --------------------- flashbac fryday healthier bakedfries vegancomfortfood

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🌍 Nosenzo 💎 (nosenzo_beyond_beauty) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌍 Nosenzo 💎


Comment from 🌍 Nosenzo 💎:

Tonight’s reading material!! 😍 power of gratitude soul happiness greatful greatfullife positivevibes positivity nightshift selfgrowth happier healthier you

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Charlene (pynntyme) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Charlene:

tasteit seasalt natural use less healthier choices

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Hush + Dotti (hushanddotti) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hush + Dotti


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I'm proud to call myself a New Yorker hushanddotti newyorkmakeupartist newyorker cleanbeauty veganbeauty safecosmetics skincaretips healthier naturalbeauty frida fridayvibes mua friday weekend ekend goodvibes makeupartist n ist nyc bigapple beauty lovemy

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Erica Reid (ericahreid) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erica Reid


Comment from Erica Reid:

consider making this simple yummy bite over the weekend Sweet potato fries with rosemary a great alternative and healthier choice instead of white potato recipe in shutupandcook excellent source of vitamins and needed fiber homecooking cookbook

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Healthy & Delicious Meals🍉🍳🍽 (healthyfoodyoulove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Healthy & Delicious Meals🍉🍳🍽


Comment from Healthy & Delicious Meals🍉🍳🍽:

Delcious healthy dinner of quinoa crumbed chicken, roast and steamed veg👊🏼🥕🍗🍠🥔breakfast fit fresh fruit fitfuel health healthy healthier healthyfood healthyfoodie healthyfoodblog yum poached yolk avo avocado wholemeal goodforyou dinner delcious meals motivate cook colourful cleaneating create cookinghealthy foodie fitspo fitfoodie

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Healthy & Delicious Meals🍉🍳🍽 (healthyfoodyoulove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Healthy & Delicious Meals🍉🍳🍽


Comment from Healthy & Delicious Meals🍉🍳🍽:

Loving my delicious choc peppermint , healthy, acai bowls w coconut yogurt , toasted muesli, goji berries and cocoa nibs 💜😀🍌🍇 breakfast fit fresh fruit fitfuel health healthy healthier healthyfood healthyfoodie healthyfoodblog yum poached yolk avo avocado wholemeal goodforyou dinner delcious meals motivate cook colourful cleaneating create cookinghealthy foodie fitspo fitfoodie

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Jocelyne Kongolo Debezia (fitandhealthierwithdare2be) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jocelyne Kongolo Debezia


Comment from Jocelyne Kongolo Debezia:

I have been on the struggle bus this week 😫 I m not sure if it is that time of the month or just being more tired than usual because of the two weekends of trainings I have had, but it s been tough to resist temptations ... I just want some comfortfood and sweets ! 😂 I have lost 35 lbs but I still have 25lbs to go. Which means ... I am only halfwaythere 😬 Problem is, I am more and more comfortable in my clothes so because of that I have a tendency to not want it bad enough 😅 I did not eat bad this week besides a slice of 🍕 last night but 😫😂 Plus I have not been excited about my workouts at all ... most of the time in the morning I keep procrastinating and then I run out of time so I only do 15 min 😒 Anyway, I m still pushingthrough, onedayatatime 💪 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 thestruggle icandoit youcandoit

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Fitness Babes daily 💜 (questoffitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fitness Babes daily 💜


Comment from Fitness Babes daily 💜:

Boss babe @itscourtneyallegra 🍑💦 . . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ . doubleunders sweating fitmodels swoldiernation bodybuilderlifestyle exercisemotivation sweatitout fitnessblogger lesmills optimumnutrition gymfood gymbuddies gymaesthetics musclemania gettinginshape healthygirl healthier fitnessbikini dietapaleo fitwoman fitnessfreaks burpees corework iworkout fitdutchie earlymorningworkout @obsessed_with_winning @fitn3sstrainer

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missbea❤ (missbea277) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from missbea❤:

Morning All! I don't usually share much about my life. But, this is something that I could not hide from you all!!! 🙊 We all have our own journeys towards our health. Wether it be to lose weight, put on weight, eat less carbs, going to the gym.. Every body is different but we all need the same nutrients to fuel our bodies!! Giving our bodies the "right" nutrients is key! Ever since I have been on my amazing health journey.. I've noticed changes very quickly! I couldn't believe it myself but the proof is right there!! I had: - More energy at training and at work - I have better sleep - I eat better then, I ever did - Amazing support - My hair has grown like twice as much it's fuller and more healthy looking! - My skin! Omg! Hello!!!! Never seen my skin look this good!! - My focus and memory is better I'm more of a happier person within myself mind, body and soul! Yes, some days are hard and you feel like giving up! But, you think about all the possibilities that are out there and try to teach your mind to be strong! Because you are becoming stronger, happier and healthier everyday!! My steps may be small at the moment. But, I will be making great leaps in the future! jbtprogram workfromhome wholefood goals skincare fruit vegan berries healthyliving lovelife positivemindset positivity stronger happier healthier

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Evolution Health & Fitness (evolution_army) Instagram Photos and Videos

Evolution Health & Fitness


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The work never stops. transformation train trainingprogram exercise exercises gym workingout working fitness fitnesslifestyle fitnesslife healthier health healthandfitness healthandwellness biceps bicepworkout triceps tricepsworkout arms armsday musclegain musclemass weighttraining weightlifting

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Christine George (spices4sale) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christine George


Comment from Christine George:

There is an easier way but diy is gf healthier with @epicureofficial cookonceeattwice lasagna

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🇺🇸🇯🇲JuicingChangedMyLife (dmv_skin_chic) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🇺🇸🇯🇲JuicingChangedMyLife:

No Filter Needed ✨💫✨💫✨ Upper Lip & Chin Wax, Detox Facial & LED Facial 💚💡➕💛💡= 😊 HyperpigmentationJourneyToA eyToAHealthierSkinLEDDetoxFaci xFacialExtractionsDeepCleansin ansingPoreTreatmentBlackheadsH eadsHairRemovalIGDailyGreatSki atSkinLuxLuxeDMVLargoMarylandS landSkincareHealthySkinCustomF stomFacialRadiantSkinHealthySk

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Attitude Organic ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Attitude Organic

Comment from Attitude Organic:

We love breakfast in bed on Saturdays. What about you? . . . . . . . . foodie foodporn foodgasm. food Eatingfortheinsta Chefmode healthier healthtip healthylife doterraessentialoils healthgoals healthyfood healthybreakfast healthyeating healthylifestyle healthychoices weekend saturday breakfastinbed chill picoftheday instamood instafood

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Jeunesse Skincare Center (jeunesseskincarecenter) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jeunesse Skincare Center


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No Filter Needed ✨💫✨💫✨ Upper Lip & Chin Wax, Detox Facial & LED Facial 💚💡➕💛💡= 😊 HyperpigmentationJourneyToA eyToAHealthierSkinLEDDetoxFaci xFacialExtractionsDeepCleansin ansingPoreTreatmentBlackheadsH eadsHairRemovalIGDailyGreatSki atSkinLuxLuxeDMVLargoMarylandS landSkincareHealthySkinCustomF stomFacialRadiantSkinHealthySk

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Corinthia Twitty Ussery (corinthiaussery) Instagram Photos and Videos

Corinthia Twitty Ussery


Comment from Corinthia Twitty Ussery:

One of Dara's faves and a go to on a hectic night...Our version of "fastfood" : chicken & cheese quesadilla, onion slice, black olives, salsa, green peas, and sliced gala apple. About 7 minutes from start to finish and minimal kitchen mess, which is faster than I'd be able to drive TO a local drive-thru and much healthier . healthydinnerinahurry gottafeedthefamily healthyaltermativetofastfood eathealthierfeelbetter cleananddelicious

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JuanT (juant_fromokc) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JuanT:

One of the most dynamic and intelligent leaders we have in the company @thedavidhayes and we had the privilege to hear from him on a random Thursday because Oklahoma is full of amazing leadership that represents the top 1% of the business. * * * healthyactivelifestyle thursdaynights thursdaynightsatthebar HOM opportunitymeeting healthier&happier OKC juantfromokc communityimpact teamfirst

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Comment from Erika:

Today's cardio and flexfriday brought to you by prepping the house for halloween and for winter thrive thriving thrivelife thrivewithme thriveexperience dft wearablenutrition blacklabel healthier pumpkin outdoorfun thankfulforthesun warmfallday nofilter tatted brighteyes sunshine

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Grace D.👸🇵🇷 (reflxnsofgrace) Instagram Photos and Videos

Grace D.👸🇵🇷


Comment from Grace D.👸🇵🇷:

When 2015 started I had my mind set on bettering my finances: creating a budget, paying off student loans, establishing secure savings and emergency funds, etc. I made it through mid-June and sure enough something came up that required I use my meager savings. I thought I would never get back on track by the end of the year and kind of mentally gave up on that goal. 🙍🏽 However, I had already expanded my brand to include ItWorks! in mid-May with the idea that it would be a means to reach my goals. So while I was learning and growing daily, my "WHY?" resonated stronger each week, each day, each moment. When October rolled around, I reevaluated where I was in relation to the goals I had set when the year began. I calculated what it would take to get where I needed to be on track with my goals. I decided I would make it happen this final quarter of the year. Not only have I replenished the savings I used but I've also been able to consistently pay my student loans, which was my ultimate goal as a step to financial freedom. 💸 This opportunity has changed my life in so many ways. Not only am I healthier 💪🏽, but I'm also wealthier, and not just financially. I have developed great friendships 👭 and connections along the way, all while having fun.🎉 Are you ready to change your life?♻️ Are you ready to reach your goals?🚩 Are you ready to make your dreams come true?🙇🏻💭 Contact me to to get started: 📲484-712-0234 ChangingLifestyles ChangingLives

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