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Danielle White (danielle_doubleyou_727) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danielle White


Comment from Danielle White:

TBT My they have changed through the years... Preschool for Meech & 3rd Grade for Anaiyah every year on til now... 2nd Grade & 6th Grade❤️ hewasameatball mybabiesaregrowingup myworld instapic picoftheday nowandthen memories

129 Days ago
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Comment from Shanni🐨:

Aww look at those chubby cheeks, chubby fingers, chubby legs, and chubby toes😍🤤❤️my little meatball☺️ So thankful for my little koala🐨 I’m the luckiest girl ever😍hehe I love u 😘❤️ nationalboyfriendday hesthebest lovethoserolls hewasameatball meatballjames wantbabyjamesback canyoushrink jk yourestillcute loveyou muah

138 Days ago
Jessica | Wife | Mother (jerinsal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica | Wife | Mother


Comment from Jessica | Wife | Mother:

My little porkchop. missthesedays hewasameatball socute

267 Days ago
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Comment from floster_coaster:

My son is too cute for carrying this in the back of his phone case on the low low lol. Taking it back 12 yrs 😁 firstborn hewasameatball simplertimes greenacres everyonegotpicstakenhere

2 Years ago