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New Kongo


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After 3rd time of watching this movie, it’s become clear to me why it’s resonating so much to me. As a Pan-African ❤️🖤💚 I love having knowledge of self, history, home and heritage are very important to me, this movie really makes me ask who are you? when it comes to the subjects we all like to ignore or pretend is not there. Anyways it’s really only about these two characters however you don’t have to be just one, like NAKIA I love my country, ancestors & people in that order and like her I will die fighting and like KILLMONGER I’d rather die than be enslaved however the form. congo drc drcongo congolese congolais kabilamustgo ponacongo newcongo kinshasa congomarche

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ʍαitrayee 11 11


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Venice Residential area Gondola ride Charming venice venezia murano burano igersvenezia venice rsa_streetview ig_italy ig_europa scenic europe beautiful travel travelblogger architecture history Loveeurope picturesque scenic landscape photography explore travelphotography

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Bhuwaneshwari Rathore


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Repost @thebisalpur with @get_repost ・・・ Evening-Traffic Herdsman returning to home with his wealth (Herds). PC- @paramveer_bisalpur ©️ TheBisalpur herdsman herder Rabari explorer ancient historic ruralrajasthan serenity qualitytime countryside traffic herds aravalihills offbeatindia indianexperiences rareindia remotelands truetraveller travelblogger castle forts history heritage villagelife peaceofmind

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One of the 13 geese that live inside the cathedral grounds. Apparently...”The number of geese being kept at the cloister is always 13 representing the age of Saint Eulalia, patron saint of Barcelona, when she was killed by the Romans.” history Barcelona Europe city break travel wanderlust explore photography photographylovers

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Corey Burke


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Early morning bus ride to Monserrat! The name means serrated mountain, and they believed the angels came down to make the unique formations. This has been a holy land for many through the centuries. travel wanderlust history learnbyexperience cold

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Rowen Dekker


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Vesting Naarden op deze droge, maar steen koude zondag. . . naardenvestingnaar gnaardenhilversumhollandnether etherlandsphotographphotograph graphywanderingwanderlustsunda sundaySunnytraveltravelingcity gcitytriptripcloudstravelgramm grammuseumarthistorynapoleonwa

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offmybucketlist ephesus biblical ancient turkey asia greek roman middleeast mediterranean flashpacking backpacking travel solotravel journey worldtraveler landmarks lifesjourney journey worldtraveler bucketlist wanderlust tourism wanderer architecture history astonishing turkish arab mustsee inspiration travelphotography

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Gazebo e giocattoli tra lago, vigne e montagne.//Gazebo and toys, in front of the lake, vineyards and mountains laketoysviveronepiveroneskypor kypornskyloverscastlemannorinn orinnamoratidelbielleseig_biel _biellaigersitaliaigersmilanob lanoblueskylaketravelerslovetr ovetravelingpicofthedayshotz_o otz_of_italiashotz_of_lombardi

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Tilly Rose


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TOG student ambassador @walkwithadam , enjoyed a meal @dirtyboneslondon @westgateoxford 'The restaurant's funky décor and fun atmosphere, combined with the delicious food and generous portions made for a truly enjoyable night. I would recommend Dirty Bones to anyone, for a full meal or as a place to drink and socialise, we had a great time.' Full review on the blog 🍽 . NEW BLOG POST up on DIRTY BONES on, link in bio 😊🎓 . oxford oxforduniversity university oxbridge college campus school restaurant quad collegelife history freshers photos foodie explore food westgate student blogger studentlife weekends dirtybones highereducation academia library bodleian photography thatoxfordgirl

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•Daniel Rodríguez Alvarez•


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México lindo y querido, yo soy de aquí. 💯🌎🌳🏙️💯🥑🌞🤹⬆️✌️🤴🇲🇽 mx visitmexico latino moreno vivamexico mipatria miscolores boanoite gracias dios orgullo angel tardes canon aeromexico cultura history trip fun live amazing myplace

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burcu atahan


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nevsky caddesini arşınlarken pat diye karşınıza çıkacak.napoleon 'u dehleyen mareşal heykeli ile.Bir yerlerden tanıdık gelecek.Hani derler ya "avrupa da tüm yollar roma'dan geçer diye.yep,you hit the nail on the head😁sanpietro bazilikasına benziyor.Zaten ordan ilham alınmış.Kazan Katedrali kazanskycathedral saintpetersburg rome art history architecture life

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QQ vintage


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"History of omega" info history knowledge of omega seamaster cal.268 Diameter : 39mm Catagory : rare -Part 2- history omega jamomega cal268 manualwinding omegavintage omegaseamaster infojakarta infoindonesia infomedan viral infobali infobandung infosurabaya jamtua jamlangka jamantik jamtangan jamtanganori watchporn masterpiece indonesiavintage indonesia

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Ádám Győrffy


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Kultúrálódtunk 🎨 @jessica.herczeg ❤ culture art hospitalintherock hospital old budapest buda sightseeing museum blackandwhite mik ikozosseg instahun sunday sundayculture explore history

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Shounak Dey


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A Visit to the Ruins of a Grand Empire...Vijayanagara hampi history karnataka karnatakatourism vijayanagara vijayanagaraempire historic indiatourism india incredibleindia photography photographydiaries photographydiaries📷 tourism tourist tourists traveller travellers

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rome italy beautiful love explore expensive life like travel tourism city history religion

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photography photoshop photomoment photos gent gentcentrum gentstad history belgium old water watercolor camera travel nikon nikonlove nikonp900coolpix nikonp900 nikonphotography nikon_photography_ nikonnl studentenstadt natuurfotografie natuur home huis

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🔘 Dmitriy Matuzok ✒️✒️✒️ (dmitriy_matuzok) Instagram Photos and Videos

🔘 Dmitriy Matuzok ✒️✒️✒️


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Saint-Petersburg. 8 Sovetskaya street 35. To have more classic in your life every day! sculpture re architecturelovers architecturephotography architectureporn architecturephoto architectural sculpture art history historicart classicart saintpetersburg vsco vscorussia vscosaintpetersburg vscopiter vscogram vscoart питер санктпетербург архитектура классика

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Jamie Benskin


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Beautiful place with amazing history thailand asia travels history

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Enes Ould


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Vedo la maestà der Colosseo romaromecolosseohisto

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Bonnie Munday (bonnie_munday) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bonnie Munday


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Revolution Square in Camaguey, 🇨🇺. cuba history travel photooftheday

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Ocean Liners & More! ⚓️


Comment from Ocean Liners & More! ⚓️:

The second bearer of the legendary name Mauretania!

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mardin kültür merkezi historical history building artchitecture stonehouse photooftheday photobyme photographer travel tb memories love dreams mychildhood kurdish people

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CarienJ Touwen


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Holy Sunshine maria sunbeam holy light crucifix mother mary jezus christ church religion christianity history travel kaysersberg elzas mindfulness meditation

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as far back as I can remember - you’ve always been there for me ... what a gift. I love you @bbtally 💕 thankyou iloveyou thenandnow throwback flashback goodtimes moments smiles brotherandsister vintage allgrownup 80s style siblings bestfriends ferrina vacationtime wayback remember history icecream teeth browneyes gshock teetee petethegreek italianstyle

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Melisande Moonsong


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Of medieval castles and mysterious doors! exploring italy italia tuscany sightseeing passionpassport panorama horizon gothic architecture architecturelovers heritage history horizon romantic landscape landscapephotography vintage village view beautifuldestinations europe detail lookup city cityscape street streets streetphotography

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Наволокин Михаил (navolokin_mikhail) Instagram Photos and Videos

Наволокин Михаил


Comment from Наволокин Михаил:

Весной 1987 года у нас началось тотальное увлечение воздушными змеями. Близился мой день рождения, и я заказал родителям в подарок воздушный змей. Утром я проснулся с чувством ожидания подарка, представлял, как вечером буду носиться с ребятами по полю за домом, крепко сжимая в руках катушку, а в небе следом на натянутой нити будет реять змей. После обеда ожидание переросло в мучительное томление, а к вечеру я вообще уже сидел на лавочке и смотрел в ту сторону откуда должен был появиться отец. Минуты тянулись медленно, как мёд. В каждом появлявшемся прохожем я силился узнать отца. И вот он появился, он что-то катил. Я бросился к нему навстречу. Приближаясь, разглядел, что отец катит рядом с собой велосипед «школьник». Была надежда, что это дополнительный подарок, а змей лежит в портфеле. Но змея не оказалось. В тот момент велосипеда у меня не было. Летом накануне я научился кататься на двух колёсах. Так что новый велосипед был весьма кстати. Впереди было лето. Я для виду погоревал, но отец сделал ход конём – он моментально привёл велосипед в боеспособный вид и вручил мне. После пары кругов по двору о змее я уже не вспоминал. Мой новый двухколёсный друг стал любимцем. Со временем у многих ребят во дворе тоже появились велосипеды, и мы целыми днями носились по всему микрорайону. В одном из соседних дворов бабушки по вечерам торговали самодельными петушками, и мы ездили к ним закупаться. У «школьника» был задний тормоз, как на взрослых велосипедах, можно было тормозить в развороте, чтобы заднее колесо заносило. Велосипеду здорово доставалось. Основной ремонт приходилось делать отцу, это означало, что при поломке надо было ждать прихода его с работы, а в ожидании сидеть и смотреть как другие катаются. Можно было договориться со старшими ребятами о помощи в ремонте, но надёжнее учиться ремонтировать самому. Так я начинал постигать ремесло механика. С того времени велосипеды прочно и надолго вошли в мою жизнь. Больше фото по теме в Яндекс.Дзен по ссылке в профиле

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Dirk Van De Catsyne


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Another day Another job krakelingen historical parade dancers director dance city royal mathilde filip kingandqueen history musical hair ageofaquarius fun instafollow instagood colorful work

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Matt Nault Carpentry


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Family road trip to the Hamilton Woodworking show and 3 minitws in shes zonked. Going to meet the man himself @canadiancarpenter and his power beard. Ive been talking to Joe about buying a belt since Im going with @badgertoolbelts due to simple fact that its custom and what I want. In communication with them and excellent customer service. Makes me pretty excited that he is even going to try and incorporate some old fire gear I have into it. Sending that out early this week. Now back to the Hamilton Woodworking show because who wouldnt want to go to a show in the Hamilton Warplane Museum. Definetly going to go see the boys from @tegstools too. Anyone in the area should stop by. The Avro Lancaster is worth it alone.

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Architecture et archéologie comparée. art stgermainenlaye chateau musee muséenationaldelarcheologie castle museum archeology patrimoine tresors histoire history sunday sunnyday familyday

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Bien belle Vaisselle. périodemérovingienn chateau musee muséenationaldelarcheologie castle museum archeology patrimoine tresors histoire history sunday sunnyday familyday

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Ника Мисина


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Zoomuseum🐾 🐾 🐾 girl longhair lifestyle art redhair red further freedom folow4folow foto space good spiritgood infinity zoo now ukraine me like4like lifestyle bigcats lovelife lovel young history liketeam you

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berlin history memories

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 (burcuburcu_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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berlinerdom berlin deutschland Geschichte tourist wanderlust history historytour beautifuldestinations travel traveldiary instagram picoftheday instapic architecture instagermany

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