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Back to the wallpaper stripping after a sickly weekend 😷. I discovered a MASSIVE wasp nest in the cavity above the bay window in our bedroom. The kiddos (and I!) have enjoyed examining this #naturalwonder in #closeup

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Comment from Zeromunoz:

MURMURATIO n*7 146 x 117 cm Mixed media and gold leaf on canvas Quite often we forget our conexion with nature , with the great circle that unites all of us, mankind , and the wilderness in one. Quite often the nature itself tries to tell how apart has humanity fallen , quite often misheard. When the Phenomenon appears ( represented in this artwork as two golden circles ) nature delivers the message through birds , hive-minded , connected #zeromunoz #art #artwork #nature #anatomy #call #birds #murmuratio #murmuration #starling #hivemind #grey #mixedmedia #spraypaint #ink #acrylic #clouds #sky #circle #gold #goldleaf #skull #skeleton #bone #wild #power #powerlines

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A remix/cover I did with my sister. First time she ever sang on one of my productions. Music runs in our blood 🎶🎵Produced, recorded, and mixed by me, sung by @misstiffanyv. Link in bio

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#hivemind anyone know what this wooden car is? Ta

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Comment from seven_tiny_birds:

My #badass #memeoftheday keeps getting taken down by IG. In honor of the late, great #feministperformanceart goddess #hannahwilke , who was featured in my censored post, I am now posting her picture again. The original post was a famous photo of her naked and holding a gun with a caption that read "I'll be skipping the Hillary pity party, er, Women's March. Wake me when it's time to Occupy democratic headquarters." I guess you're only allowed to be a #feminist if you're not a #criticalthinker and simply follow the #hivemind #womensmarch #fuckthednc #hillaryforprison #demexit #censorshipsucks

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Kama Nyuki Pamoja Tunaweza 🐝 Like the bees together we rise! ❤ #TogetherWeRise #HiveMind #HoneyHeart #OneLove #QueenBee #Swahili #Repost @honey_fingers ・・・ 👑 JANELLE FOUND HER FIRST QUEEN 👑 Finding the queen bee, for the first time, is an important milestone for all beekeepers and this is the day (and the frame) that @janellelow_ found her first queen on. We have a little tradition where we take a short video of the occasion (they usually end up on the story feed). There are practical reasons for finding the queen too: there is no better proof that she is alive and well (is she walking around ok? Is she looking healthy?); you can judge her fitness by observing how strong her retinue (following) of worker bees is (the stronger her queen pheromones the more escorts she has feeding and cleaning her, and the more she eats the more she lays, and a good layer is a good queen); and by knowing she is safe on this frame we can work in the rest of the hive knowing that we are not going to accidentally injure or harm her. #beekeeper #beekeeping #backyardbeekeeping #urbanbeekeeping #queenbee #melbournefood #melbourneeats #honeybee

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