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Comment from bree_howells:

Baby I'll be the one you just can't do without xoxo 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Marshmello is a lame scheme but this remix makes me jump) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sacredcircularities sacredcircle sacredcirclesunday hooplah infinitecircles movementmeditation marshmellowisdotcom dukedumont hoopersofinstagram hoopeverydamnday floridaflowarts hoopdance girlsthathoop flowarts edm hooping

4 Minutes ago

Caroline Rose 🌷


Comment from Caroline Rose 🌷:

Been working on my floor work, guys 👀😅 hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hooping hoopdance dance flow moodhoops smarthoop futurehoop mhfuturehoop flowart hooplove hooplah hooplife

4 Minutes ago

noodle 🍜 cat 🐱 girl 🙆🏽


Comment from noodle 🍜 cat 🐱 girl 🙆🏽:

stopdropandspin for my hoop mama polish_flow 💕 passing the spins to 420_wallaby_way_sydney continuous.spiral.bliss furthurphlow 🖖🏽💙 gratefulhooper futurehoop movementmeditation hoopdance flowarts showmeyourtrails

6 Minutes ago



Comment from faeriesflow✼❁✼:

~~• infinite souls coming together as one •~~ bffyoga bffflow hulahoops flowart faeriesflow flowerfairy yoga art sacredcircle hoopdance yogiintraining movingmeditation hooplove poi flowarts veilpoi rainbow armworkout yogis funworkout flow artist loveandlight spiritjunkie gemini sagittarius bffgoals latenightflow

8 Minutes ago



Comment from Dani:

Had such a great time at today's Level 2 Hula Hoop workshop at tantrafitnessburnaby ! These girls are amazingly talented and I can't wait to see you guys come into your flow. Poly pro and groove hoopsby thehoopfairy, LED by moodhoops! Want your own polypro or groove hoop? Use the code NITROUSSTAR at checkout for a discount. polypro hoopworkshop tantrafitness tantrafitnessburnaby tantraburnaby fitness hoopdancers nitrousstar hoopingdotorg hoopdance hoopdancevancouver vancouverhoopers hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram

10 Minutes ago

✂️Slit Weave✂️


Comment from ✂️Slit Weave✂️:

"Madness and genius are two sides to the same coin" -John Henry sunnydaze82 looks amazing from front to back in her new outfit! 🏵this amazing hooper is one of our newest promoters! Use her code "sunnydaze10" For 15% off your order! ☀️☀️☀️ hoopclothes hoopersofig hooplove hooplife hoopdance firehooper sexy slitweave bootyshorts fringe instafashion festivaloutfit festivalstyle festivalfashion festivalseason yoga yogi treepose yogapose yogaclothes hoopclothes yogalife fitgirls

11 Minutes ago

breanna mcdade


Comment from breanna mcdade:

Starting a stopdropandspin for porschazoom elfpuddles kosmickreations & hoopdreamz_ 🌞 hoopspam funfitness hoopdance hoopersofig hooplah boomboxcartel b2u

15 Minutes ago

Heather |24| ❤️Hoops


Comment from Heather |24| ❤️Hoops:

Please excuse the fact that I look like a swamp monster lol! 😝😝 Using this as a breakbattle for the ever amazing mariechaw 😘 passing it on to some girls who kill the breaks always melwheeler jubroflow practicemakesperfect gratefulhoopers utahhooper hoopporn hoop hooper hooplah hooplove flow flowarts flowstagram beginnerhooper hoopdance dance dancefitness edm edmlifestyle infinitecircles sacredcircle girlswhohoop suu

19 Minutes ago

Juan Anguiano


Comment from Juan Anguiano:

Follow the fellow flow artist gingmatic gingmatic gingmatic dancer dance flow flowartist flowarts hooping hooplah hoopspam dancelife hoopdance flowmies hooper plur

21 Minutes ago



Comment from timidtricks:

Finally got that smear. Gorgeous hoop by hooptrip 💕 reflectivehoop mermaidhoop hoopporn hooplah smear newtrick hooplyfe hoopersofinstagram unityofthehulahoopers perpetualflow musicislife sacredcircle infinatecircles hulahoop hoopdance hoop hooptherapy flow flowarts hoopflow hoopgirls hoopspam colourshifting canadianhooper speakers

30 Minutes ago



Comment from Melissa:

When you're hoop dancing but don't have a lot of space to do tricks. hulahoop hoopspam hoopspiration hoopdance hoopersofinstagram hooping hulahooping

36 Minutes ago

Shelled Hoops


Comment from Shelled Hoops:

I'm really NOT a red type of person... but I couldn't resist buying a roll of this 5/8" red polypro! 😍 shelledhoops

40 Minutes ago



Comment from Rachel💖:

We are the weirdos, Mister🔮 photo cred goes to theonewhodared hoop hoopdance hooper hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hooplove hooplife sacredcircle hoopeverydamnday flow flowart flowartist

40 Minutes ago

Madden Bain


Comment from Madden Bain:

It's been a great week ☀️ flowart happyhooper hulahoop hoopgirl perpetualflow hoopersofinstagram infinitecircles sacredcircle hooplove greatfulhoopers hoopdance hooplah flow whoismgmt electricfeel dowhatyoufeel poplockandhoopit flownectar

40 Minutes ago

Host of The Hoop Dream Retreat


Comment from Host of The Hoop Dream Retreat:

Hoop Dream Retreat instructor Morgan Jenkins has commenced her journey to Malaysia from USA via France 🇫🇷 and London 🇬🇧! You can catch Morgan missmojangles at the Paris Hoop Convention and then again at The Hoop Dream Retreat in Malaysia! 🇲🇾 dreamtravelhoop hoopdreamretreat parishoopconvention

44 Minutes ago



Comment from emilyflows:

Dmt by xxyyxx 🎶 stopdropandspin for my girl kittykat_breen ✨ I tag misshoopdidoo rraebanzzzz and kb_0926 aHoopScience hoopersofinstagram infinitecirclescommunity movementmeditation hoopgirls hoopdance hulahoop flowarts dance xxyyxx sunshine makingshapes

47 Minutes ago

Shelly McBurnett


Comment from Shelly McBurnett:

Kruder & Dorfmeister : Mother (part 4)

47 Minutes ago

J•Lee 🎵☯💜


Comment from J•Lee 🎵☯💜:

There are a thousand different ways to sweat 💦💦💦✊🌀 Music by The Motet . . . . . . hoopjam feelingmyself sneakers houseofmirrors hoopdance hoopla hooplove sacredcircle danceparty

49 Minutes ago



Comment from Miranda:

Day 26 - Use Your Feet . Today I tried just hooping with my feet. The hoop fell a lot (and hit my face a lot) but I was able to keep it going for a little while. 😊 Woot! 👣⭕👣⭕ dizzykinns danceswithcrows . dizzycrowchallenge hooping flow flowarts hulahoop hulahoopgirl hooplah hoopersofinstagram hoopdance girlswhohoop plasticcircle sacredcircle hoopers longhairhoopers

50 Minutes ago



Comment from Amanda:

Enjoying a few moments of sunshine🌞 childofthesun soakingupthesun solarpowered springiscoming littleserenityshop enjoytheoutdoors thefatrat northface girlswhohoop perpetualflow gratefulhoopers movingmeditation wiscohoopers dowhatyoulove gowiththeflow hoopersofinstagram hooplah flowarts hoopdance hooping hooptricks hoopingmakesmehappy dreads gopro manitowoc wisconsin unityofthehulahoopers hooplovehooptherapy

53 Minutes ago