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🌜Shauna🌛 (shaunacheetah) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Alicia (lilbluehoops) Instagram Photos and Videos



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lol I love the cover photo, I look like a ninja 😆 hulahoop hulahooper hulahooping hooper hoopersofinstagram hooping hooplah hooplove hoopdance hoopdreams hoopflow flow flowarts flowstagramm sacredcircle minnesota minneapolis minnehahafalls

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🔥🌸Flowher Visual Art LLC🌸🔥 (flowher_entertainment) Instagram Photos and Videos

🔥🌸Flowher Visual Art LLC🌸🔥


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Catch us and MANY other talented artists at @suboctavemusicfest this summer ✨✔️🌹⭐️❤️

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ilovemyjob hooplove hoopspam hoopersofig flow passion dance hoopeverydamnday hooptrip flowarts hulahoop girlswhohoop peformer hoopdance love hoopingdotorg

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Hooping at da park then this lady who is a dance instructor asked me for my number and wants me to come to her studio some time omfg hoopdance saintpaul hooplah hoopspam hoopersofig girlswhohoop mnhoopers midwesthoopers

13 Minutes ago
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💚Límon🍋 ⛅Perfect day to make some hoops💫! hoop hoolahoop hoopdance decotape hooptape bright colorful pretty sparkle glitz glam glitter sunny memorialdayweekend hoops flowers unityofthehulahoopers hoopologietapes msgulfcoast makeitfunky

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🌱🌸 give @zoomhoopsco a visit and a like, Good Vibes✌✨ @porschazoom hooper hoopspam hooping hoop hoopersofinstagram giveaway giveaways free goodvibes perfect cosmoandwanda zoomhoopscogiveaway zoomhoopsco flowarts flowart flow Hoopdance

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Amel 🌀🌺 (hopehooplove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amel 🌀🌺


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I'm gonna spin at a bar tonight & then go to a drag show with a bunch of friends tonight, mama's excited 🤗 here's alil clip from the last time I took my Baby to the bar with me 🌀❤

31 Minutes ago
ZoomHoopsCo (zoomhoopsco) Instagram Photos and Videos



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This Colorado Green is soooooo pretty! Especially with your outdoor flow! Go check it out, follow the link in the bio ✨🌿💚 . . . . . . hoopdance hooplah hooper hoop hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hooping hooplove hulahoop hoopeverydamnday zoomhoopsco porschazoom sacredcircle infinitecircles infinitecirclescommunity

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Mary McCrorey (hoolah_hoopah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mary McCrorey


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Selfie Sunday 💜 ✴✴✴ hoopersofinstagram hooper hooplah flowarts hoopdance polypro jamhoops happyhooper happyhooping sacredcircle gratefulhoopers spring instagood flow followforfollow follow4follow art spreadlove hoopmama nashvillehoopers followers

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Courtney YellowWolf Graham (courtyellowwolf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Courtney YellowWolf Graham


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Fly baby fly hoopdance hoopdancer tradition

48 Minutes ago
Jenn (bigredd.1089) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Cleaning up my camera roll 🙈Hope everyone is having a good memorialdayweekend ☀️🍉 . . . . . . hoopspam hooping hooplah hoopdance thetexashoopsmith hoopersofinstagram hulahooping sacredcircle hulahooper hoopflow flowarts hoopgirls hoopsjourney girlsthathoop hooplife hooplovers hoopersofig hoopeverydamnday hooplove hoopiness happyhooper justmeandmyhoop

1 Hours ago
Mary McCrorey (hoolah_hoopah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mary McCrorey


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Just some casual Sunday flow 😊💖 ✴✴✴ hoopersofinstagram hooper hooping hooplah flowarts dancing hoopdance polypro jamhoops happyhooper happyhooping sacredcircle gratefulhoopers spring instagood flow followforfollow follow4follow art spreadlove hoopmama movementmeditation nashvillehoopers followers music

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Mercedes Edwards (hoopdolphin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mercedes Edwards


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sacredcircle girlswhohoop hoopersofinstagram flowarts infinitribe hooplove hooppractice ohiohooper movingmeditation hoopdance

1 Hours ago
Sydney Hannon (spinskeety) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sydney Hannon


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Taught my first hoop splitting 101 workshop yesterday and what a blast we had! You guys are all making it really hard to leave. ❤️❤️ hoopsplit multihooping hoopersofargentina hoopteacher hoopworkshop

1 Hours ago
Paige Nicole (hoopsloth) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paige Nicole


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Just stared doing this k-roll to wedgie combo and I love it!! New stuff on Vacation 👌🏻 girlswhohoop hoopdance hooplah hooping hoopiness hooplove hoopersofinstagram hooping myrtlebeach hoopsloth llspacecadets

1 Hours ago
Ailsa Barr (tara_winky) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ailsa Barr


Comment from Ailsa Barr:

Sorry this is a bit fuzzy. Had an unexpectedly enjoyable flow to Bach tonight. Using this as my stopdropandspin for @aahbeee, tagging @genipherpher next 🌸.

1 Hours ago
Kelly Sunshine (kellb0x) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kelly Sunshine


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Rockin my all black leggingarmy leggings today. I consistently have a hard time finding leggings that aren't see through esp on my butt. These bad boys are perfecto! No matter what activity I am doing no part of these become see through. They are so darn soft it feels like I'm wearing butter the comfort level is MAX! Patterns and styles available as well. Check out .com use affiliate code "SUNSHINE1" please! leggings legging fashion memorialday peace sunshine blonde selfie fashionista flag america neverseethrough yoga hoop hoopdance relax comfort

1 Hours ago
Jessica Sunshine (hazysunshine420) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica Sunshine


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Fire photo shoot time 🔥🤗💥⭕️ some fun photos coming later tonight hoopdance supernovahoopers firehooping firehoop hooplife

1 Hours ago
21 ♌ Midwest 🌽 SunChild 🌞 (nikkianne710) Instagram Photos and Videos

21 ♌ Midwest 🌽 SunChild 🌞


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In my element 🌞🍃🌀🌲🌻💙 scamp17 myhappyplace flowin bliss summercamp17 hoopin forest thewoods hooplah homesweethome happiness instaflow getlost flowstagram hooplove gettindown hoopersofinstagram hoopdance summercampmusicfestival

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 (hoopandprosper) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I'm gonna enjoy this little hoop spot in the sunshine for the next two weeks ☀️🌻🐥 hulahoop hooping hoopdance newstuffs

1 Hours ago
Karisa Evdokimoff (flow_with_nature) Instagram Photos and Videos

Karisa Evdokimoff


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doubles .. I could listen to the @thefunkhunters all day. . . Anyone have a tutorial on more advanced weaves? How do I move in a circle while weaving!!! . . livingintheflow flowwithnature hooplah hoopdance hulahoop hoopflow flow findyourflow hellosummer slowflow hulahooping vancouverhoopdance flowarts vancouver bc nature summer passion dance movementmedicine movement exercise love

1 Hours ago
Lily Hooping🌿💛 (lily.hooping) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lily Hooping🌿💛


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1 Hours ago
MaggieLizSpins (maggielizspins) Instagram Photos and Videos



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gold thomasjack hoopdance hooping hoopersofinstagram hooper hooplove hooplife

1 Hours ago
🌻Sydney Morrow🌻 (sydworrom_) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌻Sydney Morrow🌻


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1 Hours ago
🌿🖤🌿 (kombuchakitty) Instagram Photos and Videos



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It was really hard to find a place to hoop today, boulder is packed for the holiday weekend..but I managed to get this shot where you can't tell there are approximately 5000 people standing around me 😂

1 Hours ago
The Star Ore (thestarore) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Star Ore


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Catch me hooping at 7am in GMA 7's Unang Hirit gma7 unanghirit thestarore hulahoops hooping hoopdance morning kapuso

2 Hours ago
Sara (isa.creative) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Day two of DOT17 @agakhanmuseum with hoop dancer Lisa Odjig [05/28/17] AgaKhanMuseum hoopdance artandculture

2 Hours ago
Britt🌞 (hoop_loopfruitloop) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Short lil' stopdropandspin from @hoolah_hoopah 💖✨ Thank you sm for the tag, I've been needing to get back in my flow🌿🍃 passing the hoop to the lovely @alwaysroomtoflow the courageous @boomhappens & the ever delightful @spinningsoleil ❤️❤️❤️ ✨✨✨ Good luck! 🍀 . . . hooparts playtime hooptime hoopdream hooperswag hooppp hoopertrooper hoopallthefuckingtime hoopdaze newmove hooptricks hoopmove flowart hoopflow hoopdance hulahooper hoopergirl hoopgrind hoopspam hoopjam hoopitup hoopmama hooplove hooplife hoopfairy hoopmama hoopvibes

2 Hours ago
Mishie Hoops (mishiehoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mishie Hoops


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2 Hours ago
MELLY JEAN HOOPS (mellyjeanhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Sunday Morning Hoopin' ☀️☀️☀️

2 Hours ago
Miranda (modernrapunzel) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Miranda:

Tosses 🍕 . I tried to work in as many tosses as I could remember. I usually just like tossing the hoop as far as I can then catching it. Haha This summer I hope to get the pizza toss down. I can only do a mini toss with that one. Hehe 😅😊 🍕🌌🍕🌌 @multiversehoops . multiversechallenge hooping flow flowarts hulahoop hulahoopgirl hooplah hoopersofinstagram hoopdance girlswhohoop plasticcircle sacredcircle hoopers longhairhoopers

2 Hours ago
Moria🎈 ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from Moria🎈:

I'm terribly sunburnt and my eyes are burning from allergies BUT I had so much fun dancing in my circle on this beautiful day! happyplace hooplah hooplove hoopdance movementmedicine circlelove sacredcircle freeflow hooptherapy

2 Hours ago