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Dan TheMan (danielzeman) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dan TheMan


Comment from Dan TheMan:

Shelly Beach Drumming Circle shellybeach hoopdance dantheman

14 Minutes ago
Nikki Hunt (nikki_hoopz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nikki Hunt


Comment from Nikki Hunt:

Double halo. nofilter hooping hooper hoopstar rocklandme hoopspam ledhooping gogohoopdance hoopdance twinhooping girswhohoop hoopersofinstagram halo double performer performanceart

22 Minutes ago
Vanessa Contessa (vanesssacontesssa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vanessa Contessa


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love for hulahoop hooper from venice hoopgirl hoopgirlsofig hoopgirlsofinstagram stopdropandspin flowart flowarts hulahoopeverydamnday hooplah hooplove hoopdance f4f goodvibes sunnyday

26 Minutes ago
Geo (georizzle) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Geo:

So I totally forgot to mention I'm performing again this sunday.... so I'M PERFORMING AGAIN THIS SUNDAY. Fuel Rock club, Womanby Street, Cardiff. hooper hoopdance ledhoop hooplife hooplove hoopersofinstagram hulahoop fuelrockclub marilynmanson killstar

1 Hours ago
Dani Owens (__danyo__) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dani Owens


Comment from Dani Owens:

Photo by @peterkorolov korolovphotography hoopdance flowarts ebf2017

1 Hours ago
Sammy (Posipanko) Frank (happy_vibes_every_day) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sammy (Posipanko) Frank


Comment from Sammy (Posipanko) Frank:

"I can't complain but sometimes I still do. Life's been good to me so far." I have been practicing that first move for a while. It isn't perfect but it is getting there! It is difficult because I have to refrain from letting my body do what it is used to doing. Breaking routine is not easy. Whether it be working out more regularly, breaking a depression spell, or eating healthier. No one ever said it was easy kids but you owe it to yourself to do your best. beginner trying lame betteryourself live staystrong hoopdance hooplah hooping happyhippie happy goodvibes awesome cute smile love

1 Hours ago
Lori King (toledophotog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lori King


Comment from Lori King:

University of Toledo chem major Olivia Tharp practices hoopdancing between classes April 25. The Toledoan was recently introduced to the hoolahoop, so she bought one just two weeks ago and "fell in love with it." THE BLADE/LORI KING hoopdance rover enterprisephotography Toledo

1 Hours ago
Juan Anguiano (panda_flexing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Juan Anguiano


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2 Hours ago
Ashley Musgrave (b_w_rose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Musgrave


Comment from Ashley Musgrave:

doublehoops momswhohoop hoopdance hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram ohiohoopers girlswhohoop treasure

2 Hours ago
Ashley Musgrave (b_w_rose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Musgrave


Comment from Ashley Musgrave:

minihoops momswhohoop hoopdance hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram ohiohoopers girlswhohoop youdontownme

2 Hours ago
Liz (lizzyliz_08) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Liz:

hooptherapy 💫 . . . . hooplife putmeinacircle hooplove phillyhooper flowarts hoopdance hoolahoop hooplah hooper sacredcircle girlswhohoop infinitecircles

2 Hours ago
Amanda (twirl_lee) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Amanda:

Another snippet of yesterday's amazingly therapeutic hoop sesh. hoopingmakesmehappy sunshine honeyclaws littleserenityshop spring momswhohoop perpetualflow gratefulhoopers movingmeditation wiscohoopers dowhatyoulove gowiththeflow hoopersofinstagram hooplah flowarts hoopdance hooping hooptricks hoopingmakesmehappy dreads gopro manitowoc wisconsin unityofthehulahoopers hooplovehooptherapy merrell hooplife sacredcircle

2 Hours ago
Студия(школа) Танца Сарафан (sarafanfam) Instagram Photos and Videos

Студия(школа) Танца Сарафан


Comment from Студия(школа) Танца Сарафан:

🆕Новое направление Hoop dance ( танец с обручами ) в нашей студии! Запись на пробное занятие ❎Вт 18.00 ❎Сб 15.00 📞89198756555 📍Турмалиновкая,98 Это очень интересно 🤗 sarafanfam sarafanfam2 hoopdance танцыростов танцывростове dancernd dancerostov

2 Hours ago
Ashley Musgrave (b_w_rose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Musgrave


Comment from Ashley Musgrave:

doublehoops momswhohoop hoopdance hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram ohiohoopers girlswhohoop treasure

2 Hours ago
ᴛᴀʀʀʏɴ ᴀʟʟᴀɴ (chickenhoopforthesoul) Instagram Photos and Videos

ᴛᴀʀʀʏɴ ᴀʟʟᴀɴ


Comment from ᴛᴀʀʀʏɴ ᴀʟʟᴀɴ:

Completed my Youtube channel art banner! Whoop whoop! Check out my Youtube channel for more hoopie goodness! design channelart youtube hooper hoopdance

2 Hours ago
Ashley Musgrave (b_w_rose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Musgrave


Comment from Ashley Musgrave:

minihoops momswhohoop hoopdance hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram ohiohoopers girlswhohoop youdontownme

2 Hours ago
Michelle Relats (flow_foxy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michelle Relats


Comment from Michelle Relats:

Goodmorning my people! 😇🌻 just a tip of the day sometimes you got to be silly and dance away your frustrations and anger during practice before you pick up the hoop again XD 😜 i know am not the only one who does this XD hulahooper hoopdancerhoopdancehoopersofinstagram hooplah hooplovehoopflowflow hulahooping hoopingsillyfunnyhulahooperproblems

2 Hours ago
Hoepelen = vrijheid + blijheid (marina.dehoepeljuf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hoepelen = vrijheid + blijheid


Comment from Hoepelen = vrijheid + blijheid:

Yes!! Twee hoepels tegelijk on-body!! En de hoepel terug omhoog toen hij onder mijn knieën zakte. Woehoe!! Me so happy 😍😃🙏 Ik herinner me nog dat ik naar supergoede hoepelaars keek toen ik net begon met hoepelen. Ik dacht toen dat het onmogelijk was om dit te leren. En zie hier. Ha! Alles is mogelijk! 🙏 ---------- I can do it!! Never thought it was possible for me to split hoops on-body. And then the foot flick up when my hoop stopped below my knees. There is no limit to the things you can achieve in life. Feeling grateful! 🙏 dehoepeljuf hoepeleniseenlifestyle hoepelenlaatjestralen hoopspam hooplah doublehooping hoopsplit multihooping hooperscollective hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hoepelen hoelahoepen hulahooping hoopdance hooplife hoopspam

3 Hours ago
Julie (jubroflow) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Julie:

Playing with my dog during a hoop jam. I don't get to take her out with me for work so much these days so I really love our little play dates together 💓 Song: I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance Hoop: 5/8 32" polypro in kalypso/poseidon colour morph by @hoopsnroses . . . hooping hooplah movingmeditation hooplove flow hoopcommunity hooperscollective hooptricks hoopersofinstagram hoopspam hoopjam flowsesh hoopdance movementmedicine therapy dilligaf tattoo anythingflows getinthering tropical blueskies garden handspins palmspins emoflow mychemicalromance

3 Hours ago
CleoElendil (cleo1210) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from CleoElendil:

Beautiful choreo by @sincere_mtw @flaunt852 aerialpose aerialist dance training aerialtrick fitchicks instafit fitinspiration fitdxb girlswholift aerialnation uaefitness instagood instalove beautythere aerialstraps aerialsling aerialhammock lovetofly silks strongnotskinny eleve utah girlswholiftthemselves aerialhoop aerialistsofig hoopdance acrobatsofig circusaroundtheworld cirque

3 Hours ago
ים עוז (yamoztattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

ים עוז


Comment from ים עוז:

Wait for it... 😂 (Sound on) Photographer @wtelaviv . . . . . . . . . . . hulahoop hoopspam hooplah hoopersofinstagram hooplove hoopdance hoopersofig sacredcircle hooping flowarts hooper hoop flow infinitecircles hooplife gratefulhoopers flowarttv infinitecirclescommunity hoopingdotorg hoopflow girlswhohoop flowstagram hulahooper hulahooping flowlife hoopers stopdropandspin hoopla flowart girlswhoflow

3 Hours ago
Taylor Beaton (fairies_in_wonderland) Instagram Photos and Videos

Taylor Beaton


Comment from Taylor Beaton:

hoopinglife hooping hoopdance hoopeverydamnday hooplove hoop love fairy lush hooper hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hooperscollective icc infinitecircles flowart flow flowmies

3 Hours ago
Allison Marie 💋 (allison.hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Allison Marie 💋


Comment from Allison Marie 💋:

🎶 Sound of Change - dirtyheads hoopdance hoopersofIG hooplove hoopgirl girlsthathoop

3 Hours ago
Cassidy (the_notorious_v.a.g) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cassidy:

Caught a video of @mothermagness making my galactichoopdidoo hoop look absolutely incredible! Thanks for putting your magic into my hoop girl! Seriously loosing my shit over my commentary lmao @misshoopdidoo @thetexashoopsmith EARTHFLOW islandflow ifunctionatanextremelyhighlevel successfulstoner stonedhooper hoopingjourney hoopdance hoopingforhappiness michiganhoopers hoopeverydamnday hoopingheals flowarts biggirlshooptoo curvygirlshulahoop hairyhooper hooplove gratefulhooper hoopingheals hoopersofinstagram youcanhoopwithus

3 Hours ago
Niamh Kane (chiqihoopini) Instagram Photos and Videos

Niamh Kane


Comment from Niamh Kane:

Teaching hoop dance at healthfest to 1500 participants I think we need more hoops :) hoopbodylove hoopdance safefoods

4 Hours ago
PrisS. (spicyhooper) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PrisS.:

This clip stops right when I got the notification of my iCloud being full 🙄 but still having fun at flowground - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dancer Dance Expression FlowArts Flow HulaHoop HulaHooper HoopDance Fusion HoopDancer Hooplah HoopersOfInstagram SacredCircle InfiniteCircles WomenWhoHoop GirlsWhoHoop 💃🏽⭕️🌀 FlowSpam PoiSpam HoopSpam Poi MyDubai Dubai DubaiNights Jam Mexicana MexicanHoopers HoopersOfMexico

4 Hours ago
Nina Uvw (ninauvw) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nina Uvw


Comment from Nina Uvw:


5 Hours ago
Andi (hulahaze) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Andi:

Killing time experimenting with my videos 🤷🏼‍♀️🎹debussy . . . . hoopersofinstagram hoopeveryday hoopdance portfairy melbournehoopers hooplah hooplove gratefulhoopers sacredcircle

5 Hours ago
Cinzia Molteni (prinzia85) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cinzia Molteni


Comment from Cinzia Molteni:

Hula hoopis a cala girgolu superman sardegna hulahoop hoopinglife hooping hooplah hooplove hoopdance calagirgolu

5 Hours ago
Nez Schroeder (nezariah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nez Schroeder


Comment from Nez Schroeder:

Performing with my futurehooppro for the pre summer Hawaiian party last Friday. I Had a blast & I can't wait to do it again. ❤ hooplove hooplover hoopeverydamnday hoopdance hoopersofinstagram moodhoops hoopgirl girlswhohoop fortheloveofperforming lifegoals futureprofessionalhooper travel hooperforlife

5 Hours ago
ReifenFabrik (reifen_fabrik) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ReifenFabrik:

The revolution of pushbuttons is the EZ clip from @serenityhoops from canada, which we are using for all our 16mm Hoops since almost a year now and only got the best feedback ever! We love it, its super lightweight, super flexibel, super durable and an absolute musthave for all hoopers 🌈 ezclip travelhoop 16mmhoop

5 Hours ago
bean (beanerellaa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from bean:

quit cryin and stop trying to be someone you're not 🍌 hoopeverydamnday hoopersofig hoopspam hoopflow movingmeditation hooplah hoopdance flowarts sacredcircle infinitecircles beanerellaa disclosure masterpiece

6 Hours ago
Cassidy (the_notorious_v.a.g) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cassidy:

@circle_slinger captured some great video of me fooling around with my brand new galactichoopdidoo hoop! Eeeeeeeeee the colors! The weight! The flow! It's all incredible! I am so extremely thankful to have been blessed with such a magnificent hoop! Thank you again to the ever gorgeous and kind @misshoopdidoo and her sponsor and hoop smith @thetexashoopsmith

1 Days ago