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Aphant 🐘🌙☮👽 (annaphant_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aphant 🐘🌙☮👽


Comment from Aphant 🐘🌙☮👽:

Perfect day for some hoop play! 💜🐾🍭🐱 hoopsesh hoopspam hoopsession hoopersofinstagram hooper hoop hoopcommunity hoopgirls hoopdancer hoopdance hoopvibes hoopgirl hoopitup hooptime hoopflows hoopersofig gratefulhoopers hooplyfe hooplah hooplove infinitecircles flowarts flowarts flowartist flowandgrow flowartsmovement findyourflow

1 Minutes ago
Lexi (michiganlexi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lexi:

6 Minutes ago
sammi~ (✿◠‿◠)☼ (hoopfairyflowz) Instagram Photos and Videos

sammi~ (✿◠‿◠)☼


Comment from sammi~ (✿◠‿◠)☼:

not sure where that pizza toss was going 🙄🍕😝 I feel like I do all of the same moves once I start recording. Ive been trying to remember to incorporate all of the moves I know into my flow, not just the ones i've learned recently. ~~~ happy hooping 💕🌻☀️😽

10 Minutes ago
Gracie May Marshall (bumsandhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gracie May Marshall


Comment from Gracie May Marshall:

Fun training with @solomonriversage circusfactorycork hoopdiving balance circusinternational hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hooper irishcircus circuseverydamnday hulahoopallthefuckingtime

17 Minutes ago
Angie B. 🌻 (howlcoyote) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angie B. 🌻


Comment from Angie B. 🌻:

My lioness mane is getting so fluffy I get blinded when I get into my twirling zone. Haha 😂 here is my stopdropandspin for the ever so magnificent @aahbeee 😙 thank you for the tag darling, passing to some new hoop friends @cosmic_rotations and @greatplainsflow Happy hooping pretty ladies!🌿💕🍃🌸 . . . hooper hooplah hooping naturegal forestdweller hoopersofinstagram georgiahoopers sacredcircle flowarts hoopersunite hulahoop hippie hoopeverydammday gratitude movingmeditation faerie enchantedforest woodland twirl

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Emma Kenna (hoopingmad) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emma Kenna


Comment from Emma Kenna:

Just some more ☀ baked single hoop with some minor fighting with the wall 😊 lucca hoopencircles ✨adventures with @pennihoop ⭕= @hoopologie 💙

24 Minutes ago
Christy Platt (cnplatt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christy Platt


Comment from Christy Platt:

A little Hot Chip from the other day. 😙 hooper hooplah hooplove momsthathoop hotchip indianahulahooper

27 Minutes ago
HoopEluv (hoopeluv) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from HoopEluv:

Love the sound of the water 🌊💕 hoopjam to your favorite sounds! Doesn't always have to be music 🎶 hoopeverywhere hoopeverydamnday

29 Minutes ago
TaylorLakin Tabarez (taylorlakin_) Instagram Photos and Videos

TaylorLakin Tabarez


Comment from TaylorLakin Tabarez:

Daily practice- getting new tricks down 💙❤️ Song : Zeds Dead & Dirtyphonics - Where are you now hooper hoopdance

33 Minutes ago
Jennifer Rubinshteyn (jrubyhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Rubinshteyn


Comment from Jennifer Rubinshteyn:


47 Minutes ago
Eleanore Piper (boopyhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eleanore Piper


Comment from Eleanore Piper:

Totally forgot to post this a few weeks back ⭕😍⭕😍 Love sharing my passion with people 💜💚♥️💙💛 littlegatefarm hoopworkshop farmsunday circus hoopspam sorrynotsorry sequins silver hooper hooplife hooplah hoopersofinstagram rosabloom stripes hulahoop boopyhoops

49 Minutes ago
Kelsey Lenae (kelseyshoopabouts) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kelsey Lenae


Comment from Kelsey Lenae:

Finally got the chance to hoop at the dance pavilion on stage the river front! Rockin some space bunz & 2 tone hoop! 😏😻

49 Minutes ago
🌻Sydney Morrow🌻 (sydworrom_) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌻Sydney Morrow🌻


Comment from 🌻Sydney Morrow🌻:

52 Minutes ago
Niashoni (lone_elephant) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Niashoni:

Nooping at Wünderland event last year with The Artists assulym. noop hoopersofinstagram holographic costume performance altgirl artistassylum hooper dance club event

56 Minutes ago
9 years spinning circles.Vegan (mrsmaynardkeenan) Instagram Photos and Videos

9 years spinning circles.Vegan


Comment from 9 years spinning circles.Vegan:

Makin sure I still got it. Haven't hooped with one circle in two years. Definitely a workout and made me dizzy. hulahoop hulahoops fthooper hooper hoopdance hoopersofinstagram hoopsession hoopersofig hoop flowarts spinprops

58 Minutes ago
Eleanore Piper (boopyhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eleanore Piper


Comment from Eleanore Piper:

Throwback to joyfestival and playing dress up in the enchantedwood at groombridgeplace ⭕✨⭕✨ hooper popup workshop festival boutiquefestival kent tunbridgewells rosabloomrosabloomwin hoopperfomer hooplife circus circusarts sequins sparkle bowlerhat blue silver

1 Hours ago
Number 1 Source For Hoop Gear (1stop_hoopshop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Number 1 Source For Hoop Gear


Comment from Number 1 Source For Hoop Gear:

Thoughts??? Real Hoops💯 Tag your friends💯 aip basketball hoopdreams basketballtraining hardwork abovetherim handlelife iampossible 99moves nextlevel grind hooper nba puresweat garyvee like4like superhandles ballonastring basketballneverstops hoopsandchrist handles hoopersofinstagram stoptheviolence god nba .......... kobe 9th hoopify ballislife jdilla anklebreaker

1 Hours ago
Ryry (ryanmichaelhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ryry:

Final week to use promo code "PRIDE" to save 15% at @lunascauseandeffects 💖 each shirt is tie-dyed, with the option of getting pockets sewn on and designs printed (all hand done), and a portion of each shirt is donated to @littlekidsrock hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their month ❤️💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈

1 Hours ago
 (runs_with_hula) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from runs_with_hula:

I only hit my self in the face twice !🙌 flow hoopersofinstagam hooperofinstagram hulahooping instahoop hooper hulahooping oregon usa

1 Hours ago
Bball (crosseup) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Bball:

He literally DUNKED over him!🔥 - Follow @crosseup for more!

1 Hours ago
Amanda Ortner (lunar.essence) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amanda Ortner


Comment from Amanda Ortner:

I've been dedicating more time to drilling tricks and combos so the movements can become a part of me and my muscle memory. This has also opened up new ideas for ways to string little bits together here or there which is quite exciting for me. I'm pretty stoked to see the progress I've made since picking up a hoop almost 11 months ago. Goodness, I sure do love these plastic circles. ❤🌌 HulaHoopJourney HulaHoop SacredCircle Progress MovementMedicine Hooper Hooplah HoopFlow PlasticCircles DrillDrillDrill

1 Hours ago
Custom Collapsible Hula Hoops (hoophugs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Custom Collapsible Hula Hoops


Comment from Custom Collapsible Hula Hoops:

Love when people include photos with their reviews!! (I cant remember your IG handle lol im sorry please comment and ill tag you)😍 . . hooplah ighoopers hoopspam hulahoop hoop hooplove hulahoops infinitecirclescommunity hoophugs unityofthehulahoopers hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hooping flowarts hoopdance gratefulhoopers hoopeverydamnday perpetualflow girlswhohoop hoopporn hooper etsyseller sacredcircle movingmeditation californiahoopers icc connectionporn connectionperfection cleanconnection showmeyourconnection

1 Hours ago
Chris Blakeley (blakeleyphoto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Blakeley


Comment from Chris Blakeley:

@littletalkingtree in a kinetic moment. flow flowarts hooper hooping hoop hoopersofinstagram flowstagram seattle gasworkspark

1 Hours ago
Eric James Cech (ericjamescech) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eric James Cech


Comment from Eric James Cech:

1 Hours ago
☀️✌🏻🌈 εïз Lala ○ 🌊🤞🏻🌙 (dreamyvibrations) Instagram Photos and Videos

☀️✌🏻🌈 εïз Lala ○ 🌊🤞🏻🌙


Comment from ☀️✌🏻🌈 εïз Lala ○ 🌊🤞🏻🌙:

dance freestyledance freestyle movement meditation art artist exercise spirituality hoop hooper hooping magic psychedelic trippy dream rainbow rainbowsoul rainbowhoop improv freespirit alive aware dreamer dreamworld life existence singularity love

1 Hours ago
Hooperellas Entertainment LLC (sugar.hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hooperellas Entertainment LLC


Comment from Hooperellas Entertainment LLC:

Second day playing with this trick. I'm using my Fire Glitter Galaxy from @hiptronicarts and I gotta say all I could about was how worried I was for the tape lol hoops hoopmama hooper hoopla hoop

1 Hours ago
 (korruption.hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from korruption.hoops:

Dancing with some hippies🌏🌲🦄 Hoop by @thirdeyecolorado universallove electricforest michigan forestfam peace love unity respect festivalseason peaceloveunityrespect respecttheforest livemusic hulahoop hooping hooplove hooplah hoopersofinstagram hoop hoops newhoops souvenirs hulahooping hooper electricforesthooper

1 Hours ago
Trudy Callan (dream.commit.grow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Trudy Callan


Comment from Trudy Callan:

Enjoying hand hooping on this gorgeous day. So thankful the rain has held off. How is your day going? • • • • • • getupandmove homeschooling bethechange shegetsfit fitnessblogger christianblogger christianliving liveintentionally shereadstruth ohhappyday thepointedlife proverbs31woman positivemindset healthyig fitnessig blessingsonblessings communityovercompetition faithquotes jesusdaily inspiredaily holisticmom procrastination icaniwill thehomeworkout momswhorun momgains merves businessowner income startuplife

1 Hours ago
Krissie Neil (hippityhoppityhoop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Krissie Neil


Comment from Krissie Neil:

kinda been in a rut lately with hooping but here's some really messy hooplah ... in the process of adjusting a new size and trying to learn some new stuff 🌻 hulahoop hulahooping hoop hooping hoopersofinstagram hoopingforlife hooper hoopersofig hoopersunite hulahoopgirls hoopdance flow flowarts flowartscommunity flowartist flowartsmovement flowartistsofig infinitecircles

1 Hours ago
Sonny 😁 Baby (sonnybaby) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sonny 😁 Baby


Comment from Sonny 😁 Baby:

@jhov got me out here getting right. If you're in the Bay Area and need that work, he's the man. -Skills Training -Speed & Agility -Strength Training -Weight Loss Hooper ButCanYouHoopTho MajorBallerAlert Basketball Skills Dribbling Drills Athlete Athletic SupremeBeing HardWork Fitness SleevieJohnson StupidHub HovaWater Brothers Nike BayArea TheBay MountainView

1 Hours ago
Professional BasketballTrainer (coachtheog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Professional BasketballTrainer


Comment from Professional BasketballTrainer:

The things I miss about the army💯 💯 aip basketball hoopdreams basketballtraining hardwork abovetherim handlelife iampossible 99moves nextlevel grind hooper nba puresweat garyvee like4like superhandles ballonastring basketballneverstops hoopsandchrist handles hoopersofinstagram stoptheviolence god nba .......... kobe 9th hoopify ballislife jdilla anklebreaker

1 Hours ago
tara. (_tarafying) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from tara.:

Stayin in the underground with my new beauty from @mintyfreshhoops 😛 hooper hoop hooping hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hoopspam hulahoop hulahooping infinitecirclescommunity flowmiesofearth flowarts hooplah hooplife bassnectar reflective underground sloppybutfuckit

1 Hours ago
 (darqvisionary) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from darqvisionary:

Shout out to Andre Miller 🏀 andremiller nba hooper

1 Hours ago