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Aleksandra Adamczyk (kurdetoja) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aleksandra Adamczyk


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Sasha (circlesanity) Instagram Photos and Videos



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🌊 Hoopin in da ocean 🌊 Blissed tf out 😌 this is my first vacation in literally years and I am so happy to be here right now. When I lived in Russia the beach was a 5 minute walk from my house, so when I moved away it's like a part of me was always missing, up until now 💙🐬 Hoop - 26" id in 11/16 polypro by @flowjamstudios

19 Minutes ago
Ria Banez (ria.banez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ria Banez


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Turning the pic up side down is another posibility to have a split under the bar 😜 ahsplitunderthebar ahchallenge aerialhoop aerialhooptricks hoopgirl lyra lyrahoop split flexi flexibility flexible aerialist aerial hoop hoophoop polerina polegirl flag humanflag sporty fitness polefitness sportygirl instafit instahoop instapole instaflexin instagirl @aerialhooptricks

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Amel 🌀🌺 (hopehooplove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amel 🌀🌺


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Sky Flow Artist (skyflowartist) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sky Flow Artist


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Good luck to my little sister @luciejarvis and her team at @istaracademy who compete in the Rhythmic Gymnastics British Championships this weekend! I miss you all so much and sooo wish I could be there to cheer you on! These girls work incredibly hard all year; their dedication to the sport and their teamwork is inspirational! Here's a little video my sister made of them working towards this weekend! Please let them know what you think and wish them luck! 🍀 girlpower teamwork rhythmicgymnastics

48 Minutes ago
⭕️New England Hoop Dancer👢 (hoopsnboots) Instagram Photos and Videos

⭕️New England Hoop Dancer👢


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$ yung lean $ (yungmoneyhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

$ yung lean $


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 (iris_hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos



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So happy to finally be able to keep the hoop going around my shoulder!!! That was like one of the hardest things for me to learn 💪🏼 although my arms kinda remind me of the caretaker from scary movie so I need like new arm positioning idk 😂stopdropandspin for @polish_flow ❤️ passing to @sydworrom_ and @buttahflow ~ hooplahhooperhoopflowflowartsh artshulahooperhoopersofinstagr stagramhoopgirlhoophoopvibeshi

1 Hours ago
Stephanie Bergen (s.bergen89) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Bergen


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If you don't practice how are you ever suppose to improve? Every drop trip and hoop in the face is one step closer to be a better hooper. Been watching a lot of hoop videos on Instagram trying to unlock new hand tricks, getting there one spin at a time. . . hoopersofinstagram hoopgirl newtricks spin fallinlovewithacircle practicemakesperfect practicedaily

2 Hours ago
sarah rose (bklynsunshine) Instagram Photos and Videos

sarah rose


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Throwback Tuesday, wishing it was a sunny Sunday at the potato house pool 💦💕☀️ 🎥 by @k_10_g, 🔘by @jamhoopslimited ❤️

2 Hours ago
Asha Ashwell (ashafierceone) Instagram Photos and Videos

Asha Ashwell


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Morning hoop flow from before work. blackgirlmagic hoopspam hoopgirl hoopersofig unityofthehulahoopers hoopflow hoopersofbuffalo hoopersofinstagram perpetualflow vampireweekend

5 Hours ago
AMAYA (maya_amaya_ashkenazi) Instagram Photos and Videos



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🌈 AMAYA ☆Allow yourself to be sexy☆ boho gypsy bohostyle rave ravegirl psytrance psychedelic psychedelicgirl hulahoop raveoutfit hooping bohogirl mermaid trancegirl trancebabe bohobabe gypsybabe festivalbabe festivalgirl beachbabe beachgirl trance festival festivalfashion festivalstyle festivalchic hoopbabe hoopgirl

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🌻Sydney Morrow🌻 (sydworrom_) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌻Sydney Morrow🌻


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Check out my pleated harem pants from @thaiharempants 😍👅 use my code SQUID to save some cash on your order🤙🏼

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Frida (frida_flows) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Poolside flow from a few weeks back ☉☉☉ . . . . . . . hoopdance hooplove hooplife hooplah flow flowarts rockring hoopgirl hoopersofinstagram momswhohoop sacredcircle perpetualflow

6 Hours ago
Wyat Switz (wyat_switz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wyat Switz


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@liliya.semenova _-_-_ - - - _-_-_ minnstagram minnstagramers minneapolisphotographer d800 nikond800 mnphotographer portraitfolk thevisualvogue firepoi firespinner firelife firespinning minnehahafalls mnproud chooseminnesota thisismymn onlyinmn firelove hooping hoop hoopgirl hoopgirls mn minnesota nikonnofilter exploretocreate exploretheworld waterfall waterfalls

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Gabby Novel (gabbynovel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gabby Novel


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Morning Flow 💛 hoopdance hoopgirl hooping everyday

8 Hours ago
Rebecca May (bmc80) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rebecca May


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Spalding, Got stuck today but i got him back . spalding basketball iloveit shooting hoops hoopgirl 3pointshot . happygirl today .

11 Hours ago
Just Save (technotwinsave) Instagram Photos and Videos

Just Save


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Just let me spin my hoop😊⭕️✨ hulahoop hoopdance spin maxidress blue openair summer germany photography sky makeup dance techhouse techno moves outdoore festival music smile picoftheday hoopgirl jam saturday dortmund rave ravebabe rosehair pinkhair fashionista goa

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Allie Dion (hoopyogi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Allie Dion


Comment from Allie Dion:

YogaWithHoops day 16! Ado Mukha Vrksasana/Handstand. Don't be afraid! You can do this any way you want. Use a wall if needed. Start by putting your hands on the ground, palms down and shoulder distance apart. You can try to jump in to tuck, or you can kick one leg up then the other to meet it. Try to get your feet over your head, reach them towards the sky. Push through your hands like your pushing the ground away. Suck your stomach in and up and breathe. Look downwards at your hands. Try to keep your body in a perfect line from foot to hands for a regular handstand. Then try to get funky with it and try different leg variations. -Use the hoops as a stage. -step one foot through one side of the hoop and to the front. Step your other foot through the other side of the hoop to the back. Kick up into handstand to hold the hoop between your legs. -pass the hoop to one foot behind you before you kick up to handstand. Keep one leg bent so you don't kick the hoop off your other foot! Host: @hoopyogi Generous sponsors: @niyama_sports (leggings pictured) @blueridgehemp @mintyfreshhoops @discoveringdandelions @jeminisbazaar Remember to follow all the rules to be eligible for prizes!

15 Hours ago
Lexy Heart (lexyheart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lexy Heart


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Flash Back to sunset hooping. Oh how I love my UV Orange hoop from @sunhoopshop during some sunset flow 🌅. . . . Remember to use "HEARTS" at check out for a sweet discount ✌🏼😊. . . . Sunhooper sponsoredhooper hulahoops hoopdance hoopdancer hoopersofinstagram hoopersofaz hoopersofarizona hooptherapy hooplove hooplovers flow hoopflow sacredcircle bodypositive flowarts flowartist hooper hulahoop dancer girlswhohoop hoopgirl tucson az desertdancing danceflow

16 Hours ago
AMAYA (maya_amaya_ashkenazi) Instagram Photos and Videos



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😄 AMAYA ☆Allow yourself to be sexy☆ boho gypsy bohostyle rave ravegirl psytrance psychedelic psychedelicgirl hulahoop raveoutfit hooping bohogirl mermaid trancegirl trancebabe bohobabe gypsybabe festivalbabe festivalgirl beachbabe beachgirl trance festival festivalfashion festivalstyle festivalchic hoopbabe hoopgirl

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Maryeve (Hula-hoop Quebec) (maryeve_hulahoopquebec) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maryeve (Hula-hoop Quebec)


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Day 23 defihulahoop . . . . . . . .. . . . . . hoopflow hooppractice hoopeveryday hoopersofig hoopersofcanada hooplove hoopaddict hooplah hoopspam hoopbalance facebalance hoopisolations hoopgirl

19 Hours ago
Ann Humphreys (annoflineandcircle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ann Humphreys


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Feeling powerful after a few weeks of of the more shocking things I've ever heard myself say! 😂 Amazed by the strength I have already gained in just a short time. Ladies, try lifting weights if you haven't yet! It feels damn good! hooping hoopdance hulahoop hulahooping hoopgirl hoopmama chestroll hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hoopspam hoopporn sustainedspinning flowarts spinner spin dance flow sundown farmersmarket afternoon jam peace

19 Hours ago
Sarah Teakle (sarah._.hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Teakle


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Playing with some quads 😜. hoop hoops hooper hooperslife hoopersofinsta hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hulahoop hulahooping hooping hoopitup hoopitout hoopiness hoopgirl hooplove hooplah hooplife hooplover hulahoopgirl hulahoopdance hulahoopdancer hoopdance circus circusarts circusgirl circusfun fun flow flowarts fourhoops

19 Hours ago
Sasha (circlesanity) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sasha:

🌀 throwback to last Friday with one of my fav girls @k_shugaa 😘 can't wait to seee you and hoop with you again some time soon! If you haven't checked out this madly talented babe yet I highly suggest that you do, you won't be disappointed ➡️ @k_shugaa ⬅️💕 • Might slack on posting this week because I'm in Florida on vacay right now so I apologize in advance 😅 so I'll use this as mystopdropandspin for @libragypsy @sammiejo_19 and @senflowz 👽❤️ passing to @adalia_mae_ @hoopsydaisyy @russian.zombie.killer @captain__hoop and @arielledalia 💃🏻⭕️❤️ • Using my beautiful 28" featherweight futurehoopshuffle by @moodhoops 💖

21 Hours ago
⚡️Superhooper ⚡️ (superhooperorg) Instagram Photos and Videos

⚡️Superhooper ⚡️


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YAASS 😄✌ Sparkle Farts LED Hoop 🦄💨💨💨💨🌈 sparkliteledhoop sparklefarts ledhoop festivalfriendly hulahoops healthbooster festivalseason hoopgirl hoopdance movementmotivators superhooper superhooperorg timetoplay summertime 🌞❤ . . Repost from @etherealsaturn - sparklefarts are fucking amazing hoops. @superhooperorg

21 Hours ago
Corina De la Barrera (cherry_redheadlove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Corina De la Barrera


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Hula hoop :p hula hoopgirl exercise chill chilling moment life itsmylife <3

22 Hours ago
Mayasha Skye Tomberg (skyegem) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mayasha Skye Tomberg


Comment from Mayasha Skye Tomberg:

yogawithhoops Bakasana/ crow pose !! Day 15! Last week of the challenge i can't believe I actually kept up with a yoga challenge for once , and during the most stressful month of this year for me . Woo it helped me keep up with my practice with both yoga and hoops , I definitely plan to explore the possibilities of hoop yoga past this challenge 👍🏾😊 host @hoopyogi sponsors: @niyama_sports @blueridgehemp @discoveringdandelions @mintyfreshhoops @jeminisbazaar

22 Hours ago
Mitra Jelena (mitrahoop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mitra Jelena


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Hahah we have always been beginner in something! Never to late to start! hoopgirl alwaysdoyourbest hulahooptraining humor hulahoophumor hoophumor

22 Hours ago
Texas's Hoop Smith (thetexashoopsmith) Instagram Photos and Videos

Texas's Hoop Smith


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We love creative photos of our hoops around the world! Here is @marissahoops from Lubbock 🙌🏻 Repost @marissahoops ( @get_repost) ・・・ Body locking unlocked ⭐️hoopersofinstagramtexashoope hoopersthetexashoopsmithbodylo

23 Hours ago
Allie Dion (hoopyogi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Allie Dion


Comment from Allie Dion:

Two new moves I thought up today. :) (Someone else has probably thought of them before but I've never personally seen these exact variations) The second half of this is me force drilling tricks I don't typically do a lot into flow so it's kinda sloppy. :p MUST PRACTICE MORE TO GET SMOOTH LIKE BUTTER.

23 Hours ago
Shelly McBurnett (slackerspins) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shelly McBurnett


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The Cure : Accuracy

23 Hours ago
Cosmicmoonseed (cosmicmoonseed) Instagram Photos and Videos



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was warming up and the wubs in this song inspired me so much that I incorporated my first paddle breaks in the beginning(idc if they were sshort lived)! @bogtrotter_music gives me life✨🙏🏽💕✌🏽also a stopdropandspin for cosmic flow goddesses @jen_hoops @juniperbl0ssom @hoop_therapist and @savvy.spins 🦋🌸bogtrotter wook dub wubs bubs flowmiesofearth hoopersofinstagram hoopmama hoopgirl hooplife howlite outdoors adventure ambassador hoopeverywhere misshoopsalot meow bass headbanger flowart art flow instahoop dance healthy excersise witchesofinstagram

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