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Comment from 🌻Sydney Morrow🌻:

Posting purely to show this gorgeous tape😍 The Pretty Peach hoop from @littleserenityshop 🍑✨👅 get your own w my code SQUID to save some dollhairs💲

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Comment from Cassidy Raley:

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Comment from Shannon:

Playing around with editing apps today ✨🌟✨

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Comment from Kelsey:

Miss this spot ⭕️

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Comment from 🌻Sydney Morrow🌻:

Reflective doubles from @littleserenityshop ✨✨ use my code SQUID to save 15% on your order🌹👅

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Comment from Melina:

I heard you signed over your soul to the devil, is it true? Nigga shut the fuck up!🎤 . Click the link in the bio for hoop information and a discount code!❤ . Song: I Need Help - Hopsin

6 Hours ago

Blazing up the night with @flowfae at a giant bonfire in the middle if the woods! One of the most adventurous gigs we've had in a while. 🔥🔥 #giglife #pyroxotic

6 Hours ago

Comment from Jessica:

Three things: (1) these boots are vegan 🌱 (2) a random drone flew over me here that day to record some of this #hoopsesh so wierd (3) even though theres some heavy energy around rn im trying to focus on the positives, stay away from political talk and feel the productive energy that is #apdm #allplanetsdirectmotion #staypositive #hooptherapy #movingmeditation #veganboots #productiveenergy #hooplove #hooplife #flowlove #flowlife #flowspam #flowstagram #vermonthoops #hoopdance #hooplah #hoopgirl #hoopflow #sacredcircle #hoopiness #hoopitout #hooptime #hoopgirl

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Comment from Carmen Gee:

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Comment from Grow Forth And:

The product of 6 hours in the sun and blistered hands. Finally made my hoop supply in sweet Chiang Mai. Taught my first private lesson today and first workshop to come next weekend.

9 Hours ago