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Zaira Mòrrìgan (zhaira_bulsara) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zaira Mòrrìgan


Comment from Zaira Mòrrìgan:

" Siamo tutti appassionati. Nella nostra breve vita non abbiamo tempo per altre cose. " Sir Charlie Chaplin ♡ • • • hoopjuggling multihoops hoopsplit juggling jugglinglife juggler ijajugglers trickychicks malabares malabarismo hulahooper hoopersunite unityofthehulahoopers hulahoop hulahoopers hooplove gratefulhoopers hooplah hoopersofinstagram hoopspam infinitecircles hooping hoopingdotorg sacredcircle hoopersofig happyhooper hoopgirl girlsthathoop stopdropandspin circus

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Nuria (nuria.lunallena) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nuria:

Acá aprendiendo a hacer pases con mi amiiiga hermosaa @fugasivane ❤️⭕⭕⭕❤️ Mirá @lafersh 😂😂 hooplife hoopgirl hula hoopeverydamnday hooparoundtheworld flow performer cirquegram circusartist circuseverydamnday hoopflow hoopdancer hoopgirls hoopfriends hoopsmiles infinitecircles hoopspam hoop hoopperformer hoopforever circusaroundtheworld circusfriends hooper hooplover hooper happyhooping hulahoopallthefuckingtime hulahoops hula hoopjuggling

26 Minutes ago
Pineapple Tai (pineappletai) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pineapple Tai


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28 Minutes ago
Valeria Prota 🌞  🌛 (vale_hatha) Instagram Photos and Videos

Valeria Prota 🌞 🌛


Comment from Valeria Prota 🌞 🌛:

Positive body in the magic mountain 🙆🏻‍♀️🍂🌿 • • photooftheday lovenature italiangirl hulahoop nature hooplah yogisofinstagram unityofthehulahoopers hoopersofig hoopgirls hoopflow flowarts hulahoops hooping hoopdance hooptherapy sacredcircle hooplovers flow bodypositive flowartist hooper hoopgirl circuslove malabares

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❂ Sydney Morrow ❂ (sydworrom_) Instagram Photos and Videos

❂ Sydney Morrow ❂


Comment from ❂ Sydney Morrow ❂:

I don’t know what song this is but it got me goin’

1 Hours ago
°• Jelena Znaor •° (yellena_around) Instagram Photos and Videos

°• Jelena Znaor •°


Comment from °• Jelena Znaor •°:

The only thing better than traveling is having someone to travel with. ❤ cuba havana couplegoals smile colors happiness hoopgirl travel instravel travelgram putovanja

2 Hours ago
💙 Kirsty-Jacqueline Lingård (icklemidgie) Instagram Photos and Videos

💙 Kirsty-Jacqueline Lingård


Comment from 💙 Kirsty-Jacqueline Lingård:

Newhaven dusted with a layer of fluffy snow, crystal frost and shimmering ice... Urban beauty in the early morning sun casting such stunning light, colour and vibrancy! Love Edinburgh in the winter ❄️💙☃️ • newhaven leith edinburgh snow scottishwinter winterishere winterwonderland blueskies sunrise wintercolours winter snow snowy beautiful cityscape visitscotland citylife rooftop visitedinburgh ❄️🌇🏡 home myview ❤️ • scottishgirl fibrowarrior spoonie spoonielife swedishgirl summerchild mtbgirl hoopgirl hygge duvetday 💜☃️🚺♿️

5 Hours ago
Sookie Cosmohoop (sookie_cosmohoop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sookie Cosmohoop


Comment from Sookie Cosmohoop:

Petit selfie flou ^^ avec les élèves Nantaises de l'association hoopna 💜💛💚 Hulahooptour2018 latergram hoopeverydamnday hoopdance hoopersofinstagram hulagirl hooplife hooplove hoopdreams hoopgirl sacredcircle hooplah jugglinglife juggler malabares jonglage association share passion partage choreographie lovers hooplovers nantes

6 Hours ago
Krystal Ravegirl (krystalravegirl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Krystal Ravegirl


Comment from Krystal Ravegirl:

Playing with a new app hoopgirl girlswhohoop hoop ledhoop moodhoop

7 Hours ago
Hulistic Hoops - sales & shows (hulistichoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hulistic Hoops - sales & shows


Comment from Hulistic Hoops - sales & shows:

So I've hit a lil bump in my hoop journey lol. It will be interesting to see how pregnancy & a new Bub will modify my flow fifteenweeks

9 Hours ago
Nina Infinity (nina_infinity_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nina Infinity


Comment from Nina Infinity:

Enter to WIN ⭕❤️ Our BIGGEST Contest Yet! 🙌 We are Giving Away some AMAZING PRIZES to our Amazing Hoop Community! 😉 Visit Infinity Hoopdance on FB to enter! 🌟

12 Hours ago
°• Jelena Znaor •° (yellena_around) Instagram Photos and Videos

°• Jelena Znaor •°


Comment from °• Jelena Znaor •°:

Kava s rumom. Sve s rumom. 😅 goodmorning cuba havana havanavieja oreilly coffeetime havanaclub travel instravel travelgram travelphotography hoopgirl putovanja

12 Hours ago
A☆M☆A☆Y☆A (maya_amaya_ashkenazi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from A☆M☆A☆Y☆A:

🌴🌞 @iconsun147 🌞🌴 Thank you my 17k lovers for your support ❤ love you all kisess ❤ AMAYA ravegirl psychedelicgirl bohogirl mermaid fitnessbabe fitnessgirl trancegirl trancebabe inkgirl hoopgirl festivalbabe festivalgirl beachbabe tattoogirl beachgirl hoopbabe

12 Hours ago
Selenia ReyMor (selenialoquita) Instagram Photos and Videos

Selenia ReyMor


Comment from Selenia ReyMor:

Extraño hacer mi número Mexicano. Con el zapateado al ritmo del Toro Mambo. Saquen la varieté mexicana. hoops hoopingmexico hoopgirl mx mexicanhooper mexican zapateado hoopdance hoopersofinstagram show showtime pruebahacercosasdistintas sonrisa hoopshow hoopspam twinhoops

13 Hours ago
Kate Minwegen (kateminwegen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kate Minwegen


Comment from Kate Minwegen:

Hooooop what are dis?? Missing my hoop class at @cirqueschool 😓 but getting in some quality time before show💖 Hoop Crush Monday 🤹🏻😚 * * * * * * * hoop cerceau aerialhooptricks hoopgirl hoops spin circusaroundtheworld circus circuseverydamnday women fit fitgirls womensmarch art twirl me whataredis live losangeles hollywood monday hoopcrushmonday fitness flex pink cirqueduinsta cirquegram gypsy

14 Hours ago
manda 🐼 (flowhunny) Instagram Photos and Videos

manda 🐼


Comment from manda 🐼:

Got nice and sweaty today. First time catching a single hand neck coinflip with the opposite hand :) gratefulhoopers reflectivehoop showmeyourtrails infinitecirclescommunity moveandgroove movementmeditation hoopdance hoopgirl

15 Hours ago
Phoenix Rae Flow (phoenixraeflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Phoenix Rae Flow


Comment from Phoenix Rae Flow:

Decide once and for all what you want, and go after it with all your heart. 💖💖💖 don't let anything stop you from reaching your dreams. Stay focused, stay positive and stay motivated. Find a way. I believe in you. 🌸🌸🌸

15 Hours ago
Lexy Heart (lexyheart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lexy Heart


Comment from Lexy Heart:

Please dont mind my super concentration face and Hunter being upset 😅 I’ll use this as my stopdropandspin for @_lee.bee.76_ and would like to pass it on to @charliebrownspunaround

15 Hours ago
Lexy Heart (lexyheart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lexy Heart


Comment from Lexy Heart:

Just some practice going on here, I didnt want to hit the littles with my hoop. Here is my stopdropandspin for the lovely @hoopisme 💕💕💕 sorry so late, but life happens 😅 I would like to pass the love on to @hulagran . . . . Custom two toned hoop by the lovely @sunhoopshop ☀️☀️☀️ HEARTS gets you a discount at checkout 🤗💕💕💕. . . . Live guitar by my awesome partner 😘

15 Hours ago
Vicki (mynameis.sunflower) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Vicki:

I use the same 5 moves in a different order but 🤷🏻‍♀️ fuck it. I love hooping. russliquid hoopgirl hooplove spokanehoopers

16 Hours ago
Vicki (mynameis.sunflower) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Vicki:

Russy baby russliquid hoopgirl hooplove spokanehoopers

16 Hours ago
Pamela Kay Macdonald ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Pamela Kay Macdonald

Comment from Pamela Kay Macdonald:

💪🏼 “A small step forward is still forward.” — {sound ON, but not too loud 😂) This was my first time learning how to do the very challenging croc balance on hoop and after a few tries, I GOT IT! 🐊 This is a big deal for me, guys (I know you can’t tell because I stayed cool as cucumber 🥒 after breakin concentration mode🤪 —- I’m so nuts 🥜 ) because as most of you know, i have no real formal dance background and no formal gymnastics background (unless you count a few weeks as a 5-yr-old in parks and rec or 2 months in a beginner adult ballet class 😂😅). That lack of experience may discourage some people or make you feel like you have so far to go (which I do) but I try to lean toward the positive side, celebrate any improvements, and work real hard at something I find really, really special. 💕 Today was what I needed and it lit the fire even more. 🔥 I hope to keep growing in this and keep sharing the journey with you all. — ✨We are simply asked to try our best & no matter what, we still learn. ✨ Also...circus arts, where have you been all my life? I love you😭🎪 — thanks to these sweet @womackandbowmantheloft girls for being awesome cheerleaders every week 📣 and a big thanks again to the beautiful @amanda.ruth.ritchie for teaching me so much every single class. right before I balance, she said, “you got this one, I can feel it” and her encouragement/belief was the boost I needed to try. Love you, , and the way you teach with so much heart and patience. 🙏🏼

17 Hours ago
⚡️Superhooper ⚡️ (superhooperorg) Instagram Photos and Videos

⚡️Superhooper ⚡️


Comment from ⚡️Superhooper ⚡️:

Big Hoop Flow is our FAVE! 😍✌💕 . . Repost from @phoebelinguini - Bighoop pre-class warm-up - bighoopflow hooplovers hoopgirl hoopdance movementmotivators movementmeditation healthbooster superhooper superhooperorg timetoplay justdance findyourhappyplace newyeargoals selfcare findyourinnerpeace livelife buzzfeedhealth buzzfeeddaily hoopfitness healingcircles

18 Hours ago
Aimee Jones - Carlos (aimeejt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aimee Jones - Carlos


Comment from Aimee Jones - Carlos:

hula hulahoop ledhoop newobsession thinkibrokeit theressbreakintheleds startsavingforaproperonesoon hoopgirl ☺️💞

19 Hours ago
Rock (love_rocka_flocka) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rock:

Are you a freak? *I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC* hooplah hoopflow flowsesh flowarts hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hooperslife hoopgirl

20 Hours ago
M (skyesamurai) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from M:

All of the flavor im drippin 💎🔫 hooplah hooplover hoopspam hoopgirl hoopersofinstagram hoopersunite cardib trapbitch hoopitout hoops hooping hoopdance hoopersofig columbuscreates

20 Hours ago
Peggy-Sue Albrecht (mrs_frida_sue) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peggy-Sue Albrecht


Comment from Peggy-Sue Albrecht:

poledance dance pd dancing aerialhoop hoop lovetodance polepic pole polefitness fitness fit flower girloninstagram girl fun anhängen hoopgirl beauty kiel küstenmädchen @puremotion_kiel

21 Hours ago
Sophia Lily 🌞🌺 (lily.hooping) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sophia Lily 🌞🌺


Comment from Sophia Lily 🌞🌺:

As the sweet fading lullabies fell from her speckled cheek a whirlwind of empathy filled love drew her passions in golden swirled letters. She let go of what was holding her back from the higher being she was put on this planet to be. Love. Be love Feel love as the spinning magical vortex of energy you are. Soft on the edges with nothing stopping your heart 💓✨🌺

22 Hours ago
⭕️New England Hoop Model👢 (hoopsnboots2.0) Instagram Photos and Videos

⭕️New England Hoop Model👢


Comment from ⭕️New England Hoop Model👢:

25” Sacred Bee 🐝 Reflective 3/4 Hoop Taped by @thespinsterz ⭕️ Code “hoopsnboots” saves you 💰 • • Boots by @lartigianodiriccione👢 Code “hoopsnboots” saves you 💰 jvalentinefamily thespinsterz hoopgirl ldir plurbunnies

22 Hours ago
°• Jelena Znaor •° (yellena_around) Instagram Photos and Videos

°• Jelena Znaor •°


Comment from °• Jelena Znaor •°:

Time warp. La Habana Vieja. 😍 cuba havana oldtimer architecture architecturelovers colors hoopgirl travel travelgram instatravel beautifuldestinations wearetravelgirls putovanja

22 Hours ago
Dana ProtyNochi (dana_fire) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dana ProtyNochi


Comment from Dana ProtyNochi:

Когда решил тряхнуть стариной 😊⭕️ hoopdance hoop hoopgirl

23 Hours ago
Phoenix Rae Flow (phoenixraeflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Phoenix Rae Flow


Comment from Phoenix Rae Flow:

Don't be afraid to drop the hoop, just make sure you keep picking it back up again 🌸🌸🌸

1 Days ago
Phoenix Rae Flow (phoenixraeflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Phoenix Rae Flow


Comment from Phoenix Rae Flow:

Good morning!! Remeber if at first you don't succeed, try try again!

1 Days ago