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Aurora Flowrealis (toastywan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aurora Flowrealis


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Finally catching up with myself. Woke up refreshed enough to practice before work today! Far from smooth but here's some hoop splitting. I don't have 3 matching hoops that are appropriate size for splitting 😂 but I get by for now. hoop hoopla yeghoopers hoopersofcanada hoopsplit hoopstagram hoopers hoops hooping hoopdance practice grow meditate multitask multihoop hoopeverydamnday hooperofig hoopersofinsta instahooper sacredcircle flow

4 Minutes ago
GantSports Basketball (gantsportsokc) Instagram Photos and Videos

GantSports Basketball


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You still waiting to Book? Make sure your spin move is a straight line to the basket. (It'll all come) (just practice) gantsports boysbasketball trainingday nikebasketball basketballislife🏀 girlsbasketball basketball nextup inmyownlane believe grindforit goals a meek basketballtraining wnba shehoopsnetwork nba obama striveforgreatness🚀 whynot focused hooping future

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jas 💫 (jasmine.hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

jas 💫


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Still struggling with wedgies. Practicing in a skirt doesn't help, but what can you do 🤷🏽‍♀️ lol... 💫💫💫 maybedontwearaskirt learningthehardway practice hooping hooplah hooplove hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hooplove hooplife beginner flow iliveinstepford

14 Minutes ago
hoops and hoots 💚 (hoopsnhoots) Instagram Photos and Videos

hoops and hoots 💚


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I was done right after that. Effing OUCH. Never hit it so hard before 😭😭😭😭😭 l have a bunch of stopdropandspin to catch up on because my phone was dead all of sham.. which I really wanted to get some videos of me hooping there but oh well! This is for @hoopsloth and @spiral_fairy 😊 passing onto @hoop.jedi @schwooping @bearded_flogasm 😁 . . . . . flowarts flowlife flow hulahoop hooping hooplah hoopingdotorg hoopersofig ichoopers vancouver canadian infinitecircles infinitecirclescommunity hoopersofcanada canadianhoopers hooptherapy hoopspam hoopersofinstagram hoopeverydamnday bchoopers vancouverhoopers flowmiesofearth yvr hooperblooper ouch pain

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#1 Source For NBA News! 🔥 (allnbahome) Instagram Photos and Videos

#1 Source For NBA News! 🔥


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Gordon Hayward finally gets his Celtics jersey on! ☘️ - Comment down below for a follow ‼️ - nba sports sportslover dunk ankles sportstrainer legend mvp futureallstar sick college ball4life layup getbuckets ballingup hooping sportsedits crossovers handlelife buzzerbeater shootinghoops cavs warriors

25 Minutes ago
Leonard O'Reilly (the.oreilly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leonard O'Reilly


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Very tricky

25 Minutes ago
Hula Nelly Dresden (hula_nelly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hula Nelly Dresden


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Meine Website befindet sich gerade im Umbau hula_nelly webdesign website neu gestalten hooping huladance

28 Minutes ago
Alexandra Castro (_meowlex9) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexandra Castro


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Some doubles flow makes for a good hoopaversary. 💜✌ hooping hooplove doubles the weeknd

32 Minutes ago
Steven Rousakis (steven_rousakis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steven Rousakis


Comment from Steven Rousakis:

Had so much fun playing in the park last night with all the homies. Video curtesy of @ttaylorllove ❤️ And thank you for teaching me some new wiggles. So much love ❤️🙏🏼 hooplah hooping doublehoops circus flow flowarts firedancing wiggles dance movement sunset savannah guysthathoop ledhoops moodhoops hoopersofinstagram yogi meditation energy floweroflife nature

35 Minutes ago
Alexis Veness Soto (aerial_lotus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexis Veness Soto


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It's been a minute since I had picked up the hoop. Last night was perfect for it. hoop hooping hoopersofinstagram hoopflow hulahoop dance sunset congradulations

37 Minutes ago
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This is called the Mermaid pose...I am a Mermaid!

39 Minutes ago
Alysha Anne (iloveeverythingbasically) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alysha Anne


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hooping hooplife hoopersofinstagram happiest fun love beautiulday practicemakesperfect cantatopwontstop tattedgirls hawaii hilife honolulu waikiki oahu morming beach rapmusic happiness stayactive

41 Minutes ago
Yuki Ueda (thefunkyukalator) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yuki Ueda


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A throwback to Madskillz this year. Hoop sequence made using @causeeffectcircus looping method w/ @kenzingtonhoopington & @vulcanhipster hoop hoopJuggling juggle juggling hoopersOfInstagram malabares CEcircus hooper flowArts hulahoop hooping giocoleria jonglerie ジャグリング circus tbt againOnlyBetter

51 Minutes ago
Fanci Annette✌♥🐶 (fanci_annette04) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fanci Annette✌♥🐶


Comment from Fanci Annette✌♥🐶:

Finally! 💫💫💫💫 All four hoops 😥 hoops hoop hooping hulahoop hoopersofinstagram hooper hooplah sacredcircle nextlevel practice

53 Minutes ago
jas 💫 (jasmine.hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

jas 💫


Comment from jas 💫:

Leg hooping, wedgies, leg moves in general... I'm coming for you! 👊🏽💫 messy butdetermined leghooping hooplah hoopersofig beginner practice hooping hooplove

1 Hours ago
▪️Shop @SoleSlamStore (soleslammanila) Instagram Photos and Videos

▪️Shop @SoleSlamStore


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Throwback Hoops. SoleSlamManila

1 Hours ago
Maren's Challenge (marens_challenge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maren's Challenge


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Registration for Hoops for Hayley ends tomorrow!! • • • • • • • basketball basketballneverstops basketballstar hoops hoop hooping mda musculardystrophy muscular kinder gym motivation gymmotivation muscularwomen kindness backboard dunk challenge challenger strong strongwomen challenges

1 Hours ago
lostgirL. 🌙 (lostgirlhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

lostgirL. 🌙


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Got to hang with my Sofla homie @austindurgee last night at the circus jam! All the jugglers last night were killing it as well, I'm always in awe when I go there. I love flow arts ❤ hooping

1 Hours ago
Alice Hooper (Aly Thomson) (dizzy.aly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alice Hooper (Aly Thomson)


Comment from Alice Hooper (Aly Thomson):

Some shots of me playing with my LED hoops at the Kempt Shore Acoustic Maritime Music Festival one month ago 🌈💗💫 — 📸: Mark Davidson hulahoop hoopinglife ledhoops hoopersofinstagram halifaxcityhoopers infinitecircles hooping halifax novascotia canada kemptshore kemptshorefestival kemptshoremusicfestival

1 Hours ago
L. Hunter (b6fitandlit) Instagram Photos and Videos

L. Hunter


Comment from L. Hunter:

Just a little love and basketball!!! Enjoyed my hoop day!

1 Hours ago
Hiyori🔮⚔️⚰️🛡 (xo_yori_xo) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Early morning flow session hoopoftheday flow flowart floawartist flowarts flowarttv flowwithit hooplife stopdropandspin spins unityofthehulahoopers hoopspam hoopflow flowarts hooping hoopdance hoopdancer hooptherapy sacredcircle hooplovers flow bodypositive flowartist hooper dancer hoopgirl hoopergirl

1 Hours ago
It Takes Everything (clippers_.nation) Instagram Photos and Videos

It Takes Everything


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This is why we hate laker fans so much (Via @lebron.hq ) bball basketballthe basketballislife basketballplayer basketball basketballtrainer ballislife basketballtraining sportsnews sportsedits sportslife sports mvp ball4life nba getbuckets handlelife balling instaball dribbling instaballer hoopmixtape layup ankles hoops crosses and1 hooper hooping anklebreaker

1 Hours ago
hoopѕiє ❁ dαisiєs (hoopsiedaisies) Instagram Photos and Videos

hoopѕiє ❁ dαisiєs


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SMASH THAT🌸• 🔊: @conrank • • • hoopsiedaisies thespinsterz hooplah flowstagram hooping flowarts newyork dubstep flowarttv hoopersofinstagram smashthat flowartsmovement hoopersofinstagram icc @cah1ll @thespinsterz

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Tentaclehead Clothing (tentacleheadclothing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tentaclehead Clothing


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Salutations beautiful peoples!! So we a having a bit of a clearout of all of the festival stock to make room for brand new designs being released in the coming weeks! So take advantage of our SUMMER SALE for big reductions on some beautiful creations and the return of some old favourites!! Reductions can be found in the SALE section of the etsy shop 💖💖💖💖 💗💘💘💜💜💕💕 https: ttps:// op/tentaclehead?ref=seller-pla r-platform-mcnav§ion_id=20 tentacleheadclothing sale summersale reductions moneyoff festival makewayfornewdesigns sacredgeometry psyart psychedelictrance psy festivalwear festivalclothing etsy floweroflife metatronscube hoodie yoga hooping cosplay summer organic consciousclothing smallbusiness art love

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HoopReelz (hoopreelz) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Women's Champs Team Elite! West Haven Pro Am at @unitedcenter Click link in BiO @leftyboyd westhavenproam HoopReelzPic chicago chicagogram usabasketball nba chicagobasketball Basketball ballislife basketballplayer basketballcourt basketballislife basketballneverstops basketballgame sportsphotography like Inspire hoop hoopdreams hoopmixtape hooping provisoeast westhavenplayoffs risechicago proambasketball unitedcenter

1 Hours ago
Rhiannon Henry (rhiannonhenry9) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rhiannon Henry


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That leave a toothbrush at your crib love ❣️hooping

1 Hours ago
✿ kyah ✿ (kamehamekyah) Instagram Photos and Videos

✿ kyah ✿


Comment from ✿ kyah ✿:

Super tired, sloppy but fun flow sesh from yesterday. Finally started using my Go Pro for filming 😍 gratefulhoopers hooplove hoopgirls infinitecircles girlswhohoop hooplah hooping hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram

1 Hours ago
Kyrie Irving 🔮 (kyriegalaxy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kyrie Irving 🔮


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Kyrie post game shooting after poor performance 👀🔥 - Follow me @kyriegalaxy for more ✌🔥🔥 - Tags: CleCavs ClevelandCavaliers GoCavs NBA NBATV ESPN NikeCommercial Basketball BallIsLife StriveForGreatness AllForOne ThisIsCle Believeland TheLand TeamCavsIg TheQ Finals Funny FunnyVid KobeBryant TeamCavsIG Ipromise NBAFinals Hooping BleacherReport iLoveBasketball NationalBasket Baller Ball Basketball

1 Hours ago
AMAYA (maya_amaya_ashkenazi) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Shooting at the 🎡 🎢💈 AMAYA ☆Allow yourself to be sexy☆ boho bohostyle rave ravegirl psytrance psychedelic psychedelicgirl hulahoop raveoutfit hooping bohogirl mermaid trancegirl trancebabe inkgirl hoopgirl festivalbabe festivalgirl beachbabe tattoogirl beachgirl trance festival festivalfashion festivalstyle festivalchic hoopbabe

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I can be your paradise 🌴🍍🍹 hoopeverydamnday hooping hulahooping thirdeyecolorado

1 Hours ago
Hoop 🌀 Yoga (hoop4soul) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hoop 🌀 Yoga


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4 Hours ago
MELLY JEAN HOOPS (mellyjeanhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos



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it's always a blast hooping on venturablvd @menchiesso realmenhoop 🌀💫⭕️🕺🏻

8 Hours ago