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CJ Thomas (cj3_cjhooplyfe) Instagram Photos and Videos

CJ Thomas


Comment from CJ Thomas:

Lil bro with the double pump layup 🏀🏀💪🏾💯 He wasn’t into ball but always supported me and I’m definitely supporting him. balling littlebro hooping chitownbulldogs

1 Minutes ago
Sky Kautsky (badd.moonn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sky Kautsky


Comment from Sky Kautsky:

Getting down to some Sublime this morning. This is the first hoop video ive created! Hope you enjoy. hooplah hoop hoolahoop hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig beginnerhoop hoopbaby hooping sacredcircle circusfreak flowartist dreads dreadtribe sublime krs1

10 Minutes ago
Cassidy (cassidybhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cassidy:

The amount of time I spent trying to get that escalator break -> knee break in the beginning is frankly pretty embarrassing but I finally unlocked it 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 this is my stopdropandspin for @gabbyscircles and I want to see @kittyspins @madispin and @iris_hoops create some dope visual art for me to watch 💕💕💕

11 Minutes ago
Nikki (hoopnixx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nikki:

I don't always got smooth moves 😜 clowning around with new stuff and combos and I just don't have all the kinks worked out yet haha. I don't normally post practice type videos but I think it's important that no matter what level your at in your own practice it's important to realize that looking/feeling silly and dropping hoops is all a part of the process. If your not messing up then your not challenging yourself. That is where you see growth 👌🏼 Groovy white shorts by @samflowermovementarts sacredcircle challengeyourself hoop hooper doublehoops twinhoops hooplah hooping hoopflow hoopvibes hoopersofinstagram hoopersofcanada bellabelle esc practice

15 Minutes ago
Iztacxochitzin 🌼 (coco_triangulo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Iztacxochitzin 🌼


Comment from Iztacxochitzin 🌼:

Majomenonos 🙊💙 . . . . . . . . . . . hulahoop hula hooping cdmx equilibrio pelota hula hoop circo novata reggae

16 Minutes ago
Steven Rousakis (steven_rousakis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steven Rousakis


Comment from Steven Rousakis:

Had to release some things before I head back into work for the day! Ready to carpe those diems after a nice 30min hoopla break! 🍭🦋🦄🕉 hooping hooplah flowarts firedance guysthathoop moodhoops music movement dancing hoopdance stopdropandspin festival meditate moodhoops nature flow spirit infinitecircles infinitecirclescommunity hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig thirdeyeopen goodvibes performanceart maledancer savannah inspiration

19 Minutes ago
Anthea flow (ale_moonlight) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anthea flow


Comment from Anthea flow:

doublehoopflow ⭕🌞 . . sunnydays hulahoopers girlswhohoop hooplah flowarts flowartist hoopersofinstagram twinhoops twohoops doublehoop girlswhohoop circusinspiration happyhooper happiness vscocam instavideo gratefulhoopers hoopersofinstagram flowlife hulahoopeverydamnday hooperscollective hooping hooplife hoopvibes hooplove malabares jugglers instavideo tricklife

21 Minutes ago
Zana H. (theycallmeznasty) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zana H.


Comment from Zana H.:

Throwback Thursday...needing to get up and hoop. Haven’t touched my hoop in at least two weeks 😫 Song: Jazmine Sullivan x Bryson Tiller Insecure veganhooper poi hooping hulahoop hoopingmad hooplove hoopersofig melanin yoga veganyogi consciousness chakras thespinsterz brysontiller jazminesullivan spinnersofinstagram tbt

21 Minutes ago
Celine Fjeldheim (thewanderingpony) Instagram Photos and Videos

Celine Fjeldheim


Comment from Celine Fjeldheim:

Book club fire ponies! bookclub fireponies hooping poniesatplay fireworks firehoop scary scaryaf gasolina

21 Minutes ago
Coach (phxnomads) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Coach:

Most of you are like "who,what,where" get your head out the clouds & TV I'm telling you now respect the D2 level & for all my players that wanna play close to home *note AZ doesn't have D2 schools now that GCU went D1... Sooooo, take a good look at the CCAA california collegiate Athletic Association D2 conference..... Focus gentlemen. Keep the hoopdreams 💯.. Get that scholarship take advantage of that free education so u can have ur life set for u and urs... Stay hooping and improving your craft you can still go pro not playing Major D1. Just get ur schooling tight 1st... basketballneverstops basketball coach

22 Minutes ago
Katie🌀 (dotvomdoingthings) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Katie🌀:

just enjoying the sun ✨ . . hoop is 27” 11/16 untaped sanded polypro perfection in cercei’s revenge from @hoopjunky 💚 . . hoopersofinstagram floridahoopers happy hooping flowarts hoopdance florida sunshine hooplah dance tipper goodvibes

28 Minutes ago
Μις Αύγουστος (missaugust_2013) Instagram Photos and Videos

Μις Αύγουστος


Comment from Μις Αύγουστος:

Sunset hoop/yoga flow. Enjoy!!! * * * * * * * * @baka.nek0 sunshine sunset peace happy hooping marquette yoga stopdropandyoga stopdropandflow handstand yogi yooper party cute babes blondesofinsta babesofinstagram

33 Minutes ago
Katie🌀 (dotvomdoingthings) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Katie🌀:

it’s so gorgeous outside 🌞 i’m in love with my @hoopjunky hoop the video doesn’t do it justice ✨ . . . hoopersofinstagram floridahoopers flowarts hooping hoopdance hooplah tipper happy florida dance hoop sacredcircle flow

39 Minutes ago
OKC Thunder Fanpage (thunder_up_5) Instagram Photos and Videos

OKC Thunder Fanpage


Comment from OKC Thunder Fanpage:

The Thunder took down the Lakers 114-90 last night. It was a great win and was much needed. thunder thunderup5 thunderup whynot nike okc okcthunder justdoit westbrook paul george paulgeorge adams steven stevenadams rate concept jersey terrancefurgerson offseason 2018champs basketball mvp pigskin nba hooping ballislife blue nudes kanter

44 Minutes ago
Sierra Dawn (subaruoobz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sierra Dawn


Comment from Sierra Dawn:

tbt to time spent in the Granite Dells with Josh

49 Minutes ago
Danielle (danislimmingworld15) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Danielle:

EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!!! Just getting ready for my flight home and I will be adding the final touches to danishoopingchallenge Can’t wait to get back on my hoop tomorrow... I hope you’re all ready too!!! 💁🏻‍♀️🤘🏼⭕️👙💪🏼🙌🏻💁🏻‍♀️ workinprogress summerbody bikinibody flighthomework slimmingworlduk slimmingworld hooping exercise toning fittum mumtumtofittum danishoopingchallenge

55 Minutes ago
Mint Kondition (mintkonditiontiedye) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mint Kondition


Comment from Mint Kondition:

Star of life Pt. 5 This was the other tapestry I pulled out 2 days ago. The other one I made is up for AUCTION (2 posts back) until 9PM today! ALSO! Don't forget I have a sale on my website until SUNDAY(link in my bio) Get 15% any orders under $50 with promo code: WINTER15** Get 20% order $50 and over with promo code: WINTER20** **This does not include pre orders through me**

55 Minutes ago
HulaFit (hulafitworld) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from HulaFit:

All the awesome regular hulafitties from 2017 came back for more mighty core action! hulafit gethulafit hoopfitness soldout classes hooping @londonfieldsfitness

59 Minutes ago
Ryan Phillips (allin1productions) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ryan Phillips


Comment from Ryan Phillips:

Repost @californiaraves ・・・ Who you picking? insomniac dubstep newmusic nightowlradio livemusic plur plurnt riddim gloving orbiting hooping basshead bassmusic dj sanfrancisco ravebae headbanger riddimgang losangeles emazinglights insomniacevents ravebooty goodvibes caliroots countdownnye musicaljourney allin1productions

1 Hours ago
Shani Anne Blueford (emerge_and_circulate) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shani Anne Blueford


Comment from Shani Anne Blueford:

A nerdy lil diagram I made for exploring, refining and expanding on hoop movements. Hoopers - I know this will depend on your style of practice, but, what do you think of it? I came up with this back in October, after a visit to Detroit. I had decided to attend a @sheezybobeezy poetry workshop which ended up being SO GOOD. The 2nd image here was a part of an exercise during that workshop. It was a really great way for us to have more descriptive words available during the process of writing. It was so simple, useful, and I loved the visual nature of it. Immediately, I thought of how I could use a similar format to teach and practice hoop dance. 😊💃🏿✌🏾A way to assure balanced practicing and add variation to any hoop move that you decide to learn. pedagogy hulahoops hooplah hooping hooplove blackgirlshoop

1 Hours ago
LadyLion (ladylion___) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from LadyLion:

@ccbartow taught me a thing! Must practice. Also featuring @cerecoichetti as a background enhancer 👌 hoops minihoops babytech learning doublehoops hooping hulahoop

1 Hours ago
positiveshield (positiveshield) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from positiveshield:

Thank you Geo @gothcrow__ for joining the shield Ball is Life positiveshieldballersFloridaLy idaLynwoodbelievebasketballBBB

1 Hours ago
The Spinsterz (thespinsterz) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Spinsterz


Comment from The Spinsterz:

😻 We are so grateful for our sponsored kitty Meowdison. She always makes our hoops look fantastic and constantly cheers on The Spinsterz team with her incessant meows and purrrrs. 🐱😸 . . Taped fitness hoop crafted by The Spinsterz. 📷 courtesy of @pintobellahoops . . . . kitten kitty cute photobomb cat meow meowmeow hoopspam hooplove hooping flowarts sacredcircle gratefulhoopers unityofthehulahoopers infinitecircles hoopeverydamnday hulahoop hooplife hooper hoopla hulahooping

1 Hours ago
⭕Tayler⭕ (taylertwirls) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⭕Tayler⭕:

I had to go out and take some more videos before the snow melted, I hardly stopped smiling in any of the videos I've taken the last two days. I'm in love with the snow now and I want to travel some place where it snows for real. ❄ And I love this Mura Masa song so freaking much, I almost forgot I had it on my hooping playlist. • hooping hoopingcommunity hoopersofinstagram hulahoopersofinstagram hoopdance danceprops hooping flowartstv hooperscollective hoopers happyhooper hooptech hooplove hooplife hoopdance hooplah hoopersofalabama alabamahoopers hoopdance hoopers hoopersofig sacredcircle infintecircles flowarts hoopflow watchthis awesome flowlife flow hooperscollective hoopla alabamasnow alabamasnowday alabamasnowday2018

1 Hours ago
Krisu (krisukala) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Krisu:

Eka vanneesitys Spektrissä ever hoidettu pois alta 😁 My first hoop performance in Spektri. valosirkusspektri hooping hoop vanne selfie show glitter uv flowarts uvmakeup

1 Hours ago
🕉🌿🍄☯️ (_grace_cavallier_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🕉🌿🍄☯️:

a lil messy but I have some new tricks up my sleeve 😁⭕️ hoopersofinstagram hooper hooping hooplove hooplah

1 Hours ago
Krisu (krisukala) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Krisu:

Gloriassa aika huikee meno. Esityksiä, UV-jamit sekä tietty flowersoflife gloria kulttuurikeskusgloria helsinki valosirkusspektri spektri hooping flowarts art flow vannetanssi vannetanssijamit

1 Hours ago
Brooke Van Veen (herewasbrooke) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brooke Van Veen


Comment from Brooke Van Veen:

I sense a hoop rut coming on even though I've been trying to spice up my move set...time to start working on some crazy combos 😈 ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ gratefulhoo hoopeverydamnday hoopallday hoopeveryday hoopdance hoopeverywhere girlswhohoop girlsthathoop happyhooper hoopspam hooplah hoops hooplove flowspam flowstagram hoopstagram hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hooptherapy spinning hooping infinitecircles sacredcircle flowlife flow flowlove spinsterzlove

1 Hours ago
💫👑 Queen of the Rings 👑💫 (turtletesticles) Instagram Photos and Videos

💫👑 Queen of the Rings 👑💫


Comment from 💫👑 Queen of the Rings 👑💫:

20syl - dust clouds Five minutes into trying to hoop today I felt the horrible burning sensation in my nerve again 🙃 this is definitely no bueno and I'm going to need to start physical therapy next week. Super nervous because stretching it just hurts so bad. People with chronic pain, i'm new to this "can't even get dressed without hurting myself" thing..any tips? chronicpain hoopla flow flowlove flowlife flowarts spincircles hooptech hooping hoopeverydamnday hooperswithoutlimits spincircles nervepain 20syl doublehoops minis minihoops hooplah

1 Hours ago
Patsy Dyjas 🌒🌕🌘 (imaginarium.of.patsy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patsy Dyjas 🌒🌕🌘


Comment from Patsy Dyjas 🌒🌕🌘:

Join the circle 💙💜💚🖤😍👌:: hooping newhobby hoopiness hulahop hoopdance firstchoreography iloveit warsaw warsawgirl happiness hippie hippiechic tribalbellydancer hoopster hooptime hoopmama practice hooppractice goodvibes Repost @emilia_pieskiewicz with @get_repost ・・・ Love my students! hulahoop hulahop basic hulanie hooping hoopinglife hooplove madame wave jump trening

1 Hours ago
Alex Overbeck (overbecka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex Overbeck


Comment from Alex Overbeck:

So I'm using this as my first evah stopdropandspin for @glitterhoopjunkie 👐❤. Passing it to @hula_daze1215 and @terraberra024 cause I love seeing you lovely ladies flow! . Song: Emergent Resurgence by @globular . hooping hooper hooplah hoopersofinstagram hulahoop hulahooping flow clevelandhoopers hoop flowarts music movement meditation

1 Hours ago
Hula Hoop - Sara Brandão (brazilianhoop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hula Hoop - Sara Brandão


Comment from Hula Hoop - Sara Brandão:


2 Hours ago
Andrea (amh.713) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Andrea:

So I couldn’t choose between Rush or Rihanna because I’m obsessed with both! So enjoy two today hahahah . . hnrabc2018 Challenge! Today is R day. My song is CloserToTheHeart by Rush and RudeBoy by Rihanna Tagging our lovely host. @hoopsnroses @thimblehoops @waysh3goes And @jubroflow . . hulahoop hulahooping hooplah hooping hoopspam hoops hoopdance hooplove girlswhohoop hoopeverydamnday

2 Hours ago