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Comment from tara.:

MerryGrizmas had so much fun hooping and hanging out at the 9th day of Grizmas, roller disco! 💜👽

3 Minutes ago
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my flow journey


Comment from my flow journey:

Get to go see @ceschiramos tomorrow so I had to do some hoopin to forever33 Special appearances by my 4 year old and husband. hulahoop hulahooping hulahooper hulahoopersofig hoopersofig hulahoopyourworriesaway hoopyourheartout hoopeverydamnday hooplah hooplove plasticcircles flowarts flowartistsofig flowmiesofearth hooperswithoutlimits facafam psikohoop smarthoop @psihoops

7 Minutes ago
Melissa Stockwell (transcendance87) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melissa Stockwell


Comment from Melissa Stockwell:

More hoopspam from my first session with my new lilac tubing polypro future hoop remote from @moodhoops . . hoopspamhoopersofinstagram hooper hooplove hooplife gratefulhoopers flow flowarts hoopdance hoopdancing inspiration happy hulahooper hoopersofig hooplah girlswhohoop hoopeveryday hulahoop sacredcircle InfiniteCircles unityofthehulahoopers hoopgirls hoopflow ledhoop smarthoop christmas

8 Minutes ago
Casa De Hooplah ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Casa De Hooplah

Comment from Casa De Hooplah:

Everyone drops there hoop! We must learn to accept it, embrace it, and 'make it work' 😉 💞💞💞Just keep spinning like the beautiful kweens and kingZ you are 👑 👑 👑 Repost @hoopadelic_mermaid ( @get_repost) ・・・ I made it work hahaha . hooper hooping hoop hooperofig sacredcircles spinningcircles edm flowart floridahoopers florida hoopspam hooplove hooplah hulahoop unityofthehulahoopers hoopfam goodvibes hooplove girlswhohoop hooplife flowlife hulahooping flow hoopdance sponsored sponsoredhooper hoopadelic mermaid celestialflowtribe casadehoopl

8 Minutes ago
Erika King ❁ (airflows_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erika King ❁


Comment from Erika King ❁:

Did lots of hooping today 👌🏼

13 Minutes ago
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Jennifer Richardson


Comment from Jennifer Richardson:

Hey guys!! It’s been a while!! Decided to get out and play in the snow the other night. 10/10 will definitely do again this winter. And of course, odesza is my musical choice. hoopersofinstagram hooplah

18 Minutes ago
🦋 Abby (hoopgypsyy) Instagram Photos and Videos

🦋 Abby


Comment from 🦋 Abby:

Ughhhh i cannot get over this bootiful bb 🤤🦋🌿🌷5/8 24” ultimate siren reflective thx to @cloudedcircles, this babe is perfect !!!! stopdropandspin for @trippy____kitty & @polyprofessional gonna send it to my loves @thc_aileen @chrissy.anne @waysh3goes & @sydworrom_ bc she’s gonna kill it tmrrw her performance!! 💚 flowarttv flowarts gratefulhoopers hoopspam sacredcircle hooplah louisvillehoopers cloudedcircles sponsoredhooper polypro hoopvibes youcanhoopwithus icc

32 Minutes ago
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Comment from Aby:

Trails for days! Now I just want to be at a festival • • • • • • • • • trails luminancer hooplah hoopspam hooplove hoopstagram instahoopers INhoopers

34 Minutes ago
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Comment from ANG//Lala❤️🐱:

This song is so fun! Not sure if I wanted to dance or hoop😂🦄💜the ill shit by @jackbeatsofficial 💜🦄 25% all hoops sale! Check out @festivaltreasures for what's good💯⭕️ shipfam jackbeats stopdropandspin stopdropandhoop doublehoops twintech twinhoops fthooper hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hoopersofinsta hooplove hoopdance nightbass nightbae hooplah infinatecircles

34 Minutes ago
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🎪 Harley Hoops🃏


Comment from 🎪 Harley Hoops🃏:

Pantomime a Crying Clown . . . . . . . hoopspam hooplah hoopersofinstagram hoopflow hoopfamily meditation journey flowarts Flowartstv hoopeverydamnday hooplove grateful gratefulhoopers circusfeet edmgirls performer hoopfilm gogodancer stopdropandspin firespinnersofig firespinning fireplay pyro cryingclown

44 Minutes ago
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Fred Lybelle


Comment from Fred Lybelle:

1st handmade hulahoop ! It is ON 💥💫🌟🌼🌐🌙☀🌀

53 Minutes ago
Shelbi Wilder (shelbi.wilder) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shelbi Wilder


Comment from Shelbi Wilder:

On the 12th day Of the 12daysofhoopers challenge I give you.... a couple isos. I know it's a lot of other tricks but I had to post - this was a great session and some days are better than others and this was one of them. Make sure you go check out @flows_for_souls for the challenge and get started with the hashtag 12daysofhoopers to enter! As well as following the sponsors , me , @_maddie_lee @opblotevoeten And of course @flows_for_souls Using the code "Shelbi" at their shop will save you money on your purchases this holiday 🎄Good luck all! . . . flowjam hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hoopdance hooplah yogi stopdropandspin natureflow flowarts hoopflow meditation hoopyogi polypro magic femalemagician hooplove girlsthathoop gratefulhoopers hoopporn flow inkedgirls infinitecircles sacredcircle hoopshop hoopmaker polypro

56 Minutes ago
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Comment from Liv:

Early Christmas present to thyself 🙊 This hoop is incredibly beautiful, thank you so much @sacredflowhoops 😍 (not sure why as soon as I record myself I feel like I can’t hoop 😅) But really, that reflective tape on this hoop...🤤 . . . . . . hooplah hoop reflectivehoop moonlitfireflyhoop

56 Minutes ago
Sara Rose (sara.hoopzz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sara Rose


Comment from Sara Rose:

1 Hours ago
Savvy Jules (savagejewels) Instagram Photos and Videos

Savvy Jules


Comment from Savvy Jules:

Day 1 12daysofhoopers isolations 🎅🎄p.s. the music loops perfectly in this clip I love it 💚• •♩Daydream in Blue by I Monster♩• • • • •christmas moodhoops hoopersofinstagram hooplove hooplah flowarts hoopers flowstagram hoopersofig girlswhohoop hooperchick flowandgrow flowlife infinitecircles sacredcircle

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Sheer:

When you catch the neighbors looking at you like you’re an alien🤔🧐and you just give them an awkward smile and proceed with your alien ways 😂🛸 stopdropandspin for @beauujason 💗 passing the love to @aura_alchemy @blatalie_ @hellyhoops @sanafl0wer @beezy_spins @thefunkyukalator 🤩🤩🤩🌈travel sectional hoop from @pandas_sacred_circles who is having a 25% off sale on everything in the shop. All proceeds will be to help Miranda rehome cats and dogs from overcrowded shelters🌈let’s help raise money for this cause!🐕🐩🐈

1 Hours ago
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Taylor Rose


Comment from Taylor Rose:

My bestnine2017 😍😍😍 what a year 2017 has been!!When I look back at all these memories I realize how much I accomplished. If you’ve been following me then you know it all hasn’t been easy and I’ve had some major lows. But after seeing my “best” I feel blessed for what I’ve achieved and I’m excited for my next chapter. It’s still hard to believe that little plastic circle changed my life, but it really did. I’m so ready to see what 2018 has in store for me! ⭕️💜✨

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Miranda:

I used to not like the song 'Santa Baby' until I learned Eartha Kitt sang it. Now all I can think of is Ezma from The Emperor's New Groove singing it! 😂😂 Her version of the song has become one of my favorite Christmas songs because of it! 😁🎅👶🎄🎁💎 . hooping flow flowarts hulahoop hulahoopgirl hooplah hoopersofinstagram hoopdance girlswhohoop plasticcircle sacredcircle hoopers longhairhoopers christmas ezma disney4life

1 Hours ago
Cassandra Johns (continuous.spiral.bliss) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cassandra Johns


Comment from Cassandra Johns:

Life happened & I fell ridiculously behind, but I still want to see this thing through so here is ~ESCALATOR BREAKS~ Day 4 of flowedin sponsored by @moodhoops Hosted by : @misshoopdidoo @missmojangles @caikachu and @call_me_alaska . . . hyperionhoop curiouscoatimundi hooplah hoopdance hooplove hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hoopeverydamnday movementmeditation hooptherapy sacredcircle flow infinitecircles unityofthehulahoopers

1 Hours ago
Aby (4leaf_flowver) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Aby:

I love December and I love this hoop and I am happy for the future fun it will bring!!! • • • • • • • • hoopspam instahoopers hoopstagram hooplah hooplove

1 Hours ago
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Isabella Rose


Comment from Isabella Rose:

The challenge for the eighth day of the flowedin challenge sponsored by @moodhoops was head and neck hooping! . . @misshoopdidoo @caikachu @call_me_alaska @missmojangles hoopdance hoopdancing hoopdeedoo hulahoop hooping hooplah hoopersofinstagram hoopflows hoopflow hoopflowarts hoopflowlove hoopitup hulahoop hulahooping hulahoopersofig hulahoops stopdropandspin flowarts hoopla hooplove hoopspam sacredcircle hoopersofig girlswhohoop hoop hooping hoopspam aesthetic flowarts flowartfridays flowarts

1 Hours ago
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Comment from flowaconstrictor:

Video 1/10000 finally got some fire flow in with the fire bender himself @mindless_electro firehoop firestaff flowstagram hooplah

1 Hours ago
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Heather Maria Dolan


Comment from Heather Maria Dolan:

1 Hours ago
Cassandra Johns (continuous.spiral.bliss) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cassandra Johns


Comment from Cassandra Johns:

Life happened & I fell ridiculously behind, but I still want to see this thing through so here is ~VERTICAL CHEST HOOPING~ Day 3 of flowedin sponsored by @moodhoops Hosted by : @misshoopdidoo @missmojangles @caikachu and @call_me_alaska . . . hyperionhoop curiouscoatimundi hooplah hoopdance hooplove hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hoopeverydamnday movementmeditation hooptherapy sacredcircle flow infinitecircles unityofthehulahoopers

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Katie:

Still heart broken. restinpeace hooping hooplove hoopersofig gratefulhooper hooplah moodhoops led

1 Hours ago
Jillian (auralovechild) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jillian:

This felt like magic 🌠🌠🌠 🎶 Song: Space Oddity Artist: David Bowie as performed by The London Symphony Orchestra

1 Hours ago
Jordan Cossey (xojojospaceflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jordan Cossey


Comment from Jordan Cossey:

Laugh off the mistakes man. Seriously tho that BTB Toss is killing me. This one is fresh from like 20 min ago lol😆 hooping in this tiny space will just make it so much better when I actually have more than 3 ft. Also attempted at this vertical hooping with my small green hoopdidoooo but it obviously was a failure but hey EMBRACE THE MISTAKES MANE. We are all naturally way too critical of ourselves but screw it from now on I’ll just post the raw vids 🤭🖖🏽

1 Hours ago
mickey chapman💕💋 (cosmickayycee) Instagram Photos and Videos

mickey chapman💕💋


Comment from mickey chapman💕💋:

Found my escape👣💛❤🌅 hooplah hoopmagic goldenhour flowart

1 Hours ago
⚡️❤️Alexandria💙⚡️ (__alexandriaa_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⚡️❤️Alexandria💙⚡️:

Jimi. ❤️ jimihendrix hooplah hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram gratefulhoopers movementmedicine hoopingismytherapy hooplife hoopdance hooplove bodypositivity stopbodyshamingwomen itsjustabody weallhaveone getoverit

1 Hours ago
Monica Pereira (thebestmonica) Instagram Photos and Videos

Monica Pereira


Comment from Monica Pereira:

AC⚡️DC has always been one of my faves, even more so after watching the behindthemusic episode on them in the 90's and learning about Bon Scott and how he lived and died. I had to get this t-shirt so that I could add a different layer of meaning to what thejack means. I love that AC⚡️DC had so many puns and doubleentendres in their music, they have always made me chuckle. This one's for Malcolm and Bon, I know you are partying together on the other side. This is also my stopdropandspin for @cggphoto - this is the song that I was practicing that move for, you'll know the one 😘hope you have a great time in Uruguay, on my way to the jam soon ⚡️⭕️

2 Hours ago
✨Cortney✨ (unicorn_flow_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ✨Cortney✨:

It was finally dry enough outside and not too freezing out to get a good hoop sesh in. First time hooping in our new back yard!!! It’s also been a while since I’ve hooped outside and it felt so good! . . hoopersofinstagram hooplah hooplove sacredcircle hoopflow flowarts flowartist unicornflow justcirclethings hoopdance gratefulhoopers hoopyourheartout hulahoop hulahooping pdxhoopers oregonhoopers pnwhoopers pdx oregon pnw pnwgirl

5 Hours ago
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Comment from lis_liquida:

Day 6 flowedin hoopchallenge... On body hoop drills to prep for eventual multi-hoop on body splitting! Diiiiiifficult! But it worked. Second time ever!💪😱 I started with the hoop on my chest so I had to master my difficult centimeters at first. I'm not allowed to belly hoop atm (new piercing ☺) so I “cheated“ a bit for the way up/down to protect myself but this were the parts they work anyways. ✨ the critical points from chest to ribs are the key, soo happy that it worked! Hosts and sponsor: @moodhoops @call_me_Alaska @missmojangles @caikachu @misshoopdidoo hooplah hoopspam hooplove onbodyhooping hooping

2 Days ago
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Paiten @ Sacredflowhoops


Comment from Paiten @ Sacredflowhoops:

Opal tape && a mix and match orange dreamsicle / uv orange with white grip tape on the inside ✨✨

146 Days ago