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Comment from Nadia😁:

Anotha snapstory from this gorgeous sunset in PuertoVallarta 🤗🌅 🎶💃🏽 Takes my body higher -Shuffy / Lincoln Jesser

6 Minutes ago

Hikury Tenoch


Comment from Hikury Tenoch:

Cualquier lugar es bueno para practicar!!! 😇😁😂BIBLIOTECAJOSEVASCONCELOS hopyo hoopingdotorg hoopingmexico flowarts sacredcircle hoopingdotorg hoopinglife hooping a hulahoop unityofthehulahoopers follow4follow hoopvibes hulahooplife hoopspam gratefulhoopers guyswhohoop hooplah hoopmadness hoopspam plur menthathoop gratefulhoopers streeart realmenhoop streetartist goodvibes

11 Minutes ago



Comment from marisa:

Hooping on the beach was much harder than I anticipated lol (still have a wayyssss to go but gettin better!!!) hooplah

12 Minutes ago

Sarah Strei


Comment from Sarah Strei:

Lil morning hoop sesh before the work day•~~~ Loving my new tights made by eglueglu Check her shop out, she makes the coolest tights I have ever seen! ~~ 🌀Also hoop is a 28 inch ferocious fuchsia hoop from thespinsterz 💙Discount Link is in my Bio😜

14 Minutes ago



Comment from hooping_alien:

Had to reupload this, didnt turn the sound on the first time lol 😂 hooper hooping hooplah hoopspam

15 Minutes ago



Comment from Andrea:

I wasn't feeling it for these alleyway hangs yesterday, but ended up liking the footage anyway ❤ hooplah hulahoop flowarts

16 Minutes ago

Sarsy Rodriguez-Cruz


Comment from Sarsy Rodriguez-Cruz:

Let's get this day rolling with a stopdropandspin for vixen_flows 💜 passing the love on to tara_winky and kwigglez 😊💕 hoopeverydamnday practicemakesprogress flowsession flowsesh hoopersofinstagram atxhoopers texashoopers sacredcircle hooplove hooplah hoopspam thisismyhappyplace lightshow showmeyourtrails longhairdontcare naturalcurls 🎶retardobot swisscheese ⭕️Moodhoops 32" 3/4" futurehooppro ledsmarthoop smarthoop ledhoop polypro

17 Minutes ago



Comment from SirenSpinningDa206🐚🐠🐙:

Some hooplah from yesterday 💙💙 hoopersofinstagram hoopspam flowarts livijoyhoops

20 Minutes ago



Comment from 🔮Lindsey🔮:

*Barry whites voice* 🔊ladies and gentleman! Take seat and enjoy the disco light show 🔆 provided to you by the wonderful, amazing, magnificent...Lindsey west 💭 🔮 Just giving a peek into last nights disco 💃 practice time. Please give them all a 👀 the last one is my favorite 🎪hooplah sacredcircle hoopersofinstagram hyperion icc infinitecirclescommunity

22 Minutes ago

Halie Jean


Comment from Halie Jean:

Hi! 💖 Please don't mind my sloppy flow; my name is halie. This is my very first time posting on my Instagram & it took me a lot of self esteem and confidence to post this flow session, so please don't mind me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I tend to have terrible anxiety when recording and I never know what to do but it doesn't matter to me I lose myself when I pick up my hoop, I've been hooping for almost a year and I decided to make this video a few days ago when I was having such a terrible day, so I went outside to flow in this cold march weather & get my mind off things. I am slowly but surely finding my flow and making many mistakes on the way, I know I look absolutely stupid but I don't care....Hooping brings out the best in me, & I lose myself doing the one thing I love the most. 🦋☮️ If anyone ever wants to flow together in Milwaukee please feel free to message me or if you can help me come up with some moves, combos & transitions I would greatly appreciate it. Much love to all you. 🍃👽⭕️ 🌸🌈✨☯️🌼🍄🌞 • • • HoopFlow HoopersOfWI Flow BeginnerHooper HoopLove Hooplah InfinityCircle SacredCircle GratefulHoopers Hoopstagram HoopersOfWisconsin FlowSession HoopLife DancingInCircles HoopVibes HoopersOfInstagram FlowArts Flow HoopersOfInsta FlowSession HoopDance MissHoopsAlot PlasticCircle Hoopspam HoopNation Hoopstagram FlowArt

23 Minutes ago



Comment from Tabitha:

Here's what we know of as 60 seconds of my life yesterday, a moment I'll never get back ,truly a moment well worth living for . 💙 Had a blast with my loved ones enjoying some unexpected sun. On a side note , my partner received this hat from his work and I've been absolutely obsessed with it. :) Here's to living life and having fun while doing it ☀️😘🌟. . . .myartcreatevisualartexpressyourself

27 Minutes ago

Festival Squad


Comment from Festival Squad:

We decided to pair up with the good folks at electricfamily and nectar Sunglasses to bring you some of the hottest styles this festival season. The best part? ----------------✨Link In Bio to Enter✨--------------- GRAND PRIZE WINNER: From Electric Family to give ONE lucky reader a "Peace is Dope" hoodie & $50 giftcard to spend on their newest Spring line. Included in the package is also a pair of pretty awesome Nectar Sunglasses, polarized wear for your favorite outdoor festivals! - (4) FIRST PRIZE WINNERS: Will win a pair of Nectar Sunglasses and some Nectar swag! - - - - - ElectricFamily PeaceIsDope NectarSunglasses toobuku euphoria bonnaroo campbisco samf firefly crssdfest scamp moonrise imaginefest edcmexico edcjapan ultra mysteryland middlelands phoenixlights shakybeats hangoutfest electricforest

28 Minutes ago



Comment from kinsey:

Troye Sivans music is really good to hoop to

28 Minutes ago

Celestial Gravity


Comment from Celestial Gravity:

I wasn't gonna post this because I'm insane ,, but then I realized I should probably give you a heads up ✨ so here's me . 😂 peep that ending 🙈☠️

32 Minutes ago

Veronica Jean


Comment from Veronica Jean:

Old dog, new tricks. Part VII 🐶 hooping hoopdance hooplove hooplah sacredcircle movingmeditation gratefulhoopers hoopspam

35 Minutes ago



Comment from 𖠰:

Burning some white sage incense today to help me open up my chest and heart 🌱I'm SO ready for it to be warm so all my videos aren't in the same spot 😕sped up 3x 🦋✨

37 Minutes ago

Bethany Raye🕉


Comment from Bethany Raye🕉:

Okay so this is my second day hooping... I need ALOT of work but I'm having so much fun with it. I'll get there! ✨hooping hooplah hoopdance

38 Minutes ago



Comment from Meg:

😩 This is only the beginning. I feel like I don't know anything. ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 hooplah hoopdance hoopflow hoopspam hulahoop hoopersunite plasticcircles sacredcircle hoopersofinstagram flowarts hoopeverydamnday floridahoopers

43 Minutes ago

$ yung lean $


Comment from $ yung lean $:

Get lit🔥 asap

56 Minutes ago



Comment from Payton|♌️|⭕️:

Sorry I've been MIA! Haven't felt flowy in a while but here's some opiuo flow! 💚💚💚

3 Days ago