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Emily Martin


Comment from Emily Martin:

This pic really makes me smile... 2 weeks before i was too scared to even get into this move. It's amazing what you can do when you shift your perceptions 💫💫💫 teamathena aerialgirl aerialfitness circus aerialhoop changeyourvibration stronger progress hooplove aerialhoop progress veganfitness veganfitclub poweredbyplants plantstrong vegangirl veganlife flyinghigh

5 Minutes ago



Comment from Alicia:

Love the way this filter makes my hoop pop! sacredcircle hoopspam hoopersofinstagram hulahooping hooplah hooplove hoopdance flow flowarts sunset minneapolis minnesota

21 Minutes ago



Comment from Alicia:

hooper flowarts flow hoopflow hoopdance hooplah hooplove hulahooping hoopersofinstagram hoopspam sacredcircle

30 Minutes ago



Comment from Alicia:

I mess up so much... 😆 minneapolis minnesota sunset sacredcircle hooper hooplah hooplove hoopdance hoopflow flow flowarts

35 Minutes ago

Kayla Miles


Comment from Kayla Miles:

Hello, the names Kayla:) Ive been hooping for about 3 years now and I would love to be a part of the BAMHfam! Im very fluid with one hoop (as most hoopers are) and im getting pretty good with doubles😎 Im very passionate about hooping and Ive been looking for ways to expand my connections in the flow community. I have so many goals surrounding what I do. I wanna perform, I wanna teach, I want to introduce new people to the passion that is flow arts! Joining your team would be a nice sized step towards meeting those goals. Thank you for this opportunity & I hope youll consider me when you choose your new sponsors!💖

42 Minutes ago

Christel Lautel


Comment from Christel Lautel:

✨ One of my students Sandie, gave her testimony on hooping as a sport and its benefits, to national French magazine Advantages 💞, for the month of March😀....and she took the photo with one of my afrohippiehoops Another milestone towards my goal, of influencing France nationally to promote hooping as a valid sport / fitness activity 😎. proud moment hoopdemars fitnessandflowarts mpsport2017 lifestyle hooplove fitfam athlete hulahoops choosemarseille expat fitnessmotivation bodytransformation hoopersoginstagram igersfrance ig_marseille fitcouple fitfrenchies blackgirlmagic fitnessjourney ifbb infinitecircles fitlife fitspo

45 Minutes ago

Maureen Mong


Comment from Maureen Mong:

Silent flow || Some evening stretching from the other night. Trying to move my body in different ways 🌌🌒✨

53 Minutes ago

LACE of spades ♠️


Comment from LACE of spades ♠️:

White noise 🎶 hooplah hoopersofinstagram hooplove hoopstagram hoopersofinstagram coloradohoopers

1 Hours ago



Comment from invincible1928:

Keep calm & point your toes 🙏🏼💞 . . . hoopersofig flying circus acro aerialhoop lyra aerialist aerialistsofig aeriallove poledancersofig sports fitstagram fitgirl 💪🏼training strongnotskinny fit stayfit stretching bendy instadaily hooplove ❤️ aboutlastnight poledancevienna aerialhooptricks flexy intheair girlswithmuscle splits blackandwhite

1 Hours ago



Comment from loopymoon:

Been listening to this song a lot, had to take the hoop out on this beautiful day before the sun went down hooplah hooplove

1 Hours ago

Kati Ann


Comment from Kati Ann:

hoopspam hooplove flowarts flowarttv flowlux gratefulhoopers perpetualflow icc infinitecirclescommunity infinitecircles hooperswithoutlimits movingmeditation hooptherapy

1 Hours ago



Comment from Kristen:

hoopspam hoop hooper girlswhohoop sacredcircle spin move dance flow grow practice flowarts movementarts movement hooplove movementmedicine hooping hoopersofig perpetualflow communityofhoopers hooplah hoopdance hoopersofinstagram hoopvibes trippy wonky sloppyflow rainy flowarttv flowstagram

2 Hours ago

Bella Flores


Comment from Bella Flores:

not many breaks in this breakbattle for bexhoopz 🌙but I'm stoked to get that leg out while leg hooping... getting it back in is a work in progress^-^🌸passing the love to daaaniicalifornia and furthurphlow 🦋🌌💙 unityofthehulahoopers bliss flow canon light ledhoop hulahoop hooplove hooper shelledhoops flowarts love hoopersofinstagram music dance grow art synchronicity

2 Hours ago

∘☼∘ Tᴀɴɴᴇʀ ʜᴇᴀʟʏ ⚣ ∘☼∘


Comment from ∘☼∘ Tᴀɴɴᴇʀ ʜᴇᴀʟʏ ⚣ ∘☼∘:

I've been meaning to post this clip from my drafts for awhile now but had completely forgotten about it 〰 . . guysthathoop hooplah hooplove hooptherapy unityofthehulahoopers sacredcircle infinitecircles flowarts flowarttv chicagohoopers

2 Hours ago

Spinning Jenny


Comment from Spinning Jenny:

Still catching up with all this Cuba footage! Making this my stopdropandspin for the amazing hoop.jedi and tagging soulstonegatherings tanookitwirls justintheflow 💕

2 Hours ago

Devin Michael Sewall


Comment from Devin Michael Sewall:

Some sloppy LED flow with my zlhulahoops. 💙💫 zlhulahoop zlhoop showmeyourtrails lightshow emazinglights hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hooperscollective instahooper unityofthehulahoopers flowstagram flow flowarttv videooftheday dance edm  follow hooplah hooplove hoopspam hooping infinitecircles sacredcircle gayboy guyswhohoop malehooper guyswithtattoos

2 Hours ago

Katie Emmitt


Comment from Katie Emmitt:

All the hoop babies!!!!!! ❤️🙏🏼🤗😘😍hooplove jamboreedenver jamhoopslimited thebeatdenver groupphoto hoopclass hoopworkshop hulahoopers

2 Hours ago

Nathalie Castro💃🏼


Comment from Nathalie Castro💃🏼:


2 Hours ago



Comment from Cassidy:

A late stopdropandspin for my sponsor danceswithcrows check her shop out for all your hoop needs and coming soon flow apparel! Tagging the boys beauujason caikachu ukiyozen hoopdood earthflow save 10% when you use my code NOTORIOUS with danceswithcrows

43 Days ago

happy! father&mother day!


Comment from happy! father&mother day!:

Little taste 😊

145 Days ago