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Rayz of Flow (rayzofflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rayz of Flow


Comment from Rayz of Flow:

Thankful for all the happiness this little circle brings to me 😌

7 Minutes ago
Carina Eno (cuhweenuh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carina Eno


Comment from Carina Eno:

Probably would have been a good idea to have a Thanksgiving flow before dinner instead of after eating my body weight in turkey - - - - - - - - flow hoop hooper hoopflow hoopspam hooplove flowart flowstagram hooplah hoopersofig

9 Minutes ago
Alys (snow.spirals) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Alys:

It's been quite warm here, in fact it was almost 70° yesterday! It's been nice using my polypro again before winter. Now I'm just hoping my brand new purple 11/16 poly gets here before this warm spell is over!! 🎵 Fly - Melano. . . . hooplah hoopstagram hoopersofinstagram hooplove ICChoopers unityofthehulahoope movingmeditation movementart sacredcircle montanahoopers

11 Minutes ago
Kayla (okayohkay) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kayla:

@ebbnflowhoopco BlackFriday hoop ⭕️ deals! Let me know if you have questions 😊 save 20%-26.5% on store credit for yourself or someone else for the holidays, NO expiration date on store credit 💖 (click the link in my bio) hoop hooping hoopdeals hooplah hoopdance hooplove infinitecircles hooperswithoutlimits hoopspam flowarts sacredcircle sale

18 Minutes ago
Hoopsy Pop (hoopsy_pop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hoopsy Pop


Comment from Hoopsy Pop:

Get 20% off right now at @gooddaize no coupon needed. Happy Black Friday! She makes these beautiful sparkly hoods and kimonos! hoopersofinstagram flowarts flowmiesofearth hooplah hooplove festival festivalfashion ravewear bohofashion hippie hippiestyle bohostyle boho

18 Minutes ago
💫👑 Queen of the Rings 👑💫 (turtletesticles) Instagram Photos and Videos

💫👑 Queen of the Rings 👑💫


Comment from 💫👑 Queen of the Rings 👑💫:

The trees match my hair ✨🍁🔥 alabamashakes doubles minihoops minihooptech trickflow hoopspam hooperswithoutlimits hoopeverydamnday flowlife flowandgrow icc spincircles morphtape fall autumn circles hooplove hooppractice

27 Minutes ago
Higgins Brothers Juggling (higginsbrothers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Higgins Brothers Juggling


Comment from Higgins Brothers Juggling:

Black Friday on Now jugglingballs juggling jugglinggear henrysjuggling playjuggling firetoys goth gothgirl hooplove hoopersofinstagram flowartsfriday circusartist aerialsilks circusschool shakedownstreet dundasontario thecure diabolos diabolo chineseyoyo yoyo jugglingrings jugglingset jugglingclubs devilstick spinningplates poispinning firespinning firetorches fireshow

27 Minutes ago
Miche (Rhymes with Quiche) 🌙🌻 (michemoonflower) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miche (Rhymes with Quiche) 🌙🌻


Comment from Miche (Rhymes with Quiche) 🌙🌻:

Launched @ourfloweringsoul this week and couldn’t be more excited about these hoops! They can be customized with a positive affirmation and used to add intention to our flow. Currently hosting a sale AND a giveaway, would be honored if you would check it out 💕

33 Minutes ago
Celestial Body Hoops (celestial.body.hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Celestial Body Hoops


Comment from Celestial Body Hoops:

All hoops in the shop are $19.50 for a limited time! Use any discount for more savings 🖤 celestialbodyhoops hulahoops hooplah hulahooping hooplove hulahoopers hulahoopdance hulahoopersofinstagram hulahoop hoopdance hulahooper hulahooplove hulahoopersofig

46 Minutes ago
dolly tran (dahli_dae) Instagram Photos and Videos

dolly tran


Comment from dolly tran:

Looking for new hoops this winter, or the perfect Christmas for your flowmies ( or yourself 😉) check out @pandas_sacred_circles, my girl is a wizard with hoops, from travel sectional hoops, to sets, to reflective, anything you can imagine, she can whip it up for you! I know I'll be getting new hoops from her for Christmas 😋 . . . . hooplah hooplove pandassacredcircle blackfriday hulahoopers icc sale christmasgift

59 Minutes ago
Mari 🎀 (marinamantovan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mari 🎀


Comment from Mari 🎀:

hoop aerial aerialhoop hooplove love sport fitness body aerialhooplove trick elasticgirl gymnastics gym life girl viber cerchioaereo wonderful

1 Hours ago
Mary Pucher (proud_oregonian) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mary Pucher


Comment from Mary Pucher:

Grateful everyday ✌️soundon

1 Hours ago
Surabhi Mishra (surbhiness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Surabhi Mishra


Comment from Surabhi Mishra:

The heart wants what it wants ☺️ hooplove ✌️✌️

1 Hours ago
°• Jelena Znaor •° (yellena_around) Instagram Photos and Videos

°• Jelena Znaor •°


Comment from °• Jelena Znaor •°:

One of my favorite photos ever. 🌟 By the amazingly talented @lukasmuk

1 Hours ago
Amelia Davis (ameliakdavis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amelia Davis


Comment from Amelia Davis:

I am eternally grateful for the journey my life’s led me through and continues to lead me towards. The lessons, learned from the good and the bad experiences, each guiding and building me into a truer me. @ourfloweringsoul spinyourtruth OFSGratefulGiveaway . “When you feel it in your soul and learn to let go” @iyaterra sacredsound 🌞🦋 . ✨stunning hoop from the lovely @highhoopsstudio

1 Hours ago
Sapir Nave- sapir hoop dance (saphoop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sapir Nave- sapir hoop dance


Comment from Sapir Nave- sapir hoop dance:

Oh.. How i miss all this space to dance..😶⭕💃 . flowartfriday flow hulagirl hulahoopinghippies hulahoop hoopflow hoopflowshow hoopdancer hoopdance hooplove hoopflows flowarts hooplife hooplover hoop hooper hoopinglife hoopforlife hoopgirl hoops hoopspam ledflow ledhoop flowstagram flowlife flowlove

1 Hours ago
✨Jordan Star Albritton✨ (_flow.wolf_) Instagram Photos and Videos

✨Jordan Star Albritton✨


Comment from ✨Jordan Star Albritton✨:

Yesterday was a wonderful thansgving, I had a great time with friends and family. I got home from dinner and took my video for day 23 of harbornov17challenge Dress to impress!! I've fallen super behind on the challenge because of last week's busy week, but I couldn't miss this day to thank @harborhoopcompany for everything they do! Thank you for being such wonderful sponsors and friends to me, I love you 💕💕 harborhoopteam thankyou hooplove thanksgiving flowarts hoopchallenge

1 Hours ago
Shannan ☀️Sunshine☀️ (mamawolf420) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shannan ☀️Sunshine☀️


Comment from Shannan ☀️Sunshine☀️:

*i do not own the rights to this song* When you go from a big Hoop to a mini and forget you can’t gracefully go through the hoop.. stopdropandspin @april.light.hoops 💜thank you for the tag. Passing it along to @ethereal_littleplurmaid @rissas_flow_love @roseofobsidian and @purplespinscircles hooping hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hoopitout hoopitup hooplove flowlove flowarts flowartsfriday flowitout

2 Hours ago
💫👑 Queen of the Rings 👑💫 (turtletesticles) Instagram Photos and Videos

💫👑 Queen of the Rings 👑💫


Comment from 💫👑 Queen of the Rings 👑💫:

I think it's impossible for me to catch up in my hoop spam fuckphones fuckstorage hooplove doubles minis tricky techy trickflow tricktech gettricky hoopin hooplife hoopcommunity spin spinallthethings flowartist flowarts flowartlounge icc hooperswithoutlimits hoopspam

2 Hours ago
Charlie Brown (charliebrownspunaround) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlie Brown


Comment from Charlie Brown:

I figured you all might want a different tapestry to look at. I made both btw. This one was is like... inside out... And I didn't know when I was dying it so when I pulled it apart I was pissed 😭🤣🤣 I got over it though! This Hoop irks me too bc it isn't a full reflective and i didn't know I needed to specify that when purchasing... like what hoopsmith doesn't fully tape the hoop? I want to say I got over that too but everytime I use it it makes me mad. 😣😢 I WILL get over it though. This was my first "dubstep" song lol first time I ever heard skrillex and i fell in love, had to show all my friends😂 memories . . . . hoop hooplah hulahoop hooplover tiedye hoopflow hoopdance flowarts sacredcircle plasticcircles circleoflife hoopthereitis flow flowarts hooplover freeflow handmade nextdayhoops ravegirl gypsy hoopersofig hooplove momlife exercise momswhohoop momswhogetfit hooplah hooplove

2 Hours ago
Luna BElla & Adam 🔵Hoopsmiths🔵 (lunarlandings710) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luna BElla & Adam 🔵Hoopsmiths🔵


Comment from Luna BElla & Adam 🔵Hoopsmiths🔵:


2 Hours ago
✨Flo' in viaggio✨ (flo.inviaggio) Instagram Photos and Videos

✨Flo' in viaggio✨


Comment from ✨Flo' in viaggio✨:

Devo dire che questo nuovo sport non mi dispiace 😅😍 . . acrobaticaaerea aerialdancer aerialgirl aerialsilks aerialdance circusinspiration circusartistique circusgirl circusarts aerialist aerialbeauty aerialnation aerialistofig aerialtissu aerialhammock aerialyoga aerialyss aerialflow flowarts movementculture aerialsling aerialacrobatics acrobat akroholic hooplove

3 Hours ago
Caleigh Bird (birdiecircles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caleigh Bird


Comment from Caleigh Bird:

Ahhh yes... I’m about due for some more epic Hawai’i hoopin’! 🏝⭕️ That’s Diamond Head crater in the distance and Honolulu on the right. I’m almost all the way back to the mother mountain on the Wa’ahila ridge. 🌿🌿🍃 hawaiihoopers hoopeverywhere

3 Hours ago
Jessica@BorealisHoops (borealishoops) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jessica@BorealisHoops:

At it again. I love hoop making. It's good for the soul 💜 hooper hoopmaker hooplah hoopgirl hoopersuk hooplove hoopersofig

4 Hours ago
⋆✩Grey Wind✩⋆ت // (greywind) Instagram Photos and Videos

⋆✩Grey Wind✩⋆ت //


Comment from ⋆✩Grey Wind✩⋆ت //:

🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂 11.24.17 is BACK ROLLS! 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 • That moment when you're supposed to be doing a challenge but you're just so excited to show your husband your new trick... 😂😂😄😄💞 I left the sound on cuz it's hilarious to me 😂😂😂 gwminislove • Everyone be careful shopping!! 😻😻😻🙊🙊🙊 pleasedontkillanyone BFscaresme I'm not going shopping but is anyone who is bringing their hoops?? Are we even allowed to or could they be considered weapons?? 😂😂 societygeez

4 Hours ago
ReifenFabrik (reifenfabrik) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ReifenFabrik:

Can‘t wait for the 3. Alpine Hoop Retreat! It‘s gonna be the blast! Best teacher team, incredible optional Workshops, more space, awesome food, sweet surprises, hot firenight, womancircle, yoga , moremoremore and endless fun 🌌 wuhuu! In the picture: @jasmine.tiefenthaler alpinehoopretreat hooplove

5 Hours ago
samcmilly (samcmilly) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from samcmilly:

Hoopy thanksgiving y'all!! I am so thankful for my family, my love, my friends, my health, my hoops, and the BEAUTIFUL weather today in Denver!! . . . Sorry for the silent video. Recently had one of my videos removed due to the music in the background and don't want my account deleted! 😒 check out my YouTube for longer videos with music 😘 . . . Also thanks for this adorable dress @jadedaily 😍

5 Hours ago
Hulafit (hulafitpl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hulafit:

Ostatnio sporo u nas Metalików 🤓😂 nam się podoba, a Wam? 🙃😉

6 Hours ago
Kaitlyn✌🏼 (ktlynmrks) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kaitlyn✌🏼:

November 23, 2017 ✨ • • • day twelve of gwminislove hoop challenge is 🦃 day/thankful flow. can’t flow w/ my boyfriend or my cats, but i do w/ this lady and i’m so thankful for her in my life. always there, always supportive of me, and always knows what to say. always being super silly and laughing (also thankful i’m seeing her tomorrow morning,🌤🧡😘) just like one of us screamed in the video I️ LOVE YOUUUU, @astralkittty 😘 lolol

16 Hours ago
Kaitlyn✌🏼 (ktlynmrks) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kaitlyn✌🏼:

November 22, 2017 ✨ • • • day eleven of gwminislove is wedgies which.. I just do not look good doing, can not get out of them gracefully. one thing about this challenge: definitely letting me know which skills i need to improve on 🙈🙊💚🍂

16 Hours ago
Kaitlyn✌🏼 (ktlynmrks) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kaitlyn✌🏼:

November 21, 2017 ✨ • • • day ten of gwminislove is escalators which are so pretty yet so simple to me. this is my post thanksgiving flow, why i did that to myself... idk, but the fresh air felt nice, ⛅️🍂

16 Hours ago
Kaitlyn✌🏼 (ktlynmrks) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kaitlyn✌🏼:

mcm to this goofy fella🤪; always putting a smile on my face. things might be a little rough lately, but thank you for always making me feel good about myself. 💕helping me to be confident to hoop in public and supporting me through this life, I️ love you so very much @adam_cooper86 ✨💚

3 Days ago
Kaitlyn✌🏼 (ktlynmrks) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kaitlyn✌🏼:

November 16, 2017 ✨ • • Day five of gwminislove challenge was feet; which I️ have a hard time with, so i laid down and did this. nothin but feet feethooping foothooping isuck

3 Days ago