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Comment from Carrbear:

The dogs day are over...... after 5 days of being a turd, finally picked up my hoop and I instantly feel better. This really is my therapy. day37 365daysofmovement move movementmedicine moveyourbody flow flowarts hoop hooplove hoopspam hoopersofinstagram hoopflow florence florenceandthemachine shegivesmegoosebumps

11 Seconds ago
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Comment from meleahalexander:

yo @tpain pls make my life and karaoke with me at @bonnaroo - I’ll buy you a drink n everything...ya down?! 😍🙏🏽 • I finally had a good hoop sesh and I’m so happyyy; I blame @thirdeyecolorado 👁 bonnaroo tpain flowarts hooplove thirdeyecrew movementmedicine hooplah movingmeditation hoopspam

4 Minutes ago
Sunflower Spins (spinning___sunflower) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sunflower Spins


Comment from Sunflower Spins:

It’s been raining ALL dayyyy - happy to sneak in a lil’ hoop sesh in between storms 💛💦☔️ • • • hoopspam hulahoop hoopersofig flowarts hooplove hoopdance hoopcommunity girlswhohoop gratefulhoopers uvhoop myhappyplace goodvibes happysaturday stormyweather springisnear

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Tif James


Comment from Tif James:

😍👽😘🍍🛀🐣🐥🐤🕊️ kflay flowart hoopflow movementmedicine hooplove spinningcircles hoophealing flowlife hoopersofinstagram ohiohooper clevelandhoopers unityofthehulahoopers sacredcircle hulahoop gratefulhooper

18 Minutes ago
j 🔆 s h (techswan) Instagram Photos and Videos

j 🔆 s h


Comment from j 🔆 s h:

another clip from the instructor showcase at @jamboreedenver 💫✨ ~ ok so.. this performance was far from perfect, full of drops & mistakes.. and tbh, i kinda beat myself up about it directly afterward ~ but then something funny happened, @jenn_twirls came up to me & said something like "i'm glad you didn't play it safe & you took RISKS, it really made your performance fun to watch" & that's.. EXACTLY the reassurance i needed in that moment 😸💕 i've performed music since i was a kid - piano recitals, flute recitals, orchestra performances ~ & sometimes my mind reverts back to that perfectionist hard-on-myself attitude, but THANK THE FUCKING LORD the flow arts community isn't like that & i can make a mistake, laugh at myself, & the audience still applauds. the love & support in this community is seriously unbelievable 🙈🙌 you guys got me feelin all sappy & happy 😹 love you guys! ~ thank you again @livijoyhoops for letting me use your acrobat & @jean_barnette for filming this 💞 hoopperformance instructorshowcase hooplove jamboreedenver winterjamboree thespinsterz LEDhoop smarthoop guysthathoop

30 Minutes ago
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Comment from Alex:

Boy - Odezsa ✨ hoopersofinstagram zlhulahoops hooping hooper hoopdance hooplove hulahead movementmedicine

34 Minutes ago
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Comment from Rossell:

34 Minutes ago
☁️ follow the r a i n b o w 🌈✨ (spinningspectrum) Instagram Photos and Videos

☁️ follow the r a i n b o w 🌈✨


Comment from ☁️ follow the r a i n b o w 🌈✨:

🔥 sometimes the beat just gets you hyped! jet set radio ftw🔥 🌈☁️✨ ❤️ today was pretty magical, it was pokemon go community day and there was a planned local event where 150-200 people showed up, it was so magical! i caught 4 shiny dratinis and a rayquaza! its been a hot moment since ive actually went out of the way for pokemon go and it felt so amazing, i love the community so much ❤️❤️ 🌈☁️✨ 💕 was tagged by @reggaepollykay for a stopdropandspin and passing excitement to @binx_flowarts , @_zachh_attackk_ , & @zaylaahoops 💕

46 Minutes ago
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Coast Styles Co.✨


Comment from Coast Styles Co.✨:

We have the best male gogo/hoop dancer you'll ever see 👀 Moves to make Yoncé jealous 😏 . For entertainment bookings please email coaststyleco 🙌 . entertainment malegogo dance love hooplove hyperionhoop bowtie handsome ootd ledhoop flowarts

55 Minutes ago
Coast Styles Co.✨ (coaststylesco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Coast Styles Co.✨


Comment from Coast Styles Co.✨:

Thinking about tonight like.. 💭💃 See you tonight at @distriktvic ✨ . dance entertainment gogoworld gogolife hooplove purple glove love instagood ootd

1 Hours ago
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Flow Princess


Comment from Flow Princess:

Thank you @baelienhoops for showing me this song, I love you so much & I am so blessed I got to see you and @landmermaid__circlelove beautiful faces last night. One day soon we shall flow together. 🌸✨🌈🦋🦄 • • • • • HoopersOfIg HoopLove HoopersOfWI Hooplah Hooping LedFlow FlowCommunity HoopCommunity FlowArts HoopFlow Flowstagram HoopLove GratefulHoopers FlowPrincess HoopersOfWisconsin WiHoopers InfiniteCircles SacredCircle LedHoop FlowArt HoopVibes HoopersUnite Datsik Evoke EvokeLove HoopersOfInstagram LedHoop LED HoopLife

1 Hours ago
Flow Princess (flowprincess420) Instagram Photos and Videos

Flow Princess


Comment from Flow Princess:

New 3/4 21” Practice Minis I Got! I’m Trying To Expand My Flow & Try New Things. I Can’t Wait To Start Playin’ With These Beauties. 🌈✨🌸🦋🌼• • • • • HoopersOfIg HoopLove HoopersOfWI Hooplah Hooping NewThings FlowCommunity HoopCommunity FlowArts HoopFlow Flowstagram HoopLove GratefulHoopers FlowPrincess HoopersOfWisconsin WiHoopers InfiniteCircles SacredCircle Hooper FlowArtist HoopVibes HoopersUnite MiniHulaHoops Hoop FlowandGrow HoopersOfInstagram FlowArt MiniHoops HoopLife

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Danielle:

stopdropandspin for all these amazing talented ladies @hooperofhyrule @lizzhoops and @nerwaras now passing it onto @finley_flows @waywardkay @circlie @capricornfairyy • • • • sunhooper sponsoredhooper heavyflow hulahoop hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hoopflow hulagirl hooplah hulahooping hoopdancing flow hooping hooplove sacredcircle danceflow dance hula hoop flomies flowmies hoopforever shreveporthoops shreveportarts shreveport hooplove shreveportlouisiana shreveportartist flowmiesofearth flowstagramm

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Beccaventures:

Brought out my large/heavy dance hoop for a slowflow Egoista (Selfish Love) Jessie Ware

1 Hours ago
🗝🔮🌊🐙☀️🦀 (emmahoopsalot) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🗝🔮🌊🐙☀️🦀:

🌙livin in flow motion ~ hippie hoopgirls hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hoophappy hoopdance dancer yoga yogi hooplove hooplah hoopart flowarts dance plur edm indigochild movementmedicine hoopspam gratefulhoopers ootd fitchick boho positivevibes freespirit

1 Hours ago
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Comment from wild_hoops:

What are you doing tonight? Come jam with us at Wicked Willeys ❤️ . . .. . . . .• • • • • nycnightlife hulahoop nycpromoter hooplah nycbars newyorkcityclubs bottlespecials hooping hoopersofinstagram manhattannightlife hoopspam dyckman hoopersofig hoopdance hooplove flowarts girlswhohoop nightclubs hulahooping unityofthehulahoopers hoopla nyclife clubs hoopingdotorg perpetualflow ledhoop newyorklife hooplife

1 Hours ago
✨Marci✨ (marcsparkles) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ✨Marci✨:

Ok, I’ve never been tagged in a stop drop and spin before. So I’m not really sure how it works, but thanks to @flowtothesun_ for passing it to me. 😘 I nominate @lllaurahoops @misshoopaholic @hulagran @flow.starshine let’s see what you got ladies! ❤️✌🏻⭕️✨stopdropandspin hoopers hooplove hooplife ohiohoopers hoopmom hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram

1 Hours ago
Katerina Parahina (katerinaparahina) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katerina Parahina


Comment from Katerina Parahina:

Fast/slow motion try out😉📽 якрутойклипмейкер ятаквижу slinky hulahoop hooper hooplove хулахупыэтонеругательствоэторе

1 Hours ago
Nikki 👽 (p0cketmonster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nikki 👽


Comment from Nikki 👽:

I love my rainbow hoop so fucking much 😻🌈 💙 Who’s your most inspiring (non famous (or well know)hooper right now? Let’s spread some love I wanna see everyone who is hiding their talent!! 🌈hulahoop by @poplockandhoopit 😘 ❣️ POCKETMONSTER to save 💸 ❣️ Legging by @slit_weave ❣️ Top by @harmonicthreads ❣️ Holographic shoes @dollskill greatfulhoopers flowmiesofearth flowmies flowarts peopleareawesome poplockandhoopit slitweave harmonicthreads harmonicbutts holographicshoes

1 Hours ago
Doobie (dreaded_doobie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Doobie:

Reggae seriously warms my soul..the love my hubby shows our doggos warms my heart and the fireball shot I just took warms my belly 😂 hooping dreadedhooper dreadlife ladieswithlocks hooplah flowarts hooplife happyhippie happyhooper hoopdance slchoopers hippiesthooper hooplove hoopedout hoopflow hoopspam hoopersofinstagram utahhoopers hoop hulahoop dreadsforlife ctdcsponsorship @clevelandtiedyecompany

1 Hours ago
Heather Says (hoopcubed) Instagram Photos and Videos

Heather Says


Comment from Heather Says:

I’m home from western NY and so ready to hoop! Sunday morning at @niamoves in The Heights! 10:30am, no experience necessary! hulahoop hulahooping hoopdance hoopers hoopersofinstagram hooping youcanhoopwithus hoopjam hooplove hooplife hoopcubed hoopteacher curvyhooper flowarts yoga yogaeverydamnday hathayoga asana meditation fitness yogi yogini curvyyoga instayoga yogafitness yogateacher houston houstonhoopers curvyhoopersunite

1 Hours ago
Handmade Hoops & Clothing (hoophugs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Handmade Hoops & Clothing


Comment from Handmade Hoops & Clothing:

Hummingbird alert! 🐦Sound UP! I had to stop and stare at this magical green and pink levitating bird sipping water from the fountain. Flow blessed by a little hummingbird. Hoop is Flaming Reflective (flash is off though) from my shop, link in bio! Hope/Mota hoodie by @staymotavated hummingbird reflectivehoop cannabiscommunity full video up on YouTube Krystal Rose Hoop Hugs Hummingbird Hoop Dance

1 Hours ago
SirenSpinningDa206🐚🐠🐙 (mermaid_flows) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SirenSpinningDa206🐚🐠🐙:

1 Hours ago
Ashlea Lux (ashlea_lux) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashlea Lux


Comment from Ashlea Lux:

I needed this day, you have no idea 💕 So thankful for my husband who decided my family needed some fresh air after feeling awful for an entire week 😍 Beautiful hoop from @poplockandhoopit 💕💕 . . . . onewithnature hooplove hooplah standingstone Tennessee tenneseestateparks girlsthathoop goodvibes girlswithpiercings happyfamily balance yinandyang perfectday perfectlife perfectfamily perfecthusband perfectson lovinglife flowarts flowstagram sacredcircle sacredcircleflowarts myjourney mylove mypassion flowmies flowmiesofearth

1 Hours ago
🌟 Mandy 🌟 (whimsical.whirls) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌟 Mandy 🌟


Comment from 🌟 Mandy 🌟:

Brandi Carlile recently released a new album, so I've been a little obsessed... I LOVE her music. It just always makes me feel something, ya know? 🎶Everytime I Hear That Song🎶 I'm also going to use this to make up my stopdropandspin for miss @spiraledflow ♡ and pass it to @sydney_lu_hoops and @nhenflowz_ hooplove hoopdance hoopersofinstagram hoopaddict meditationinmotion sacredcircle chasingcircles hoopitout hoopla hulahead girlswhohoop myhappyspace hoopcommunity flowarts bythewayiforgiveyou brandicarlile

1 Hours ago
Abigail 🍄 (hooperofhyrule) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abigail 🍄


Comment from Abigail 🍄:

Gettin’ down to some Grateful Dead for this stopdropandspin passed to me by @tbrinspins 🖤 I now pass this onto @b_marriiee @hoophunny @beezy_spins 💕💕 hulahoop hooping hoop hooplove hoopdance hoopflow flow dance love meditation flow flowart flowarts gratfuldead deadhead

1 Hours ago
Raven Langley (nattydreadnow21) Instagram Photos and Videos

Raven Langley


Comment from Raven Langley:

Pain. . . . . . . hooper hooping hoopdancer hoopdance hooplife hooplove hooplife hoopersofinstagram flow flowarts

1 Hours ago
Haven Skye (thatsso_haven) Instagram Photos and Videos

Haven Skye


Comment from Haven Skye:

So many hoop spots to explore right by where I live and I’m loving it! Good to know the grocery store makes a nice solid background on days of gray bright skies that love throwing off the light balance in videos. So much exploring to be done, so many murals on my list, and many friends to be had. Summer, I can’t wait for your decadent freedom that’s just around the corner😌 . . . hooplah hoopiness hooplove hooping hoopersofinstagram haggens groceries mellow mellowflow isolations

1 Hours ago
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Comment from shiloblue:

Janis 🙏🏼❤️ gratefulhoopers hooplove ohiohoopers hoopersofinstagram feelingoodisgoodenoughforme

1 Hours ago
✨CosmicVibrations✨ (cosmic.vibrations) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ✨CosmicVibrations✨:

Grab these deals until Wednesday night! Available at ✨ CosmicVibrations cosmichoops cosmicvibetribe reflectivehoop hoopspam hoopporn hulahoops hulahooping hoopdance hooplove hoopgirls hoopersofinstagram

1 Hours ago
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Amber Red💋


Comment from Amber Red💋:

When you’re still feeling the flow from last night. hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hoopflow hooplove freeflow flowarts dancer dancersofig instafit fitfam

1 Hours ago
carly getzlow (stsflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

carly getzlow


Comment from carly getzlow:

Dreaming of blue skies and sunshine ~

2 Hours ago
Handmade Hoops & Clothing (hoophugs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Handmade Hoops & Clothing


Comment from Handmade Hoops & Clothing:

Orchid hoop and Rumor 5/8 colored polypro 💜 hooplah ighoopers hoopspam hooplove fitness hoophugs hoophugsshop hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hooping flowarts stopdropandspin weightloss hoopeverydamnday hoopporn performanceart movingmeditation icc polypro rumorpolypro orchidhoop

3 Hours ago