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Patricia Lynn Brown (peacelovetrish) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patricia Lynn Brown


Comment from Patricia Lynn Brown:

@down2earthalien made his super dope video edit of me from when we were at his families house today! Of course, as always, he recorded it too lol. Going to use this to start a stopdropandspin for @hoopsnroses @shmy.ra and @misshoopnectar just because hooplove lol hooplife hooplah hoopcommunity hooptherapy hoopthereitisss hoopdance hoopersofinstagram sacredcircle hoopeverydamnday gratefulhoopers hoopvibes hoopsnroses flowstagram flowarts flowartlounge flowartloungechicago

3 Minutes ago
nikki bOOm (boomhappens) Instagram Photos and Videos

nikki bOOm


Comment from nikki bOOm:

apparently i'm feeling good enough about my pizza tosses to attempt them near crowds of people... haha... 😉 lightshow anyone?? ☺️😆 // 🎶 zebblerencantiexperience 🎶 // @zebbler zee @revroomlr littlerock therevroom hyperionhoop smarthoop hoopeverydamnday cantstopwontstop practicemakesprogress hoopdance hooper hooplife hooplove hoopersofinstagram arkansashoopers flowstagram led showmeyourtrails dance edm basshead arkansas mindbodyspirit myhappyplace boomhappens

9 Minutes ago
 (newbiehoopermck) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from newbiehoopermck:

9 Minutes ago
Jenna Iwanchuk (jennahoops_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jenna Iwanchuk


Comment from Jenna Iwanchuk:

@buket_rin and I practicing some beautiful partner hoops together, taught by the lovely @hoopingmad at her Advanced Teacher Training 😄 • • • • Music is Robots in Motion by Philter @wemovelikewolves • • • • partnerhooping partnerpoi hoopersofinstagram hoopers hooping hulahoop hooplah beautiful hoop hoops hooplove hooplovecoach multiplehoops multihooping rockring brunnettes nature green dance dans cirkus lovely vegan

29 Minutes ago
Nikki Hunt (nikki_hoopz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nikki Hunt


Comment from Nikki Hunt:

Gogo hooping at the Boatslip Resort with @little_l_veggiecircus newenglandhoopers GoGoHoopDanceStars gogohooping boatslip memorialweekend girlswhohoop giglife gogohoopdance nodiggity2 hooper hooping astralhoops pheonixhoops ledhooping hoopdance hoopdancer hooplove hoopspam capecod provincetown

42 Minutes ago
Asia-Lee Sheriff (phoenix.faerie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Asia-Lee Sheriff


Comment from Asia-Lee Sheriff:

Sorry for hoopspam but here's Day 14: Final flow, my last entry for the maywehoopchallenge. Thank you so much @hoop.healer and all the hosts, sponsors and fellow ers for putting this together and for all the inspiration! It was so fun being a part of this 😊 Happy ing flowmies ✌💚💙💜 @hooptrip @hoopdood @streihawk @katiefishface @_zachh_attackk_ @wreckno @cirqulator @livijoyhoops hooplove hoopersofig hoopspam hoopdance hoopflow flowarts flowlife girlswhohoop gratefulhoopers infinitecircles unityofthehulahoopers

44 Minutes ago
Kali (kali.spinner) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kali:

Thank you @za_taba for the footage✌🏼❤️ circusjam circuspeople circusflow flowart hoopspam hoopstagram hooplove hooplah hulahoop santanahoops flowartist

48 Minutes ago
Madi ⭕️Daniel🍃 (fl0w_journeys) Instagram Photos and Videos

Madi ⭕️Daniel🍃


Comment from Madi ⭕️Daniel🍃:

Hoop flow👾also a stopdropandspin for @rowanwiles ‼️Passing it to some hoop inspirations I got to learn from at kinetic recently @mhayataka @messsmerizing @dizzydynamic flowarts hoopjunkie hooping hooplove balance coinflip chestroll duckouts isolations hooplah

50 Minutes ago
shiloblue (shiloblue) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from shiloblue:

This is my power flow video simply because it was nearly a year ago now, and I believe I've progressed a lot since then. There's an irreplaceable power a person can gain through facing change and doubt as gracefully as possible, and I really really want that power. I think I was dancing out of joy because I could feel the potential around me. gimmegimme resilience flexibility powerflow maywehoopchallenge hooplove @hoop.healer

54 Minutes ago
Lynda Madden (lunalight.flowart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lynda Madden


Comment from Lynda Madden:

🎶I'm free to be the greatest🎶 Sia and this solar plexus chakra hoop are perfect for celebrating my first workshop. It was a mountain I climbed carrying heavy baggage of insecurity and feelings of unworthiness, but I still climbed and conquered. I see more mountains to climb, but 🎶 I've got stamina 🎶 This is my stopdropandspin for @kelimikal my best friend who has supported, encouraged, and gave me the opportunity to start teaching, you are so inspirational to me Keli. Passing it to @deannelovexo because without your offerings, I seriously don't think I would have ever found the courage to do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏🏼 also passing it along to some of the incredibly beautiful and talented hoopers that came out @upsidesnide @jenn.mcalister13 @skyblubird @kenziemalkon @karisma.11 thank you so much for coming out, it means the world to me. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 selfcarecircles

57 Minutes ago
nikki bOOm (boomhappens) Instagram Photos and Videos

nikki bOOm


Comment from nikki bOOm:

had a blast dancing my ass off at zebblerencantiexperience last night!!!... ended up scoring free admission and a VIP wristband... yeaaahhhyuhhhh!!! 😏😜 I owe the lovely @stitch_n_spin a stopdropandspin -- good running into ya at the show!! We'll hafta hang somewhere not so loud next time so we can actually talk... lol.... gonna pass the hooplah onto @_grateful.flow_ who i also bumped into on the dance floor... 😆✌🏼✨ // littlerock therevroom hyperionhoop lightshow smarthoop hoopeverydamnday cantstopwontstop practicemakesprogress hoopdance hooper hooplife hooplove hoopersofinstagram arkansashoopers flowstagram led showmeyourtrails dance edm basshead arkansas mindbodyspirit myhappyplace boomhappens

1 Hours ago
Madi ⭕️Daniel🍃 (fl0w_journeys) Instagram Photos and Videos

Madi ⭕️Daniel🍃


Comment from Madi ⭕️Daniel🍃:

Nooping and duck-out fails trying to fight my dread bun👾hooplove hoopjunkie hooping hoopdance bodyhooping flowarts flowlove dreadlocks

1 Hours ago
kristinraedort (kristinraedort) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from kristinraedort:

This is how I started my Saturday morning while baby slept in ☺️ using my @lunarlandings710 11/16 Goldilocks: Poseidon hoop! ❤️❤️ hoopersofwisconsin hooplah hooping hooplife hooplove movingmeditation hoopersofinstagram flowarts flow flowartist hoopdance hoopmama momlife dancewithcircles sacredcircle icc wiscohoopers

1 Hours ago
meleahalexander (meleahalexander) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from meleahalexander:

Happy birthday, how the fuck it feel? G O O D • another stumble around the sun, 23 let's fucking get it 😈🎈 macmiller hooplove flowarts gemini

1 Hours ago
Asia-Lee Sheriff (phoenix.faerie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Asia-Lee Sheriff


Comment from Asia-Lee Sheriff:

Playin catch up with these last few entries... here's Day 12: Seductice flow 💄💋 maywehoopchallenge dangerouswoman danceflow hoopdance hooplove hoopersofig girlswhohoop flowarts moodhoops seductiveflow sacredcircle unityofthehulahoopers yyj @hoop.healer

1 Hours ago
Catherine Bird (thatcatherinebird) Instagram Photos and Videos

Catherine Bird


Comment from Catherine Bird:

A study in double hoops. practicepracticepractice hoopdance hooplove hooplah tacomahoopers

1 Hours ago
Madi & Mila (aflowcado) Instagram Photos and Videos

Madi & Mila


Comment from Madi & Mila:

Almost lost it there😂 aboveandbeyond remix purpledaze basshead bassnectar backtolife backtoreality hooper hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hooping hoopspam hoopers hoopsquad hoopersunite flowarts hooplove hooplah hoopgirl infinitecircles hoopdance thespinsterz hooplife sacredcircle danceflow hulahooper icc icchooper

1 Hours ago
Kristen 🌙✨🌑✨🌙WildMoonChild (kae_daze) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristen 🌙✨🌑✨🌙WildMoonChild


Comment from Kristen 🌙✨🌑✨🌙WildMoonChild:

. . . . hoopspam hoop hooper girlswhohoop sacredcircle spin move dance flow grow practice flowarts movementarts movement hooplove movementmedicine hooping hoopersofig perpetualflow communityofhoopers hooplah hoopdance hoopersofinstagram hoopvibes nature okanagan ledhoop outside flowarttv flowstagram

1 Hours ago
hoopin.2012.mama.2015. (cortcort.cirkels) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from hoopin.2012.mama.2015.:

Heres my flowartsfriday stopdropandspin for @tosca_t :-) 😍😍😍 passing it ovah tooo @oolahula and @aliahoops hoopspam flowspam hooplove flowlove momswhohoop activemom

1 Hours ago
Hi, I'm Bethany. 😊 (becomingbalanced) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hi, I'm Bethany. 😊


Comment from Hi, I'm Bethany. 😊:

Here are just some dimly lit late night craptastic attempts of my attempting to shoulder hoop/do shoulder breaks! Thank you for all of your super helpful and genuine tutorials @deannelovexo as this is me trying to do a mix of your "te te" rhythm mixed with some sad attempts at beatboxing via hoopsmiles' chest hooping tutorial that also seemed to help! I know this is just the beginning step to learn the paddles and breaks (and I keep accidentally heaving it up toward and dropping my right shoulder), but I could see for the first time that I might actually be able to get this whole chest hooping and breaks and paddles thing tonight though I have a crazy long way to go I know! 💜💙💚 Also, does anyone else have problems with their hoops flattening out some while doing this? I may need to get a different kind of hoop that stays rounder! hooping hooper hulahooper hulahooping beginnerhooper curvyhoopersunite curvyhooper hoopersofinstagram hooplove

1 Hours ago
Leighanne Watts (leighvingstonstorm) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leighanne Watts


Comment from Leighanne Watts:

Practice makes me happppyyyyy doublehoops flowarts hoopspam gratefulhoopers lovewhatyoudo hooplah hoopdance hooplove ✨💗

1 Hours ago
Chae (: (chaesingcircles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chae (:


Comment from Chae (::

Creating some magic tonight with @karlsbarkley_ 💞 . . . . . twins rainbow hulahoop leds hooplah hooplove hoopmama gratefulhoopers hoopersofig emazinglights showmeyourtrails

2 Hours ago
Rachel Toler (myhooplife) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel Toler


Comment from Rachel Toler:

You guys I got my Hyperion back and it is so perfect happyhooper hooplah hoopspam hooplove hoopersofig hypeilove hyperionhoop

2 Hours ago
dolly tran (dahli_dae) Instagram Photos and Videos

dolly tran


Comment from dolly tran:

Saturday nights are meant for choreographing hoop dance with the baes @kilittawendy and @jenna_man 💫 we will clean this up nicely 😄 choreography hooplove hoopdance bestfriends flowmies latenight flow hoopersofinstagram icc create showmeyourtrails moodhoops

2 Hours ago
Shannon M. Taylor (littlefoxxflows) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shannon M. Taylor


Comment from Shannon M. Taylor:

Been filming a lot of my flow lately ♊💗 .... foxxyflow flowarts hooplah hulahoopflow jammin hula hooplove flow goodvibes geminiseason hoopersofig hoopjourney

2 Hours ago
Angela🌙 (_mothtoflames) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Angela🌙:

The newest @zedsdead album is dope af! 😍 I might not be perfect and I have super low ceilings lol but they do come in handy sometimes lol! 😂 stopdropandspin from the beautiful @flowsisters I, cordially, extend this invitation to @dinosaurleah @lunar_witch_hooping @fairies_in_wonderland 💫 . . . . . zedsdead stardust moodhoops futurehoop futurehoopshuffle ledhoop hooplove hoopeveryday thehoopyplace infinitecircles hoopersofinstagram flowartsinstitute flowsisters

2 Hours ago
Rabbit🐰🤘💖 (_kristinanolan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rabbit🐰🤘💖:

🏞✌💜 hoopersofinstagram hooplove

2 Hours ago
Annette Thorne (illuminated.leo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Annette Thorne


Comment from Annette Thorne:

Made this little clip since I can't hoop :/ yet barley walk hoping to heal naturally with lots of rest but here was from my adventure in Canada (: I think I will start making more of these it's pretty fun! I love my new hoops from @hiptronicarts go get you some and save with discount code ILLUMINATE . . . hooplove hoopdance hoopersofig hooplife hooplovers hulahooping doubles doubleflow flow flowarts hiptronichoopstar iamhiptronic hiptronichoops

2 Hours ago
Laurie Kennedy (kennedyseskiesnhoopz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laurie Kennedy


Comment from Laurie Kennedy:

Having some hoopfun on mySaturdaynight justgoingroundandround hooplove ilovewaisthooping myfave fabover40hoopcommunity

2 Hours ago
FLOWHEAUX (unitedflowarts) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from FLOWHEAUX:

Happy Saturday FLOWHEAX!! 💓 Check out our girl @crownchakra_ rocking that evoke!!! 😍 Her flow is so enchanting🔮🌀 Who else would rather be flowing right now? @astralhoops Song : collapse - @zedsdead unitedflowarts flowartist saturdayvibes hooplah hooplove sacredcircle unityofthehulahoopers flowfamily flowcommunity hoopersofinstagram astralevoke

3 Hours ago
Nikki I. Cook (appalachianflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nikki I. Cook


Comment from Nikki I. Cook:

quick nectar flow today🌱hooplah hooplove bassnectar basshead flowarts flow hoopersofig bassmusic

3 Hours ago
Natasha Kapesis (natashakapesis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natasha Kapesis


Comment from Natasha Kapesis:

Beautiful day today🌞 This is my stopdropandspin for courageous @irinamarmi_hooplove i couldn't do it at the fest today 😔 just playground for now. I'm passing the fun to goddess @jodililly, beautiful @marina.dehoepeljuf behooperbehappy funfeelgoodfitness happiness hooptherapy hooplovers hooplife hooping mandeville girlsthathoop dowhatyoulove hoopersofinstagram hooptherapy hooploveyourbody hoopdance hooplove hoopvibes dancefitness hooper hulahoop shoulderhooping hoopspam fitness funworkout

3 Hours ago
 (themidgelee) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from themidgelee:

Baby hooper! Been practising my vortex - not perfect but it's coming along @kurrentmotion gave me some tips! babyhooper hooping curvyhooper hooplove

3 Hours ago