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Comment from jenny:

Why!!!?? Why can't you just follow your heart? Why can't you just admit that its a break? Why can't i get over you? Why is that every little thing you do makes me fall more and more?! LOVE IS US bemine him life believe hope God Jesus US smile sweet emotional togetherforever?!

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Comment from CIHVA:

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of hope Thanks to the Wednesday 1800 crew for taking a moment to support rts1000

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Indy Singh


Comment from Indy Singh:

When u have a amazingly productive day at work 😊selfilover instamood timetoclick feelingood happyhappy feelingsexy likesforlikes blessedbeyondmeasure positivevibes grateful hashitout bekindtoyourself livelovelaugh sparks hope humanity sikh punjabi worksmart nevergiveup ambition dowhatsright passion possibilities opportunities keepsmiling 😂 💸

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Comment from wcrocheted:

wcrocheted crochet c hope handmade image images photo photoshop al_qatif al_dammam كروشية تصويري هوايتي سيهات الناصرة القديح القطيف الشريعة المزروعباترونات_حقائب باترونات_جاهزة باترونات باترونات_كروشيه باترونات_مفارشpattern باترون_قبعةباترونات_ورد باترونات_اسماء

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Comment from febrilia:

TUHAN selalu mendampingimu melewati masa-masa sulit. hope

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Kal El


Comment from Kal El:

Loved this scene emotional and impactful ❤❤ All Star Superman . . . . superman KalEl manofsteel manoftomorrow thelastsonofkrypton teamsuperman hope supermanisthegreatest dccomics dcuniverse houseofel henrycavill christopherreeve supermanart clarkkent classicsuperman supermanedit supermanrespect justiceleague worldsfinest allstarsuperman

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Comment from dr.leidybeth:

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. Be sure to nourish it. 🌷 psychologist psychology mentalhealth wellbeing nature natural thoughts meaning meaningful life positivity hope hopeful growth selfgrowth empowerment love happy happiness journey inspiration selfimprovement kindness peace bloom bloomfromwithin light

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darlene datingginoo


Comment from darlene datingginoo:

Gudmownin.. Dont start ur day w/ da broken pieces of yesterday.. Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen everyday.. 😉😉😊😊😃😃

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Angel's Bliss


Comment from Angel's Bliss:

🍃🍀❤hope love and ligth in your heart and soul gowiththeflow and beconfidentinyourownskin love and ligth to all of you! ❤🍀🍃😇

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hendra wijaya


Comment from hendra wijaya:

Kebenaran adalah kunci dalam segala aspek isthekey truth believe pray hope withGod

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Comment from bi:

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.🌺 . . . red blossom hope havefaith

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Comment from Sabine:

I really love this one! Have to post it again. (So good!) 😉makepoetrygreatagain pasteups pasteupart postenobills streetart with a message clever alliteration notmypresident hope nohate typical nyc manhattan peoples voice 🍏 🗽 ❤👏🏼 what_i_saw_in_nyc broadway

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Comment from PrizeGrab:

LIKE to help us congratulate Samuel B. from Newport News, VA, for winning $900 COLD, HARD CASH in our sweepstakes! PGwinner PGfamily 🎊💵🎁📦💸🎉😍

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Jaclyn Lacy


Comment from Jaclyn Lacy:

Raising Awareness ❌ End It ❌ enditmovement

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Comment from daria:

Let's just say I'm really good at airbrushing cakes - virgie is getting this 70s Themed cake for her 70th birthday ! happybirthday honey! hope you love it!

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Comment from imkg1:

His little head wax stuck through one of those holes in the grate! These parks people found him, and saved the little guy! It took a long time! A good deed, good people! God bless them all!!! Everything good comes from God!!! ❤❤❤❤❤🕇🕇🕇❤❤❤❤❤ christians faith jesus spiritual god prayer truth love salvation hope direction trust bible believe jehovah healing

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Words By Rhiannon Maree


Comment from Words By Rhiannon Maree:

There is a JOY that sustains your HEART; it never gets tried, it never wears thin, it never becomes impatient, it's a JOY that LOVES, it's a JOY that overflows and never strives ! It's in relationship with your dad in heaven; it is never forced; it's just there and it will always be available to you no matter what.

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Comment from Hope:

Hope everyone is having a good evening 🦋🌙🌟

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Achmad Varyz Azhary


Comment from Achmad Varyz Azhary:

40 Days to haul syekh Muhammad Zaini Bin Abdul Ghani ° ° ° 🌠 spiritual faith faithful toptags op.tags god grace pray prayers praying amen believe religion coexist spirituality trust peace calm mind soul he destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful knowledge meditation life meditate guidance

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Regina Spellmon


Comment from Regina Spellmon:

Repost pastortanyabaker ・・・ Save Our Girls: Human Trafficking Recently, actor Ashton Kusher gave a powerful testimony before congress regarding human trafficking. Kusher said, “I’ve seen things that no person should ever see. I’ve seen video content of a child that is the same age as mine being raped by an American man that was a sex tourist in Cambodia. This child was so conditioned by her environment that she thought she was engaging in play.” This is real and parents we need to protect our children and someone else's children. Keep your eyes open like the flight attendant who saved a girl recently. Make noise and pray more than ever that God covers, delivers and heals someone child from this. I know some of you don't have time or are not concerned just as you are with other things that really matter in this world. Perhaps you're too busy doing you. But you better wake up, God gave us a clear picture of what was to come and its all here. The world is not as good as it seems, but we can change it. We change it through prayer and by not ignoring stuff just because it hasn't hit our house. Hell is like a stray bullet it doesn't care who it strikes and it may be that at that time you will need someone to pray for you. So take some time out today and every day just 5 minutes of your time to intercede for someone else baby male or female affected by human trafficking. ashtonkutcher sexslaves humantrafficking humantraffickingawareness hope prayer god faith women men girls boys like repost video congress support goodmorning

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