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Train Your Soul


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At the end of the day, how you look has nothing to do with how you feel. Nourish your self, nourish your emotions, your loves, and your soul. 😉🙈😘 bodybulding soul love amore hope athletes strength fuerte trainyoursoul bestoftheday gym curves passion mindset buenasnoches fitnesslifestyle

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Jake Strickland


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Hope is a feeling of trust and the desire for a certain thing to happen. When do a Cardio Blessing and engage with individuals living in the streets we bring hope. We bring trust by taking the time to talk with them and build that connection. What can you do to bring hope to someone today? hope spreadlove sendinglove sharethelove cardioblessings

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Please pardon...I feel like a bag of turds because I am recovering from my back/hip pain mumbo jumbo procedures yesterday but I wanted to tell all of you that today is World Bipolar Day. I have bipolar 2 disorder. To sum up what it's like: It sucks and it's wonderful and it sucks and it's wonderful. Really, all you need to know is that I AM KIMBERLY. A Canadian. A mom, wife, writer, blogger, burner of bacon, and I like making people laugh. BOO - so scary right? People with bipolar disorder are not scary, psycho, freaks, weirdos, and whatever the heck else you normals are calling us these days. We are people ❤️ If you're struggling with thoughts and feelings, it's ok to reach out and get help. Never give up. Ever. . . . . . me nevergiveup hope bipolardisorder worldbipolarday bipolar momentumjewelry mentalhealthawareness stigma

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Reposting @bruce.vanhorn: Your mindset will be the difference between triumph or failure. . believe business entrepreneur faith goals grateful growth happy hope inspiration leadership love meditation mindfulness motivation namaste positivevibes selflovespirituality story success thankyou thinkpositive transformation truth wisdom .... ... .. . If you would like to explore working with me to restory passion, purpose, and vision for your life, leadership, or business, please click the Contact button in my profile.

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Kushtrim Tahirukaj


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-Solange du kämpfst, bist du auf der Gewinnerseite! nevergiveupdreamcometruehopebeliveno.1neverforgetwhoyouare

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Cole Miller


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About to go into surgery! Thank you everyone for your kind words! Hopefully I'll be able to see out of my eye again soon. :) surgery hospital npc npcmensphysique mensphysique bodybuilding hope smile

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Bruce Van Horn


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If whatever it is you are stressing about won’t matter next month, no matter how it turns out, let it go! .... ... .. . follow: @bruce.vanhorn .... ... .. . believe business entrepreneur faith goals grateful growth happy hope inspiration leadership love meditation mindfulness motivation namaste positivevibes selflovespirituality story success thankyou thinkpositive transformation truth wisdom .... ... .. . If you would like to explore working with me to restory passion, purpose, and vision for your life, leadership, or business, please click the Contact button in my profile.

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Muffin army🌸


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"Time let things go over and leave memories." 🐓 🐓 🐓 --- Artist:Unknown --- 2nd Account: @anime_emotion --- Account about me: @rita_t2000 --- YouTube:Anime World --- 🐓 🐓 🐓 🕛anime 🕧kawaii 🕐otaku 🕜manga 🕑time 🕝japan 🕒japanese 🕞animal 🕓clean 🕟room 🕔alone 🕠remember 🕕change 🕡hope 🕖smile 🕢pretty 🕗beautiful 🕣cute 🕘sweet 🕤you 🕙love 🕥friends 🕚heart 🕦leave

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Bella Kane


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Trust your wings, for a girl with wings will soar past kings as they look up from towers Whisper a dream to a butterfly ... butterflies are angel kisses Fly dragon fly Peace, Hope, & Dreams ✨ 🦋

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! Christynaa 💕


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Leah Gillespie


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Did you lose yourself in the lines meant to guide you home? Have the lights faded and left you on your own? Where do you go when all you need are answers and a hand to hold? The things we ran from are far behind in the rearview mirrors, and still we go despite not knowing what it is that we are running to. You are not too far gone to change. @torontoscenery @twloha - - - -- - - change poetry prose writing writersofinstagram writingcommunity poetsofinsta poetrycommunity concrete photography deep hope tbt meaningful instagood instapoet instafamous like4likes instadaily potd qotd toronto torontoscenery traffic

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Texte zum nachdenken➿ 2 Adm.👭


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Christian Joy


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Gia@check-NYC London


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Be good & set right goals. It will hurt, It will take time, It will require dedication, It will require sacrifice, It will require will power, you will need to make healthy decisions, you will need to push your body to the max. There will be temptation but you keep self control. And I promise you, when you reach your goal its freaking worth it.👍🏻🍀🍀🌺 friday weekend hardwork breaktime motivation fitness coach abs training bodybuilding beach beautiful instagood fitspo fitgirl dedication smile moodbooster peptalk faith hope love peace

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Μις shuζηερμαν_A_L_M👸👑💲🎀💟


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Hatice❤️️breads & more💥


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Nihayet kestim yabani sarımsaklı ekmeğimi sizi heyecan içinde bıraktım arkadaşlar 😉😆😋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️endlich seht ihr eine angeschnittene Scheibe vom Bärlauch Brot ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Last but not least : one presented slice😉sauerteig sourdough garlıclol foodgasm foodiegram artisanbread ekşimayavscowholewheatflour organıc gardeninstagramhopebreadmehlbrot teig dough sourdoughbreadexperiment try live loveversuch loaf artisan

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Shweta Rohatgi


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Arnold Arriola


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Perseverance under pressure made possible through faith in Christ's promises like this! @albchicago this will forever remind me of you brother christians church grace gospel savedbygrace bible bodybuildingmotivation faith hope yeshua jesus greatcommission evangelist blessed love He>I christ

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Taylor Jay


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Everyone's in pain but nobody wants to share it, Just burden themselves and take what they can get. pain change rock hope

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Eliel Herrera


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My TBT 🦀🐠🌊 Eso fue a horas de que acabara el año 2016 ⚡️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . model modeling milano paris nyc thelookout WLYG GIMgmt gdragon GD top topmodel fashion summer photoshoot streetstyle elitemodel hot printmodel mensfashion hope latino venezuela bigbang newface socialmedia influencer igersvenezuela sexyboy

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Sincerely Balanced Blogs


Comment from Sincerely Balanced Blogs:

Every day begins with an act of Courage and Hope: getting out of Bed!!! Seize the day y'all! 😎 ___________________________ courage hope bed wakeup happy relax life live enjoylife wellness wellbeing quote blog lifebalance balance blogger toronto worklifebalance betterlife youreworthit feelgood selfcare work happiness livewell loveyourself inspo wellness positiveliving worklifebalance sincerelybalanced

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Steph Brown 📍San Diego, CA (stephbrown) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steph Brown 📍San Diego, CA


Comment from Steph Brown 📍San Diego, CA:

A year ago today I was sitting at a red light. I checked my email for the hundredth time hoping for an answer. That's when I saw "Congratulations!!!!!" and my heart leapt. It wasn't a fake email telling me I had won a penis-enhancing drug. It wasn't a fake lottery scam. It was a real email from a credible source telling us we had been chosen as the new tenants of this remarkable home. A lottery of sorts we had won. . . We had been so used to hearing "no" or hitting road blocks that we were not prepared for an actual "Yes!". We really couldn't believe it was real. . . Just a few days earlier we had come down to San Diego for spring break with the kids. We really weren't looking to move but being the person I am, I did a rental home search. This house popped up and had only been listed for 20 mins. I sent it to Jess and I said "there's no way we could get this house but isn't it amazing?". He agreed and we didn't really think much of it. That night we went to dinner and celebrated our last night of spring break with the kids. Afterwards he mentioned the house and said we should just drive that way to just see what it's like over there. And so we did. . . The drive was beautiful. The sun was just going down and everything was green and in bloom. I said it wasn't fair to keep going because there's just no way we'd get this house. We should just go back to the hotel and enjoy our evening. We couldn't get close to the house anyways because it's on a gated/fenced-in property so we turned around and headed back. . . At the hotel I couldn't push it out of my mind as hard as I tried. I wanted that house. But I didn't want to be disappointed again. . . I opened my husband's laptop and filled out the application. Maybe I could handle one more "no" for the sake of trying. . . That was a Friday night. By Monday morning we heard that we were in the running and they were waiting on a few more pieces of information before making a decision. 😆🙃 What?!?! . . We were approved Wednesday morning before we had even seen the house. And here we are. Nearly one year later. I still can't believe it. I am forever grateful that we heard those "no's" before this incredible "yes".

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jѧṡȏṅ•♟ƿṅẇ/ṡıṅɢʟє/ṡṭя8•ṃѧʟє/29 (jasonrandomv) Instagram Photos and Videos



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ʟȏȏҡ ċȏṃṃєṅṭ

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M I R A i 📕🎶


Comment from M I R A i 📕🎶:

"The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live." __ Auguste Rodin 💖 ☔ . rainyday rain rainynight streets love live tremble hope thursday beautifulday thursdaynight nightout familytime nightthoughts march photography photographylovers Дождь Надежды Люблю Фотография Четверг

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Musli Ma


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Revive Haiti Inc


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Maria Cleene Cruz Arcilla


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I got back from leave and still feeling a bit sluggish. I noticed that I started to dwell on what I consider missing in my life. That is a dangerous place to go to cause unnecessary thoughts will permeate my being and I will find myself worrying. I picked up my journal and started to write everything that I am thankful for. A heart full of gratitude is the cure to an uncertain mind🌙🌟💫✨⭐️

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Gia Vangieri


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Hang in there if it's rocky. They might not see the beauty of your dream now, but if you keep at it long enough, eventually they will. 🥀

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Lisa Mimi Young


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♥️🦄 brave bravelife bravegirl healing hope hopedealer positive positivegirl positivelife positivevibes badass badassery badassunicorn badasssurvivor cancer cancerchick cancerwarrior cancerfighter cancersurvivor breastcancer

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