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Comment from Blossom:

This weekend was absolutely magical. This is the only hoop footage I got all weekend but we did have a disposable camera that I cannot wait to develop! harrybrownsfarm greenloverenaissance . . . practicemakesperfect hoophappy gratefulhoopers flowarts hoopflow hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hulahoop polypro newenglandhooper mainehooper

4 Minutes ago
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Comment from Jaine:

I was looking up at my hand when I spun my hoop and thought it looked neato. hulahoop hooplife hooper 🌪

8 Minutes ago
Liz Gypsy Starchild (_gypsystarchild) Instagram Photos and Videos

Liz Gypsy Starchild


Comment from Liz Gypsy Starchild:

Very careful hooping on the side of a cliff 🙈 hooplah hulahoop hoopspam myhappyplace gardenofthegods hoopersofinstagram wanderlust explore travel summer goodtimes sundayfunday eclipse

9 Minutes ago
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Comment from alena:

9 Minutes ago
James Zee (jzraei) Instagram Photos and Videos

James Zee


Comment from James Zee:

"relax" flowstagram flowarts flowflowing flowart hoops hoopersofinstagram hulahooping hooping hulahoop rezz relax

12 Minutes ago
👽wild thangs😆✌ (shibbystarz) Instagram Photos and Videos

👽wild thangs😆✌


Comment from 👽wild thangs😆✌:

My learning continues "Sometimes we flow to the sound of the waves" they said... YESSSSSSSS PLEASE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🌊⛱💧 This might not be a legit video but it's my fav video of all 🌟🌙 the direction I'm getting from the awesomest people and the ghost spinning above me woooo 🔥💋

16 Minutes ago
© a n d y (candynslife) Instagram Photos and Videos

© a n d y


Comment from © a n d y:

Oh yeah my Oh Avo-Cardio shirt is now available on Amazon!! Any avocado fan here?? The link is in my bio 👉🏽😍🥑🤸🏻‍♀️ . . . . avocado hulahoop hoopers happyturtlesdesign workoutclothes gymlife amazon candynsletters

19 Minutes ago
Sheryl Wilson (fitnotic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sheryl Wilson


Comment from Sheryl Wilson:

Usually all the focus for kids' birthday parties is on the kids, but not this time! After planning a beautiful party for her 3 year-old, my client hired me to hoop with the parents. Those moms killed it today, but it was one dad in particular who REALLY rocked out!!! As an aside, I had no idea Riverside Park had rings, tightropes and beach volleyball! My kids clearly had a great time, but they were also amazing assistants and earned every dollar that they were paid. 😊 . . . hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hulahoop fitfam fitfamily gymnast gymnastlife fitgirl fitgirls startthemyoung ilovenyc citykids nyclife fitmom fitmoms fitmomsofig igfitmoms fitmommy fitmomma fitmum funworkout nycparties kidsbirthday stronggirl stronggirls tightrope fitlife fitnesslife fitlifestyle fitnesslifestyle

19 Minutes ago
Flame Mobile Pizza (flamemobilepizza) Instagram Photos and Videos

Flame Mobile Pizza


Comment from Flame Mobile Pizza:

It's a hula hoopin scene at the festival today! hulahoop festival visitnh whitemountains boogie

21 Minutes ago
Augusta Georgia (spiraldancer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Augusta Georgia


Comment from Augusta Georgia:

Pour it up - Rihanna 🌸🌸🌸 hulahoop hulahooping hooping hoopdance hooplovers hooplove flowarts

23 Minutes ago
Extra, But Some Call Me Kiarla (tw3rk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Extra, But Some Call Me Kiarla


Comment from Extra, But Some Call Me Kiarla:

hooper movement flow happy love light hulahoop flowart

33 Minutes ago
Joshua Randall (josh_randy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joshua Randall


Comment from Joshua Randall:

Sundays are for family! We have such a great community @crossfitburleson that's always having fun while making each other better. Love these people. cfbstrong killswitchcomp cfbblack crossfit family fitness fun rogue legion fitfam hulahoop boxlife lifeasrx gymrats fitaid

34 Minutes ago
Jessica Manges (aerialyogamomma) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica Manges


Comment from Jessica Manges:

☀️🌊🌅🚜⛱⭕️ . . hooping hoopdance beachday beachlife dunedinfl dunedincauseway florida fitmom fitness fitnessjourney hoopersofinstagram hoopdancer hulahoop yogi hippiestyle hippiechild hippiemama sundayfunday myfamily

34 Minutes ago
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Comment from Rayn:

Just figured this lil combo out on accident, love when that happens

39 Minutes ago
Kyndal Mishelle Powell (korruption.hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kyndal Mishelle Powell


Comment from Kyndal Mishelle Powell:

nomusicflow for my day20 of the hhsgiveaway today's challenge is verticalhooping which I clearly need to work on! I don't normally go out of my way to do any vertical on-body hooping. But this was fun🍁 . hhs moodhoops polypro hulahoop hoopersofinstagram hoopchallenge hoopgiveaway hulahooping hooper texas DFWhooper hooplove hooplah fortworthhooper DFW hulahooper hooping flowart flow hoopflow texasflow texashooper fortworthflow hoopdance highhoopsstudios

42 Minutes ago
《•fiona•》 (fionacoop) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 《•fiona•》:

Sometime you just have to "OPEN YOUR EYES" 🎶 by STRFKR hooping hoopdance hooplah hulahoop

45 Minutes ago
Kristin (kcatmeowser) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kristin:

stopdropandspin from @karissalynn__ thank you for the tag love 💓💓 (and that above the head spin move that I learned from your vid!!) sending some spins to @rubyraebandz for your graceful af flow, @rissas_flow_love because I love watching your doubles magic , and @dkappel16 for that stunning bday video (happy belated birthday!) ❤💚💜🌈🌈🌈Finally done my finals, and the timing with the eclipse is really fitting. Post finals exhaustion is hitting me all at once- about to go to bed without watching GoT 😱😱 @fkatwigs always has me feeling some kind of way and I love this song figure8. Hoop by @lunarlandings710 💙💙 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . hoops hoopersofig hoopla hooplah sacredcircles infinitecircles infinitecirclescommunity flow movingmeditation flowarts hoopersofig hulahoop hoopersofinstgram hoopdance sacredcircles infinitecircles infinitecirclescommunity flow movingmeditation flowarts hoopersofig hoopla hooplah sacredcircles infinitecircles infinitecirclescommunity flow fkatwigs hoopdance hoopyourheartout newgrad gradstudent finals progress

46 Minutes ago
Russ R (llkoolwhip) Instagram Photos and Videos

Russ R


Comment from Russ R:

- Hoop dreams

48 Minutes ago
A girl and her hoop 🔅💐🌟 (etherealsaturn) Instagram Photos and Videos

A girl and her hoop 🔅💐🌟


Comment from A girl and her hoop 🔅💐🌟:

50 Minutes ago
Sun Hoop Shop (sunhoopshop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sun Hoop Shop


Comment from Sun Hoop Shop:

@Katieisahooper spinning her brand new UV green polypro from! Use code KATIECHAOS for 15% off your entire order always🕶🕶🕶🕶🕶🕶hoopdance hoopersofinstagram hoopersunite girlswhohoop girlswhoflow icc circles movementmeditation hooplah hulahoop hoopersofig hoopersunite hooperscollective hoopersofinstagram hoopeverydamnday showmeyourtrails hulahooper sunhooper sunhoopshop blackandwhite dance hooplove hoopdance dancersofinstagram seattlehoopers

50 Minutes ago
MELLY JEAN HOOPS (mellyjeanhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MELLY JEAN HOOPS:

hoop hoop hoop it up 🌀 this Monday night @menchiesso 6:30-8PM 👯 come hoop, dance, laugh, smile, groove, play, eat & of course do this all while having fun and burning calories 💫💃🏼⭕️🕺🏻💫

1 Hours ago
★☆missy☆★ (october_bun) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ★☆missy☆★:

hooplah hulahoop flowarts

1 Hours ago
This Is A Biography Of The E (emc421) Instagram Photos and Videos

This Is A Biography Of The E


Comment from This Is A Biography Of The E:


1 Hours ago
flowy zoë (neurosishypnosis) Instagram Photos and Videos

flowy zoë


Comment from flowy zoë:

as requested for slowflowsunday @lanadelrey ❣️🖤 sundaze slowflow sundayvibes hulahoop flow flowstagram flowart movementmeditation spinning plasticcircles perpetualflow sacredcircle sacredspace neurosishypnosis zoehoopsmad unityofthehulahoopers gratefulhoopers lustforlife seanlennon

1 Hours ago
Amanda (presidentamanda) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Amanda:

My mind is here tonight. My best friend from the west hula hooped for 2 hours straight. outsiders irl twitchtv supportsmallstreamers hulahoop party

1 Hours ago
🌸Lucy🌸 (white.plum.alchemist) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🌸Lucy🌸:

💓 hoopeverydamnday hooplah hooplife hoopspam sacredcircle infinitecircles infinitecirclescommunity hooping hoopersofinstagram hooplove hoopersofig hooper hoopdance hulahoop hulahooping flowarts gratefulhoopers

1 Hours ago
Heal'n Hoop (heal.n.hoop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Heal'n Hoop


Comment from Heal'n Hoop:

This is NOT a HealnHoop but it's still fun to twirl an oversized hulahoop hulahooping hulahooper SoularSunday MarvinGayePark Ward7 Community DC Family Friends Fun Community Music Games Arts Vendors DCStreets EntertainDC Creatives blackboyjoy

1 Hours ago
Becca (foxxy__shazamm) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Becca:

🌈🌞⭐️🦄 most amazing human I know ❤️ favoritehuman precious nothingbutlove amazing ilovemyniece love family cutie sundayfunday stopgrowing slowitdown hulahoop hooping hooplah 😂babygirl niece aunt auntlifeisthebestlife

1 Hours ago
Carrie 😽 (carrie_cain) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carrie 😽


Comment from Carrie 😽:

I'm the hula hoop queen lol 👑 hulahoop hulahooping TrapInThePark

1 Hours ago
This Is A Biography Of The E (emc421) Instagram Photos and Videos

This Is A Biography Of The E


Comment from This Is A Biography Of The E:

When I'm with you all I get is wild thoughts ✨💎✨

1 Hours ago
Jaz Moreno (morenojaaz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jaz Moreno


Comment from Jaz Moreno:

De poser en el Salto. nature mountains hulahoop hooper weekend elsalto mexico santiago fun

1 Hours ago
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Comment from laceycotten:

Wooooosah. Woosah. hooplife hulahoop ocean ssi stsimonsisland

1 Hours ago
Jenya Kapul (gracefuljenka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jenya Kapul


Comment from Jenya Kapul:

It's always a sundayfunday when I jump start it with zumba 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻NPC npcbikini fitness fitnessmodel fitmom dance bachata hulahoop flow positivevibes passion inspiration boho wild sensual libra freespirit heart life fun instadaily instagirl russiangirl girlswithmuscle bodybuilding discipline hot sexy hulahoop

3 Hours ago