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🎆🌌Good Morning High Hoopers!💚💜🤗

1 Minutes ago
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NewVIc Sports Academy


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Hula hula hula! We had a fun hulahoop challenge this lunch time for our getupgetactive week! How long can you hula for? 🤔 thisgirlcan fitfam collegelife abs

2 Minutes ago
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Tu Mama


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Alexandra a quien le hay ganao'

11 Minutes ago
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✨ fitting in small spaces✨ moodhoops led ledlights lightshow flow hulahoop hooplah flowmies hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig girlswhohoop pixelhoop hula hoop hoopeveryday showmeyourtrails benharper

13 Minutes ago
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Catching up on my stopdropandspins ! This ones for @dizzicati and passing it onto my absolute fave @_spinjoy_ 🙌👏❤️💋😍😘 🎧 Odesza - Late Night 🎵 ⭕️ 🎶 hoop hulahoop hoopdance hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig dance dancersofig dancersofinstagram flow flowarts movement movementmedicine spin hooplife hoopeveryday polypro escalators isolations dancetherapy

17 Minutes ago
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Umbigo de Bruxa


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Olha essas lindezas! ☆Bambolê de polipro colápsável decorado com duas fitas - R$70,00 (vendido) ☆Bambolê adulto iniciante decorado - R$50,00 (disponível) ☆Bambolês infantis iniciantes - R$35,00 cada (disponíveis) Prefere outras cores? Então fala pra gente que as bruxinhas fazem um bambolê personalizado do jeitinho que você quiser! Ah, e aproveita pra conferir outras artes da @annadenardinart que é autora desse desenho lindo aí das fotos! umbigodebruxa bambolê hulahoop bambolebrasil circo dança arte compredequemfaz hoopdance circus girlswhohoop boyswhohoop bambofit dance art

22 Minutes ago
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The Abby and Jax Show


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Walmart fun... theabbyandjaxshow hulahoop walmart gamesection toyhunting abby sauturday

23 Minutes ago
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Throwback to when I road tripped up to Seattle last year by myself to attend @tulafest and ended up staying a week because I met such awesome people! vivalavida @shanogi PIYOGA

23 Minutes ago
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Katrina Elizabeth


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I’ve NEVER been able to hula hoop. I blamed it on my weight but I probably just didn’t try hard enough because of my weight. I let my weight hold me back from SO much in life. I find joy in simple things, people often take for granted, because I’ve experienced the world at over 300lbs. I’m thankful for my battle with my weight. It has molded me into the person I am today. The first time I was able to “keep it up” was last week, when I volunteered at Jeremiah’s preschool. I had kids, surrounding me in awe, asking how I was doing it. Well kids, NEVER GIVE UP! Just keep trying until you accomplish whatever your heart desires 💖🙌🏼 I was cleaning yesterday and got distracted by playing with Jeremiah’s hula hoop 🙈That hand tho 🤙🏼🤟🏻🤘🏻🤣 I think I was so used to trying to grab it before it fell my hand was ready 😂🙈Yes I know I don’t match and look a mess. Rocking that Mom Life.💁🏻‍♀️I wonder if mastering this will help me in another Spartan Race🤔😂😜 spartanracetraining messymomlife hulahoop nsv nevergiveup weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation fitnessjourney fitmom supermom badmom hateuscausetheyaintus losinghalfofme depressionwarrior anxietywarrior ptsdwarrior recovery loveyourselffirst itwillgetbetter happyhealthylife happiness thathandtho smilethroughthepain spartansuper confidence spartanrace

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Annie-Claude Phaneuf (annieclaudephaneuf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Annie-Claude Phaneuf


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Ce matin je prends une resolution qui espérons le durera plus de 2 semaines. Je me remet en forme! Un peu de hula hoop et tapis roulant pour commencer. Après on verra. Le plus dure c'est de maintenir la résolution mais plus d'excuse je vais créer du temps dans mon horaire. C'est important de prendre du temps pour soi. On s'en reparle dans 2 semaines. Si je réussi a maintenir ma resolution je me gâte en machetant l'ensemble satin corps de mary kay.

30 Minutes ago
Ally Fulena (allycat_hoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ally Fulena


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I've been nursing a shoulder injury and haven't been able to play with my hoops for almost three weeks (other than teaching my classes) so getting to flow last night felt so good, even if it was a bit sloppy! ❤💫 hoopersofinstagram hulahoop hooplah gratefulhoopers hoop flow reflectivehoop

32 Minutes ago
Alycia Betts (lishhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alycia Betts


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Facebook always ruins the quality, but here is a little snippet hoop performing during @fortknoxfive on La Brisa stage, powered by @funktiononeofficial at @bamboofestival ! The sound was so crispy, nd friday night vibes were lit!!!! Grateful af to have made it back for another year of performing. Feels like home ♡ @moodhoops futurehoop bamboo bamboobass bamboobassfestival costarica fortknoxfive

36 Minutes ago
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Fire hoop practice firehoop firehulahoop hulahoop fire hooppractice hulahooping firehulahooping firewicks spinsterzfirehoopwicks thespinsterz pelefirehoopwicks

39 Minutes ago
Mildred Zuñiga (mildredflows) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mildred Zuñiga


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A super small pice of what we did on december, i was extra exited and i can say... It was my best time ever on las year... Infinity thanked with my hommie @danielsanchezsoria hooper hoopersunite hooping hoopperformance flowartist flow hulahoop hoopersofinstagram

40 Minutes ago
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Ni Made Ratni


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hulahoop Ketika pinggang terasa tambah begbeg...

40 Minutes ago
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Fire hoop practice firehoop firehulahoop hulahoop fire hooppractice hulahooping firehulahooping firewicks spinsterzfirehoopwicks thespinsterz pelefirehoopwicks

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Any custom hoop orders that request any of these tapes will be discounted! Send a DM here or a message through etsy! Www.Etsy.Com/shop/mnewmandesig tapedhoops hulahoop dancehoop hoopdance hoopmaker infinitecircles infinitecirclescommunity tapes

44 Minutes ago
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Hannah Riser


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I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic?☠ ♡ ♡ ♡ hoopersofinstagr floridahoopers hooping flowmies flowarts sacredcircle hoopersofighooplove flow hoops hooplah flowmiesofearth hoopjourney hooptherapy greatfulhoopers hoopspam girlswhohoop hulahoop melaniemartinez remix beach

46 Minutes ago
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Sandy hula hoop


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hulahoop hulea Training otavalo musicaandina lovehoop

48 Minutes ago
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Comment from Michelle:

And here I am being silly, joyful, and drilling a new move💃This footage was from my last flow session on this lovely roof. I was blessed with some gorgeous sunshine, clear blue skies, and a stubbed toe 🤣 This one goes out to @spinderella_hula 😊💖 . Music: Roll On by Lincoln Jesser hoopiness hooplah hooptherapy infinitecircles sacredcircles hulahoop pdxhoopers hoophappy hoopersunite hoopdancer hooplove hoopdrills

52 Minutes ago
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Khaled Al Hussein

Comment from Khaled Al Hussein:

hulahoop dancing

52 Minutes ago
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rotem marziano


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Love @lilihoopnew 🌸💙☀️🤸💜🌺🌾 hulahoop hula hulahoops springtime loveworld loveflowers photographyeveryday photography

1 Hours ago
Alycia Betts (lishhoops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alycia Betts


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Ripping it up for the end of @esseksmusic set at Bamboo Bass Festival. This place is so special, there are really no words for it. If it's not on your list, mark it down and come experience it for yourself. Co creation at its finest! This mural, though.😍 @moodhoops moodhoopz futurehoop bamboobass bamboobassfestival esseks pksound led

1 Hours ago
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Mrs. Bell


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Day 4 of fuckthatpose is a hipopener sooooo I’m going with the hulahoop video my daughter and I made because fuck that shit! 😂😂😂😂🦄🦖🦄🦖 @caseyyoga yogamom workoutgoals workoutdaily exercise practice fail fitnessfun

1 Hours ago
ALISSA BALTAZAR (toronto_photographer_alissa) Instagram Photos and Videos




Back to back with at a great @weddingpregame last weekend! A fun and interactive convention that is changing the face of wedding shows! Thanks to @fieryscarletblack for participating with theweddingpregame fireperformers weddingshows weddingperformance wedding niagrafalls torontophotographer weddingphotographer hulahoop show performence weddingentertain entertainment

1 Hours ago
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Stefi Spins


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Graffiti Picnic ☀️ with my best friend & personal photographer/videographer @frankenstein_baby ArtsyVid urbex philly springinfebruary flowadelphia . . stopdropandspin for @cassidybhoops (finally!) and @jubeshoops 💞 sending it over to @misshoopdidoo & @misshoopsalot 💞 . . hoopersofinstagram flowarts girlswhohoop hooping hoop hulahoop hooplove peoplescreatives hoopgirls dailyart followme female creative peopleareawesome bemorehuman perpetualflow hooper flowmiesofearth hoopeverydamnday hooplah icc positivethinking

1 Hours ago
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It got real circusy in here yesterday😂🤸‍♀️✨ •••••••• I Rep- @cosmickittenflowarts HOOP: 30" 3/4 Two Toned UV Purple & UV Lime Green Polypro $1 From every hoop purchase is donated to Animal Shelters in Need!😸💕 Use code 'SMOON' for 10% off! ••••••••• cosmickittenz cosmickittenhoops hoopgirls hooplah hooplove hooplovers flowarts hoopflow sacredcircle unityofthehulahoopers hoopeverydamnday hoopersofinstagram hulahoop hoopdance inkedgirls moonchild gratefulhoopers gypsy stonerbabe

1 Hours ago
Brittney Burchfield (danceswithfiya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittney Burchfield


Comment from Brittney Burchfield:

More silhouettes 💞

1 Hours ago
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Got your bitch on 5th Ave I'm daddy. First free actual free flow since October and I can tell my muscles are a bit confused on some of the tricks but I'm happy to be back at it and am looking forward to improving. flow icc hooping hulahoop flow

1 Hours ago
Mitra Jelena (mitrahoop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mitra Jelena


Comment from Mitra Jelena:

So I maid it! I mount of 30 days of Shaktitempledanceschool in puskhar It’s been such amazing experience yoga and meditation every mornings and then stepping/dance classes in classical Indian dance Odissi Everything els then I have been practicing before. Fulloon structure where every little part of your body is suppose to be in one place. On top on that; we dancing for the gods, lord Jagannath the god of the universe. Giving thanks, flowers and offering, honoring, praying, and dancing Becky’s we believe, Becky’s we love the spirit that lives in all things. jagannath lordjagannath dancer shaktidancer odissidancer gratefull gratefullforallchalleng praying dancingforthegods hoopersofinstagram hulahoop creativity temple templedance india

1 Hours ago
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Our next performer is a beautiful dancer and hula hoop expert, Eshna Kutty. Eshna took to hula hooping at a young age and has been practising it ever since. She has also been passionate about dancing all along, and has given back to the society by teaching dance to Tihar jail inmates. We cannot wait to see her perform on our stage! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . art hulahoop hulahooping artform flow aerobics ted tedx tedtalk tedxtalk tedxbocconiumumbai misbbocconi mumbai powai india nayisoch eshnakutty tiharjail fitness

1 Hours ago
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Ziv Or


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take me back to this spot! 😍🙏👀 Polypro from discount >> zivor5 ❤ . . polypro hooper hoopdance guysthathoop hooping hulahoop hoopersofinstagram hooplife hooplifeforever hooplove

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