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Comment from МИШАНЯ и ЮНЕССА:

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Comment from Melissa:

My beauty, we have a love hate relationship! lovehaterelationship huskittude husky fey penelopeandfey dogsofinstagram dogs huskythings

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Comment from 여나몽:

- 토르 오랜만👻 몸이 점점 커지는것 같네 상남자로 되가는중👍🏻 가만히 잇지 못하는 장난꾸러기라 사진찍기 힘듦😅 일상 데일리 반려견 허스키 토르 아직1살도안된아가예요 견스타그램 daily husky torr dogstagram instagood

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Rajah 💙


Comment from Rajah 💙:

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Roaming With Ranger


Comment from Roaming With Ranger:

You're only stuck when you stop looking for the way. Husky Huskies huskiesofinstagram dog wolfdog incredibleearth Colorado hiking camping outdoors mountains views scenery photography huskigram exploring goxplr adventure coloradountamed adventuredognation adventuredog

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Comment from Midnight:

Amazon package arrived today with all my new toys! 😄 dogtoy kongwobbler kongcozie nylabone trixie dogsofinsta dogsofinstasg singaporedogs sgdogs bordercollie bordercolliemix husky huskypuppy huskiesofinstagram huskies bordercollielovers puppies puppiesofig puppiesofinstagram puppy puppydog puppyeyes puppyface puppygram puppylife puppylove puppyoftheday

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Elizabeth CJ


Comment from Elizabeth CJ:

Sponser me please!! I'm taking part in a walk for the DSPCA and I'm hoping to raise some money for the charity!! Please donate by copying and pasting the link!! Thank you everyone!! pomeranian chihuahua germanshepherd papillon husky puppylove

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Comment from Tami:

She was about to plow right into me at full speed. Lol . . tucklifetuesday dogsactivelife traildogs northernpups tucklife fitdog dogsonadventures happydog dogsthathike dogsonhikes hikingdog hiking huskylife huskypower dog dogstagram optoutside outdoorfun northernontario dogsofcanada husky rottie gsd germanshepherd whiteshepherd mutt rescuedog

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Jess Oliver


Comment from Jess Oliver:

Hilde & Murph .They don't know It yet but these two will eventually be best friends haha dogsofinstgram Rottweiler husky

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Comment from Petey🐕🐾:

yes, mom, I AM comfortable sleeping like this 🙄 . . please go check out and follow my pawesome pawtners 🐾 mollythehuskyrescue makoon_thehusky ghostandacethehuskies leavemealone idomeyoudoyou weirdsleepingpositions howisleep weirdthingsmydogdoes huskynation huskylove huskylife huskymix husky huskylovers huskymom huskypup doglove doglovers dogsofinsta huskiesofinstagram

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Jessi Smith


Comment from Jessi Smith:

Because after an almost 12 hour shift with no breaks- puppy snuggles, mojitos (made by my main squeeze), and Myth Busters The Simpsons edition is what I need. themondayesttuesdayever ineedadrink mojito mainsqueeze puppylove puppysnuggles husky chihuahua dogsofinsta mydogsarecuterthanyours vettech whataday semicolonproject tattoo

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Spartan and friends 😃


Comment from Spartan and friends 😃:

So sleepy 👁😀wolf articwolf hybrid akita husky boxer dogs art photo dogscorner inspiredbypets dachshund beggintime pet buzzfeed dog doglover instagramdogs love dogoftheday dogsitting ilovemydog instapuppy dogstagram lovepuppies kittens cats wolfdog jeeplife

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Giuliana Mello


Comment from Giuliana Mello:

Monstrinha ❤🐶 . . . . . thayla husky siberianhusky dog puppy themonia love

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Yusak sagino


Comment from Yusak sagino:

Extremely close up shot, model by husky🐶 husky siberianhusky siberianhuskyofinstagram huskypuppy

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Comment from Shiloh:

I like to sit right in the middle of the doggie door so I don't miss anything interesting while I'm outside!! husky huskylife puppy

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Comment from Mila:

Me and my new (clean) friend!!! 🐕🚿 timeforabath🛁 dogs huskies husky huskypic huskylove dog park

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Comment from Teeko:

He is home!! We were able to pick him up this afternoon. Dang ecollar though, we need a bigger crate Is there such a thing as an XXXL ? When they brought him out to us though he was using his left leg!! His doc followed him out to us and said he's surprised he's using it already, even just a little, most wouldn't want to. But he's very optimistic that he will recover really well and 2mos will go by quickly to prepare for the right leg's turn. Teeko TeekotheGreatWhite thegreatone whitedog whitehusky siberianhusky husky huskiesofinstagram canine ourjourney mansbestfriend yelloweyes CCLtear cranialcruciateligament mybestfriend seven sevenyearsold stillyoung surgery bareleg needabiggercrate heissouncomfortable TightRope TightRopeRepair

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Comment from Makoto🐺:

late night ridin'

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mr.zare 🗿


Comment from mr.zare 🗿:

Mavi 🐕 siberian husky vsco vscocam

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Konan and Kovak


Comment from Konan and Kovak:

Kovak learned how to "shake" today! His third trick 😝👍🏼

3 Minutes ago