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Searching for a campsite that is completely hidden beneath the snow is one thing. Things start to get real when you start setting up your camp in the middle of a forest that is covered in snow and the countdown to sunset has begun. First, we transferred all the food and anything fragrant from the car into the bear proof food storage because, safety comes first. For survival reasons, it was then time to find the fire pit. Shoveled the snow looking for what could keep us warm at night. By this time our hands were numb. No matter how thick and waterproof your mittens are, you would have them on and off to get the work done, especially when you are competing with the setting sun. We finished pitching the tent right when the night set in. And it was time to light the fire. It took us an hour to get the fire going because everything was too cold for the wood to even reach the ignition temperature. The wood itself was cold, the metal of the fire pit was at sub zero temperature with snow hugging it from all sides, the air around the woods was too cold for the lighter to even give a steady flame. Talk about patience and persistence. From that it lead to something that I had never imagined I would ever do. I sat on the snow for hours in below freezing temperature, in the middle of giant trees, thawing my feet and hands in the warmth of the fire. And that my friends, is the story that lead to this picture.

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