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It's been some time since my last post. I've been totally in the process of my short film script creation. Recently it felt as if everything was almost in place, tho something was still missing. So I had to throw everything apart, dig deeper and find better parts to the story. It was pretty frustrating at the time but that's just part of the writing process. I'm happy with experiencing it because it taught me to let go and have more patience. Some things just need a little more time to fall in place and all you can do is let go of rushing and be happy for all you've already created. We easily judge ourselves and get frustrated when progress seems slower than expected, tho many times it's not that we're dumb or something, just that our subconscious brain needs a little more time to process all the info we provided it with and come up with a new answer. So let go. And always be patient.

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500 km drive back home. I love to drive and to see the changes in the landscape and all the the nature beauty! #ilovenature

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