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Comment from HILANG🍁:

manusia tidak selalunya cantik😌 repost imfeelingyou butyou thankyou bye 🤗

19 Hours ago
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Comment from Tru_2the2:

Just a question ineedanswers imfeelingyou maybe maybenot butifiam areyoufeelingmetoo erickasthoughts

5 Days ago
Liz Molina (krazie_liz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Liz Molina


Comment from Liz Molina:

I broke my rules for you 🙇🏻‍♀️ AsRealAsItGets imfeelingyou FckAFriendZone DejLoaf Jaquees mykryptonite nuffsaid payattention

6 Days ago
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favor savor


Comment from favor savor:

That choker imfeelinsometypeofway imightbefeelinmyself or maybe imfeelingyou

6 Days ago
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Shannon 💜


Comment from Shannon 💜:

goodmorning cocoabeach imfeelingyou allthelove sunrise atlantic

8 Days ago
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Comment from Malmal:

Ten hours on the phone with my Bunny lol she had my whole attention the whole night and morning I even have work in a few hours shit crazy man 💯💯🙏🏾😘❤️😍 imfeelingyou

13 Days ago
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Brianna Drew


Comment from Brianna Drew:

My favorite song right now ImFeelingYou YouLikeItCauseYouKnowImYours

14 Days ago
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TakaJenet Fuchigami


Comment from TakaJenet Fuchigami:

musixmatch malayakana imfeelingyou imafool bakasakali

14 Days ago
Toniece Maria (blackbambi74) Instagram Photos and Videos

Toniece Maria


Comment from Toniece Maria:

donnelljones with lefteye 🙏🏾RIP . I'm on the way to chicity it's my bday need goodmusic applemusic uknowwhatsup imfeelingyou

14 Days ago
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OverVenti on Etsy


Comment from OverVenti on Etsy:

We can dance if you want, getitcrackin if you like. Must be a fullmoon 🌙 Feels like oneofthosenights imfeelingyou right here and right now Thanks 🙏🏽 brandy ! Good people , you can find this pewter 1990s vintage coyote wolf button in my etsyshop overventi muchlove iloveyoumore howl if you lovethemoon light and being a light shineon 😘fashiondesigner dressmaking notions

15 Days ago
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Yle ♥


Comment from Yle ♥:

Ti sento. Summer breeze brezza estiva green grass nature Relax enjoy meditating Listen birdssinging sunset rayofsunshine girl moodoftheday memyselfandi videooftheday peace tranquility tisento imfeelingyou thoughts lovemeforwhoiam inmyplace 💛

17 Days ago
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Elizabeth McGonagle


Comment from Elizabeth McGonagle:

Oh hey girl, hey hey colorado imfeelingyou rockymountains

19 Days ago
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Carmie SP


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24 Days ago
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Josef Valdiezel


Comment from Josef Valdiezel:

instabirthday cakecakecake atlanta 26 imfeelingyou pacmancake cake redvelvet redvelvetcake cupcakes

26 Days ago
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Michael Brandon Stanley


Comment from Michael Brandon Stanley:

🌆Yoga views rn nyc imfeelingyou

33 Days ago
Mariana Esain (marianaesain) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mariana Esain


Comment from Mariana Esain:

Ni con todos los filtros del mundo puedo caretear el domingo que tengo en la cara ImFeelingYou CarlosSantana Musica Ukelele

34 Days ago
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Marriage Stuff


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Flirt! ・・・ flirtfriday yourmarriageisyour1stministry husbandandwife marriagegoals covenantkeepers marriagematters loveatfirstsight datenight❤️ imfeelingyou marriageworks repost

35 Days ago
Kamila Scott 💕 Est. 6/2011 (yourmarriageisyour1stministry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kamila Scott 💕 Est. 6/2011


Comment from Kamila Scott 💕 Est. 6/2011:

flirtfriday yourmarriageisyour1stministry husbandandwife marriagegoals covenantkeepers marriagematters loveatfirstsight datenight❤️ imfeelingyou marriageworks repost @daveandashleywillis

36 Days ago
Lisa Hally Greenbaum (lisahally) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lisa Hally Greenbaum


Comment from Lisa Hally Greenbaum:

You. Get. Me. streetart downtownvibes imfeelingyou chemistry weconnect

37 Days ago
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Comment from DBK.:

Tomorrow's pint night is looking mighty sexy. ifyouregoodwellgofromthere imfeelingyou fire

38 Days ago
Jennifer Holder 😘😘😂 (jenniboo_1983) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Holder 😘😘😂


Comment from Jennifer Holder 😘😘😂:


39 Days ago
Rae (michiganraerae) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rae:

imfeelingyou lovequotes loveyourself lovestory love heart heart❤️ hearts positivity quotes inspiration loveislove🌈 loveislove

46 Days ago
Make Success Do The Talking (stardatprince) Instagram Photos and Videos

Make Success Do The Talking


Comment from Make Success Do The Talking:

slowitdownsundays imfeelingyou stardatprince stardatprincetv linkinbio👆 soonking🔜👑 500 BMG rnbmusic rnb soulmusic inmybag indemusic indeartist independentartist

48 Days ago
 (keeping_up_with_izzy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from keeping_up_with_izzy:

Anybody' like gurl you work toomuch But your bff is like... imfeelingit imfeelingyou love uunderstandme money 💰 Motivation Workhard playhard i❤️money @yvonne_s_y

53 Days ago
Yvonne Valdes (yvonnevaldes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yvonne Valdes


Comment from Yvonne Valdes:

Smile 😄...the weekend is coming soon 🌞🥂✨😎 friday imfeelingyou 💖

64 Days ago
💗🇺🇸🎀🍀💗 (josaurus) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 💗🇺🇸🎀🍀💗:

notmine nowimnottryingtoberude heyprettygirl imfeelingyou rude rudeass rudebitch ignitionremix ignition rkelly lol lmao yes classic song sotrue truth

67 Days ago
🌿Elizabeth Rush (elizabannerush) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌿Elizabeth Rush


Comment from 🌿Elizabeth Rush:

I see you, Denver 👀👽 imfeelingyou denver colorado workconference archaeology milehighcity rockymountainhigh

68 Days ago
🙆 âAmpêrë 🙆 (ampere_ammii) Instagram Photos and Videos

🙆 âAmpêrë 🙆


Comment from 🙆 âAmpêrë 🙆:

I'm feeling you 😘❤️😍 feelings imfeelingyou missingyou missyou myfeelings thinking thinkingofyou memories me portraits myportrait portraitphotography photooftheday photography photoshoot photo vsco vscocam vscogram like4like likeforlike ampere

71 Days ago
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Comment from Raphaela:

Good Morning World! rheinfall waterfall offtowork beautifulday sunny spring imfeelingyou goodmorningeveryone newday newenergy

74 Days ago
Jess 🗝🔮 (jesse_let_it_be) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jess 🗝🔮


Comment from Jess 🗝🔮:

🎶You crossed my mind...🎶 michellebranch imfeelingyou antiquing

82 Days ago
ALBERTO LIONETTI (albertolionetti) Instagram Photos and Videos




Mattinate meravigliose all'insegna delle idee.. con gli occhiali scuri per coprire i segni di una notte di passione con la mia musica.. con chitarre piccole che regalano grandi emozioni.. con il cuore pieno d'amore per questo mestiere! Una nuova creatura è venuta al mondo🔥 IMFEELINGYOU

83 Days ago
💋🔫Justine Kara🔫💋 (justeen_kara) Instagram Photos and Videos

💋🔫Justine Kara🔫💋


Comment from 💋🔫Justine Kara🔫💋:

When im with him, nothing else matters. mood vibes positivevibes lifeisgood relationshipgoals mybabe kissmeimfamous weekend memories photography imfeelingyou tattoedcouple springnights thatsarealman

91 Days ago
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Neil Whitby


Comment from Neil Whitby:

heterosexual boymeetsgirl excuseme hellohowareyou iwaswwonderingificouldgetyourn letsgoout letsgooutonight letmehelpyouwiththat letmehelpyou whereyougoing imfeelingyou youlookpretty

113 Days ago