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A lot can happen in a year -- make sure you plan it right. 2016 was an interesting year for me, I went through so many crazy rollercoaster rides with my inner self. Hiked at some crazy places, attended an international expo, travelled every quarter, moved out of home, created multiple incomes, made friends with amazing people, decided on my master program, and last but not least took me this entire year to finalize my business idea. Many thanks to really awesome friends who were with me on this journey. 💄Let's make 2017 an effing epic year. #imfeelingyou #happy2017

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Comment from Nay Ladbasri:

Oh my heart! This is my everything right now! Thai iced tea without keep my hyper heart from having a heart attack. The Thai in me is feeling this so hard right now! 🇹🇭 #imfeelingyou

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