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Hayden Lamb 🐑 (haydenlamb21) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hayden Lamb 🐑


Comment from Hayden Lamb 🐑:

Thanks to @swordsmantattoo for the awesome work 👌 Bali indonesia tattoo ink travel art

3 Seconds ago
Alex Marcos Alves (lecotattooer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex Marcos Alves


Comment from Alex Marcos Alves:

Mais umas pra somar.... @siflorencio name homenagem lotusflower lotus blacktattoo tattoo tattooer tattooed tatuaggio tatuaje tattoogirl tattooist tatuagemfeminina sp ink instagood instasize instagram art

6 Seconds ago
Timothy Higgins (guitarmantim) Instagram Photos and Videos

Timothy Higgins


Comment from Timothy Higgins:

When the blues hit they hit hard, but the music releases all we hold inside goth gothic gothguy irish metalguy metalhead music musician rock rockandroll rocker metal heavymetal guitar guitarist crow poetry writing alt ink tattoo selfie punk rebel cork vibes writing expression art artist

9 Seconds ago
Kayla White (kwhite9032) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kayla White


Comment from Kayla White:

paw pawprint tattoo ink color watercolor coverup altontattooco alton

13 Seconds ago
Dominik Hüfner (giant_leap) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dominik Hüfner


Comment from Dominik Hüfner:

Inktober day 21: blank inktober inktober2017 furious vulture toilet empty animals cartoon illustration ink

15 Seconds ago
Ceci✨ (cec_mariee) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ceci✨:

Day19 ”Cloud” inktober2017 cloud creaturesofthenight ink sketch

18 Seconds ago
Jordan S. Wilson (spencerartist1991) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jordan S. Wilson


Comment from Jordan S. Wilson:

This metro system was built to the task in transporting the citizens of Super City. If it breaks down, then Super City will break down. inktober2017 inktober ink instaart blackink sketch sketchbook sketching blackink subway metro urbanplanning transit transportation doodle raw river instaartist

19 Seconds ago
inomnom (inomnomcom) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from inomnom:

Inktober Day 21 Day in the life of a pokemon trainer That's an IgglyBUFF ALRIGHT LOL, poor Oshawott 😅 rocked . . . inktober inktober2017 inktoberday21 pokemon pokemonblack pokemonblack2 nintendo oshawott igglybuff jigglypuff pokemontrainer challenger challenge videogamefanart fanart videogames buff armday pencil ink drawing artwork doodle sketch drawingoftheday

20 Seconds ago
natalie (whistletae) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from natalie:

Inktober: Day 21???? Hobi the good witch. - - - btsfanart btsart bts bangtanboys bangtan hoseok junghoseok jhope witch inkdrawing inktober inktober2017 ink sketch sketchbook traditionalart jhopefanart penandink pencilsketch pen art artistoninstagram illustration

21 Seconds ago
Juan Rodriguez Cuberes (johnrodc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Juan Rodriguez Cuberes


Comment from Juan Rodriguez Cuberes:

Done with this part ✍🏻🎸 drawingpencilillustrator ratorartistpenartillustrationh tionhendrixguitarmusicrocklege klegendcreativedotworkinkportr portraitsketchpaintingaustrali

24 Seconds ago
Luthien Baker (laughing_wren) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luthien Baker


Comment from Luthien Baker:

Another workdoodle. ballpointpen ballpoint ink inktober saturdayworkday workdoodles toomuchfreetimeatwork atomic bowlcut

25 Seconds ago
Nan B (nansomedrawing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nan B


Comment from Nan B:

Apple bottom green For @efm0004 . . . nansome nansomedrawing greenapple admarkers micron ink coloredpencil art atxart keepaustinweird design request

26 Seconds ago
Bank Jay (bankjayinc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bank Jay


Comment from Bank Jay:

Zyzz'n hard!! Imma make some posters for y'all. zyzzhawaiigymgymingcardioswimb swimbeachbeachesfunsunnorthsho thshoreblueoceantattsinkaloham

27 Seconds ago
sadstab (sadstab) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from sadstab:

@sprngchkn mamasboy kid handpoke handpoked stickandpoke machinefree blackink blacktattooart btattooing blackworkers blxckink blackwork linework darkartists tattooartist tattooart tattooing tattooer torontoart Татуировка tatuering toronto torontotattoo newtattoo ink tattoosofinstagram tattooworkers хоумтату

27 Seconds ago
Stephane Fournier Sculpture (sfsculpture) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephane Fournier Sculpture


Comment from Stephane Fournier Sculpture:

Quick sketches from the sketch book foe this Inktober 21 of 31. . . inktober inktober2017 ink drawing crow sketch moleskine sfsculpture montreal

28 Seconds ago
@deutschtalia's art account (kunstkaetzchen) Instagram Photos and Videos

@deutschtalia's art account


Comment from @deutschtalia's art account:

Inktober day 21: furious Just a bear I whipped up art drawing line lining ink inktoberday21 inktober inktober2017 bear bears sharpie roar furious

30 Seconds ago
Raphaela Cruz (rcruztattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Raphaela Cruz


Comment from Raphaela Cruz:

💃 inkedgirls ink

31 Seconds ago
Ammon Seiter (aminn_37) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ammon Seiter


Comment from Ammon Seiter:

Inktober day 20:deep. It's a fish inktober2017drawingink

32 Seconds ago
Skindeep (nathanthanh) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Skindeep:

Thanks for letting me celebrate your beautiful wedding @jess_berliner beautifulpeople beautifulbride yamba cksuits rivershackwedding ckshirts suits meninsuits bridestyle brideandtattoo ink tattoos tattoosleeve

34 Seconds ago
Gemini's Daughter (geminisdaughter) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gemini's Daughter


Comment from Gemini's Daughter:

Allison Olliveri furious sketch sketchup sketching sketchbook sketches sketchy doodling doodles doodle illustration drawing draw owncharacter characterdesign instadraw instaartist instaartwork gun gundshooter mafia inktober2017 ink pen inktober shinhanart touchmarker inksketch sakurainktober inktobercuerna

36 Seconds ago
Tora Sumi (tora_sumi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tora Sumi


Comment from Tora Sumi:

@macytattoos has these 4 prints for sale on her Etsy store as well as in studio! Check out her page and give her some love ❤️. Enquiries for Macy's canvases as well as prints in the studio email us at shop! macyprints floralprints tattoos canvas ink inkdrawing artwork forsale customdesign flower flowers flowerdrawing flowerdrawingforsale flowerdrawingcanvas floralcanvas sunflower peony waratah tigerlily artforsale

37 Seconds ago
Joshua Portillo (joshwahhh93) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joshua Portillo


Comment from Joshua Portillo:

Here's a Lil banger I did the other day heart tattoo ink red linework apprentice apprenticetattoo forgottenarttattoogallery butt ass palmdale lancaster

38 Seconds ago
Alejah Mae Profeta (lia_draws) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alejah Mae Profeta


Comment from Alejah Mae Profeta:

Craft Carrot Inktober Day 2-Kindness . . 🎵” We don’t have to fall from grace. Put down the weapons you fight with.”-Kill ‘em with kindness, Selena Gomez”🎵 . . Drawing of @selenagomez 😊 . . inktober inktober2017 ink inkdrawing lettering calligraphy inklettering inkcalligraphy indiaink killemwithkindness art art🎨 artistsoninstagram

39 Seconds ago
Johnny Rey (inkreytattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Johnny Rey


Comment from Johnny Rey:

Taking a quick break out here. Been a great show so far. Still have a few hours left tonight and a full day tomorrow people. If you in the area make sure to come thru and check us out, say "whats up", and get hit up!! aztattooartist aztattooer ink inked inkedup inkedlife tattoos art mesa tattoo tattooartist aztattoos visuallyspeakingtattoos inkreytattoos art artist professionaltattooartist tempe phoenix eastvalley newyork longisland unitedink flight1017

39 Seconds ago
BEUGISM (beugism) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BEUGISM:

When I was in Lisbon I saw this guy (bottom right on the spread) sketching. I felt guilty for not having drawn anything in weeks. So I took out my sketchbook and sketched him sketching. 😂

40 Seconds ago
WWW.4THN10PHOTOGRAPHY.COM (4thn10photography) Instagram Photos and Videos




@rastitta 4thn10photography sandiego barbers peluquero fades tapers vibeba lineup vibe rasta comb tattoos ink

40 Seconds ago
Aragua Tattoo Studio (araguatattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aragua Tattoo Studio


Comment from Aragua Tattoo Studio:

Piano en estilo sketch con Watercolor - Realizado por @jorgecabreratattoo - - Visitanos: C.C Gran Bazar Local ML125 PB C.C Galería Plaza Nivel 2 Local N2-68 Maracay-Edo Aragua Contactos : 0243-2480263 Horario: 10am a 5pm - - - AraguaTattoo maracay CiudadJardin PuraVida Venezuela aragua color tattoo tatuaje art arte neotradicional neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo dibujo draw traditional traditionaltattoo color ink tinta maracay aragua Venezuela tattooed lapiz agujas

42 Seconds ago
rndmnm (_rndmnm_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from rndmnm:

Inktober No.20 Some dude. Sooo many hands aughhh inktober inktober2017 ink drawing drawingaday antlers demons corruption fantasyart spirit deity armchair

42 Seconds ago
MrHardwired (mrhardwired) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MrHardwired:

Fuck the neighbours metalhead metalmulisha cover masterofpuppets metallica guitarist musician gibson cardiff beardedvillains beard beardsandtattoos shredding tattoo ink blunt skunk sinner saturday saturdaynight mood instalove

44 Seconds ago
Seth Keller (silverquill5555) Instagram Photos and Videos

Seth Keller


Comment from Seth Keller:

This is my Inktober sketch for day 20. Deep. Like, comment and follow. artwork art artsy inktober inktober2017 artinfo artistoninstagram artistic instaartsy instaart draw drawings drawingoftheday create creative gallery tallent squid instaartwork ink pendrawing sketch sketchbook sketching handdrawing fun beautiful beauty blackandwhite

44 Seconds ago
Gizella (g.doodlez) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gizella:

day 21 mrs lovett and her meat pies :0 from one of my favorite spoopy movies

1 Minutes ago
Rodrigo Peña (rodrigo_pem) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rodrigo Peña


Comment from Rodrigo Peña:

Day 21: Furious inktober

2 Minutes ago
Lucas Castro🇺🇾 (luqasuy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lucas Castro🇺🇾


Comment from Lucas Castro🇺🇾:

7 Minutes ago