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🔸Welcome back for a new week of.... #creatingmyhome ..... starting NOW! We would like to see all of the ways you create your homes, like this photo from @thesmithabode - Caitlin's husband built these benches to compliment their farmhouse table! We want to see creativity in your home - how do you make your house a home for your family? To play is simple: 🔸Post an original photo anytime now through Thursday midnight. 🔸Please tag your hosts: Anisa @a_flann Christina @christina_a_jones Karen @karen.says Linda @linda_chasingladybugs Stephanie @waterandhue And last weeks feature guest: Lori @lorilinephotography 🔸And tag some friends to play along!! We will feature our favorite on all accounts Friday, and the winner will be invited to guest host the following week!! We look forward to seeing all of your inspiring homes! I've tagged some friends to get us started!! Photo:📷 @thesmithabode Please visit #decordailydose hosted by the talented @luvewant and @meenandmoose for current hashtag announcements!!! #creatingmyhome #design #inspiration #homedecor #repurpose #vintagefinds #eclecticdecor #homesweethome

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Florzita 🌻

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When one of your favorite clients becomes a great friend and then moves to Boston!   #mauigirl

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Never let anyone take your dreams and desires away from you. Every great thing started as a dream, it's your baby, nurture and watch it grow. 💋xoxo ( 📷 @thechampagnediet)

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What are you going to choose today? // Lately I've had some huuuge fights against stress. There are soo many things happening in my life atm, I just felt overwhelmed and panicked. I'm generally a very happy and peaceful person, but life gets tough on all of us and there are times it's hard to handle... This morning I made a decision! I'm done with stress, done with anxiety and done with fear. I chose peace and faith. My God is muuuuch greater than any of my challenges!! Period. Tomorrow morning I will start my day the same way: Again I will choose peace over stress!! 👊🏻✋🏽 fight this battle guys! 😘

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"For this new year, I’m hopeful. If we all started being a little bit more compassionate, if we’d rather be kind than be right, this new year could be a turning point. We could be a broken world, but a unified people. I don’t know if we’ll get there, but I know I can start right here. May there be peace on earth, and may it begin with me." - @moniwinters // #localwolves

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