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The way he's looking at me.

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Satu kesatuan dinamis. #550d

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Yesterday was such an amazing day. We, Instagrammers from Bandung and Jakarta, strolled around Istiqlal Mosque to pray and took some pictures . Istiqlal Mosque is such an aesthetic and strong building. Many Instagrammers come to this place to enjoy the beauty of the building. . Let's do the Instameet more often to share our experience to those who wants to learn more. Here we are !! @berangkatkita @irsyammaulana @andika @seranggaditaman @fahmyrhamadan @ghozifaww @terryoga @rizkidarmoh @heywil @iqbalbabon @mukticahyadi @brams_id @iqbalpiliang_ @rekammaulana @rodagenic @ijoeel @abisutan

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#regram from @zidhon188 . Kalau yang ini namanya Puncak Darma, bagian dari Geopark Ciletuh yang merupakan primadona wisatanya. Dari Puncak Darma, kamu bisa melihat bentang alam yang ditampilkan Teluk Ciletuh yang luar biasa. Kamu juga bisa melihat matahari terbenam ataupun terbit dari sini dengan jelas.

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