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Cuenta Oficial Chistgram™😂👌🇨🇴 (chistgram) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cuenta Oficial Chistgram™😂👌🇨🇴


Comment from Cuenta Oficial Chistgram™😂👌🇨🇴:

😈⬇😍 ¡¡Etiqueta a 3 amig @s!! ^ Y i te guta la publicación ígueno! ➡ @Chistgram⬅ 😈⬇😍 chistgram meme humor amigos amigas gato fail fake iphone jajaja colombia ______ No Copyright infringement intended. Photo Unknown Direct for credits @Chistgram / issue or text us | Respect to photographers & Influencers

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태민 (ttmmm2) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 태민:

서초동 보네르 . . . . . . . . f4fffffoll ffollowfollow4followselcaselfi selfieselstagramkoreakpopiphon iphonecoffeeootddailydailypict

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홍성영 (h_starr_0) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 홍성영:

월요일 최악 ;; . . . . . . . . . . . 02 16 follow iphone selfie 거울샷 맞팔

36 Seconds ago
SOHYUN (psh_1027) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SOHYUN:

하...월요일이네?....주말어디갔지😭 성수 성수동 출근 월요병 카페 가고파 커피 데일리 사진 핸드드립 마시고파☕️ daily photo picture iphone iphoneography cafe coffee coffeelover coffeelife working mondays rainyday

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Yanagi (yanagi_333) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Yanagi:

1日目 pm2 ステーキ 600g am1 豚しゃぶサラダ ハイボール サイクリング 往復14km ダイエット 食べて飲んで 痩せる iphone applewatch 便利 米 肉 野菜 酒 大好き

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9sE(🌱🌱) (nsznzs) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 9sE(🌱🌱):

😶 . . . fff follow fashion f4f selfie selca selpic iphone like 22 일상 instasize instagram daily dailylook 소통 맞팔 선팔 팔로우 데일리 데일리룩 ootd outfit 오오티디 얼스타 얼스타그램 셀카 셀피 셀스타그램

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shiori (ri___mn) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from shiori:

. . . ・ . . . . 2年ぶり3回目のMONSTERbaSH🌟 . 🌟 . 初めてきちんと通しで参戦〜〜! 絶対体力死ぬと思っ 死ぬと思ってて、まぁその通りだったけど案外いけたかな(笑) な(笑) . もう全部全部楽しすぎました\(^o^)/ . )/ . 夏フェスやっぱりやめられんなぁ〜〜 . お二人さん insta camera iPhone coregraphy photography photo ig_japan canongirl lens pict picture ファインダー越しの私の世界 写真好きな人と繋がりたい 写真撮ってる人と繋がりたい 写真で伝えたい私の世界 モンバスmonsterbash 四星球10feet monoeyes sumika wanima radwimps 04limitedsazabys simマキシマムザホルモン myhairisbad

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🇨🇦📱Phone•Tablet•iPod•Extras📱🇨🇦 (halifaxsmartphones) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🇨🇦📱Phone•Tablet•iPod•Extras📱🇨🇦:

Apple iPhone 5C - Bell | Virgin - Pink halifax iPhone iPhone5c

52 Seconds ago
Lily (girlboss_lily) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lily:

babygirlgirlbossbabygirlpinkip lovemodel cutesweethairvacationsummersum ersummervibesholidayholidayscu

59 Seconds ago
김 응록 (eungrok_kim) Instagram Photos and Videos

김 응록


Comment from 김 응록:

할리스라니...! 👍🙇🏻🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️ . 소통 맞팔 선팔 좋아요 데일리 일상 남자 인친 흔남 팔로우 아이폰 l4l f4f iphone 셀카 얼스타그램 셀스타그램 selfie 셀피 iphoneonly 24 94 daily 먹스타그램

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Take iPhone7 for free (easywaytowiniphone7) Instagram Photos and Videos

Take iPhone7 for free


Comment from Take iPhone7 for free: Who wants to get one of this wonderful iPhone7? Everything you need to do is to complete these steps below: 1•Claim your iphone 2•Choose what colour you wanna 3•Download the game 4•Open it for 30sec. goodmorningpost apple giveaway usa iphone7 iphone7plus instadaily instatag instagram instagood instapicture lucky winner iphone iphoneonly apple appleiphone ios iphone7 iphone7plus applewatch technology electronics mobile giveaway instagood instaiphone phone iphone7gold smartphone teamiphone haveagoodday

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🇨🇦📱Phone•Tablet•iPod•Extras📱🇨🇦 (halifaxsmartphones) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🇨🇦📱Phone•Tablet•iPod•Extras📱🇨🇦:

Apple iPhone 5C - Bell | Virgin OR Telus | Koodo halifax phone iPhone

1 Minutes ago
Meme Guru (memeguru365) Instagram Photos and Videos

Meme Guru


Comment from Meme Guru:

True 😂 iPhone iphonealerts chappelle meme chapellememe davechappelle president whatcanido batman

1 Minutes ago
Chelsea Hoipkemier 👩🏻‍🎨 (makeuphippy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chelsea Hoipkemier 👩🏻‍🎨


Comment from Chelsea Hoipkemier 👩🏻‍🎨:

💜💙Pops of color and a golden glow💙💜 . . Products •FACE: @hourglasscosmetics Vanish Stick foundation "shell and bisque" @tartecosmetics Shape Tape concealer "fair beige" Amazonian Clay bronzer "park ave princess" Amazonian Clay blush "peaceful" @toofaced Primed and Poreless pressed powder •BROWS: @anastasiabeverlyhills Dip Brow"chocolate" •EYES: @jeffreestarcosmetics Androgyny palette @urbandecaycosmetics Electric palette @tartecosmetics clay pot liner "black" @marcbeauty highliner "(earth)quake" @lashfood collagen primer @tartecosmetics lights, camera, lashes mascara •HIGHLIGHT: @anastasiabeverlyhills Gleam Glow kit •LIPS: @maccosmetics "hot chocolate" . . . . makeup motd colors brows naturallight anastasiabeverlyhills hourglasscosmetics tartecosmetics rethinknatural toofaced jeffreestarcosmetics urbandecay mac eyeshadow mermaidhair iphone iphone6 instamakeup wakeupandmakeup follow followme texas pisces practice highlight lipstick marcjacobsbeauty bossbabe boss products

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W • R🇲🇽 (williamcruiz) Instagram Photos and Videos

W • R🇲🇽


Comment from W • R🇲🇽:

I edited this in iMovie cause I was mad bored but it's just a "trailer" for the real 2017 video I'm making ••••photoshopcanonT5cameradslr adslr75-30018-55nikoniphonelig nelightroomadobelightroomadobe adobephotoshopshadecontrastbeg stbeginningphotographerbeginne ginnerCanonEOSCanonEOSRebelT5S elT5STMLensimaginationimageryJ

1 Minutes ago
ᵞᴼᵁᴺᴳ ᴴᵞᴱ ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ ︎♡ (young.___.02) Instagram Photos and Videos

ᵞᴼᵁᴺᴳ ᴴᵞᴱ ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ ︎♡


Comment from ᵞᴼᵁᴺᴳ ᴴᵞᴱ ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ ︎♡:

- 볼때기가 장난감이 되는 현실😢 다이어트할구야 :( . . . 주말 기장 드라이브 밤바다 카페 소통 selfie iphone dailylook

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△ Ɍ⋮▲ И Ξ 🦄 (arianem313) Instagram Photos and Videos

△ Ɍ⋮▲ И Ξ 🦄


Comment from △ Ɍ⋮▲ И Ξ 🦄:

This is sweet!!! coconutwater coconut bluemonkey glassbottle bluebottle nature sunshine sunset nofilter iphone

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Didem (didemsonan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Didem:

nice cool lips friend love photo like4like model hairstyle likeforlike follow life fitness party girl canon nikon iphone tattoo happy crazy makeup goodnight stil fashion beauty amazing photography iphone boanoite lol

1 Minutes ago
Bowie (quest_for_honey_abs) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Bowie:

Cause they ran out of mango salad 🥗 🦐 settled for green papaya ... ... ... .. .. fruitfoodfoo odfoodiefoodpornfoodpicfoodpic odpicsinstagoodinstafoodpotdvs otdvscovscocamiphoneiphoneonly eonlyinstafityummydeliciouscle uscleaneatinghealthhealthyfitf

1 Minutes ago
Y O G E S 🥀 (yoges_vm) Instagram Photos and Videos

Y O G E S 🥀


Comment from Y O G E S 🥀:

Over drawn lips and striking yellow on a Monday 🦁vscocam photography love foodie instadaily ootd potd love dance swag igers throwback style instapic edge work kpop trendsetter fashion vibes travel iphone streetstyle blogger latergram ootn

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パティスリーフラーズ (patissreriephrase) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from パティスリーフラーズ:

おはようございます☀ 今日も頑張ります😊💕 明日から三連 フラーズ 東海市フラーズフラーズ東海市 知多市大府市ケーキケーキ屋ケーキ屋さん スイーツ手作りスイーツ 手作りケーキ 手作りおやつ おかし作り patisserie instafood food 焼き菓子cookingram クッキングラム instagood instagramjapan iphone foodstagram sweets gateaux

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Danari Constanza 💭📝 (constanzadanari) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danari Constanza 💭📝


Comment from Danari Constanza 💭📝:

Una de las mejores cosas de la vida es poder compartir contigo cada momento y disfrutar de cada uno de estos 😍 Excelente fin de semana a tu lado como siempre, regaloneado y sin dudas el más apañador 👫 y el nuevo MasterChef 👨🏻‍🍳 Ñam Ñam 😋..! InstaMoment InstaMaipú InstaSantiago MomentosÚnicos ElMásApañador ExcelenteFinDeSemana SomosLosMejores CompañerosDeVida MiCompañeroDeVida AraucoMaipú ConsintiendoABrujaMayor SeVieneLoMejor CaminoALaAceptaciónLogrado NadiePuedeConmigo AnteLaAdversidadSiempreSalgoVi YamahaYsFazer250 LabialMac SinMakeUp...! Y la mejor parte..." El: Que nos vemos lindo Amor , Yo: Sipos, El: Yapos Toma La Foto...!" 😍❤️ ComoNoEnamoraemeDeÉl Iphone Iphonesia Iphone6Plus Bobitos

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Sandor Daku (sandordaku) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sandor Daku


Comment from Sandor Daku:

Last albums... It's an interesting topic, because a last recording is always an important element of a band's discography, as a musical keystone, as a „coda”. Interestingly, for example, Led Zeppelin's Coda album is not their last one, but it's only my opinion. For me, their last album is In Through The Out Door, because that was the last time, when all of the four members are worked on a studio album. Coda is a collection of live recordings and outtakes, and a great tribute to the legengary drummer, John Bonham. That's the same situation with Pink Floyd. The Endless River is a collection of older musical ideas, but, because of the absence of the late, great Richard Wright, this album is an addendum for the precious Pink Floyd-discography, and a great tribute to Mr. Richard Wright. I think, The Division Bell is a perfect „keystone”. Let It Be is the last album by The Beatles? I think not. George, Paul and Ringo worked together for a brief session for that album in 1970 again, it's true. But John's absence made it clear: that's a new, a different, a „Beat-less” era. The last time they're all worked together was in August 1969. I think the last album by the Fab Four is the Abbey Road, because the main part of the Let It Be album was recorded before the Abbey Road sessions, and, like The Division Bell for Pink Floyd, Abbey Road is a perfect coda for The Beatles discography, with excellent songs. Innuendo or Made In Heaven? The question is interesting. The last completed Queen album before Freddie Mercury's passing was Innuendo, but there's a very important detail. When the Queen finished Innuendo, they continued to record new musical ideas for a new album, so Freddie Mercury knew, this will be a new material after his death. It's so sad... John Bonham, Richard Wright, John Lennon, George Harrison, Freddie Mercury. Rest in peace. 🌌 ledzeppelin coda inthroughtheoutdoor pinkfloyd theendlessriver thedivisionbell beatles thebeatles letitbe abbeyroad queen innuendo madeinheaven johnbonham richardwright johnlennon georgeharrison freddiemercury restinpeace music lastalbum last album art iphone instagram instamusic musicgram paris france

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Instanusantara People (uccinktonji) Instagram Photos and Videos

Instanusantara People


Comment from Instanusantara People:

Rumah harapan, dimana kami melihat matahari terbit dibelakang rumah dan melihat matahari terbenam didepan rumah. home sunrise happymonday travelphotography instasunda instanusantaramakassar instanusantara travel iphone iphone7plus village

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Obi ★ Wan ★ Fer (batman_dark_fer_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Obi ★ Wan ★ Fer


Comment from Obi ★ Wan ★ Fer:

jackdaniels whisky whiskey bourbon scotch drinks rock music axl axlrose gunsnroses lemmy lemmykilmister motorhead funko toy toys adictosargentina toystagram toyphotography toygroup_alliance batman lego joker comics cosplay slash iphone vinyls instajackd

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Ann Stoker (ann.pdf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ann Stoker


Comment from Ann Stoker:

primera vez que me siento triste de irme :(

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MiBar (mibardemusica) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MiBar:

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Marta Vinicky (tumsphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marta Vinicky


Comment from Marta Vinicky:

"Blue" (10/365) • photoadaychallenge

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林美恩 (vvickielimm) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 林美恩:

It’s an endless battle between me and my mind.

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Ana Sofía (sotellez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ana Sofía


Comment from Ana Sofía:

Dracarys! 🔥🔥🔥

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Bob Boyd (bobboyd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bob Boyd


Comment from Bob Boyd:

Date night! Play at the Hobby Center downtown. iphone7plus

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AMIEROSE BOUTIQUE (amieroseboutique) Instagram Photos and Videos




ONLINE NOW | The 'GIRL POWER TEE' - $45.00 | Available in small, medium and large | x

20 Minutes ago
✨ (evisuals_) Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from :


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