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Nicole Mastroberardino (omgicantbelievenicole) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicole Mastroberardino


Comment from Nicole Mastroberardino:

HELLO! orlando florida floridalife disney america sphynx cat cover bed couch chilling relax redhair redhead fun blackaddicted italiangirl italians filter finally goodnight sleepy tired dayoff smile snapchat bigsmile hello yay lol

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Margherita de Marchi (megghimegs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Margherita de Marchi


Comment from Margherita de Marchi:

•Street¥• street streetstyle pic me memories memyselfandi loveit streetwear lastsummer tbt riccione riccione2016 blackandwhite blackandwhitephotography ph photography longhair turbante turban turbanstyle italy italiangirl

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Debora Landini💋 (deboralndh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Debora Landini💋


Comment from Debora Landini💋:

🌟🎀🌲🎀🌲🌲🌲🎀🎀🌲🌲🌲✨✨✨✨✨✨ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨😴🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃 italiangirlenglishgirl instafitness dutchgirl polishgirllithuaniangirl czechgirl hungarygirl instafit nicegirl norwaygirl classygirl finnishgirllatviangirl instabeauty asiangirls vscorussia bulgariangirl niceladies russiangirl igmilano barbiedoll fitnessgirl

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Tiffany (taphophillia) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tiffany:

Sketchy✏✏ . . . . . . . . make mua beauty makeupartist hair selfiequeen👑 lips eyes inkedgirls comiccon tattooedgirls tattoomodel makeupjunkie modeling rock model alternativemodel suicidegirlshopeful mood😏 sg bands souless suicidegirls italiangirl rockmusic inked mascara sketch goth

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Nicole Mastroberardino (omgicantbelievenicole) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicole Mastroberardino


Comment from Nicole Mastroberardino:

😌😌😌 orlando florida floridalife disney america water ugh dayoff kitty bored homesweethome playing chilling relax redhair redhead fun blackaddicted italiangirl italians filter finally pool time suntan bestday sunny

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Hot Baby Bodies (hotbabybodies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hot Baby Bodies


Comment from Hot Baby Bodies:

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Dry G Maybe (dryg_middlefinger) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dry G Maybe


Comment from Dry G Maybe:

outfit zara tiger tshirt style shorts legs body curvygirl curvy tag instafame instafashion iger insta instagram italiangirl sardiniangirl instacool summer hot doubletap tap taptap taptwice follow loveit glam

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Ele Palluxx (elepalluxx) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ele Palluxx


Comment from Ele Palluxx:

-7 😂😍🔞 ushuaia ibiza2017 playadenbossa night amnesia girl italiangirl italy europe france monaco rome ibiza portrait portugal spain berlin germany milano england london paris amsterdam lisboa spain sexy pacha sun summer like4like

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Iolecola (iolecola5183) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Iolecola:

•LUDO DEL MIO ❤️•stodance likeforfollow featherbrows italiangirl italy

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👑Elisabetta❤ (_sabetta) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 👑Elisabetta❤:

Mi siete entrate nella tavola del petto! 😂 Vi amo fragole❤👭 work winterfun makeit russianboy beawesome bebold tapfor200likes italiangirl instamood polishgirl socialmediamarketing swedishgirl swedishgirl socialmediamarketing frenchgirl frenchboy getcreative keeplearnig like4like newfragrance

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Federica Gulmetti (federica.gulmetti) Instagram Photos and Videos

Federica Gulmetti


Comment from Federica Gulmetti:

Gli amici, quelle persone che non ti lasceranno mai sola! friend instagram instagood instaday tivogliobene amichetto special smile me instame italiangirl italianboy

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Eleonora Nurrito (eleonoranurrito) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eleonora Nurrito


Comment from Eleonora Nurrito:

Buonanotte lovemylife italiangirl italy night blackhair redlips followme followers instalike instagood home italianboy star social kiss mind me myplace moon maicontrocuore

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Lindsey Fields (lindz_fitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lindsey Fields


Comment from Lindsey Fields:

~ remembering the little things ~ . Today I got home from work early and did a few loads of laundry. By the time I got to the towels, the dryer was full. So, I laid them out in the sun on the back porch, and dried them Italian grandma style. It brought back memories of being a little girl and watching my nana do laundry on the clothesline at our house. So I took a few moments to stop and smile and think of her. . Who else remembers growing up in an Italian household and having their grandmothers do laundry like this?? . . . italiangirl memoriesbackthen memories littlegirls itsthelittlemoments lovemynonna missmygrandparents italianhouse growingupitalian italianlaundry laundryday sunnydays backporch smilingface familylove italianfamily

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Alice Tallu (ali_tal92) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alice Tallu


Comment from Alice Tallu:

🌻 me selfie girl sardiniagirl italiangirl smile hair longhair brownhair browneyes makeup happyday happytime photography picoftheday photoofme instaphoto summer june instaselfie selfienation instafollow instalike

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Riley (iggyriley) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Riley:

Master takes me running now. I can go 3 miles. Weeeeee! running runnerdog italiangreyhound iggy piccololevrieroitaliano derp dogoftheday greyhoundcorner iggysbay italiangirl dog_features dogsofinstagram greyhound whippet levretki galgoitaliano sport sportmodel highspeed fast california bayarea summer summertime

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Emy Bertuccelli 🌻🦉 (emy.berty) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emy Bertuccelli 🌻🦉


Comment from Emy Bertuccelli 🌻🦉:

Ma se non venite da noi il mercoledì dove andate??? zuluevents zulucorp zulugirl bakxos messina igers me love siciliangirl italiangirl girl summer summernights music consolle smile amazing view instacool instagood indie outfit style photooftheday igersmessina sicily italy beautiful tattoo instagramers

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Giulia 💋 (cuorizh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giulia 💋


Comment from Giulia 💋:

Sorprese inaspettate! 🙆🎉🍸 me italiangirl igers friends friendship surprise neverstop dance disco music happiness bestmoments besttime instamoment instago instamusic instaphoto instapic instamood instalike instalife tagsforlikes l4l likeforlike likeit followme

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@iconicaitalia • iconic italy (iconicaitalia) Instagram Photos and Videos

@iconicaitalia • iconic italy


Comment from @iconicaitalia • iconic italy:

📍Furore 📷 @vinicius.romagnolo credit: @italian_places • • • italy italia heaven travel italianfood visititalia escape beauty travelgram vacation beach summer traveller florence firenze milano lombardia tourism positano roma italiangirl gorgeous awesome beautiful vacations picoftheday holidays europe puglia calabria

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Carol Graziani (carolanxgraziani) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carol Graziani


Comment from Carol Graziani:

me italiangirl girlwithtattoo makeupaddicted makeup lip browsonpoint sephora nomakeupselfie l4l tattooedgirls photooftheday

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Elisa ❤ (kiki_vancity) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elisa ❤


Comment from Elisa ❤:

Relaxing before my workout 😁 platinumblonde blonde blondehair bangs italiangirl italianblonde italiangirlinvancouver beautifulday blondie fitgirl workout workoutroutine vancityfitness vancity vancouverlife moodoftheday

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Miriam Caltabiano (miriam_caltabiano) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miriam Caltabiano


Comment from Miriam Caltabiano:

❤️ Trova l'intruso 😂 friendship girls party beauty vsco catania scivola17 like smile memories girl sicily pretty igers blackandwhite love likes goodtime face dress italiangirl summer

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Таня Таня (tasama9) Instagram Photos and Videos

Таня Таня


Comment from Таня Таня:

summerlook mood italiangirl fashion goodmorning curlyhair beuty glasses lips nude

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 (just.a.healthy.girl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from just.a.healthy.girl:

Dinner tonight was at Nonna's!! First was this delicious pasta with her homemade mushroom/tomato sauce😍 then a tomato and bean salad with her garlic bread (I think I had like 5😳)🤤😍🙌🏻 SO GOOD!!! Also update: turns out I did fall asleep on the couch earlier...for over 3 hours🙊 so I never did get that work-out in😒 Wakin up at 6am everyday is catching up with me and I'm goin to bed early tonight! Tomorrow I'm definitely getting a run in and I can't wait🙌🏻 dinneratnonnas italiangirl italianfood delicious

27 Minutes ago
Silvia Fiorillo (mother_foca_90) Instagram Photos and Videos

Silvia Fiorillo


Comment from Silvia Fiorillo:

. 🌙 💁🏼"Io sono Sailor Moon (dopo la tinta) e sono venuta fin qui per punirti, in nome della Luna!". 💫🌠 . Prima Ariel, ora sailormoon earrings fashion style girly girl italiangirl accessories funny filter moon makeup hair redhead follownow followbackteam follow4follow followforfollow like4like likeforlike picoftheday instagood fashionblogger cartoon igers tbt tagstagram curlyhair lipstick blueeyes

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I love clouds (thereissomethingaboutclouds) Instagram Photos and Videos

I love clouds


Comment from I love clouds:

Grey clouds: a prelude of something wonder.full. grey greyclouds lookingup noseupintheair clouds thereissomethingaboutclouds sydneysky fluffyclouds shadesofgrey rainyday prelude wonderful wonderfull preludeofsomethingwonderful magic lookingforward slowliving thinkingofyou dreambig iloveclouds iaminlove italiangirl

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Rhonda Douglas (douglas_rhonda) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rhonda Douglas


Comment from Rhonda Douglas:

Trying to eat healthy. Cornish hen fresh green beans and cherry tomatoes yummy. bestselfie xoxo style iowasummerready models frenchgirl loveit instalikegirlsgreen selfies floridagirlgirlhealthyfood summerfun beachlover texasgirl loveyoga makeup moms fashionitaliangirl bestselfie foodsalewedding countrygirlsitalypetlover

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MohammadMeshariMohammadAlSaud (malsaud) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MohammadMeshariMohammadAlSaud:

‏me snapchat ksa photooftheday daily love girl polishgirl italiangirl kuwait srt follow russia riyadh iphoto instamood instagood instaday instapic view france paris sweet london italy usa instagirl Braziliangirls germany poland

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Angie™ (czekoo93) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Angie™:

"The hands represent friendship, the crown represents loyalty, and the heart, well, you know. Wear it with the heart pointing towards you. It means you belong to somebody" 💍 claddaghring topgift friendship loyalty love buffy ring birthdaygift seriequotes quotes angelandbuffy finallymine mio me italiangirl polishgirl amazing cuore heart crown hands like life xoxo gossipgirl

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Giulia Aloè (giuliaaloe_vera) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giulia Aloè


Comment from Giulia Aloè:

Learning (part 2) 🍖 @giulio.siepi_dishes food foodporn yum instafood Canada yummy amazing instagood Travel dinner tasty foodie delish delicious eating foodpic eat hungry foodgasm hot foods followmyadventure cooking love couple ottawa italiangirl amazing happy

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Jalisse Cascioli (_jaliss__) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jalisse Cascioli


Comment from Jalisse Cascioli:

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 (fionaferrazzano) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from fionaferrazzano:

🍓 love day me myself lesbian lgbt makeup nature red black you italiangirl belgium bronze blond mood follow4follow like4like likeme followme ue alone single depressed big kiss

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Martyna Sturlis (jababagaeccaid9392) Instagram Photos and Videos

Martyna Sturlis


Comment from Martyna Sturlis:

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Cecilia Baroli (ceciliasubar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cecilia Baroli


Comment from Cecilia Baroli:

picofthedayphotooftodayphotogr otographyphotographersnofilter iltersinfiltronaturepolishgirl hgirlpolanditaliangirlitaliait liaitaliastyleromafashionmilan milanofashionglamfashiongirlsu irlsurfingsurfbeautysurfgirlsi irlsinfiltrogirlyogagirltravel

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