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Roby✌️ (roby_borsolani) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Roby✌️:

Era due anni che non ti sei sempre un pezzo di cuore❤️ milu horse love meandyou Iwillmissyou seeyousoon

45 Minutes ago
Kayla Syhlman (sew_kayla) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kayla Syhlman


Comment from Kayla Syhlman:

Take me back to the cityyyy take me back to my soul ❤️❤️❤️ chicago memories anxietyisgone youstolemyheart iwillmissyou redhairdontcare citylove ugh

50 Minutes ago
Fellippe Esteves (fellippeesteves) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fellippe Esteves


Comment from Fellippe Esteves:

Catching up with a Somm @winedealie friend and enjoying the last days of one of my favorites places in LA, Bouchon iwillmissyou last service Dec 31st.....noooooooooo

2 Hours ago
V i r g i n i a 🎀0 3/1 6/9 1 (kiikiiss1218) Instagram Photos and Videos

V i r g i n i a 🎀0 3/1 6/9 1


Comment from V i r g i n i a 🎀0 3/1 6/9 1:

Ive met the best people here but its time to let go 💔 iwillmissyou bestjob despitethehaters ilovemyjob firstconveniencebank personalbanker memories myselfandi loveyourself letgo livelife illbeback latinas salvadorian thankyou opportunities criesinspanish uniform slacks mondayvibes chunkymomma

3 Hours ago
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Comment from S A L T A N A T:

🌆not feeling sharing any thoughts of mine, its not that I'm distracting, apparently it's not necessary anymore🌆 . . . . . . . . good vsco vscodaily sunsets skyporn astana tbt iwillmissyou sunnydays

3 Hours ago
MIJIN🌹 (mj_10_23) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MIJIN🌹:

On the occasion of the celebration of your name’s day, we come to wish you many blessed and wonderful years May the grace of god be with you throughout your life and you accomplish all the dreams of your life -Your mom and dad . . thankyou everyone this birthday was so special iwillmissyou foralongtime dad eunji is mylove ❤️ happybirthday to me 🎁 hbd instadaily selfie boston

5 Hours ago
La Hanna Lee Lopez (lahannalee) Instagram Photos and Videos

La Hanna Lee Lopez


Comment from La Hanna Lee Lopez:

rip restinpeace snickers furbaby mypuppy iwillmissyou alldogsgotoheaven

7 Hours ago
Gabe McDonald (gabe.mcdonald) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gabe McDonald


Comment from Gabe McDonald:

😭Hardest day of my life, by far. Having to put down such a sweet, loving, and beautiful cat. Daisey Lou McDonald, I will never forget you and all the memories we have had together through the past 14 years. You are by far my most favorite cat I have ever had. You left us at 5:06PM and my date of birth is 5/06. God definitely showing us his sign of support and love during this hard time. I can’t believe this day approached us so soon, and I will miss you forever, and ever, and ever.❤️ LifesHard RestInPeaceDaiseyLou IWillMissYou SadDay 14Years ChildhoodCat

7 Hours ago
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Comment from Konde-sa:

I hope the wind reach your heart. poet poetry poem poetrycommunity poetryofinstagram writer writersofinstagram writerscommunity art artist artistsoninstagram author book bookstagram wind iwillmissyou friend love travel warmth relationship followmypath follow @konde_sa

9 Hours ago
🅰 R ℹ️ (dalu.ari) Instagram Photos and Videos

🅰 R ℹ️


Comment from 🅰 R ℹ️:

Com diu..Zipi & Zape 👭 Aquesta Zape amb els últims 2 anys i mig que portem d'amistat s'ha convertit amb un dels pilars més importants amb la meva vida. Ella ha estat sempre, i no com sempre diem fins els mals moments sinó que dels bons moments els ha convertit amb els millors de tots i amb els inolvidables. Ha fet que d'un somriure em sortigués un somriure imparable dels que et fan mal la panxa, d'un dia d'anem a pendre algo a un: una de sepia perfavor Petra?, d'un petó a una abrasada infinita...Sí, tinc una amiga que em dona força, motivació i una alegria infinita. Tants sols tu i jo sabem de tots aquests moments inmillorables i tant sols tu i jo sabrem el que ens farà falta una de l'altra en quan estiguessim lluny. T'ho vaig dir i t'ho torno a dir: ets una de les persones que trobaré més a faltar. Em tindràs i vull que em tingués present amb la teva vida en tot moment. Jo comenso un nou camí però tu també aviat, així que good luck my best friend. Et mereixes el millor, vals, pots i ho aconseguiràs. T'estimo @angimsa I will miss you a lot...❤ goodthings bestfriends goodluck newlife iwillmissyou thanksforall

9 Hours ago
 (ddsmm_x) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ddsmm_x:

오늘도 멋진 런던. 그리울꺼야 체력의 한계를 느껴 더 열심히 돌아다니지 못해 아쉬웠던 오늘. (마지막 사진은 Arket 를 간건데 바로 옆에서 FIFA awards를 해서 난리난 현장🤦🏻‍♀️) london iwillmissyou fifaawards ARKET tatemodern

10 Hours ago
Caroline Régis-Scheuber (caro.regis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caroline Régis-Scheuber


Comment from Caroline Régis-Scheuber:

Living my last moments with my grandpa... since Saturday... 😥 I’m feeling grateful for all these years besides him. loveyougrandpa rip youcanrestnow iwillmissyou angel

10 Hours ago
Klarissa (roseseuphorie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Klarissa:

Die Person, mit der ich mir ein "Für immer" vorstellen kann 💕 couple forever happy sohappywithyou soinlove relationshipgoals nature photography smile letsjustexisttogether iwillmissyou perfect love

11 Hours ago
MANUELA LORENZO (lolita_uou) Instagram Photos and Videos




Last day of freedom iwillmissyou

11 Hours ago
Stine Sofia (sofia.unicorns.and.rainbows) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stine Sofia


Comment from Stine Sofia:

Such a nice day in Málaga with the one and only favorite @siggiedj ❤ before I go back to Denmark malaga spain spainlife goodtimes goodpeople friend iwillmissyou beautiful danishchicks iloveit views happiness smiles blueskies

11 Hours ago
친 (eumchin) Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from :

“My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again.” 🏝

12 Hours ago
Giorgia Sclafani (giorgia_sclafani) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giorgia Sclafani


Comment from Giorgia Sclafani:

Beautiful experience with wonderful people 😍🚢 Iwillmissyou Friends laughs Fun Cruise MscSplendida ❤

12 Hours ago
Helene Bernard 🥂 (travel_the_wine) Instagram Photos and Videos

Helene Bernard 🥂


Comment from Helene Bernard 🥂:

When you finish a book, you just have to open a new one ... Thank you Auxerre, Thank you Chablis, Thank you Burgundy ... 💫 I’m going back to the start. Merci à toutes les personnes qui ont croisé ma route pour un court ou long moment. Venez quand vous voulez ❤️ New Life BeginnersMind SeeYou Burgundy Chablis Auxerre Brocard JeanMarcBrocard GrandCru Bougros Cheers Alsace Travels TravellersLife Travellergirl TravellerGram InstaTravel AWholeNewLife Friends Love IWillMissYou SoMuch Thanks ThankYou SeeYouSoon Again DontForget

12 Hours ago
Beauty•Fashion•Lifestyle•DIY ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from Beauty•Fashion•Lifestyle•DIY:

Dinner with my penta Girls 🙌 butoneismissing @lindaaisabella dinner frittenwerk frankfurt pentagirls bestekollegen girls iwillmissyou lastdayattheoffice fritten yummi dinner foodlove

12 Hours ago
Veronika (veronikavio) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Veronika:

12 Hours ago
Tanya (tati_ant95) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tanya:

Ничего, скоро мы снова будем вместе... не скучай...😢😢😢 санктпетербург stpetersburg autumn oktober moto motobike motolife motorcycle kawasaki kawasakiZ kawa mylove iwillmissyou осень октябрь мото мотоцикл мотожизнь кавасаки кавасакиz будускучать

13 Hours ago
Gaia Iaia (fatina_iaia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gaia Iaia


Comment from Gaia Iaia:

London myplace wheretolive mylife❤️ liverpoolstreet iwillmissyou amazinglife amazinglondon

13 Hours ago
Jecika G (jecikag) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jecika G


Comment from Jecika G:

Pour souligner mon départ, la gang de Physiothérapie Bourassa & Laflamme m'ont offert des fleurs 😭😍 Je suis sans mots, je suis tellement heureuse d'avoir fait partie de cette équipe, même à temps très partiel. Merci 😘• départ iwillmissyou flowers beautifulflowers physiotherapie therapeuteenreadaptationphysiq

13 Hours ago
Lisa 🌺 (lisa_crbsse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lisa 🌺


Comment from Lisa 🌺:

Remise des diplômes with my girls 🎓💛 diplomée diplomées copines girls friends love wedidit MDEO2 promo2017 iwillmissyou ifc graduated master2 theend businessschool étudesfinies montpellier southoffrance MTP golfdemassane cérémonie fridaynight labonnesoupedechampagne 🥂 @ccaroline11 @jee34 @lcbcamille @justine_edr

13 Hours ago
Kristina Skorniakova (kristik_skor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristina Skorniakova


Comment from Kristina Skorniakova:

mylittlebeauty💕 iwillmissyou eva ομορφιαμου ❤❤❤

13 Hours ago
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Comment from Richel:

LIFE is TOUGH my Darling but so are YOU! autumncrazybraveheartfallocto loctobernewbegginingsforyouand ouandmelastfallsavorthemomenti

13 Hours ago
Loraine Studer (loraine.studer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Loraine Studer


Comment from Loraine Studer:

| Un énorme manque ☹💖 Djerba Tunisia myhorse iwillmissyou tropdamour vivementlannéeprochaine

14 Hours ago
Bryan Connor Moran (bryanconnormoran) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bryan Connor Moran


Comment from Bryan Connor Moran:

On Saturday, October 21st 2017, i had to say goodbye toy best friend of 14 almost 15 years. He had always welcomed me home with a wag in his tail followed by a sniff of your head. He always made friends with everyone he met and could always love people no matter what. He brought a lot of nice and funny memories. He will always be my best friend and I hope you and da are having fun together. I love you lucky. rip luckydogmoran iwillmissyou

14 Hours ago
Аня (accidently_acid) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Аня:

bye lastwords iwillmissyou

15 Hours ago
⭐Elena⭐ (melena_fg) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⭐Elena⭐:

Cuando ves despedidas ajenas y tienes que hacer un esfuerzo sobrehumano para no romper a llorar...sabes que alguien ha tocado tu corazón... . Nunca me ha gustado decir adiós...siempre es un ¡hasta pronto!... . ¡Feliz y bonita semana, instafamily! . nuevasemana newweek profeenaccion despedidas amigas friends amistad teecharedemenos iwillmissyou illbethereforyou buenviaje sefeliz hastapronto love tequiero ❤🇬🇧✈🇪🇸😭🍀🍀🔜👩👩👩

15 Hours ago
heute hier, morgen dort 💭 (ms.nisii) Instagram Photos and Videos

heute hier, morgen dort 💭


Comment from heute hier, morgen dort 💭:

My beautiful snowbell 😺 • iloveyou mycat shirazi egyptiancat beautiful whitecat instacat catsofinstagram suchabeauty sweetheart photography catsphotography snowbell habibti bahebik babygirl lovehersomuch iwillmissyou

15 Hours ago
Ayah I. Al Idreesi (chefaim) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ayah I. Al Idreesi


Comment from Ayah I. Al Idreesi:

rochester iwillmissyou gorgeous fallcolors 😍

15 Hours ago
Chiara Minoia (chiaraminoiaa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chiara Minoia


Comment from Chiara Minoia:

Lontano è solo una parola 💞 apresto iwillmissyou

22 Hours ago