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It’s no surprise that we enjoy traveling and taking in so much of what the world has to offer. One such thing - and now a #YellowTelescopeGreatIdea #3 – is to take a resplendent visit the next time you are in Nashville to Jack White’s Third Man Records (you might know him from the White Stripes, Raconteurs, or from him being a musical genius. Do you enjoy fine, hard-to-find vinyl? Does the idea of straight to acetate mean something to you? Do you enjoy old-timey things? Then you’ll love this outpost near downtown. We purchased a great new two-thirds-length t-shirt (or is it a long-sleeve?), cut our own record in their 100 year old recording booth of our podcast intro, picked out some choice obscure records for a rainy Florida evening and more. Grab a Chicago dog one block due south and you have yourself a mid-day break from your next convention. . . . . . #vinyl #nashville #YellowTelescope #jackwhite #Raconteurs #racontwoers #whitestripes #megwhite @jackwhite @whitestripes @deadweather #goodidea #greatidea #oldtimey

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Like music? Like reading? We've got a present for you! Stream our entire our EP in lyric video form from our YouTube playlist

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