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Any offers? vinyljunkie vinyligclub vinyl recordcollection vinylcollection punkrecords nowspinning records horrorrecords horror soundtrack filmscore tmr thirdmanrecords texassized everythingsbiggerintexas deadweather jackwhite thedeadweather

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CJ McKenzie


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Yeah, solid. lazaretto jackwhite music album rocknroll blues hotdamn solid

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Comment from RadioRobin:

If I were the only one who bought cds they would no longer sell cds.saltnpepa jackwhite alisonkrauss coldmountain bluegrass realrappers

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T.J. Roe


Comment from T.J. Roe:

tbt ~12-year-old me in his Rick Moranis glasses picked up his repaired guitar from the music store that he didn't know how to play yet and decided to have an immediate sesh at the photo booth next to Shopko and Taco Del Sol in the Grand Island Mall (aka the dirt mall). This rebellious little shit was compelled by the power of Rock and Roll to throw the bird in the 3rd frame and hid the photos from his parents. It was an abandoned Sears version of the red fiberglass Airline guitar like Jack White would later make famous. It's not a happy ending to what happened to it. Long story short it's gone now. I pretended to be a rockstar in my room more than I ever got to play it. One of 2 guitars that got away. I miss some dead humans less than those guitars. What does that say? About humans. airlineguitars jackwhite whitestripes 1992 rickmoranis photobooth

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Besties. 👯‍♂️ guerrillagig beatsbus jackwhite hemingway trumpet music original livemusic outdoors buslife busstage vanlife bus beatscartel van buslifebusiness australianmusic independent reggae astronautreggae dub 📸Hemingway

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Mikko Riipinen


Comment from Mikko Riipinen:

Dead Weather-Horehound, Third Man Records 2009. Great jackwhitey garage rock'n'roll. Found this yesterday from local recordshop. deadweatherhorehoundthirdmanrecordssammakkapopvinylvinylcollectionjackwhitealisonmosshart

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George Shaddick


Comment from George Shaddick:

If you have impeccable taste in music like me, this is one of the best tunes your ever gonna here. JackWhite

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⚡️T H E G U I T A R G O D ⚡️


Comment from ⚡️T H E G U I T A R G O D ⚡️:

an Eastwood Airline 2p Deluxe - ok, to say it looks kinda quirky is an understatement ; it looks like a guitar you'd expect to see in an episode of the Simpsons, except on this episode the animator was drunk ! 😂but hidden behind the quirky exterior is a brilliant piece of craftsmanship and an extremely versatile and powerful guitar - Jack White from The White Stripe's weapon of choice too - need I say more ? 😎 **************************************** eastwoodairline jackwhite thewhitestripes quirky quirkystyle guitar guitars guitarra guitarras guitarist guitaristsofinstagram guitarshop guitarhero guitarlessons guitarsolo guitarlove guitarporn guitarsdaily guitarlife

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週末hostessclubweekenderのヘッドライナーがpixiesとthekillsって…いま知った。チケット取れるかな。 hostessclubweekender pixies thekills littlebarrie jaimehince 新木場studiocoast tokyo nowplaying jackwhite dfs897

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Alexis Saski


Comment from Alexis Saski:

Had a BLAST with all these legends tonight! I am not worthy! micah45456 nashran royageemusic lauruhmayoh jmhaggerty tommy_pipes I am always honored to share even the smallest of stages with y'all! shakin blindwilliejohnson rythmandblues oldschool nashvillemusic familywash thefamilywash jackwhite

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Человек Дождя


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Хорошее начало дня, половина хорошего дня, не меньше. Псс..британские учёные нашептали. Just salute your solution by theraconteurs jackwhite

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D'Arcy Madison Spiller


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records glasses books TheKills jackwhite amywhinehouse TheAnimals Elvis thewhitestripes

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Public Failure


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Joker and Harley are the absolute worst villains XD . . . . jtbworstvillains legominifigures legobricks legodc joker harley madlove dc lego legominifig legopic bricks havefun themanwholaughs HarleenQuinzel legobatman legophoto legophotography firstentryintoalegocontest jtblegoproductions lego_risen goodnight multiplechoiceorigin jackwhite

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Comment from R.Alves:

Love is blindness, I don't want to see Won't you wrap the night around me? Oh, my heart, love is blindness. 🎶 jackwhite

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corporate mags still suck


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The White Stripes- Guitar World- Early 00's thewhitestripes megwhite jackwhite whitestripeswednesday guitarworld guitarworldmagazine early00s magazineclipping magazinescan 00s 00smusic collection throwback music rock indie rocknroll corporatemagsstillsuck

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Comment from Ivan:

The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann. leonardodicaprio careymulligan tobeymaguire recomendacióncinematográfica francisscottfitzgerald grandeslibros gandhi jackwhite loveisblindness elamoralcinenosune

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Beau Stephens


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jackwhiteiii thewhitestripes jbhuttomontgomeryairline digitalart jackwhite

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Austin Bourgeois


Comment from Austin Bourgeois:

The Hardest Button to Button by The White Stripes. I don't have the "correct" fuzz on this one, but the Bass Big Muff gets it in the ballpark. I did play Jacks fuzz at his studio and it did sound pretty killer. Very cool garage rock song with my "new" Teisco. teisco whitestripes jackwhite milwaukee milwaukeebucks shitstain ehxbigmuff fuzz ugly and I'm proud

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Comment from JackWhiteStripes:

"White Americans, what? Nothing better to do? Why don't you kick yourself out? You're an immigrant too? Who's usin' who? What should we do? Well you can't be a pimp And a prostitute too ~~ ICKY THUMP

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